Best Edible Printer For Cakes

The idea of machines printing out our food has crossed our minds at one point or another. Edible printing may be a long way off, but it’s the closest thing we have for the time being.

It’s also a need if you own a bakery, or if you simply enjoy baking for yourself and your loved ones. Kids are as enamored with cakes as they are with cartoons. In addition to their approval, you’ll earn their respect and awe if you can provide them with both.

Now, how do you know which edible printer is best for your needs?

We’ll go over some of the top edible printers on the market to assist you. Let’s get started.

Our Recommended 10 Best Edible Printer For The Money

Canon MX922 All-In-One Printer

It’s unlikely that any of the best edible printer reviews didn’t mention Canon. For us, it was the MX922 that had the same problem.

Do you want to see a picture of your meal? It doesn’t matter if you’re printing in black and white or color; this printer can handle it all. Where can I find the sheet count information? The 250-sheet input tray means you no longer have to worry.

The printing might have gone on even if you weren’t there. You may have overlooked the 35-sheet duplex ADF. At the very least, the images on your cake will not be deformed.

Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer

This is not a joke! Let’s move on to a Canon creation now. You may have noticed that they’ve spread their wings and landed on your kitchen counter and office desk. The Pixma MG3620 is the printer of choice for the company.

What is the best printer for printing edible images? Each one should be noted, and a checkmark should be placed next to nearly every one of them. The first step is to make it easy to use. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, setting up a wireless connection is a snap.

What are you going to do with the pictures? It is most commonly found on Apple goods, such as iPhones and iPads. With the Pixma MG3620, there appears to be no need to take them to your PC and print them. Everything you do will be done on your phone from now on. Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are at least supported.

Canon TS8320 Printer

Isn’t Canon going a little too far, don’t you think? They’re fortunate not to. Otherwise, the TS8320 edible printer demonstration wouldn’t have been possible.

Using a 4.3-inch LCD Touchscreen instead of buttons on this printer is a refreshing change. With each passing day, our touch screen technology becomes more and more accustomed to us; we bet you’re there as well! It’s lot easier now that the operation has been simplified.

In keeping with Canon’s dedication to compatibility, this one didn’t deviate. Your PC will be able to print images for your cake no matter what operating system it is running on.

Canon PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Printer

Canon does not appear to be on the verge of supplanting itself as the world’s leading printer manufacturer. For the holidays, Canon has released the PIXMA TS5020, its final high-tech printer.

A photo may be turned into the face of your next cake using this beautiful and portable printer. There are edible ink sheets and icing sheets compatible with it, which makes it a lot easier to use.

What will happen when the TS5020 is discontinued? There are issues with the internet-connected world. This one may be set up in no time at all using only a smartphone or tablet. Furthermore, it is so easy to set up that even a child can do it. Additionally, there is a memory card slot integrated right in.

HP Smart Tank Plus Wireless Printer

HP is a household name in the printing sector. HP manufactures printers that are both multifunctional and edible, like this one. Either ordinary ink cartridges or edible ink cartridges can be used. If you can’t afford to buy multiple printers for different projects, this is an ideal answer. The printer can print on your items and baking products on a daily basis.

Almost any device can be connected to the printer. You have the option of using a wired or wireless connection. When it comes to wireless connectivity, nothing beats Wi-Fi. Even from your smartphone, you can print. Dual-band technology ensures a lag-free connection.

The architecture of this printer allows it to print at a high rate of speed. In some cases, it’s possible to print at 11ppm or even faster, depending on a variety of conditions. It is also possible to print out a huge image. The kit includes a two-year ink supply.

Best Edible Printer Buying Guide


When choosing a printer, it is important to know how many sheets it can handle. That information has a direct impact on your purchase decision. The icing and graphics that you want to use on the confections must first be decided upon before you can start.

The usual paper size for printing is 8′′ x 11′′, or A4, which is supported by most printers. If you need larger prints, you’ll need to print two copies of each image on different sheets or invest in a more powerful printer.

Colored ink

CMYK is the most used color model for edible ink. A trusted source is best, as they can be found practically anyplace. Color-compatible devices are made by a variety of firms, including Epsom and Icinginks.

Incompatibilities between colors from different brands may occur.

A receptacle for a cartridge

Most printers use cartridges to hold ink, however some printers use ink bottles. As a general rule, most of these are one-time-use only.

It’s riskier to reuse cartridges than it is to replace them. Including new ink as well.

Making use of a feeder network

Unlike conventional printing, edible printing does not utilize automatic feeders. Most of the time, the sheets must be fed manually. This is a better option because the sheets are less prone to crack this way.


This is something to think about. Ascertain if your printer is compatible with the sheets.

Wafer, chocolate and rice are among the many sheet varieties that can be found in confectioneries. As a result, the support of all these sorts of printers should be carefully considered and which one it does not support. If you don’t, you run the danger of causing damage to the printer.


Because wireless printers are more popular, they can be taken anywhere. It’s ideal for bakeries because they don’t have to be fixed in one location.

In terms of print quality, there is no difference between printers that are wireless and those that are wired. You’re under no obligation to pick one over the other.


Printers are no longer only powered by computers and laptops. Everything you need can now be done on your smartphone. A computer, laptop, Android, or iOS device can now be used with these devices.


Using edible ink, what Canon printer can I use to print?

Canon makes five distinct types of edible ink cartridges. It is possible to use these cartridges with printers from the following series: IP Series, MG Series, MP Series, MX Series and TS Series. High-quality testing ensures that these links have vibrant colors.

Is it possible to print using edible ink on a standard printer?

Inks from different printers can be mixed together to minimize contamination. InkEdibles suggests using food-grade chemicals and processes, as well as FDA-compliant edible ink cartridges, to clean and maintain these printers.

Is edible ink safe to consume?

Ink has a shelf life of one to two years, depending on the manufacturer. We recommend getting an edible printer if you only plan on printing roughly once a week. In addition, you’ll have a lot of difficulties with it.

What is the best way to make advantage of edible printers?

You may use Icinginks edible ink to print any image you want on the frosting sheets, exactly like ordinary paper. After printing, the icing sheet should be allowed to dry for at least six to twelve minutes.

Eating paper is it vegan?

Potato starches, water, and oil are generally used in the production of wafers. Icing sheets give a superior print finish than wafer paper since they are thinner and more closely resemble fondant icing in appearance. EPS Icing sheets are gluten-free in addition to being vegan or vegetarian-friendly.

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