Best 36-Inch Induction Cooktops

Unlike a regular electric stove, an induction cooktop uses magnetic currents to generate heat, making it more efficient, easy, and precise.

We looked at dozens of top-brand induction cooktops and evaluated their heat output, distribution, ease of cleaning and maintenance, and overall value.. Our top option is the GE Profile PHP9036SJSS Built-In Induction Cooktop, which is efficient, easy to use, and comes with a wide variety of safety measures.

Benefits of Induction Cooking

Because magnets must detect metal in order to trigger induction, it is the safest method for children.

As a result, it’s impossible for your child to mistakenly switch it on.

Using an induction cooktop or range is faster than using a professional gas cooktop or range, as previously stated. With an induction cooktop, food will boil faster and maintain a more consistent simmer than with a gas or electric stove.

Cleaning is a breeze with induction as well. The lack of heat from the elements means that food cannot be baked onto the glass surface of your cooktop.

As a result, it does not necessitate the use of a professional ventilation hood like a gas cooktop.

Residents of Massachusetts, take notice:

Since Make-Up air must be at least 400 CFM in Massachusetts, only induction can meet this requirement.

By the way, that’s a tremendous deal. An existing hood can be used with an induction cooktop but not a gas one.

6 Best 36-Inch Induction Cooktops

Frigidaire Gallery 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

FRIGIDAIRE FGIC3666TB Gallery 36" Electric Induction Cooktop

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An American company, FRIGIDAIRE, is known for manufacturing only the highest-quality induction cooktops. These induction cooktops are top-notch. Induction technology is used in this FRIGIDAIRE 36-inch electric induction cooktop, which features five burners of varying diameters.

This induction cooktop’s sophisticated sensors readily recognize the size of the pan being used, distributing heat evenly and producing plenty of heat. Cooking with this technology is a pleasurable experience. Additionally, this induction cooktop is capable of cleaning up any spills or stains that may have occurred throughout the cooking process.

The FRIGIDAIRE 36-inch electric induction cooktop heats up quickly and evenly thanks to its superfast heating technology.
A 10-inch induction cooktop has a 2500-watt burner, two 8-inch burners have 2300-watt burners, a 7-inch burner has 1800-watt burners, and a 6-inch burner has 1450-watt burners. 3500 watts, 3200 watts, 1800 watts, and 2000 watts are the maximum outputs for each of the burners, respectively.
It can identify the pan’s size automatically, and then adjust its heat output and distribution accordingly, ensuring that the food is cooked to the desired temperature and texture.

The knobs on the cooktop are simple to use, allowing you to pick the cooking temperature you prefer.

Several safety features are included in this induction cooktop’s design, including an automatic heat detection feature; a kitchen timer; and a child lock feature.

GASLAND Chef 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

GASLAND Chef IH90BF Built-in 36 Inch Electric Induction Cooktop

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You can’t beat the price for a five-burner stove with a kid safety lock and touch screen sensors. All those looking for a cooktop that will allow them to cook food swiftly without fear of their food getting scorched should opt for this one.

This cooktop’s various safety features allow you to spend quality time with your family while you prepare meals. As a safety precaution, it prevents the induction cooktop from overheating.

It runs well on 220 to 240 volts and has a power range of 6800 to 7400 watts.

Five burners are extremely efficient in preparing food in a shorter amount of time.

Multiple safety mechanisms ensure that the cooktop is safe for all members of the family to use.

With a digital sensor control button, you may select from nine different power levels depending on the type of food you’re cooking.

The cooktop will notify you when your food is ready if you set a timer.

The GASLAND cooktop has a digital touch sensor control function that makes it easier for the user to set the timer based on the type of food they are cooking.. The user can unwind while waiting for the food to be prepared.

Burners of various sizes allow you to prepare a variety of foods in less time. Cooking food uniformly on all sides is possible because each burner has a specific capacity. To save both time and energy, match the burner to the pan’s dimensions. Burners range from 1800 to 2000 watts in size, with two measuring 7.1 inches in diameter. The 2000-watt burner measures 8.3 inches in diameter.

The cooktop is safe for use when there are young children or elderly members of the household present because it has multiple protective features. The cooktop is one of a kind since it incorporates standard North American features including a child lock, heat control, and auto shutoff.

The device is multifunctional and cheap, making it ideal for a wide range of kitchens. Cooking on this stove is safe for all members of the family, as it has been certified. Cleanup is a breeze with the Vitro ceramic glass top, which requires no effort and time. Its dimensions are 35.4 x 20.5 x 2.4 inches, which making it perfect for use in any type of kitchen environment.

Empava 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

Empava 36" Electric Stove Induction Cooktop

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This electric burner induction cooker from Empava provides one of the most enjoyable cooking experiences for its users. Using this induction cooktop is a breeze because to its energy-efficient design and user-friendly features.

For a stress-free cooking experience in the kitchen, this induction cooktop is equipped with a slew of impressive features. This induction cooktop by Empava also looks stylish in the kitchen because of its excellent performance and design.

Using the nine heat level settings, the user can adjust the burner’s temperature from quick boiling to melty melting.

Overall, this electric stove has five burners of various sizes, with one being 11 inches in diameter, two being 7.75 and the other two being 6.5 inches in diameter. They are all powered by the same 3700 watts.

The hot surface indication warns you that the induction cooktop’s surface is too hot to handle.

Crack-free ceramic Vitro glass makes the Empava 36-inch electric stove induction burner incredibly long-lasting, and it even inhibits the eroding of harmful metals.

The Empava 36-inch electric burner induction cooker offers a smooth and robust surface that is easy to clean after each usage.

Most stainless-steel cookware can be used on an induction cooktop if they have a magnetic base.

GE 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

GE 36-Inch Cooktop with 5 Induction

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Each of the five induction burners on this GE 36-inch induction cooktop is capable of producing 700 watts of power. As a cooktop, this one includes all of the basic characteristics needed to perform its best function and ensure a trouble-free cooking experience for its owner. This kitchen equipment is also highly robust and easy to clean, saving a difficult time cleaning the gadget in the kitchen.

This induction cooktop uses “smart and rapid heating technology” to quickly heat the burner and distribute the heat evenly across the pans.

The temperature can be readily adjusted with the panel’s digital display and sophisticated touch controls.

The quick heat dissipation mechanism leaves a cool to touch surface after each use.

Easy to Clean: The ceramic glass surface is smooth and durable, making cleaning a breeze.

SINGLEHOMIE 36 Inch Induction Cooktop with 5 Boost Burners

SINGLEHOMIE 36 Inch Induction Cooktop with 5 Boost Burners

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The SINGLEHOMIE cooktop utilizes a total of 9300 watts of power, making it an energy-efficient option. Having a lot of power makes it possible to cook in a shorter amount of time, as well as making it easier. With a touch control panel in the center, it has five separate zones with varying capacity. The black ceramic stove top adds a sophisticated touch to the room’s decor.

It requires a voltage of 220 to 240 volts to operate.

Selecting a cooking method is a cinch when there are nine different power settings available.

It has a 42-43 amp electric fuse rating.

The stove can be simply locked by the elderly to make it safe and user-friendly for children.

The 9300 watts of power make the cooktop extremely efficient.

It’s easy to use for the whole family thanks to the touch sensor.

Induction-safe pots and pans, 304 stainless steel pans, alloy pans, and more can all be used on the cooktop. As a result, purchasing induction-safe utensils is less expensive. This cooktop may be used with any pots and pans that a person owns at home.

Using a magnetic cooktop reduces energy consumption and cooking time since the burners heat up more quickly. As a result of its speedy cooking, it is an energy-efficient appliance. It works well and saves a significant amount of electricity as a result.

There are nine distinct settings on the one-touch sensor panel, which makes it easier to cook food evenly. There are numerous options for cooking methods, including frying, boiling, stir-frying, and a variety of others. The sensor panel is extremely user-friendly because it is so simple to operate. Timer options, warm food settings, and boost effects all contribute to a faster cooking process.

Thermomate 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

Thermomate 36 Inch Induction Cooktop

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In my opinion, the Thermomate 36-inch electric cooktop is one of the greatest 36-inch appliances. In total, it includes five burners of varying sizes that perform perfectly at 240 volts. This is the best appliance you can get for your kitchen if you like to cook quickly. This cooktop is perfect for both commercial and residential kitchens, thanks to its numerous safety features, such as child lock safety, overheating protection, and auto shutdown.

Features of protection that catch the eye.

Cooking is a breeze thanks to five high-performance burners.

Diversify your cooking with nine different power settings.

Detects if the pan is suitable for induction cooking with a built-in smart pot induction feature.

The sleek design has black glass that is easy to maintain.

To keep the food warm, there are special characteristics.

This induction cooktop offers a number of safety features that make it suitable for families with children and adults alike. – Overheating is prevented by the cooktop’s specific features. It’s also kid-friendly thanks to the residual heat indicator and the child safety feature. In addition to making cooking easier, these elements also make it more enjoyable.

Various cooking methods are supported by this cooktop, including frying, stir-frying, braising, roasting, deep-frying, and even boiling. Cooking time can be adjusted from one minute to 99 minutes thanks to the built-in timer. It’s now easier than ever to make a wide variety of dishes at home.

An added function, such as a sliding sensor, makes the cooktop more user-friendly for everyone in the household. This cooktop speeds up the process of preparing food, while also ensuring that the food cooks evenly.

A Variety Of Burners, Each With A Different Wattage: The five burners are of different sizes, starting at 11″, 9″, and 7″. It can handle 240 volts and consumes 9300 watts of power. Cooking for parents, children, and teenagers may now all be done on the same stove. Reduces time and mess while also making cooking a breeze.

The stove is easy to clean because of its sleek and contemporary design. Looks wonderful in your kitchen because to the polished Vitro ceramic black glass top. Scratch-resistance means it requires less cleaning, which saves you time and money. Its dimensions are 35.4 inches wide by 20.5 inches deep by 2.3 inches high. A 33.9-inch width and a 19.3-inch depth define its cutout.

The Best 36-Inch Induction Cooktop for Your Kitchen

First-time buyers of 36-inch induction cooktops have a bit of a challenge. To acquire the greatest deal, you should do some research and compare the parameters. To avoid regrets later, here is a buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision now.

Effort to Energy Ratio

I made a point of acquiring an induction cooktop with a greater power rating so that I could cook faster. This is where the power rate enters the equation. Cooking would be faster if the induction cooktop had a higher power output.


Your desire for a portable or fixed cooktop is always an option. Having an induction cooktop that is portable implies that you can take it with you wherever you go. The portable induction cooktop may be used to cook on your rooftop or in your garden.

True Temperature, Melting and Holding

Before I received my induction stovetops, I had no idea I was such a devoted cook. Prior to making this Mac and cheese, I couldn’t get my cheese to melt and get it at the right temperature for a delicious dinner. When it comes to the real temperature, melt, and hold function on my new induction cooktop, I’m well-protected.

For the first time, I’m confident enough to use chocolate ganache in my cake. In order to have a smooth, even layer of chocolate sauce over my cake, I had to get the temperature just right.

A Pan Detector That Auto-Sizes

It’s easy to make silly mistakes like forgetting to switch off the stove when you’re in the middle of a hectic meal prep in a crowded kitchen. As a result, having a pan-size detector on hand is a very useful tool.

A warning indication will appear on the sensor-equipped stoves. My smart induction cooktop produces electricity only when the pan is placed appropriately over the hob. My life is so much easier now that I only use induction stovetops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Induction Cooktop Brand Is the Best on the Market Today?

GE 36-inch induction cooktop with five burners is a tough competitor, but I prefer it. It has pan sensors, LED displays, sync burners, a built-in timer, and other useful functions. My mother, who is in a wheelchair, enjoys working on it because it is ADA-compliant.

How Many Induction Ranges Are There That Are 36 Inches in Size?

An ETL-certified producer of 36-inch induction ranges with five power boost burners is Empava induction stovetop. Its heat-resistant, easy-to-to-clean tempered glass is a great feature. Pan size sensor from Empava is concerned about your safety. This feature automatically shuts down a burner when you remove cookware from the stovetop.

Which Portable Induction Cooktop Is Best?

If you’re looking for the greatest portable induction cooktop on the market, go no further than Frigidaire! All you need is a way to plug into a power source. You can use it to reheat leftovers or boil a pot of soup.


There are a variety of features available on a 36-inch electric induction cooktop. When deciding on an induction cooktop for your kitchen, look for products with high customer ratings and long warranties. Additionally, go with an induction cooktop that’s simple to use and doesn’t require a lot of training.

From the numerous alternatives, Frigidaire is my personal favorite and the one I would recommend you purchase. Because the Frigidaire induction cooktop has five burners, defined cooking zones, and an excellent kitchen timer, this is why it’s so popular.

When discussing the best 36-inch induction cooktops, Gasland Chef’s 36-inch induction cooktop isn’t far behind. Nine power settings, touch screen sensors, and a child lock are included.

The GE Induction Cooktop can be a good alternative if you’re searching for greater value for your money.