Best Bento Lunch Box for Kids

In Japanese classrooms, the ubiquitous bento box is a common sight. Even on the surface, lunches in Japan’s elementary and secondary schools appear to be very similar to those served in the United States. Kids use lunch boxes and bento boxes to transport their lunches to and from school. Nevertheless, bento boxes are becoming increasingly popular in the West, and for good reason. Bento boxes offer enough advantages for any parent to justify the switch.

Benefits of Using Bento Lunch Boxes for Kids

An important advantage of a bento box is its ability to keep food organized. Small but notable differences distinguish most bento boxes from one another. For the most part, bento boxes are made to provide a nutritionally complete meal. Traditional lunchboxes for kids feature small portions of grains, proteins, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Having a wide variety of foods available at every meal is ensured by this type of organization As a result, it aids in the distribution of a balanced diet for growing children. Creative parents often display their artistic side by focusing more on the visual appeal of their designs.

People in Japan often compliment perfectly arranged bento boxes as almost too beautiful to eat. As a result, bento boxes are often decorated in a way that promotes well-being on all levels. To put it another way, this is a far cry from the typical Western lunchbox that usually consists of just one sandwich and a piece of fruit. Meals are more cohesive when they’re served up in a bento box. The contents of each compartment in the box are carefully chosen to complement each other.

Some bento boxes have thermal designs that can help keep food hot for longer periods of time Foods meant to be eaten cold are more commonly found in bento boxes, which are popular among parents. A bento is much more likely to contain rice balls filled with filling than it is to contain plain, heated rice. The presence of an ice pack in some bento boxes ensures that the food is kept at the proper temperature throughout the day.

Solid or viscous foods are also commonly served in bento boxes. Soup, on the other hand, isn’t a common sight in a bento box, but dips and peanut butter are. Children’s bento boxes in particular are vulnerable to this type of damage. The younger the child, the less effort they’ll put into ensuring that a bento box is positioned correctly. As a result, bento boxes intended for children are often spill-proof to some extent.

Unlike western lunchboxes, bento boxes typically don’t include a place for beverages. There is usually a thermos included in a lunchbox for beverages. A thermos compartment in a bento box is more commonly used for soups than drinks. It is common for parents to include a beverage pouch in their child’s bento box. Straps on the outside of some bento boxes allow you to attach a second container for drinks.

When compared to traditional western lunch boxes, the inside of a bento box typically exhibits some of the most striking differences. In most cases, a bento box is made up of multiple compartments. There are a variety of foods that can fit in each of these containers. Extras such as utensils or bowls may be included in some bento boxes for convenience’s sake

A bento box’s design is clearly superior to that of a standard lunchbox. And there’s a good reason why it appears that the two are so different. It wasn’t until about seventy years ago that lunchboxes became popular in the western world. The modern concept of a bento box, on the other hand, had been around for well over a century by that time. Bento boxes have been around for a long time, and people have been able to adapt them to meet a wide range of needs. This means that a bento box can usually be found that meets the needs of any child’s dietary preferences.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to finding the best bento box. These are some of the best-looking options on the market, however, If you’re looking for the best bento lunch box for kids, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Best Bento Lunch Box for Kids 

Bentgo Kids Children’s Lunch Box 

We’ve created Bentgo Kids specifically for children between the ages of 3 and 7. Children under the age of six are given special consideration in the design of this box. Bentgo Kids is built to withstand the roughhousing of younger children. When it comes to this particular bento, even the most energetic of children will be powerless.

The food in Bentgo Kids containers is shielded from contamination by a tight-fitting lid. Bentgo Kids, on the other hand, does not leak its contents even if it is turned upside down. For the same reason that children will make a mess while eating, this bento box is also designed to accommodate this. Parents will appreciate how simple it is to clean the removable and dishwasher-safe interior. Furthermore, the BPA-free construction eliminates any possibility of contamination during cleaning.

Each compartment of Bento Kids is designed to hold a specific type of food. Sandwiches fit in the largest compartment. A full sandwich won’t fit in this compartment. In order to fit the entire sandwich into the container, parents can simply cut a sandwich in half. The third, fourth, and fifth sections are all considerably smaller. Fruit, vegetables, and other healthy snacks are commonly found in each of these compartments. There is a small dip or sauce compartment in the middle of the container. For kids who only eat vegetables with a dip, this compartment is ideal. It’s also been known to be used for peanut butter by some parents.

There’s enough room in Bento Kids for a freezer pack, as well. That option typically keeps the bento chilled for about eight hours if a parent decides to use it. A freezer pack is not included, so keep that in mind when you order the bento box. These, on the other hand, are usually not prohibitively expensive.


The Yumbox is made up of two parts. The shell of the Yumbox contains a removable interior tray. In order to cater to the energetic nature of the younger generation, Yumbox has been specifically designed. If you’re looking for a bento box that can handle more stress, this is the one for you. Younger children may be a little intimidated by the variety of other bento options available.

Fun space-themed illustrations on the tray’s interior can help keep children interested in their meals. The inside of the Yumbox is divided into five sections for the convenience of the children who will be using it. In the middle of the table, there is a small area that is ideal for dips or peanut butter. One half-cup portion can fit into each of the main compartments.

The Yumbox does not have a place for ice packs to be stored inside. However, a Yumbox can be paired with an insulated tote. The Yumbox can be nestled between a bag and an ice pack with this setup.

Yumbox is a great option for kids who aren’t yet familiar with the concept of a bento box. The sturdy construction can withstand the abuse that children dish out to their belongings. Parents will be able to select a toy that their child will enjoy using due to the wide range of colors available. It’s also compatible with more viscous foods like yogurt and applesauce thanks to the leak-proof design.


Bento boxes can be used in a variety of ways, as Ozazuco demonstrates. Bento boxes, as opposed to traditional western lunchboxes, have long been favored for their ability to keep food organized. When it comes to Ozazuco’s design, efficiency is a top priority.

The bento box has three separate compartments stacked on top of each other when opened. This design makes it easier for parents to separate different kinds of food. You don’t want apples to soak into your crackers, and nobody does. Orange slices should never get rice on them. And an omelet’s flavor should never be absorbed by a bowl of cereal. In this manner, even adults have difficulty combining flavors and textures. And as any parent knows, most children are notoriously picky eaters.

Hot foods can also be handled with Ozazuco’s modular design. Cold or chilled foods are the norm for bento boxes. It’s possible to heat some items in the Ozazuco’s microwave-safe compartments. It is possible to fill the bottom container with food and heat it up as needed, for example.

An accompanying set of cutlery is also included in Ozazuco. As a result, children will be less likely to forget to use eating utensils when consuming food that calls for them. Parents can also rest easy knowing that their children will always have what they need to eat a nutritious and delicious lunch at school every single day.

For some children, this level of complexity and personalization may not be appropriate. Ozazuco’s design may be a little intimidating for kindergarten and first-grade students. This bento box’s larger size also makes it more appropriate for older children. Filling an Ozazuco to the brim is likely to result in an overabundance of food for small children. The Ozazuco is a strong contender for the title of best bento lunch box for kids if your child can handle its unique characteristics.


When it comes to Homespon, scalability and adaptability are top priorities. It’s a great option for middle and high school students because of both of these factors. If you’re looking for a bento box with a lot of variety, Homespon is a great option.

The Homespon’s sturdy construction is usually the first thing people notice about it. Polyethylene and stainless steel are used in the construction of the bento box. Seven separate food containers can be found in this impressive frame. In addition, a spoon and chopsticks can be stored inside.

A 600 ml container serves as the base. The base of the bento box is supported by a 300 ml container. After that, we’ve got a 1.4″ x 200 ml fruit bowl. On top of the fruit layer and beneath a second 200 ml fruit tray sits a 300 ml soup container. Lastly, the box is topped with a 300 ml bowl that can be turned over. All of this is understandable for younger children to find frightening. But you can mix and match most of the containers according to your requirements. To make a more compact package, place the base on top of a fruit dish and a bowl.

Homespon’s offering is ideal for kids who may need to use it for purposes other than a school lunch because of this level of personalization. For example, because of its large size and number of containers, it could easily be used as a camping dinner option. By having their own containers, children can even share a single bento.

Kids who enjoy soup will appreciate the convenience of this bento box. Soup can be kept warm for up to four hours with Homespon’s bento insulation. This usually coincides with the time it takes a student to get ready for school and return for lunch.


All in all, OmieBox is a good middle ground between the other two. Unlike the most expensive bento boxes, this one isn’t overly involved. Beno boxes for children of all ages aren’t the only option. Instead, the goal of OmieBox is to offer a number of useful features while still maintaining a minimal aesthetic.

The OmieBox has three sections and two temperature zones. In addition to these temperature zones, OmieBox has a unique design feature. It gives you a lot of leeway when it comes to putting together meals.

When a mother made this bento for her son, she made sure to include a variety of finger foods and a hot entree. As a result of the lack of options, she decided to create her own bento box. Because of the need for warmed food, a new type of bento has emerged, deviating from some of the more widely accepted principles of design. The insulated thermos compartment is the most noticeable of these alterations.

OmieBox’s thermos is shallow and wide-mouthed. It’s simple for children to eat from this container because of its shape. Parents will appreciate how much easier it is to clean this thermos because of the rounded corners. For those days when a hot meal is not desired, the thermos can be removed to make room for more food. The thermos-free area of the bento could instead be used in its entirety or divided into new sections with an included divider. Taking out the thermos leaves a lot of room for sandwiches.

The air insulation in the thermos section should maintain a constant temperature for around four hours when used by children. This should last a student until the end of their lunch break. If you want to keep your food cold for an extended period of time, you can place an ice pack inside the bento.


This Leestar bento box is ideal for a break room with long microwave lines. Using the three separate compartments, it heats food quickly and affordably in about 20 minutes. Using a normal outlet or the power port of a vehicle, this lunchbox provides a hot meal wherever one is. In order to avoid deformation of the lunchbox, an exhaust port must be opened. Hand washing this bento box is required after the meal. The silverware that comes with the meal is made of metal, so there’s no need to worry about it clashing with the rest of the meal. Keeping leftovers in this bento box is difficult because it cannot be refrigerated. Another gripe is that it doesn’t have enough room for everyone to eat at one time. Despite its retro design, the lunchbox does not have a place to keep the charger cords when on the go. You won’t be able to help but smile when you see the bright pink and white exterior. This bento box isn’t ideal for school lunches because it only holds warm foods. If you’re a college student, a working professional, or a commuter, this bento box would be ideal.


If you’re bringing a salad to work or school, this stylish bento box is an excellent option. It’s made specifically for salads, with a large bowl for greens, four compartments for toppings, and a dressing container that can be poured over the whole thing. While it can be used to transport and store salad, it is not designed to be used to toss the salad. Despite the large bowl’s claim to hold four cups of greens, it can only hold two. There is only one part of this bento box that can be microwaved (the bottom of the big bowl), and it can only be done for three minutes. However, it can be used to make salads and other cold food items. This bento box is dishwasher safe except for the lids, which makes cleanup a breeze. Hand-washing the silicone gasket on the lids is required. The salad greens and toppings will stay fresher longer with the silicone gasket in place. A matching plastic fork with a snap-in top is also included. For what it is, this plastic fork is a nice addition. This is a great bento box for those who enjoy eating salads and don’t mind tossing a salad with a fork. Also popular for school lunches, they can be color-coordinated to match the needs of different children. If you’re looking for a salad container that can be shaken or a bento box to warm food in, you’re going to be disappointed. In addition, it is available in eight colors, including elegant marble.

Sistema Store

Food can be seen peeking out of the Sistema bento box’s lid thanks to an eye-catching color. Various types of snacks can be stored in three compartments, two removable trays, and a screw-top container. However, the thin plastic construction means that foods drenched in gravies, sauces, or excessive amounts of juice will leak from one compartment to the next. More food can fit in the containers thanks to the new, thinner plastic dividers. This bento box’s only leak-proof compartment is a five-ounce screw-top container, so only certain foods can be transported in it. The absence of silverware or a place to keep silverware in the lunchbox is another issue. Depending on where this lunchbox travels, the lack of silverware may not be a big deal. A great feature of this bento box is the ability to remove the trays while keeping the box closed, allowing for greater versatility. This dishwasher-safe bento box makes cleanup a breeze. According to some, washing by hand is more efficient because it takes up so much space in the dishwasher. Choosing “multi” as a color scheme adds a pleasant element of surprise. Blue, pink, purple, or green are all possible colors for the bento box that is shipped.


When it comes to traditional Japanese bento boxes, Grub2Go is one of the best. Two separate layers and a separate utensil tray are held together by an elastic strap, and there is one separate compartment divider. Included are a fork, knife, and spoon. Even though chopsticks are not included in the utensil tray, you can modify a pair of chopsticks to fit. That utensil container and the other two layers are required to be transported along with the elastic strap. This bento box is largely leak-proof due to the silicone seals on the layers. A small amount of fluid will leak if it is turned on its side. Dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe, this bento box is ideal for a wide variety of foods. When using the microwave, be sure to pop open the vents on the lid; otherwise, the plastic will deform from repeated use. This bento box can also be heated in the microwave for three minutes. Even if you don’t use the microwave, the bento box will keep food warm for one to six hours, depending on how hot or cold the food was when it was placed inside. This means that using a microwave may not be necessary at all!


When it comes to a bento box’s ability to keep its contents safe, there is a trade-off. The lid on the Kinsho is particularly difficult to remove because it is so leakproof. Even if it is left on its side for an extended period of time, it will not leak into a lunch bag. Eventually, the lid begins to wear down, allowing food to move from one partition to another. Because it doesn’t leak from the bento box into the lunchbox, it’s perfect for school lunches. The utensil slot can be used for slim snacks like carrot sticks, but it comes with five partitions and a utensil holder. The included spoon and fork could be replaced with other utensils, such as chopsticks. Meals can be prepared for two days in advance or for two different people at the same time thanks to the order’s inclusion of two boxes. All components, with the exception of the lid, can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The lids will no longer fit on the box if they are washed in the dishwasher. This bento box is ideal for both school lunches and tough work assignments. If you’re looking for something that’s a little smaller and more difficult to open, this is a good option.

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