10 Best Canned Chili For Hot Dogs

One of the simplest ways to improve the flavor of a hot dog is to top it with some chili.

You need to be able to switch things up now and then. To make a tasty chili dog, you only need a small amount of canned chili. All you have to do is throw in some cheese and maybe some onions, and suddenly you have a whole new dish!

Can you recommend a good chili recipe for hot dogs? The ideal canned chili for hot dogs has a hearty consistency without being too chunky to enjoy with a dog. It ought to have the flavor of something freshly made, rather than preserved.

Following is a list of the 7 top brands of canned chili for hot dogs that we recommend. There are some fantastic choices and then there are some that aren’t so great.

Read on to find out which canned options are truly superior to use with your hot dogs.

Finding the Right Canned Chili for Your Hot Dogs

Before you head out to the store to select your canned chili, there are a few things you might want to know.

Because of the wide variety of canned chilies available, it’s important to do your research and know what to look for to ensure you get the best possible product.

For this specific reason, we have compiled a brief buyer’s guide. In addition to these suggestions, think about what you like.


Perhaps most crucial is paying attention to the ingredients. Both the taste and the quality of the ingredients should be appreciated.

If you have a preference for one particular cut of meat over another, keep an eye out for that information. One thing you should know is that some brands of canned chili contain pork.

Do your best to restrict your diet to beef if this is a concern. If you prefer a less bean-y or salt-y or spicier version of canned chili, you can find it.

If you want to know what’s in that can, it’s best to check the ingredients first.

Where possible, omit any ingredients that aren’t absolutely necessary. You care about what goes into your body, so knowing that the ingredients are high-quality is important.

Choose carefully, as the quality of your ingredients has a direct bearing on the final product’s taste.

Degree of Heat

You’ll find that different kinds of chili have varying degrees of heat. If the chili is intended to be spicy, it will usually say so on the can, but you can also look at the list of ingredients to see if there’s anything that might add heat.

If you have a high tolerance for heat, by all means order a chili with a high Scoville scale rating; otherwise, pay close attention to the information provided to avoid receiving a chili that is too spicy for your liking.

You can adjust the heat level by adding or subtracting spices as needed. We even have an article dedicated to helping you reduce the heat in your chili.


Chili dogs, like sloppy joes, are as delicious as they are messy. Thinking about how the chili will sit on the hot dog in terms of its consistency and texture is a good idea.

If the consistency is off, you’ll be drenched in chili. But if it’s too chunky, it may be difficult to fit the hot dog and chili into your mouth at the same time, increasing the likelihood that some of the chili will escape onto your face.

What’s the Best Way to Spruce Up a Can of Chili for Hot Dogs?

Come on, let’s not sugarcoat this. Canned chili may never satisfy some of us because it can’t compare to the authentic taste of homemade chili. Although there are better choices than others, there are still people who can tell the difference.

You can avoid pain, and that’s the good news. Canned chili can be tweaked to taste better and perhaps more like the final product you had in mind.

If you want your chili to taste better, just add more spices and ingredients.

The following ingredients could be part of your recipe:

  • Jalapenos
  • Cilantro
  • Tomatoes
  • Garlic
  • Cumin
  • Paprika
  • Sprinkled with red pepper flakes for heat
  • Hotter chili powder for seasoning
  • Cream cheese with a tang
  • Cheese made from Cheddar cows

If you’re looking to make a can of chili taste more like homemade chili, any of these additions will do the trick.

Hormel Chili With No Beans

Hormel Chili With No Beans

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The first is a bowl of Hormel’s flavorful and hearty chili.

Beans are not included in this option, so more beef and other ingredients can be included.

If you like beans in your chili, you can choose from several excellent bean-based options here.

We appreciate that this canned chili doesn’t use any artificial flavors or colors because that’s a feature we look for in food stored in jars.

One of the most widely consumed varieties of chili, this brand is widely available. Their chili is practically foolproof.

Traditional beef chili with a savory blend of spices and a long, slow simmer for maximum flavor. Protein content per serving is 14 grams!


  • Including 14g of protein
  • The ideal harmony of sweet and savory
  • There are no added chemicals
  • There’s no meat on the bones of this option.


  • It’s possible that more seasoning is required to achieve the desired flavor.
  • When compared to other seasonings, the salt content may be high.

Chilli Man Canned Chili With Beans

Chilli Man Canned Chili With Beans

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This Chili Man chili is a beefy, bean-filled alternative to our previous pick, which was beanless.

It’s made with the same natural ingredients as the previous blend.

The standard quantity is 12 cans, but a smaller set is also available.

The authenticity of Chili Man’s flavors and the high standard to which he holds his ingredients make him rightfully proud.

The protein content of this chili option is substantial, with 18g per serving.

It’s simple to prepare and boasts hearty, savory flavors with a touch of heat. We like that there are some ingredients that suggest a mildly spicy flavor for the chili mix, but overall, everything looks pretty good.


  • (18 g) Protein Dense
  • A delicious balance of sweet and savory
  • Bean-filled, chunky chili
  • There are no synthetic additives.
  • Contains a dash of extra flavoring


  • NaCl content is very high

Armour Hot Dog Chili Sauce

Armour Hot Dog Chili Sauce

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If you like hot dogs, then you’ll love this chili sauce.

Classic chili with or without beans is also available from this manufacturer. There are 12 cans in this package.

Ready in a flash, this canned chili is a time-saver. Very little effort is required, and you can trust the food’s ingredient list.

You can use it as a condiment on hot dogs because of its tasty sauce form, which is neither too thick nor too thin. It would be great as a garnish!

The classic flavor of the most popular chili recipe has been preserved in this hot dog chili sauce.

This hot dog chili sauce is microwaveable and can be heated in the microwave if desired. It’s simple to put one’s own spin on things without drastically altering the original taste or texture.


  • Specially formulated hot dog chili
  • Components that are within reason
  • Included in a 12-pack.
  • Traditional and full of flavor
  • Incredibly simple to use and reheat


  • It’s possible the meat will have a slightly spongy texture.
  • Needs a touch more seasoning to really pop.

Stagg Silverado Beef Chili With Beans

Stagg Silverado Beef Chili With Beans

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We now move on to yet another popular option for chili connoisseurs. Since 1956, people have enjoyed this Stagg chili.

The ingredient list for this is one of the shortest you’ll find for products on the market, and everything in it is entirely natural.

Nothing is added or tampered with artificially, and the real ingredients are processed only slightly. There are 12 cans in a case of this chili.

These are great because they come in pull-top cans, making it unnecessary to bring a can opener with you if you plan on eating them while on the go.

This one claims to be a “two-bean beef tomato chili” and has those flavors in it. Beans are present, and the consistency is ideal for topping hot dogs.

One serving provides 16 g of protein.


  • There are no synthetic additives.
  • protein content, 16g
  • Nothing is artificial, and the processing is minimal.
  • Heavy on the protein, this is a great choice.
  • Tabs that can be pulled out for quick and simple access
  • Included in a 12-pack.


  • This chili has a subtle sweetness to it that, depending on your tastes, may be welcome or off-putting.

Castleberry’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce

Castleberry’s Hot Dog Chili Sauce

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The next item is a hot dog chili sauce that is just as safe as the last.

The chili sauce for hot dogs is a favorite of ours because it has the flavor of chili without the unpleasant texture of large chunks.

Spreading and covering your hot dogs with it is a breeze.

This is yet another traditional chili sauce. It’s convenient that you only have to order three at a time rather than a case of 12.

The only negative aspect of chili sauce is that it has very little protein (about 1g per serving).

Everything else, however, appears to be fantastic, with low calorie counts, low fat content, and low sodium levels. While not entirely natural like some other choices, the ingredient list is still manageable.


  • Ideal for hot dogs that have a more uniform consistency.
  • Traditional taste
  • Available in a 3-pack.
  • Fat-free chili sauce


  • Reduced protein
  • The original recipe for this sauce was modified to include different ingredients.

Campbell’s Chunky Chili

Campbell’s Chunky Chili

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This next option is also designed to complement hot dogs and has a traditional chili flavor.

You get 12 cans for this low of a price because it’s a bulk pack.

Each can is ready to eat, and the meaty sauce gives it that authentic chili flavor right out of the package.

Compared to other chili sauces on the market, this one has far superior ingredients. It works wonderfully as a condiment for hot dogs and other foods.

The meat used in this dish has just been cooked. The chili is intentionally made to have a subtle flavor that still packs a punch.

It’s simple to make and tastes great on hot dogs. It’s a straightforward item, but its reliability is guaranteed.


  • Case of 12 cans in bulk
  • A traditional taste with a modern twist
  • Ideal for condiments and hot dogs
  • Traditional canned chili, always a safe bet


  • These are big tins, so you might have some leftovers.
  • You might not like the fact that this product is quite salty.

Amy’s Organic Chili

Amy’s Organic Chili

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One last fantastic choice for your hot dog chili sauce is now at your disposal.

This is vegan, organic chili.

There is also a 12-pack available, making this a bulk option. It’s a healthy topping because it’s low in calories and sugar-free.

This is an excellent and easy-to-prepare option, with a consistent and subdued chili flavor. Use it as a relish on your hot dogs.


  • Trio of cans in a pack
  • Excellent taste
  • Hot sauce with few calories
  • The ideal condiment for dogs


  • May need some additional seasoning for flavor or spice

Chef-Mate HotDogs Chili

Chef-Mate HotDogs Chili

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Chef-mate For over 50 years, people have loved the bold, genuine taste of chili. It goes great with hot dogs, grilled cheese, and nachos.

First, the ingredients are pressure-cooked so that the flavors can combine. The resulting chili has a flavor that’s not dissimilar from that of chef-mates’ homemade chili sauce.

The can is quite large, so there’s a chance you’ll have some leftovers.

Wolf Brand (No Beans) Chili

Wolf Brand (No Beans) Chili

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Since Wolf Brand’s introduction of chili in 1895, it has been a fan favorite.

After numerous requests, they finally started canning their famous chili and selling it at farmers’ markets.

This chili has been a family favorite for decades because of its robust and unique flavor profile. Excellent on top of a hot dog, with rice, or in a burrito!

The level of heat in Wolf Brand chili is about average compared to other Texas chili brands.

There’s no need to worry about your taste buds being melted. Give this brand a try if you’re on the lookout for a new go-to!

Skyline Chili 8 Cans – 15 oz

Skyline Chili 8 Cans - 15 oz

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Skyline’s canned chili will bring back many happy childhood memories for Cincinnati natives. Every bottle of hot chili sauce is just the right amount of heat to satisfy your hunger at any time of day or night.

This chili has a healthy amount of ground beef and very few trans fats, so you can eat a little and feel full for a long time.

Skyline’s chili is incredibly spicy, but not as fiery as Texas chili. Excellent texture, with a pleasingly luscious and savory flavor profile.

Some people prefer a thicker consistency in their chili, so they reduce it. For a more traditional chili dog, you can top your chili with lots of shredded cheddar cheese and chopped onions.

Skyline’s Chili is a fantastic alternative if you’re looking to try a new chili.

Related Questions

We hope this article has answered all your questions, but if you still have some burning chili-related queries, we’ve included some FAQs down below.

What’s the Ideal Consistency for Chili?

Chili is not a soup, and you are welcome to water it down if you insist on calling it one. Just don’t serve it to chili aficionados under that name.

Smooth and thick is what you want in a good chili. The dish should be substantial enough to serve as a complete meal.

But what if your chili ends up soupy?

It is possible to make a dish that is too liquidy even if you are adamant that chili is chili and shouldn’t be watery.

Of course, you can let the liquid reduce by simmering the dish over low heat. Unfortunately, this method may result in the ingredients becoming overcooked.

Here are some better alternatives for thickening up your watery chili:

Mix in some flour or corn starch. This is a common and simple technique for enhancing the consistency of your chili. Corn starch or flour won’t change the taste of your chili, and we bet you already have a bag or two of flour on hand. It’s best to start with a small amount and gradually increase it until you reach the desired consistency.

Mix in some cornmeal. Creamy and hearty chili can be made quickly and easily by adding cornmeal or other corn-based ingredients like polenta. Either whisk one tablespoon of cornmeal with one tablespoon of water before adding it to the soup, or add the cornmeal directly to the dish. Cornmeal granules need to cook for 10 minutes to fully absorb the liquid.

You should increase the amount of vegetables and beans in the dish by 100%. Adding more vegetables is acceptable if you feel you have seriously messed up the liquid to vegetable ratio in your chili. Use a can of refried beans instead of adding an extra serving of vegetables. In a matter of minutes, your chili will be much smoother.

Utilize the masher and crush something. Though it’s not ideal to mash all of the chili’s ingredients together, doing so can help thicken a watery dish. Reduce the size of some of the beans and vegetables in your chili by mashing them. The starch they produce naturally will help your chili thicken.

How Do You Make the Best Chili?

There are five crucial elements of chili that you must master if you want to impress your friends and family with your cooking skills.

The aroma of a dish is what initially catches the diner’s attention, even before they take a bite or catch a glimpse of it. One whiff of a hearty chili and your stomach will growl for more. The aroma of chili that has been properly prepared thanks to the use of quality spices and ingredients will make your mouth water.

After taking in the aroma of a dish, the next step is to take a look at it. The red color of authentic chili is very appealing. Depending on what you use, it could be more brown than red. Except if you’re making a chili verde or white chili, your chili should be a deep red or a shade or two lighter than red.

Chili shouldn’t be watery, as we’ve already mentioned. It needs to have a thicker consistency while still feeling soft and velvety. Making chili that is too dry is a common culinary faux pas.

Taste is the most important aspect of any meal. Spiciness, sweetness, sourness, and saltiness should all be well-balanced. Chili is typically made with meat and beans and has an underlying umami flavor. All of the flavors should mesh harmoniously and enhance one another. While combining ingredients, care must be taken to preserve each component’s unique flavor. The dish’s aftertaste should not be overlooked, either. It shouldn’t have a metallic taste or feel.

The heat level of a good chili should be just right, giving it a pleasant zing without making your guests break out in a cold sweat.

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