11 Best Bubly Flavors

Want something to quench your thirst instead of a sugary soda? Recently, flavored sparkling drinks and juices have become increasingly popular to meet this demand.

Bubly’s creative flavors are a delectable result of combining natural fruit flavors with refreshing sparkling water.

However, what are your favorite Bubly flavors? Many people would say that pineapple is the best, followed by peach, lime, blackberry, and grapefruit. Naturally, one’s tastes will vary.

Not sure how to make the change to sparkling water’s health benefits? Choosing the correct flavor of Bubly might be difficult, but we’ve compiled a list of the 11 finest flavors to help you out.

 What is Bubly?

One of the most well-known brands of fruit-flavored sparkling water is called Bubly. Bubly is a wonderful non-caloric soda substitute because it doesn’t include any sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Fruit flavors add to Bubly Sparkling Water’s wonderful taste and natural sweetness.

Carbonation in bubbly makes for a refreshingly fizzy drink. As a sugar-free substitute for soda, this delivers a similar fizz.

However, if you’re not a fan of carbonated beverages, Bubly might not be the best sparkling water for you.

For what reason do people drink bubbly sparkling water?

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to sugary sodas and artificially sweetened drinks, go no further than Bubly. This fruity bubbly drink contains no sugar, sweeteners, or calories.

That doesn’t mean it lacks flavor, though; the ingenious folks at Bubly have mixed all-natural fruit flavors to perfection for these drinks.

Bubly Sparkling Water comes in a wide variety of flavors, and picking a favorite is impossible. Read on for a breakdown of our top 11 selections, along with some helpful elaboration, and/or dive right in and give them all a try!

Different Tastes

Fruit flavors add to Bubly Sparkling Water’s wonderful taste and natural sweetness. Light carbonated beverages that taste refreshingly new do not have any added sugar or sweeteners.

To achieve its wonderful taste, Bubly relies solely on natural tastes, setting it apart from other fresh sparkling waters that also use fruit juices. Because of this, these beverages are a fantastic low-calorie choice.

Fans of bubbly drinks praise not only the delicious flavor and lovely perfume, but also the lack of any lingering bitterness.

The Packaging

It’s the contents, not the wrappings, that really matter, but the Bubly line has some seriously nice-looking stuff. Each fun flavor has its own distinctive brightly colored ring-pull can, making it easy to pick out your favorite.

It’s hard to miss the bright emoji-like faces and playful slogans like “hello u,” “yo,” and “hiii” on the brightly colored cans of Bubly. Who wouldn’t enjoy these cheery friendly tiny cans, overflowing with sparkling juicy water?

If you’re still not convinced, the friendly folks at Bubly have created a wonderful selection of cocktail and mocktail recipes to complement their tasty beverages. Genius!

How to Enjoy Carbonated Water

Without a doubt, this tiny can of shimmering beauty should be enjoyed to its fullest.

Consequently, you should pay attention to two factors: time and temperature.

The recommended serving temperature for bubbly is often between 6 and 8 degrees Fahrenheit. The fruity flavors are at their best when chilled, becoming crisp and fresh while yet allowing the distinct characteristics of each fruit to shine through. A warm serving can bring out an artificial taste.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a beverage that tastes best when it’s been just made; it should be energetic and full of fizz when served. This creates a drink with vibrant tastes that dance on the tongue.

When the bubbles stop, the flavor stops, too. Hence, for optimal flavor, enjoy your Bubly while it’s still bubbly and cold.

11 Best Bubly Flavors

Bubly Sparkling Water, Pineapple

Bubly Sparkling Water, Pineapple

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There’s a solid reason why Bubly’s pineapple-flavored sparkling water is so popular.

This pleasant beverage comes in a vibrant yellow can and combines the naturally sweet flavor of pineapple with the bubbly water.

Pineapple Bubly Sparkling Water is a popular choice because of its intense flavor and refreshing fizz. It’s like eating a luscious, fresh pineapple slice; it’ll satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Pineapple is one of Bubly’s richest fruit flavors, making this a great substitute for sugary sodas. Even better, pineapple Bubly is a fantastic mixer for lengthy, refreshing drinks and mocktails, so stock up if you’re a connoisseur of the beverage.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Peach

Bubly Sparkling Water, Peach

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Next up at number two is another fruit that you probably wouldn’t expect to see in the top five: peaches.

But with a delicate peach fragrance and lovely fizz, you’ll feel like you’re sipping a refreshing cocktail on a tropical beach.

They enjoy the fizz’s gentle sweetness and the mild peach flavor. It has a natural and appealing aroma and a lovely aftertaste, like the rest of the Bubly collection.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Lime

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The lime’s position at the top of the citrus fruit list is unheard of. Typically, lime would be ranked near the bottom, below citrus fruits like lemon and orange.

So, what makes this one so exceptional, then? The lime flavor in Bubly’s sparkling water gives it a zesty, refreshing flavor that’s reminiscent of Sprite.

If you’re looking for a sugar-free substitute for soda, this is a terrific option. The lime flavor is subtle but uplifting, just the way citrus should be.

Sparkling water with a hint of lime has a subtle sweetness that is well balanced by the soft bubbles. It’s pleasant, refreshing, and incredibly tasty, making it one of the best lime-flavored drinks available.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Blackberry

Bubly Sparkling Water, Blackberry

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This is the first of eleven Bubly varieties, and you may be shocked to learn that blackberry is our favorite berry flavor.

Most of us would imagine that strawberries and raspberries would rank higher, yet this delightful blackberry-flavored sparkling water trumps them all.

To what end, exactly? Simply put, Bubly has captured the essence of the blackberry in all its glory: sweet, tart, juicy, fruity, and delightful.

The best way to describe this taste is “three-dimensional,” because it contains complexities and nuanced characteristics that you wouldn’t anticipate from a fruity beverage.

Bubly blackberry sparkling water may have a slightly artificial tinge, but it is as near to a juicy blackberry as you will get without crushing real berries into your sparkling water.



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We understand that grapefruit isn’t everyone’s favorite fruit, but if you’re in the mood for something refreshing, go no farther than this drink!

Even though it comes in a cute pink bottle, the grapefruit flavor of Bubly’s sparkling water is not the sweetest option. Apparently, its bitter flavor is what draws many of its fans.

The nicest part is that the taste is light and crisp, not at all overwhelming.

This grapefruit scented sparkling water is a refreshing alternative to the typical sweet fruit-flavored waters on the market. Grapefruit Bubly is the one to quench your thirst if you like drinks with a crisp, acidic taste.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Cherry

Bubly Sparkling Water, Cherry

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Cherry flavored drinks have a bad reputation for being artificial and laden with chemicals, making them taste nothing like the luscious red fruits they are meant to mimic.

But Bubly has done something truly innovative with its sour cherry soda.

Cherry-flavored Bubly sparkling water comes in eye-catching red cans and features a balanced flavor of acidity, sweetness, and tanginess.

The cherry flavor of Bubly is remarkably similar to that of cherry soda, yet it contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners. Drinkers who want something lighter and more refreshing should probably steer clear of cherry.

Fans of Cherry Bubly claim that the flavor is at its peak when served cold, so keep that in mind when purchasing the little red cans.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Orange

Bubly Sparkling Water, Orange

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It’s not uncommon for orange-flavored beverages to fall short of expectations, coming off as sickly sweet with a chemical aftertaste and bearing little resemblance to the luscious fruits they’re supposed to taste like.

However, Bubly has succeeded where others have failed; they have successfully replicated the flavor of our beloved citrus fruits.

Bubly orange-flavored sparkling water, which comes in an orange can (obviously! ), offers a deep tropical flavor that is both light and pleasant.

You won’t be let down by the satisfying carbonation level or the delicious taste of this refreshing beverage.

Orange Bubly is subtly sweet like the real fruit it’s based on. The taste is mild and pleasantly tangy.

This can of orange juice actually tastes like oranges, unlike the orange flavors found in soda and confectionery.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Mango

bubly Sparkling Water, Mango

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Many individuals absolutely appreciate this delicious fruit, yet others can’t stomach the taste of mangos.

If you’re a fan of the fruit, you’ll be happy to know that the mango flavors in Bubly’s sparkling water can be found in every sip.

When you crack open a cold can of Bubly in the mango flavor, the aroma will take you straight to a faraway tropical island.

Close your eyes and take a swig; you’ll practically be transported to a tropical paradise where the air is pleasant and palm trees rustle in the breeze.

Mango flavored sparkling water is energizing and delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness and zero bitterness. It’s not easy to make a drink taste like genuine fruit, but this mango cocktail comes very close.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Raspberry

bubly Sparkling Water, Raspberry

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What kind of drink do you see in your mind when I say “raspberry?” Sugary and tasting like artificial berries? You’re in for a shock, that’s for sure!

However, the acidic, tart, and incredibly fruity Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water is the polar opposite.

While that first taste may take you by surprise, we’re confident that you’ll go back for more. A single drink simply won’t do!

This is due to the fact that the tartness subsides rapidly, making way for the sweet raspberry flavor.

Some people might not be able to handle the sourness of this flavor, yet many others seem to be compelled by it. Just don’t expect a fruity beverage that’s light and sweet, since you won’t find that here.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Strawberry

Bubly Sparkling Water, Strawberry

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Red, juicy, and packed with sweet, luscious flavor—strawberries. Mmmm.

However, strawberry drinks rarely live up to their promise, often coming across as artificial, overly sugary, and lacking in flavor compared to the real thing.

But then there was Bubly! Their sparkling water with strawberry flavor is sweet and aromatic, capturing the essence of these red berries wonderfully.

This beverage, thanks to its authentic strawberry flavor and ideal sweetness, comes close to the real thing.

While the fruity taste isn’t the most refreshing, the very cold drink will be a welcome pick-me-up on a hot day.

Bubly strawberry is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a fruit-flavored sparkling water.

Bubly Sparkling Water, Apple

bubly Sparkling Water, Apple

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It’s almost as satisfying as biting into a real apple to pop open a bottle of Bubly Apple-Flavored sparkling water and enjoy in a refreshing drink.

It’s disappointing to see it so low on the list, but it had some stiff competition to overcome.

This refreshing sparkling water has a taste reminiscent of raw apple cider, so if you’re looking for something to quench your thirst, you won’t find any sugary artificial fake-apple aftertaste here.

The apple flavor in Bubly is a far cry from the sugary apple juices of summer, yet it has won over many fans. You can almost taste the crisp morning air and the falling leaves as you sip this beverage.

But don’t save it for the fall alone; this is a flavor that works year-round.

Final Thoughts

Indeed, it appears that there is a Bubly flavor suitable for every palate. We can all discover a fruity sparkling water that suits our taste from this amazing selection, which spans from sour and zingy to sweet and fruity.

The bright, cheery cans are appealing to the eye, but that’s not all: the food inside is wonderful!

Because of their simplicity and nuance, these flavors work wonderfully as mixers in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages alike.

Our rankings put Bubly with pineapple taste in first spot, and it is well deserved.

Peach, lime, and blackberry aren’t the kinds of flavors you’d expect to see at the top of the lists, but they deserve some recognition, too.

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