Best Asian Rice Cooker 

Making rice is now a simple, hands-off process thanks to Asian rice cookers. The finest Asian rice cooker for sushi rice can be some of the greatest Asian rice cookers that will not upset you at all.

The Asian market places a premium on product quality, as you might expect. In addition, the climate and temperature in Asia might alter at any time. Because of this, a well-engineered heating change is essential.

As a result, producers use high-quality components and make an effort to develop cutting-edge technologies, with cost-performance taking precedence in various countries.

Best Asian Rice Cooker: Top Brands Review for Your Kitchen

Zojirushi NS-TSC18

When I was looking for a kitchen appliance, I fell in love with this sophisticated feature device. It’s ideal for those who enjoy hot meals but find it difficult to keep track of time.

In order to provide the greatest meal possible, Zojirushi uses micro computerized technology. This company not only caters to the wants of its clients, but it also works hard to stay ahead of the competition by developing cutting-edge products.

As few other companies can claim, this package comes with an inside lid that can be removed and an inner cooking pan that can be used for steaming delicate foods, as well as an integrated retrab=ctable power connection.

Not only does this Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer prepare delicious meals and perfect rice, but you can also use the steaming basket to make momos or a cake using the cake settings.

Aroma Housewares ARC-994SB

If you enjoy cooking and are concerned about your diet, you’ve come to the correct place. One of the nicest things you can have is Aroma Housewares. Your family and guests will be delighted by the wide range of delicacies it can prepare.

Everything from a hearty main dish to simple side dishes may be made in one pot. Everything you need to cook for dinner or lunch may be found in this package.

Using the slow-cooker mode, you may quickly transform bland ingredients into a mouthwatering meal. The 15-hour delay timer makes it ideal for families that are constantly on the go.

There is no need to keep track of how long your dinner has been cooking because it automatically changes to a keep warm setting when you are done.


This Chinese rice cooker is perfect for those of you on a low budget, as I am. You may use this rice cooker to prepare anything from a simple side dish like rice to a hearty main course like stewed meats.

Using the multi-cooking option, one can make a meal in a short amount of time. Furthermore, its non-stick inner pan makes cleaning up after meals a breeze.

This rice cooker has a cooking plate that is free of Bisphenol A, a chemical that has been linked to a wide range of health problems.

Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH

This Rice cooker and warmer is the finest value because it uses popular sophisticated Induction Heating(IH) technology to heat the dish. The product’s innovative heating technology allows it to precisely control the temperature of the rice as it cooks.

Sweet rice, GABA rice, and even germinated brown rice are all included in the product, making it ideal for those who enjoy cooking healthy meals. Other uses for this product include sushi, porridge, and other types of mixed rice.

There is a thick, black spherical inner pan and an interchangeable melody and buzzer signal so that you can get notifications if you desire, or put it on silence. Additionally, it is cETLus-listed and FCC-tested.

The best thing is that the product is a best-seller and ranks in the top 100 in the kitchen and dining category. Zojirushi is one of Amazon’s best-selling goods because of its efficiency and faultless cooking.

COMFEE’ 5.2Qt Rice Cooker

COMFEE’s sophisticated 6 step cooking procedure preserves steam and temperature to ensure the best and ideal rice for every cook. This product quickly became my favorite.

If you’re concerned about how to clean the appliance, don’t worry; it’s a breeze. This Asian rice cooker comes with a complete set of accessories, including a rice measuring cup, a steamer, a rice paddle, and a soup spoon.

Using a Comfee rice cooker, you’ll be able to cook any type of rice in no time at all. In approximately 40 minutes, you can turn 10 cups of raw rice into 20 cups of cooked rice.

Toshiba TRCS01

When I was seeking for a rice cooker that I could rely on and that was also simple to operate, I fell in love with this model right away! With its six-step cooking method, this Japanese-style rice cooker is among the best.

It is possible to cook white rice as well as brown, short, or long rice using this product, and the finished product has a wonderful aroma and is perfectly cooked. The brand’s main selling point is its 24-hour temperature stability.

Six and twelve uncooked nonstick pots and a measuring rice cup are included in the package. Toshiba’s rice cooker is UL and FDA certified, so you know the brand is reliable and the materials are safe.

The Buyer’s Handbook


When we’re looking for the finest, we tend to overlook this fact. There are a variety of rice cookers on the market, each with its own unique set of features and a focus on safety. The Comfee rice cooker is one such product that makes this promise.

Use of Electricity

A rice cooker’s power consumption can be a source of anxiety for some of us. Because of this, it’s important to know how much the product requires before making a purchase. Zojirushi’s rice cooker uses up to 1000-1200 watts of power, although other rice cookers can use less than this amount of power.

Features with a Variety of Uses

For those who like to cook a variety of dishes for their family or friends, a rice cooker isn’t going to suffice. Products like Aroma Houseware promise to be able to deliver not only a wide selection of meals but also ensure that those meals are packed with nutrients.

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