9 Best Cajun Seasoning Brands

Cajun seasoning is a famous spice blend that can be used to impart a smoky, earthy flavor to a variety of dishes.

Cajun seasoning is a blend of many spices and herbs, including paprika, cayenne, garlic powder, oregano, and peppers, and has its origins in Louisiana.

Some brands also include onion powder, thyme, white pepper, and red pepper.

All of these ingredients can be used to produce your own Cajun seasoning at home.

However, there are several excellent brands of Cajun seasoning on the market, so you may save time and money by purchasing that instead of all the different herbs and spices.

Since Cajun seasoning comes in a wide variety of blends and forms, it might be difficult to select the ideal product for your culinary needs; therefore, we have researched some of the top Cajun seasoning companies to help you make an informed decision.

So, which brands of Cajun seasoning do you recommend the most? If you want delicious, high-quality food, you should only buy from trusted brands. McCormick, Slap Ya Mama, Louisiana fish fry, Badia, Frontier, Unpretentious Baker, Gustus Vitae, and A Cajun Life are just few of the top Cajun seasoning brands.

Keep reading for a comprehensive buyer’s guide and our 9 favorite Cajun seasoning products.

Shopping for Cajun Seasoning: A Rundown of Popular Products

Cayenne and paprika give Cajun seasoning its spiciness, while garlic powder, onion powder, and herbs lend it a delicate earthiness.

Grilled chicken, oven fries, steaks, hog, corn on the cob, roasted vegetables, and even gumbo and jambalaya all benefit from this seasoning blend’s adaptability.

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for the best Cajun seasoning, including:

Recipe for Making a Spice Mix

Because each brand of Cajun seasoning uses a slightly different combination of herbs and spices, it’s important to read the label carefully before buying.

The distinctive flavor of Cajun cooking is reflected in most Cajun spice mixes, which typically include specific instructions for which dishes they are best suited for.

Compositional Integrity

Since pesticide residues and other unwelcome substances may be present in some spices, it’s crucial to investigate the quality and provenance of the components used to make Cajun seasoning.

Cajun seasoning should be produced with organic herbs and spices if you want to avoid this. They are better for the environment and taste better than the alternatives.


Cajun seasoning, like many other shelf-stable goods, may use flavor enhancers and preservatives like glutamate.

Many of these additives and preservatives are thought to be carcinogenic, which is why many consumers opt for additive-free spice blends.

The same holds true with Cajun seasoning; for the greatest in health and taste, stick to a pure, all-natural blend that doesn’t contain any preservatives or fillers.

9 Best Cajun Seasoning Brands

McCormick Cajun Seasoning

McCormick Cajun Seasoning

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One of the top Cajun seasoning brands is McCormick, which has been in business since 1889 and produces a wide range of spices, seasoning mixes, extracts, and sauces.

McCormick Cajun seasoning is an excellent product with a bold and spicy taste.

No MSG here, but it pairs splendidly with shrimp, fish, and rice in the style of Louisiana.

It is packaged in a compact container that requires little room in your home or office. It’s also kosher, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly.

Slap Ya Mama All-Natural Cajun Seasoning

Slap Ya Mama All-Natural Cajun Seasoning

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The Slap Ya Mama brand of premium Cajun spices is made in the self-proclaimed smoked meats center of the world, Ville Platte, Louisiana.

This one-of-a-kind spice mixture is versatile and may be used to enhance the flavor of many different types of food.

It’s great for rubbing on meat before grilling, frying, or smoking.

Its primary constituents are salt, black pepper, red pepper, and garlic, and it is certified to be all-natural, MSG-free, and kosher.

Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

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This spicy Cajun seasoning blend works wonders with meats, fish, veggies, soups, salads, and more.

It’s true what it says on the box: it complements any meal.

It is a favorite choice among fans of Cajun food because it is made with only salt, spices, dried red pepper, dried garlic, and paprika rather than fillers like MSG.

This seasoning is on the spicier side, so if you are preparing a meal for someone who does not like spicy cuisine, use only a small amount.

Badia Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

Badia Louisiana Cajun Seasoning

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Another excellent option for Louisiana-style cuisine is Badia, a well-known Cajun seasoning brand.

The built-in dispenser makes this product significantly less cumbersome to operate than alternatives.

It doesn’t require much room in your cupboards and is simple to put away. It has all the flavor you want without the saltiness that can come with some Cajun seasonings.

It’s not only delicious, but it’s also healthy, as it doesn’t have any MSG or gluten and pairs well with a wide variety of dishes, especially meats.

Frontier Cajun Seasoning

Frontier Cajun Seasoning

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Frontier’s spice combination is certified organic, kosher, and non-irradiated, making it another superb Cajun seasoning brand with consistent quality.

Even better, Frontier is a cooperative owned by its members and committed to doing its part for society and the environment.

It comes in a convenient, resealable jar and weighs 2.08 ounces, making it ideal for transforming soups, meats, beans, and grains into Southern specialties.

McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning

McCormick Gourmet Collection Cajun Seasoning

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This McCormick Cajun seasoning combination is just as popular as their other Cajun offerings.

Its unique blend of peppers, onions, garlic, and herbs elevates the flavor of meats, shellfish, and other Cajun staples.

It’s all-natural, so you know you’ll always get a high-quality product, and the portable container makes it a breeze to use and keep on hand.

Unpretentious Baker Cajun Seasoning

Unpretentious Baker Cajun Seasoning

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The search for the perfect Cajun flavor for your preferred Southern dishes is over.

Unpretentious Baker has created a one-of-a-kind Cajun spice blend that will give your food that extra kick of real Cajun taste.

This dry rub mixture is excellent on fish, poultry, and pig, and is made with salt, paprika, cayenne, thyme, and oregano.

U.S.A.-made packaging contains 32 tablespoons (or 2 cups) of Cajun seasoning. One of the best Cajun seasoning brands available, according on ratings and reviews from customers across the country.

Gustus Vitae Artisanal Cajun Seasoning

Gustus Vitae Artisanal Cajun Seasoning

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This Cajun spice mix by Gustus Vitae is made with the highest quality, all-natural ingredients and is sourced in an environmentally responsible way.

Designed to maintain a high standard of quality, it is produced in limited quantities and carefully scrutinized at every stage.

Without using any artificial flavors or preservatives, and without irradiating the spices, this method employs high-pressure, high-temperature gas to thoroughly clean them.

It is packaged in a magnetic tin that can be conveniently attached to most metal surfaces, including refrigerators, ovens, and barbecues, and has been validated as non-GMO by the non-GMO project.

A Cajun Life Original All-Purpose Cajun Seasoning

A Cajun Life Original All-Purpose Cajun Seasoning

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MasterChef Will Staten recommends this all-purpose Cajun seasoning from A Cajun Life because it is a genuine Louisiana spice combination that delivers true Cajun flavor.

Put it to good use in place of table salt and pepper to make savory recipes with a Southern flair.

Steak, fish, poultry, pig, veggies, fries, pizza, popcorn, and more are all enhanced by the balanced saltiness and spicy heat of this seasoning blend. It’s the perfect combination of spices for any cooking method, whether you prefer grilling, frying, smoking, or baking.

It’s low in sodium, has no MSG, it is made without genetic modification, and it’s packaged within minutes of Eunice, Louisiana. It is also manufactured in an environment free of gluten and allergens.

Related Questions

We hope this article has answered any questions you had regarding Cajun seasoning, and if you still have any, we’ve included some frequently asked questions we thought you might have below.

What is the difference between Cajun seasoning and Creole seasoning?

Similar ingredients like paprika, garlic, pepper, and herbs are used in both Cajun and Creole seasonings.

Cajun seasoning is just a little hotter than Creole, which is more flavorful and incorporates additional herbs like basil.

What can you substitute for Cajun seasoning?

Cajun seasoning can be substituted with other similar spices and seasonings, such as Creole seasoning, Old Bay seasoning, Cayenne pepper, and paprika, if you don’t have any on hand.

Because it contains many of the same spices and herbs as Cajun seasoning, Creole seasoning is a great alternative.

Since it lacks the spiciness of Cajun seasoning, you might want to add some crushed chiles or cayenne pepper to the mix.

Because of its robust flavor, Old Bay seasoning is a popular brand used all over the United States, and it complements many Southern cuisine.

Given that it contains many of the same spices as Cajun seasoning, including paprika, pepper, and salt, it makes a fine alternative.

You may easily adjust the flavor by adding in some garlic and cayenne pepper if you’re missing those ingredients.

Finally, cayenne pepper and paprika, two of the most essential elements in Cajun spice, can be used if nothing else is available.

They won’t have the same robust flavors as Cajun seasoning, but they’ll be hot enough for Cajun dishes.

Can you make Cajun seasoning at home?

Making your own Cajun seasoning at home couldn’t be simpler. There are a lot of different herbs and spices that go into it, but you probably already have them on hand.

Homemade Cajun flavor requires paprika, onion powder, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, dried oregano, dried thyme, salt, and ground white or black pepper.

Just mix everything together in a jar and keep it on hand for when you want to make some of your favorite Southern dishes.

How long does Cajun seasoning last?

What determines the response is the caliber of your Cajun seasoning and how well it has been preserved.

Cajun seasoning has a shelf life of two to three years if maintained properly; this means keeping it in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight and moisture.

If you want to keep it fresh for as long as possible, put it in airtight containers.

Is Cajun seasoning safe to use after its expiration date?

The “best by” or “best before” date on commercially marketed Cajun seasoning is the date after which the seasoning will no longer be at peak freshness.

Although it might still be edible after these dates have passed, the quality and effectiveness of the product might have degraded.

How can you tell if Cajun seasoning has gone bad?

A small amount of Cajun spice can be rubbed or crushed in your hands, then smelled and tasted to determine if it has gone rancid. It’s time to replace it if the scent isn’t as strong and the flavor isn’t as robust.

What is the difference between Cajun seasoning and blackened seasoning?

Cajun seasoning and blackened seasoning are both spice blends, however the former is typically spicier than the latter.

If you’re not a big fan of spicy food, blackened seasoning is a better choice than Cajun since, while it still has some heat, it’s not nearly as much as Cajun.

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