Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Cake Pop Maker

Cake pops are the best thing since sliced bread. Cake and filling may be perfectly combined thanks to the small size of the cake and filling (or frosting, if that’s your preference). The only potential stumbling block is… It’s important to find the greatest cake pop maker out of all the possibilities.

With this list of cake pop maker reviews, we hope to alleviate some of the stress. You’ll find out what to look for and why certain brands are better than others in this buyer’s guide to these useful gadgets. As soon as you’re done, picking the proper product will be simple, albeit not as fun, than the final outcome.

What is a Cake Pop Maker?

What is a Cake Pop Maker?

At this point, you may be wondering: What exactly is a cake pop maker? What distinguishes cake pops from cupcakes, and why do they necessitate a specialized tool?

Those of you who have had the pleasure of tasting these delicacies know that they are distinct from cupcakes in several respects. To begin with, cake pops are often smaller in size, making it easier to eat multiples of them in one sitting. In addition, they’re typically shaped like a ball, and sometimes baked with a filling inside.

Also, there’s a key distinction right there in the name: cake pops are sealed with chocolate and served on sticks, similar to those used for lollipop or popsicle treats. Lastly, they’re frequently dipped in chocolate or another hard coating in order to preserve the cake from crumbling and to enhance the presentation and flavor of the dessert. Bakerella deserves credit for her delectable concoction!

In a couple of minutes, a cake pop maker can turn batter into spherical cake balls that are ready to serve. This eliminates the need to roll the dough into balls by hand and use an icing instead.

15 Best Cake Pop Makers To Buy

Best Lightweight: Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

Babycakes Mini Cake Pop Maker

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It has non-stick baking plates that allow it to make nine cake pops at a time, making it ideal for parties. For those who are new to baking, the company offers a recipe book with simple-to-follow instructions for making chocolate cake pops. To learn more about this product, watch this video.


  • When the machine is not in use, the latching handle guarantees that the machine is securely shut.
  • Because of its light weight, it is a breeze to transport and handle
  • When in operation, non-skid rubber feet on the machine’s base maintain it firmly in place.
  • Easy to clean non-stick baking pans
  • The machine’s operating status is shown by the machine’s power light.


  • Three mold options offers versatility
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Recipe booklet included
  • Affordable


  • Extras like cake pop sticks are sold separately
  • Limited capacity

Best Easy-To-Clean: Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

Babycakes Multi-Treat Baker

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The device’s main selling point is its replaceable baking plates, which transform it into a multipurpose appliance. Seven cupcakes, seven doughnuts, or 12 cake pops can all be made at the same time.

Cake pops, doughnuts, and normal cupcakes may all be made using this model, which includes three molds. In spite of the fact that this is a great feature, the machine can only produce seven of each at a time.

The fact that a batch of cookies may be baked in a matter of minutes may not be an issue for you. It’s safe to use since it has a locking handle and non-slip feet, and it has lights that tell you when it’s hot enough to use.

We love how versatile this model is, and cleaning it is a breeze—just remove the molded plate, wash, and let it air-dry before using it again. However, if you don’t already own a set of cake pop sticks, you’ll need to make an additional expenditure.

Cherry, white chocolate, German chocolate, and minted brownie are just a few of the taste combinations you’ll find in the babycakes cookbook, which also includes recipes for cupcakes, donuts, and icing.


  • Disposable nonstick plates make cleanup a breeze.
  • Rubber feet on the bottom of the device ensures that it can be used safely.
  • Plates are held in place by latching handles.
  • Indicators of power and readiness for safe use.
  • A recipe book is included to get you started with simple recipes.

Best For Safe Storage: Disney Cake Pop Maker

Disney Cake Pop Maker

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Isn’t a Mickey Mouse-shaped cake a given for a Disney-themed party? This cake pop maker makes Mickey-shaped cakes, complete with two round ears and a round face. Take a peek at this video for more information before making a purchase.


  • At the same time, make four Mickey-shaped cake pops.
  • A free batter piping bag is also provided by the brand to design the cakes.
  • The removal of molded cakes from non-stick baking pans is a breeze.
  • When the device is in operation, rubber feet stabilize it.
  • In order to protect the machine, the cord wrap function is used.
  • 25 cake pop sticks are also included in the package.

Best Temperature-Control Function: CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe

CucinaPro Multi Baker Deluxe

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Having a cake-baking machine isn’t enough; you can also use it to bake bread and even grill. You may prepare takoyaki, meatballs, pizza, sandwiches, and desserts with the three replaceable skillets that come with this multi-functional baker.


  • For long-term use, the exterior is made of stainless steel.
  • It is possible to detach the cord from the device and store it separately.
  • Disposable non-stick plates make cleanup a breeze.
  • Controls the temperature of a room.

Best Non-Slip Feet: Holstein Housewares Full Size Cupcake Maker

Holstein Housewares Full Size Cupcake Maker

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You might be interested in taking a look at this brightly colored baking machine. In a single batch, this cupcake maker can produce 12 cupcakes. You’ll love how small it is and how much space it saves.


  • Vertical storage is an option for maximizing available storage space.
  • The machine’s non-slip feet prevent it from slipping on the counter.
  • Indicator light
  • The non-stick coating makes it easy to clean
  • There are three distinct color options available.
  • A safety lock

Best Easy-To-Use: Oster Mini Dessert Maker

Oster Mini Dessert Maker

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Do you enjoy both cakes and waffles? To get the best of both worlds, check out this dessert maker. Three circular trays are included, each of which can be used to manufacture a variety of sweets.


  • Trays have a non-stick surface to make baking easier and more enjoyable.
  • An item that is easy to transport, store, and utilize.
  • Your batter will be ready to pour when you see an indicator light.

Best Non-Stick Coating: Baby Cakes Flip -over Cake Pop Maker

Baby Cakes Flip -over Cake Pop Maker

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Introducing this adorable cake pop maker, which comes with a slew of add-ons. At a time, it can produce 12 cake pops. There are 200 treat sticks in the box.


  • The cake pop maker’s nonstick baking reservoirs make it simple to use and clean.
  • A fork, a batter bottle, and two cooling racks are included.
  • The machine’s upper section revolves to produce perfectly round cakes.
  • Instruction manual in the form of a handy guidebook

Best Compact: Health and Home Multifunction Nonstick Baking Maker

Health and Home Multifunction Nonstick Baking Maker

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Allowing you to produce your favorite desserts and snacks whenever you want, this baking machine has three different plates. This one-button multipurpose baker makes it simple to get the job done.


  • A set of three nonstick, removable plates that are easy to clean
  • Having a small, lightweight design makes it simple to transport and store.
  • To keep an eye on the temperature while cooking, use a ring heating tube and an automatic temperature control device.
  • A wooden shovel, an oil brush, and a meatball pick are included in the package.

Best High-Power Pop-Maker: Brentwood Cake Pop Maker

Brentwood Cake Pop Maker

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In terms of value, the Brentwood is a decent choice—reasonably it’s priced and has a 12-pop capacity. Compared to other models, baking a batch of cake pops takes around 4 minutes.

It’s a beautiful design that won’t take up a lot of cabinet space. It’s devoid of BPA, too.

Power and pre-heat indication lights are included on the device. Due to their small size and high heat output, this baker’s “cool-touch handles” are an absolute need!

If it detects excessive heat, the device will switch off immediately as an added measure of security. Recipes for pancake bites and cinnamon-sugar donut holes are also included!


  • The machine can be stored upright thanks to the machine’s small legs and cord wrap.
  • Indicator lights for power and preheat
  • It cuts itself off in the event of overheating.
  • The pricing of the machine is affordable.
  • There are also instructions for making cake pops, donut holes, and pancakes included in the package as well.


  • Good capacity
  • Automatic shut-off if it over heats
  • Non-stick plates and convenient cord wrap
  • High wattage
  • Reasonably priced


  • When heating, some customers say they may smell plastic.

Best For Quick Baking: Bella 13547 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker

Bella 13547 Cake Pop & Donut Hole Maker

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In a flash, this cake pop machine will provide you with moist and flavorful cake pops. It uses 110 watts of power and can make 12 cakes at a time, all at once.


  • The baking tray is simple to use and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
  • To aid in the baking process, it has indication lights
  • Baking time is reduced compared to using an oven.
  • An eye-catching turquoise hue is on offer

Best For Beginners: Smart Planet CPM-1K Keebler Cake Pop Maker

Smart Planet CPM-1K Keebler Cake Pop Maker

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This small cake pop maker may be great for beginners who want to make mini cake balls for their family. As many as seven individual cakes can be baked at once.


  • Recipes are included in the box.
  • Easy to use, maintain and clean because of its simple design.
  • Magenta is a lovely color option.

Best For Even Heat Distribution: Nostalgia CPB400 Cake Pop Maker

Nostalgia CPB400 Cake Pop Maker

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Nine cake balls can be made in one batch with this medium-sized cake pop machine. Baking has never been easier or more fun thanks to the included recipe book.


  • The latch secures the lid in place.
  • Die-cast aluminum ensures that heat is uniformly disbursed.
  • The design makes it possible to store cords safely.

Best For Small Gatherings: New CPM-6/2388 Cake Pop Maker

New CPM-6/2388 Cake Pop Maker

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A modest gathering of adorable children may not necessitate the use of a large cake pop maker. One batch of eight cakes may be produced using this compact equipment.


  • Cake pop recipes are also included in the instructions.
  • Cake removal and tray cleaning are a breeze with non-stick baking plates.
  • Design that’s both eye-catching and small.

CucinaPro Electric Cooker for Donut Holes and Cake Pops

CucinaPro Electric Cooker for Donut Holes and Cake Pops

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Ahead of everything else: Ebelskiver are a traditional Danish pastry made from pancake batter and baked into a round form. A literal translation of the name is apple slices, but this isn’t always the case in modern-day dishes.

All of these treats are possible with the CucinaPro machine; pancake mix may be replaced with cake batter and a second non-stick mold can be used to produce doughnuts.

Despite the fact that it can only produce seven ebelskivers or cake pops at a time, this could be an acceptable trade-off. When the device is ready to start cooking, you’ll see a signal light turn on. Bake the pops for 3 to 5 minutes on each side.

The pops must be manually spun during baking, which makes it different from the models described above because there is no lid to close once the batter is placed in. This may be a deterrent for time-crunched cooks, but the end product is so rewarding that it’s well worth the extra effort.

To flip them, you’ll need to buy your own tool. To flip the snacks, the manufacturer suggests using two wooden skewers.


  • Heats evenly
  • Doughnut option offers versatility
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight and manageable


  • No accessories included
  • The treats must be turned over manually during baking

Benefits & Advantages of a Cake Pop Maker

It wasn’t until the introduction of this particular piece of equipment that cake pops could be prepared without baking the cake first and then smashing and putting frosting to it. It was only a matter of time until an appliance was developed to eliminate the need for pre-baking the cake, as this was such a messy undertaking.

The following are some of the reasons to consider purchasing one of these handy devices if you’re still unsure.

They’re simple to operate.

There are major differences between preparing cake pops yourself and hiring a professional cake pop maker. Making cake pops is a lot more time consuming because you have to bake a cake, then break it apart and mix it with frosting to make balls.

These cake balls are tough to create and retain on a stick without rolling off the stick or into the melting pot, if you’ve ever attempted to make them by hand.

With the help of a cake pop maker, we can skip this step and make perfectly spherical cakes that stick to the stick much more easily.

Simpler than applying specified amounts of batter to a molded surface even if you’re not an expert baker. To make things even simpler, you can utilize pre-packaged cake mixes.

With practice, anyone who has used a waffle iron or muffin tin will be able to do it. For those who want to know how long it takes to bake cake pops in a cake pop maker rather than mold them from already baked cake, most models come with a short recipe booklet. It’ll just take 4 to 5 minutes on average; that’s lightning fast!

Using them eliminates the guesswork from your baking endeavors.

You’ll never have to stress about what to bring to another bake sale or holiday event again if you have one of these. A large number of people have the ability to make a large number of treats at the same time (see What to Look For: How the Styles Differ, below).

When baking full-sized cakes, it can be more difficult to prepare many recipes at the same time.

A lot of kids are going to enjoy it.

Even with the help of an adult, children may have a lot of fun whipping up batches of these delectable morsels, and everyone in the family will appreciate the end result.

What to Look For in the best cake pop maker?

When it comes to cake pop machines, there are a few distinct options. Here’s a rundown of the main points:


Stand-alone units, such a waffle iron, operate in the same way: The batter is poured into a series of molded cups, then the lid is closed and the goodies are baked for a few minutes.

An indicator that lights up when the device is powered on and ready to use should be the same as the cp maker’s indicator lights up. When compared to its more esoteric equivalents, these are often preferred because they are easier to use and provide consistently good outcomes when done correctly.


It is possible to make a cake pop in any molded cup, as long as the cup is the right size.

Muffin tin-like oven-safe molds with smaller circular cups are available, however these do not have the conventional muffin form. These units are more difficult to use because there is no built-in timer and they are more difficult to get used to, but they are significantly less expensive than electric ones.

To get a sense of what an oven-ready mold may produce, take a look at this tutorial:

It’s time to brush up on the features that every decent machine should have now that you know the differences between the two designs. To get you started, here is a list.

Nonstick molds

Cleanup may be a huge pain in the rear without nonstick molds. Fortunately, the majority of models on the market now are classified as nonstick.


Think about how many pops you’ll want to make at a time before purchasing a popper. With a large number of cake pop cavities, such as 24 cavities, it may take too long to fill, leading to some overflow of the batter when they begin to bake. With only a few minutes of baking time, a small capacity maker may be all you need to produce multiple batches in a short time.

Stand for assembling the pops

Electric machines are more likely to have a stand for assembling the pops, but manual models can also benefit from this functionality. A cake pop stand is essential because it is difficult to work with cake pops if you don’t have one. Other types of stands include wood, Styrofoam, plastic, cardboard, and so on.


Are you interested in the unit’s other potential applications? Donuts, small cupcakes, and cake pops are all within the reach of some. Cooking plates can be swapped out to accommodate different baking methods on certain models.


Is the inclusion of cake pop recipes important to you? A more successful baking session may be made possible by the recipe booklet that comes with many equipment.

How to pick cake pop makers?

Every cake pop creator is different, despite appearances. Each model is unique. When selecting a cake pop maker, consider the following aspects.

  • Larger pop makers bake more cakes per batch. Smaller machines are better for families. If you’re planning a party at home, consider a larger model that can bake multiple cakes at once.
  • Choose a pop maker with nonstick molds and a strong metal exterior. Nonstick plates make it easy to remove cakes, and the machine’s exterior is robust.
  • Cake makers should have indicator lights. This light shows when the machine is ready to pour cake batter.
  • A lid lock keeps the machine’s two plates tightly stacked, ensuring perfectly round cakes.
  • Each model is unique. One model may have movable plates for cooking different foods besides cakes. Consider your needs and budget while choosing.
  • Safety: Make sure your product has a non-skid base, heat-resistant handle, safety rope, etc. Look for a machine with auto-off.

The Tips and Advice regarding cake pop maker

  • When you’re baking with your kids, be extra cautious. Cake pop producers can get quite a bit of heat.
  • Keep an eye on the length of the cord and make sure it matches up with your kitchen area.
  • You’ll need to keep an eye on the amount of batter you put in the cake pop maker.. The container will overflow if you put in too much at one time. Using a cookie dough scoop is one method for distributing the batter in the wells.
  • Bake brownie pieces, cinnamon buns, and doughnut holes using the cake pop maker. When it comes to making chocolates, hard candies, and gumdrops, silicone molds are the way to go.
  • The cost of cake pop makers is influenced by two key aspects. There are two types of building materials: wood and concrete.


How to use cake pop maker?

Since every cake maker model is distinct, manufacturers usually supply an instruction booklet. Most cake makers follow the below approach.

First, spray the baking plate’s reservoirs or domes with non-stick cooking spray to prevent sticking.

  • Start preheating the gadget. The device’s indicator light shows if it’s ready to use.
  • Once warm, ladle cake batter into each dome. Fill each dome evenly. Less batter doesn’t make perfectly round balls. Too much batter causes machine overflow.
  • Cover and bake as directed.
  • Once done, use a fork or spoon to remove the cake balls.

This may be common for most cake pop machines, but follow the manual’s directions.

Can the machine make anything but cake pops?

Yes, depending on your model. Some cake pop trays can hold takoyaki and other desserts. Some versatile models have removable plates for pancakes, pizzas, sandwiches, etc.

Invest in a cake pop maker to delight your kids. This easy-to-use equipment resembles a sandwich maker and bakes cake pops evenly. Choose a cake pop maker with non-stick plates for easy removal. Choose a non-skid base, heat-resistant handle, safety rope, and lid lock for safety.

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