About Me: Sarah A- Food Girl: Love to Experient Food And Kitchen

Everyone, whether they have a passion for cooking or not, is welcome to read my blog.

Although I now greatly enjoy the kitchen, that wasn’t always the case. In fact, for the majority of my young adulthood, I relied on microwaveable frozen dinners or a pot of boiling water to prepare dinner. Since marrying a man who enjoys cooking, I finally began eating well. Eventually, I joined him in the kitchen and discovered that I actually like preparing meals. It was a lot of joy to indulge in some authentic fare. As well as growing in self-assurance as a home cook. The impact was profound.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out, I think you’ll like these five reasons why you should read my blog:

Excellent dishes, as always. Given that it is a food blog, you might expect to discover culinary instructions within. However, I only give away recipes that I genuinely enjoy using. Nothing you see here is anything I have never done before or wouldn’t do again in a heartbeat. If I wouldn’t eat it or serve it, you won’t find it here, and that goes for any dish I share.

Detailed, illustrated instructions on how to accomplish a specific task. My inexperience in the kitchen had me wondering questions like, “How large should I dice the onions?” What size slices of vegetables do you recommend? We’re halfway through the recipe, and it looks nothing like the finished product in the photo — how should it look? By posting numerous photographs to illustrate each stage of the recipe, I hope to alleviate some of the mystery around it.

Methods and advice that can be of use. I’m always eager to pick up a new skill that will allow me to do my tasks more efficiently. Because of this, I developed a website devoted solely to helpful advice.

Bloopers. Let’s face it, not every meal ends up as planned in the kitchen. And yet, you shouldn’t let that stop you. Take a look at my foibles and share in our shared laughter as we learn from them. If the dish doesn’t pan out, just eat what you can and start over the following time.

Fun! This blog combines food with enjoyment since consuming, preparing, and stumbling upon food should all be good times.

Whenever I’m not working or playing, you may find me scouring cookbooks and websites to plan my next meal, in the kitchen preparing said dinner, or in a food coma from overindulging on said meal. I’m a freelance writer and editor who has covered topics as varied as cancer and training manuals, health and wellness, medical equipment, and scientific breakthroughs. I enjoy swing dancing, going on trips, and playing golf for fun. Every time I travel, I take my sense of taste with me, and I always return home with a desire to cook up some version of the amazing new dishes and tastes I tried. I’ve been to over 30 different countries, have logged over 700 skydives, and often consume unknown, freezer-burned relics from the depths of my outdoor freezer, so my sense of adventure isn’t restricted to the culinary realm.

Don’t be shy about letting me know what you thought of trying one of my recipes or approaches, whether you liked the results or not. I have no problem with you sharing any of my recipes, writings, or images, but I would appreciate it if you would give me some sort of credit and let people know where you found them. Additionally, I try to properly cite my research materials. Just good luck with your next meal!

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Let’s have some hilarity in the kitchen right now!