Top 10 Best Aebleskiver Pan Reviews

Aebleskivers are one of the snack foods that are gaining in popularity. And while you can purchase it on the streets and in most bakeries, the most convenient way to enjoy it is to cook them yourself at home.

Furthermore, you can tailor the proportions of each element to your specific tastes and needs.

Additionally, the top aebleskiver pan will guarantee optimal outcomes.

This is the key to unlocking the full flavor potential of these nibbles. But the ordinary restaurants will serve you Aebleskiver balls that are either overcooked or undercooked, neither of which sounds particularly tasty, does it?

What Is An Aebleskivers Pan?

We can now create aebleskiver without using Viking shields or helmets. These tasty treats may now be made in a unique style of pan that was invented by some very creative folks.

These pans for making aebleskivers have actually been around for almost 300 years! Originally, their particular shape was achieved by hammering copper into a specific form.

Over time, copper was phased out in favor of cast iron because to its superior durability and thermal conductivity.

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Top 10 Best Aebleskiver Pan Reviews

In the event that you are in need of any culinary implements, you may find a wide variety of them for sale at various stores. These pans are no different in that regard. And so, to save you some time and effort, we have compiled a list of some truly spectacular ones for you to peruse. Try them out if you get a chance.

1. Iwatani Takoyaki Grill Pan

Iwatani Takoyaki Grill Pan

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The best Takoyaki grill pan for aebleskivers will have features like a nonstick coating on the cooking surface. Likewise, it is included in this model by Iwatani.

To begin, its frame is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The use of this material not only makes it extremely long-lasting, but it also helps to keep the weight down. As a result, you should be able to relocate it with relative ease.

Beyond just a sturdy build, the top is also coated with a nonstick material. That coating will prevent food from sticking to the dish. Getting the balls out of the holes is a breeze.

Also, the upper section has twelve openings. Those will speed up the process of making many Takoyaki balls at once. It’s possible for the slots to heat the balls at a uniform rate.

Finally, as food is less likely to stick to the surface, cleanup should be less of a hassle.

It’s possible that some of the units will have cosmetic flaws when they arrive.

2. Norpro Aebleskiver Cast Iron Pan

Norpro Aebleskiver Cast Iron Pan

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The Norpor brand of cookware has long been a favorite among consumers. Their cast-iron aebleskiver pan is a top choice.

The unit is all cast iron, as stated on the label. This Danish aebleskiver pan is exceptionally sturdy for its lightweight aluminum design. Quite a lengthy time of use is anticipated.

Not only that, but the maker also took into account how big the slots would be. All of the upper slots are sizable enough to accommodate even quite large balls.

Along with that, the size of the handle is generous. An improved grip is guaranteed by the device’s ergonomic shape. This means that you can easily move it around on top of the stove.

Finally, its cast iron composition allows it to retain heat remarkably effectively. Because of this, the balls will be perfectly crisp and tasty.

3. Upstreet Aebleskiver Pan

Upstreet Aebleskiver Pan

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If you’re seeking for the greatest cast iron pan, you should also check out this model from Upstreet.

This model is unique among those now available in that it has a silicone grip on the handle. That cover will allow you to get a firm grip on the handle while you’re baking danish balls.

Also, the cover can withstand high temperatures without breaking down. As a result, you can hold it without worrying about your fingertips getting too hot. The top of the handle is likewise drilled out. It will be more convenient to keep it stashed away thanks to that little hole.

The unit’s construction is otherwise standard cast iron. And considering how high-quality the material is, it should be able to sustain heavy-duty workloads at ease. This item has a long lifespan and will serve you well for a long time.

Lastly, this ebelskiver pancake pan can be utilized on top of most of the stoves. Whether your existing one is powered by electricity or gas, you shouldn’t have any trouble adding this one.

4. StarBlue Electric Ebelskiver Pan

Norpro Aebleskiver Cast Iron Pan

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Do you not wish to devote a precious burner to the sole purpose of cooking Aebleskivers? If that’s the case, then you should really examine this option.

First of all, the overall design of the device is fairly tiny. With its compact size, this shouldn’t be a problem for your counter space.

The gadget is not only portable in size, but also remarkably light. You’ll have no trouble transporting this gadget thanks to how light it is. The use of long-lasting materials contributed to a sturdy build.

Other than that, the top is equipped with 18 individual slots. If you wanted to make a big pot of this, it wouldn’t take too much time. Each slot is coated with a nonstick material to prevent food from sticking.

The rest of the process is uncomplicated and easy to understand. In order to turn it on, one button is all that is needed. In addition, it’s simple to clean.

5. Yamazen Op-S18(R)

Yamazen Op-S18(R)

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Most manufacturers will not provide extra-large card slots in their machines. On the other hand, Yamazen is not one of them.

As was previously mentioned, the unit’s top features a number of large-sized slots. As they measure 4 cm in width, you can use them to construct balls of a substantial size. The total number of available spots is 19.

Slots aside, the whole thing is powered by electricity. You won’t have to give up a space in your stove’s vent hood. In addition, the unit’s small footprint means that you won’t need to make major structural changes to your home to make room for it.

In addition, it includes substantial side handles. So that you don’t accidentally burn your fingertips, the grips are heat resistant.

The rest of the unit’s operation is straightforward. It may be used with a single button push. Because of this, making tasty Aebleskiver on top of it won’t be too much of a headache.

6. Happy Sales Cast Iron Pan

Happy Sales Cast Iron Pan

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You can forget about making danish snacks in a skillet if it doesn’t have even heating properties. Okay, it’s fine, because Happy Sales thought of that before they made this.

First, let’s discuss the building’s framework. Manufacturers have chosen to build this out of cast iron. As a result, the level of durability it delivers is above average.

The unit itself is somewhat thick, even accounting for its sturdy build. Achieving such thermal efficiency is the goal. Thus, it ought to be able to warm the top slots uniformly.

In that regard, the top of it is equipped with twelve compartments. They are all quite sizable, so you could use them to bake danish balls of substantial proportions. In addition, it features a sizable carry handle on one side. The ergonomic design extends to the handle as well.

In any case, the handle’s natural resistance to heat indicates that it’s suitable for use with hot items. There will be no need to worry about your hands burning when you are holding it.

7. CucinaPro Ebelskiver Maker

CucinaPro Ebelskiver Maker

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Take a peek at what CucianaPro has to offer if you’ve been searching for a compact electric aebleskiver maker.

To begin, it is entirely hands-free and automatic. That means you can create danish balls on it without having to worry about keeping the temperature just right. The operational procedure is also straightforward. And it’s all put together with strong aluminum.

There are seven openings on the top, in addition to the controls for the operation. As an added bonus, the tops of all the slots have been treated with a nonstick material. That way, the food may be removed with minimal effort. In addition to the bottom, the top will be much simpler to clean with this layer in place.

Not only that, but it can also disperse heat effectively. Therefore, there is no risk of the balls being undercooked or overcooked in certain areas.

Otherwise, the unit is quite compact in size. Because of how small it is, you won’t have any trouble setting this up on your kitchen counter.

8. Commercial Chef 12 Inch Danish Aebleskiver Pan

Commercial Chef 12 Inch Danish Aebleskiver Pan

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It’s important to evenly disperse the heat if you want your danish balls to turn out looking their best. You won’t have to worry about that, though, if you pick up this one.

This one is made of solid cast iron, making it far more durable than the others. This substance greatly increases the device’s longevity. It should also be able to retain heat quite effectively, considering the body’s thickness.

Alongside that, the machine is capable of uniformly distributing the heat. In doing so, it would help the balls brown evenly, making them look more appetizing when served.

Other than that, the handle that it comes with is fairly large in size. As an added bonus, it is built with comfort in mind. Because of this, navigating it should be a breeze.

In addition, the top includes a nonstick coating for easy cleanup. This layer will make it simple to remove the snacks from the slots. Keeping it clean should be straightforward as well.

9. Happy Sales HSTKP18H

Happy Sales HSTKP18H

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On the lookout for anything that has a high number of slots on the top? If so, then this item from Happy Sales is precisely what you need.

In this section, we will focus on the unit’s most notable characteristics. A total of 18 compartments are found on its top. The slots are sizable enough that you can easily produce many large balls.

In addition to their size, the slots also include a nonstick coating on their upper surface. It’s for this reason that the finished dish may be removed from the pan with minimal effort. No residue will be left behind after cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

The unit is somewhat thick apart from the nonstick coating. This means it should be able to keep heat for an extended period of time. Baking danish balls on it won’t take too much gas.

In addition, the handle is of a respectable size. Its ergonomic shape ensures a relaxed grip no matter how long you use it.

10. KUHA Aebleskiver Pan

KUHA Aebleskiver Pan

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The pre-seasoned cast iron units currently on the market are the best choice for giving these danish balls their show-stopping appearance. Additionally, you’ll love this KUHA creation.

To begin, the entire device is made out of cast iron. The unit’s longevity is greatly enhanced by this material’s use. It’s already seasoned, so you can expect your balls to rise and turn out looking great.

The manufacturer spared no expense in crafting the handle in addition to the main body. It is encased in heat-resistant silicone. Moreover, the ergonomic design guarantees a secure grip regardless of how long you use it.

In addition, the pan’s walls are quite sturdy. The thickness in the middle allows it to retain heat quite effectively. If you want to cook some danish balls on it, you won’t have to turn on the stove or use as much heat.

Finally, bamboo skewers and mittens are included to make rolling out dough for danish balls a fun experience.

Things To Check Before Buying Aebleskiver Pan

There are a few things to think about before making a final purchase. A high-performing product is more likely to be achieved if those are taken into account. Having said that, consider the following elements:

Reliably Constructed

The unit’s build quality is the first and most important factor to consider. This requires verifying the quality of the building supplies. Most of these will be of cast iron. However, there will be some that will be of aluminum.

The aluminum versions are the ones to go for if portability is your top priority. However, cast iron units are your best bet if longevity is a top priority. Make sure the material is safe for consumption regardless of the one you choose.

Protective Coating

The nonstick coating is something that you need to consider when you are getting one of these. In the absence of this covering, you’ll notice that your food is adhering to the surface. Furthermore, if residue is left on the pan, cleaning it will be a chore.


When looking to buy one, the handle is another important feature to consider. Make sure it is a good size in case you need to toss the pan or move it from one counter to another. Consider the ergonomics of the grip as well. Then you may rest assured that it won’t hurt your hand to hold it.

Assorted Aebleskiver recipes

These pans can be roughly divided into two types, regardless of their slot sizes or numbers. What follows is a list of those things:


There are two distinct kinds of aebleskiver pans on the market, depending on the material used to make them. The material of one of them is aluminum. These are often lightweight. As a result, working with them is simplified.

The alternative type, on the other hand, is made of cast iron. The weight of these units would be slightly higher than that of comparable aluminum versions. Despite the extra weight, these will prove to be the more reliable option in the long run. You’ll find numerous applications for these, obviously.

Methods of Operation

When considering the operational procedure, we also find two distinct categories. The first type is the standard one that requires heating sources like stoves. These will look like standard pans, complete with a handy handle on one side.

Contrarily, automatic devices are commercially available. These will use power to generate heat for cooking. If you prefer not to use the burner to cook your danish balls, these are the ones for you.

Why Do You Need Aebleskiver Pan?

Those who have a sweet tooth will likely enjoy Danish balls. That’s why it’s not uncommon for people to experience them periodically. Even if you just consume them occasionally, the cost of buying them fresh from the bakery adds up.

With so little materials required and how simple the process is, it’s always a good idea to prepare these on your own. However, if you want to create them at home with your own ingredients, you’ll need a high-quality aebleskiver pan.

How To Use An Aebleskiver Pan?

To make aebleskivers, all you need is a pan. The pan can be used in the same way as any other. However, if this is your first time using one, you may be unfamiliar with the proper procedures. Consequently, these procedures must be carried out:

  • This pan needs to be placed on top of the stove, just like any other. Let it warm for a time on low heat.
  • Putting the batter into the slots is the next step after preheating the slots for some time. If the slots are overfilled, the shape will be destroyed.
  • The next step is to give the batter some time to bake. The batter is done when it begins to brown when pierced with a bamboo skewer.
  • The next step is to dust them with powdered sugar before serving them hot.

What To Cook In A Aebleskivers Pan?

Making Aebleskiver from scratch is a delicious experience in itself. Being versatile in the kitchen is a huge plus. This page lists several other meals that can be cooked in an Aebleskiver Pan.


The octopus is the traditional filling for Japanese ball snacks known as takoyaki. This dish has its roots in Osaka, Japan, but it is now enjoyed all around Asia. Bonito flakes and other sauces are often used as garnishes to make the dish look more appetizing.


Paddu is a traditional Indian food that is prepared with a batter of black lentils and rice. You can find it in both sweet and savory varieties, and it goes great with chutney. If you’re making something that resembles an Aebleskiver, this pan should work fine.

Banh Khot

Banh Khot, or the small Vietnamese pancake, is a variation on the Bahn Xeo. Shrimp typically have a golden hue. Sweet fish sauce is a common accompaniment. Banh Khot are about half the size of a ball, thus a standard Aebleskiver pan will do the trick. The preparation is simplified in comparison to Aebleskiver.

What Not To Cook In A Aebleskivers Pan

Some foods can be mistaken for Aebleskiver. Differences can be seen in terms of both form and size. Poffertjes are a great illustration of this type of thing. Poffertjes, in contrast, have a flatter profile and a modest dome. You can think of them as tiny pancakes. Poffertjes can be made with a special pan made for the task, called a Poffertjes Pan. Use those pots and pans for Serabi and Kue cubit.

Can I Reheat Aebleskivers Pan?

Aebleskivers can be reheated after being stored in the refrigerator. They retain their taste and texture after being reheated in the oven.

As a result, you can prepare them in large quantities, store them in the freezer, and eat them in occasional binges.

What Is the Proper Way to Flip an Aebleskiver?

Flipping an aebleskiver needs considerable expertise and may take some practice.

When the batter in the holes begins to fry, use a chopstick or a sharp spoon to dip its tip into the batter, lift it, and instantly pull it upwards.

An aebleskiver batter can be flipped halfway or completely in this manner to get a uniform round shape.

How Frequently Should I Season My Cast Iron Aebleskiver Pan?

Aebleskiver pans should be seasoned regularly to maintain their nonstick surface and heating capacity. Cast iron cookware requires seasoning at least four times a year.

Due to the fact that this is the very minimum, you will need to season it even more regularly if you use it every couple of days.

Final Words

By acquiring the greatest aebleskiver pan, there will be no need to rely on the bakeries when you are desiring some delectable danish balls. Instead of buying them from a bakery, you may create them yourself with just a few basic ingredients and ingredients and your own recipe!

If you’ve chosen the greatest aebleskiver pan for your culinary adventures, try both stuffed and hollow dessert balls to see which one you prefer!

One entertaining option is to play a game in which you and your guests guess who will receive the hollow ones.

The aebleskiver is a great example, but you can use it for other things as well. Its round cavities are perfect for forming meatballs, Japanese Takoyaki, or traditional Indian Appam, Patra, and Paniyaram.

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