Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner Review

I know many of you have been waiting for an electric canner like this one. The Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner is an enormous pot with its own heating element, letting you transfer your processing pot from the stovetop to the countertop. Because of its versatile characteristics, we consider it the best electric water bath canner on the market.

You can fit 8 quarts, 9 pints, or 12 normal mouth half pints within it (that means that if you stack them, you can process 24 quarter pint jars at once). Great if your stove takes forever to bring water to a boil or if you’ve been cautioned not to can over a glass stovetop. Like any other boiling water bath canner, you will need to increase processing time if you reside at a higher altitude.

Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner

Highest fill level for the Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner

The canner’s spout is located on the left side, making it easy to drain water into the sink when the canner is placed to the right of the stove. The canner has both a steaming rack and a canning rack so it can be used for a wide variety of steaming tasks (I could see it being perfect for tamale parties).

Ball Electric Water Bath Canner

It also functions as a portable cooker, making it suitable for preparing big quantities of soup, chili, or even mulled cider. Good to know you’re willing to provide a hand at church and community dinners.

Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner

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Accessory for the FreshTECH electric water bath canner with a ball valve.

I’ve put several batches of jars through the canner at this point, and I’m pleased with its performance each time. For the reasons stated above (I make a lot of tiny batches, and it doesn’t make sense to heat up this much water for two or three pints), this is not going to become my primary boiling water bath.

During tomato season, I find it especially helpful, and I’ve been carrying it with me to my seminars and workshops, when I know we’ll be preparing many batches, and so will need more canner space.

Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canners

canned goods in a Ball FreshTECH electric water bath canner.

It’s true that if you’re happy with your current canning equipment, you might not want to spend the $149.99 on this canner. If you’d like to get your canner off the burner, but can’t afford the pricier option, there is still a way to get the same effect.

If you want a canner that you can use anywhere, all you need is an induction capable stock pot (a traditional speckled canner with a flat bottom would do) and an induction burner like the one I have (it costs only $60). (I highly recommend outdoor canning on really hot days).

reviews of the best electric water bath canners

In conclusion, I think the Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner is a fantastic appliance for anyone who regularly processes large batches of food for storage. If you have the funds and storage space for it, I highly recommend it.

Ball Fresh TECH Electric Water Bath Canner Review

With a 91% satisfied or very satisfied customer rating on the web’s largest retailer, this waterbath canner is well regarded by its purchasers. The Ball Canner owner group has addressed nearly two dozen inquiries.


  • You get your stove back.
  • If you have a hefty canning pot, you no longer have to worry about shattering a glass top or flat burner.
  • Don’t worry about steam from a canning pot ever trickling down the side of your kitchen cupboards again.
  • Quickly heat food using the electric stovetop.
  • Because the spigot empties itself, you’ll never have to carry another heavy kettle of hot water again.
  • The 21-quart pot may be used for a variety of purposes, including cooking pasta, soup, and even brewing coffee.
  • Vegetables can be blanched in it.
  • Made for a batch size of 12, half-pint jars.
  • Useful for both little and large quantities.
  • Using the water bath canning process is ideal for acidic foods.
  • The inner container is made of stainless steel.
  • includes a cookbook


  • Not for acid-free or high-pressure cooking.
  • Never use on salmon, water buffalo, deer, hog, poultry, or wild pig.
  • Can’t be used over a fire or camp stove
  • For a shorter person, a counter that is 16 inches high could be too high.
  • It’s not suitable for preserving fish and seafood in jars (though you could cook a lobster in the pot)

Just turn the dial and it will do what you want. Simply fill, plug in, and turn on to use this canner. Simple to implement and employ.

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FAQs: Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner

I was wondering how many stove burners it actually has.

Zero. There’s a charge to it. Simply plug it in wherever there’s an available outlet, and you can put your stovetop to good use elsewhere.

I have a flat glass top stove; would this work?

An oven is unnecessary. It can be powered by plugging it into a standard electrical socket. The days of cumbersome, stove-cracking systems are over.

Would it be possible to use this as multiple cookers?

The Ball Freshtech can be used as a waterbath for canning, but it can also be used to boil water for things like soups, pastas, and even drinks.

Would it still be useful for a smaller person if it were full?

Not having to lug it around the kitchen is a great perk. The FreshTech comes equipped with a draining spout. The heavy, bulky stainless steel pot used in traditional water bath canning must be moved from the stove to the sink for draining, which is a major inconvenience. The Ball Canner is designed to be used near a sink for easy and safe draining after canning. Perfect for an elderly person or someone with mobility issues.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

There are many countries that can receive a Ball Freshtech Canner; to see if yours is one of them and to learn whether you qualify for our cheap international delivery,

Someone please tell me if I need any additional gadgets to sterilize my canning jars.

No. As one of its primary functions, this gadget sterilizes. I recommend getting a classic canning set of equipment along with the Ball if you are new to canning. The jar lifter, lid lifter, magnet, and funnel are inexpensive and sturdy tools that will see frequent usage in your kitchen.

The question is, “Can I use this to make jam or jelly?”

There is, in fact, a recipe for traditional strawberry jam in the menu book that comes with the electric canner. Jams like raspberry, chokecherry, Wonderberry, rhubarb, chutney, and the rest of the classics we loved as kids are all possible to prepare.

Is this ok to have beets with?

Definitely! We planted Golden beets, Cylindria beets, Chioggia beets, and Bull’s Blood Red beets in the garden this year with the express intention of canning them.

Please tell me how many half-pint jars I can open at once.

It’s big enough to store 12 half pints.

What is the best pressure cooker for cannabis?

Both the All American 921 and the Presto 01781 are excellent choices. Foods that are best cooked under pressure, such as meat, seafood, poultry, and legumes, should not be cooked in the Ball FreshTech. It is made for canning in a water bath with a lot of acid.

Beans with this?

Canning beans typically requires the use of a pressure cooker. But beans can most certainly be pickled. The martinis at some of the city’s trendiest watering holes feature a huge pickled bean instead of an olive.

How many jars of food may I preserve in one session?

There can be up to a dozen half-pints, eight pints, or seven quarts in the water bath at once. Those half-gallon jars won’t fit in there.

May I use it in an outdoor fireplace or stove?

In other words, don’t do it. It can be destroyed in less time than it takes to say “picked a peck of pickled peppers,” thanks to fire and other external heat sources. There’s a charge to it. There’s a heating element in the base that operates independently. The 1500-watt rating makes it ideal for domestic use.

Can I bring Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner with me when I go camping or travel in my RV?

Absolutely! Use it as a multi-cooker to prepare a variety of hot foods, from soup to pasta to even mac and cheese or instant ramen noodles. A classic camping meal done right.

What material is the internal container made of?

It’s made of corrosion-resistant metal. To avoid scratching it, avoid using any metal utensils or implements in it. The majority of canning kits are adequate.

Who makes Ball FreshTECH Electric Water Bath Canner and where

Chinese manufacture is credited with this item. Ball provides a complete guarantee on their products.

What about the Ball Blue Book recipes?

Yes. True, you really need to. Canning is quite fun, and there is an almost infinite variety of flavors with which you may play. You can put whatever you want on your tacos, as long as it has a sauce.

superior methods for using a canner

I’m waffling between this and the ball auto-reader.

The size is a noticeable distinction. The Freshtec water bath is ideal for canning, whether you’re doing a little batch or a large one, because it allows you to process more jars of varying sizes.

Can I use Ball Electric Water Bath Canner to pickle hot peppers?

No doubt about it! We are also cultivating a variety of peppers specifically for canning, including Chinese 5-color peppers, Naga Vipers, Trinidad Scorpions, and a large number of jalapenos and Red Rockets. I know they’ll be scorching hot, but that’s just the way I like it!

My Italian next-door neighbor traditionally cans 400 quarts of tomato sauce each September.

Share the news of the Freshtech with them! Your neighbor will be eternally grateful to you for saving two days of their summertime every year and preventing their home from heating up to a thousand degrees. Large-scale canning projects would be a breeze with this. You could get some sauce as a thank you if you lend them yours.

What do you think? Is this something a homesteader or prepper would appreciate?

This is a great present for anyone who wants to learn how to preserve their own food, improve their family’s food security, stock up on food for the winter or a distribution disruption, or simply get their family eating more fruits and veggies.

Why should I worry about salmonella?

You will be alright as long as you follow the directions and can only cook items that require high acidity or pressure. Examine the data on food safety provided by the government for more details. canning.html

May I use this to bleach vegetables?

Yes. This large pot (21 quarts) is ideal for blanching your favorite vegetables. The rolling boil and the rate of heating are also under your control. This is fantastic if you ever dehydrate your own vegetables.

Is it suitable for making hot cider in during the holidays?

Finally, you’re starting to see the broader picture! This isn’t a gadget you’ll pull out twice in September and then ignore until next year… There is a wide range of uses for it. Brew sure to have a large group of friends and family over if you make 20 quarts of cider.

I misplaced my canning guide.

Recipes and an owner’s handbook are available for download from Ball; just click here.

How do I contact customer service?

U.S. Ball Toll-Free Number: 1-800-240-3340 The business is open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Processing for water-bath Canning

Ball Electric Water Bath Canner- Dimensions:

The surface area of the Ball FreshTech Water Bath Canner is 15.4 inches squared. Measuring at slightly under 16 inches in height. It weighs 16 pounds when empty.

Pricing and Shipping:

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