10 Best Ghee Brands

You might wish to increase your ghee supply if Indian food is on your family’s menu.

Despite the fact that butter and ghee are basically interchangeable in the kitchen, Indian food just doesn’t seem the same without them.

Ghee tends to be more expensive than butter, so it might be difficult to find a high-quality brand that is worth the extra money.

Which ghee brands are the best? Butter from grass-fed, pasture-raised, and organic cows is used to make the best brands of ghee. This produces the foods with the greatest flavors and colors, the largest concentration of fatty acids and vitamins, and the lowest concentration of hormones and antibiotics.

In this article, we’ll define ghee precisely, discuss how to choose the best ghee for your needs, and then provide our top 7 recommendations for the top ghee brands available.

What is Ghee?

Ghee is a sort of clarified butter that has had the milk and water removed. The oil that is left over is called ghee.

Ghee doesn’t go bad as soon as butter since it doesn’t include milk proteins, even if it’s not refrigerated. In fact, it really solidifies after cooling, much like coconut oil.

Though it won’t last as long as carefully processed oils, like olive oil or vegetable oil, ghee is often kept at room temperature and can be securely kept for a few weeks in a sealed jar or container.

Butter vs. Ghee

Ghee and butter are essentially equal in terms of their nutritional profiles and culinary qualities, with the exception of consistency. As a result, neither one will necessarily be healthier than the other, nor will it materially alter how it behaves when used in cooking.

Gram for gram, ghee contains a little bit more fat than butter, primarily because the water and milk solids have been removed, making it more concentrated.

The fact that the milk sugar lactose and the protein casein are eliminated from ghee, however, makes a substantial difference. Many people who are sensitive to dairy can consume ghee without experiencing any of the negative affects that they do when they consume butter.

Clarified butter vs. ghee

As previously mentioned, ghee is a variety of clarified butter, so not all clarified butter is ghee, but all ghee is clarified butter.

What distinguishes ghee from clarified butter? The length of time the butter is heated is the only variable. Traditional clarified butter is cooked just long enough for the water to evaporate and the milk solids to sink. Longer cooking of ghee causes the milk solids to begin to caramelize.

The flavor of the ghee is retained even after the particles are removed from the finished product through filtering.

What is the flavor of ghee?

Since ghee is a form of clarified butter, butter has a dominant flavor.

Ghee must be cooked for a long enough period of time to start caramelizing, though, in order to clarify it. This gives ghee a distinctive nutty flavor in addition to the usual creamy, buttery flavor.

Although these won’t be ghee’s natural flavors or components, some ghee is boosted with them.

For instance, while ghee is typically salted and improved with pink salt or other premium salts, it is also frequently created from unsalted butter.

Additionally, you can come across ghee that has been seasoned with garlic, turmeric, or even sugar, vanilla bean, or other sweet flavors.

What Is the Use of Ghee?

Because butter could withstand the heat of an extremely hot Indian summer, ghee was formerly a very common ingredient in Indian cooking.

But in recent years, it has gained popularity and is now used in every application you can think of in place of butter.

Ghee is preferable to butter for any high-heat cooking because it has a higher smoke point. It also gives baked items a mildly nutty creaminess that makes it a pleasant alternative to oil. Of course, ghee can also be used to butter toast, vegetables, or even popcorn.

10 Best Ghee Brands

4th & Heart Ghee

4th & Heart Ghee

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The ghee produced by 4th & Heart is wonderful, and there’s no need to keep it cold before using it because it can be spread at room temperature.

In addition to their conventional, savory ghee, they also make a number of flavored varieties, including those flavored with Himalayan pink salt, vanilla bean, garlic, and turmeric, among others.

Key Features:

  • Natural, hormone- and antibiotic-free, and sourced from New Zealand cows raised on grass.
  • Very high temperature of 485 degrees Fahrenheit before it starts to smoke
  • Sugar-free and yeast-free

The firm just moved to plastic containers, which reduces the amount of packaging needed for safe shipping but has a huge impact on how much people are willing to pay for the goods. However, the real product should not be harmed in the slightest!

Ancient Organics Ghee

Ancient Organics Ghee

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Ancient Organics is an artisanal brand that prides itself on using the highest-quality ingredients and offering personal customer service.

To honor and strengthen the bond between spirit, body, and planet, this ghee is prepared in accordance with time-honored Indian practices. What’s more, it’ll be a great complement to whatever you’re cooking.

Key Features:

  • Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows
  • FDA-approved organic, free of artificial hormones and antibiotics
  • Lactose, casein, and gluten-free

Biggest Drawback: This ghee has a more carmelized and nutty flavor to it, which is excellent for some, and terrible for others. However, when cooked, that flavor mellows considerably. When you first open it, the fragrance may seem potent.

Carrington Farms Organic Ghee

Carrington Farms Organic Ghee

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Carrington Farms may not have the flashiest packaging, but they make a great product and have set up their own social program that helps to feed children in the Philippines where their products are sourced from.

This company offers both a commitment to social activities and a wonderful product, and we appreciate that. Ignore the unassuming appearance of the package; this is a top-notch ghee.

Key Features:

USDA Certified Organic and made from grass-fed cows

With a smoke threshold of 350 degrees Fahrenheit, it is in the middle of the range.

All milk solids have been carefully filtered out thanks to a three-stage filtration process.

The biggest downfall is that, if you’re a ghee purist, this ghee won’t satisfy your cravings because it hasn’t been clarified as much as other brands. Since the taste and texture are closer to butter, but without the lactose and casein, this is a huge benefit for some people. Others are devastated by this news.

Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee

Bulletproof Grass-Fed Ghee

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Ghee’s meteoric surge in popularity in recent years can be attributed in no small part to the Bulletproof brand.

Ghee was once just an ethnic specialty item, but thanks to the rise in popularity of Bulletproof coffee and the subsequent increased demand for high-quality fats in the Western diet, it has gone global.

Key Features:

  • Grass-fed New Zealand cattle are the source.
  • Non-GMO, gluten-free, and sugar-free by design.
  • Extremely high temperature of 485 degrees

Biggest Drawback: The Bulletproof brand doesn’t claim its cows are pasture-raised, or comment on it either way. The brand at least meets the organic standards, but if you care deeply about knowing that the animals used to produce your food were treated well, you may want to look elsewhere for ghee.

Organic Valley Ghee

Organic Valley Ghee

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Organic Valley is known for its high-quality dairy products like ghee and butter because of the high standard of the cows they use.

More than 2,000 organic farms in the United States make up this farmer-owned cooperative. Your ghee will taste better thanks to their high standards, and the economy and environment of the United States will also appreciate it.

Key Features:

  • USDA Organic certification ensures there are no added chemicals or hormones.
  • Made traditionally with grass-fed beef from cows grown on open pastures.
  • Zero added salt and devoid of lactose and casein

The smallest container size available for this ghee is 7.5 ounces, which is a significant downer. Ghee won’t last as long as butter if you use it in place of it in every recipe. However, this could be an excellent option for those who are curious about ghee but have never had it before and would like to sample it in a smaller quantity.

Spring Sunrise Organic Grassfed Ghee

Spring Sunrise Organic Grassfed Ghee

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Although their ghee is produced in Iowa, Spring Sunrise uses butter from cows in Northern California.

About 300 or more days a year, contented California cows can be found grazing on pasture grass. According to the producer, grain-based foods make up less than 10% of their diet.

Key Features:

  • Grass-fed organic California beef, reared largely on pasture.
  • Extremely high temperature resistance (to smoke) of 485 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Carefully encased in sterile jars

The lid is the major downfall of this ghee. It is much more challenging to open than any other jar I have ever encountered. It’s difficult to use even after being unsealed for the first time. It’s not a bad idea to keep a supply of rubber jar grips on hand.

Tin Star Foods Grassfed Ghee

Tin Star Foods Grassfed Ghee

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Tin Star Foods’ website features a photo of two rescued dogs and a profile of the company’s CEO. This immediately establishes a genuine human connection between the brand and its consumers, as opposed to a link between the brand and faceless businesses. When using a high-quality jar of ghee, it’s hard not to notice.

Key Features:

  • Ghee that is entirely derived from grass-fed, pasture-raised animals and contains no genetically modified ingredients.
  • Texas-made after three rounds of filtering
  • Utilizing New Zealand butter raised using biodynamic methods, these products are made by hand in small amounts in the USA.

A major drawback is that, being made in Texas, this ghee will almost certainly have undergone some melting and chilling that will alter its texture. In the case of Tin Star Foods, this is almost inevitable, especially if you shop online and the product has to be sent across the country.

Gir Organic – A2 Cow Desi Ghee

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A high percentage of healthy fats and a high nutritional value characterize Gir Organic Ghee. Gir Organic Ghee uses only the A2 variety of milk from grass-fed Desi Indian cows. The only explanation for its exceptional nutritional content lies in this one factor. It’s safe to say that this brand has been shaping consumer preferences for the better part of twenty years now. These days, we use cutting-edge equipment to get milk from the cows. There was zero interaction with humans.

This ghee is quite unlikely to be part of a vegetarian diet. These Omega-3-rich fatty acids are essential to good health. Strong bones and ligaments can be one benefit of eating Ghee. Other important organs, like the brain and heart, will also benefit from this. People with joint pain often turn to this ghee because it helps. Consequently, gir organic is only the third-best ghee in India.

Two brothers organic farm – A2 Cow Desi Ghee

Two brothers organic farm - A2 Cow Desi Ghee

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The A2 cow desi ghee produced by Two Brothers Organic Farm is among the best available. Their luxury products come at a hefty price tag, but they are well worth it. The ghee at most restaurants and hotels was used to boost the flavor of the food they served. This is the fourth best ghee in India and the fourth finest brand.

Barosi – A2 Cow Desi Ghee

Barosi - A2 Cow Desi Ghee

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Flavorful and simple to absorb, Barosi A2 Cow Ghee is a wonderful addition to any meal. It is produced by gently boiling fresh cow milk until the fat and protein separate. Once it has thickened, the cream is boiled once again. During this procedure, the water and other contaminants are eliminated, leaving only the fat.

The ghee produced by Barosi A2 has no fillers or stabilizers. The dish can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians alike. In India, it is a well-known brand of ghee.

Because of its high smoke point, A2 ghee is frequently used in the kitchen. Soap, candles, cosmetics, cosmetic soaps, lotions, creams, and many other items use it as well. That means it’s only the sixth-best ghee in India.

Related Questions

Is there lactose in ghee?

The milk particles are removed during the clarification process that transforms butter into ghee. Ghee that has been properly prepared will not include any lactose or casein because these particles are removed during the filtering process.

Ghee contains dairy, so keep that in mind. The butter used in its production comes from cows. Ghee often still contains whey proteins, so people who are extremely sensitive to or allergic to dairy may still have an adverse reaction to it.

Ghee is never suitable for vegans due to its dairy origins.

Should Ghee be Refrigerated?

Except as indicated, ghee can be stored at room temperature indefinitely. The goal of the clarifying procedure was to produce something that could sit out at room temperature for even longer than butter.

Ghee is best kept in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Ghee turns liquid at room temperature. Ghee will become solid at low temperatures. Finding the ideal storage temperature is essential for achieving a smooth, buttery consistency.

Can Ghee Go Bad?

As with any fat, ghee will go bad after a while. Best-before dates and storage suggestions will be printed on every jar and box. If your ghee hasn’t changed color or developed a strange flavor, it’s probably still good to use.

Even after being opened for three months or more, store-bought ghee can be kept securely in a pantry for up to a year.

It’s hard to say how long homemade ghee will keep compared to store-bought. When manufacturing something at home, it’s trickier to keep everything in properly hygienic conditions and containers. It’s best to eat homemade ghee within three months of making it.

Is Ghee Good for Weight Loss?

While we can’t say for sure, ghee appears to aid in many healthy and proactive weight loss regimens, much like many other natural items.

Studies have shown that eating foods high in healthy fats can keep you full for longer. Some people recommend eating it as a way to control hunger and reap the health benefits it provides.

Ghee is also very popular in Keto diets.

Ghee is nearly 100% fat by weight, but it’s a good fat, therefore it’s okay to eat it on its own. Getting the advice of a medical practitioner or registered dietitian is essential when trying to figure out what foods would work best for your body.

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