Best Kitchen Timer: Make Every Recipe on Track

Time is money. We all know that. And timing is everything. We also know that as well. When it comes to cooking, even a lot of professional chefs fail to understand the importance of timing let alone amateur ones.

A kitchen timer may not be the most fashionable cooking item, but it is essential for both professional chefs and amateur cooks alike.

When I am talking about a kitchen timer you might be thinking what is the use of a traditional time when most of the kitchen gadgets come with a digital timer? Yes, Right you are. Even though most modern ovens and cell phones come equipped with built-in timers, having a separate one for other kitchen duties ensures consistently perfect results. The perfect timing makes perfect recipes, right?

To assist you choose from a wide range of excellent products, we’ve narrowed down the best of the best to help you find the appropriate one for your home kitchen.

Do You Use a Kitchen Timer?

So the question is do you really think a kitchen timer is indispensable? If you ask me, then I would say YES! Having a specific product for specific purposes is always helpful. A timer is as essential to our cooking as a knife and measuring spoons are to ours. Every day, we use it to time everything from eggs to bread dough’s last rise.

What is an alternative to a kitchen timer?

Though we are emphasizing buying a kitchen timer, yes you can have an alternative to it. Obviously, you can use your phone’s stopwatch besides your watch. But drawbacks of these alternatives are distractions. These non-kitchen tools create a lot of distractions so you might burn your bread or waste your recipes.

Top 8 Best Kitchen Timers in 2022: Keep Your Cooking on Track

OXO Good Grips Triple Timer

In the kitchen, the OXO timer is a must-have. It contains three digital countdowns, each with its own alarm sound, to make multitasking easier. It has a long cooking time, which is useful for dishes that take a long time to prepare.

Because it is tiny and constructed of plastic with a non-slip bottom, it is ideal for use in the kitchen because it doesn’t move around. The LCD has an angled face that is clearly visible as you move around the kitchen.

When not in use, it displays a clock. Using it is a breeze because it features soft buttons that are easy to press. It is powered by two AAA batteries.

OVEKI Digital Kitchen Timer

In the mood for a modern timer for your kitchen? Here’s what you want to do! With its sleek black finish, it’ll add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. You can attach it anywhere, even above the appliance, thanks to the magnetic backing, so you can keep an eye on it at all times.

The 4-inch LCD screen on the timer makes it easy to read the numerals even from a distance.

Traditional buttons have been replaced with a twist function that is easier for children to use. The clock’s outer surface may be rotated to change the time. This clock has a maximum timeout of 99 minutes.

The tone may be adjusted, and an alert can be set to go off if necessary. You can see the countdown in real-time thanks to its steady light mode, which shuts out when not in use to save energy.

ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timer

Keeping track of several culinary activities calls for a dual digital timer, but they may be pricey. Choose this ThermoPro Digital Kitchen Timers.

Even in the midst of a noisy environment, you may increase the level to 105 dB, making it audible even in the most raucous situations. When the countdown is over, the timer is restored to its previous setting. This makes it a very user-friendly device.

Using one of these timers, you may set a duration of up to 24 hours. A backlight on the 2.6-inch LCD screen ensures that the numbers are legible even in low-light situations. The rear of it appears to be magnetic as well.

WUTUL Digital Kitchen Timer

Your kitchen will look great with this fun and eye-catching WUTL timers. White, blue, green, and pink are just some of the colorful hues that come in a pack of four. You’ll also have extra times to utilize for other projects, which is a bonus.

These all have a 99-minute countdown and a count-up feature as well. A countertop stand is included, as well as a powerful magnet on the rear. It’s compact and light, making it ideal for slipping into an apron pocket or other tight spaces. This timer has a very loud and distinct sound.

LAOPAO Kitchen Timer

Looking for a timer with a vintage feel?

Laopao’s coolest mint-colored kitchen timer is a must-have for those who like to cook. For recipes that call for longer time periods, you’ll need to keep in mind that this timer is only 60 minutes long.

Having a mechanical timer is advantageous because it does not require any batteries or electricity, making it both ecologically friendly and convenient.

If you have placed it in a humid environment, you don’t have to worry about its deterioration because it is constructed of metallic material that is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. Your light-colored kitchen will look great with this teal-colored appliance.

KeeQii Timer Kitchen Timer

An appealing stainless steel surface makes this KeeQii kitchen timer a low-maintenance manual. You only need to turn the knob all the way to the right to activate the maximum countdown time of 6o minutes.

Despite its diminutive size, it includes a magnetic back and an 80-decibel alarm sound that can be heard at least 9 meters away. Remember that you’ll have to wind it back up after the timer runs out. It offers excellent value for money.

Antoki Kitchen Timer

Customer feedback has led to an updated version of the Antonki Kitchen Timer in 2022, which has been the most popular timer of the year. Its features are superior to any other. As far as we know, this is the greatest timer on the market at an extremely reasonable price.

With a maximum count down and up of 99 minutes, it performs the necessary like all other timers. It has three buttons, making it simple to operate. This item has a magnet on its back, as well as counter-top support.

Your sleep will not be disrupted by the alarm’s blaring volume, which can be heard from a long way away. Powered by AAA batteries, it also features a power-saving mode. Instead of only white, it’s also available in soft blue and pink hues.

ThermoPro TM01 Digital Kitchen Timer

Cooking for a long time is made easier with this model’s ability to set the timer for up to 99 hours. There’s even a countdown feature to keep track of different deadlines. It contains a blaring siren that assures that nothing is left unattended.

It comes with four different volume settings so that you may tailor it to your personal needs. Touch-sensitive backlight allows you to adjust the backlight and make it easier to see in low light conditions. It is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for a variety of settings.

You can keep an eye on the time in clock mode while the timer is running, which is convenient.

What to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Timer

When shopping for a kitchen timer, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Timer Limit

Whether or not you use this option will be determined by the type of cuisine you are preparing. Professional cooks and bakers require a timer with a duration greater than 60 minutes because of the time it takes to prepare some of the more laborious meals.

However, if you only need the timer for a few minutes at a time or use it in the kitchen on a regular basis, the 60-minute timer should be enough.

Volume of Sound

You may set kitchen timers to inform you while you’re cooking. As a result, these timers are equipped with an alarm system that will sound an alert when the set time has passed. The louder the timer, the easier it will be to hear it from a distance. ‘ There are certain timers that allow you to alter the volume of the music, which is a good option.


The best ones to choose from are those that have large, legible numbers that can be read from a distance. Look for timers that have a backlight option so that they can be read in low light.

Placement Options

Always choose a stand that can be placed on a countertop or one with a magnetic back so that it can be attached to a friend.

Choose the one that is easiest to position in your kitchen, which is also determined by the size of your kitchen.


While working in the kitchen, a multi-purpose timer is a godsend; you can keep an eye on everything. This feature can help you keep track of your workout times, as well as the time spent by your children while they play or study.

Long-term stability

Because it will be used in the kitchen, the kitchen timer must be easy to use and durable enough to withstand any accidents that may occur.

There are many reasons why you should purchase a high-quality kitchen timer.

You need to know that the timer isn’t merely for the sake of making your kitchen look better. The convenience of using a home clock or a cell phone to keep track of the time isn’t quite as great as using a watch.

As a result, you have to continuously check your phone for the time, which might be annoying. For this reason, kitchen timers are highly suggested for everybody who uses them. Many kitchen timers are available, and you always have the option of purchasing a timer that is both cost-effective and visually appealing.

Two-timer and three-timer models are available, making it easier to cook two dishes at the same time. No matter how distant you are from your kitchen, these timers will sound an alert to remind you when it’s time to remove your food from the oven before it burns.

Make sure the timer is portable so that you may use it while working out if you need to keep an eye on the clock.

A Few Parting Thoughts

So, having a kitchen is a lifesaver in this regard. Working people find it more difficult to multitask with so many demands on their time.

You’ll have a stress-free existence with the best Kitchen Timers since they’ll remind you to complete all of your tasks on time and protect your phone from becoming dirty like previously. They’ll also keep your food from getting burned.

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