Best Long Slot Toaster

Best Long Slot Toaster: Morning Toasting Make Easy

If you enjoy toasting a variety of bread, a regular toaster may not be sufficient. Toasters need to be able to handle more variety because we are a nation of bread enthusiasts. The best long slot toaster is ideal for those who rely on their toaster but are limited by the sorts and sizes of bread available. Our toasters, a common kitchen equipment, are constantly tested.

The 10 Best Long Slot Toasters in 2022

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven and Long Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach manufactures low-cost cookware and appliances with a strong emphasis on build quality and longevity. So, how does this countertop oven work like a toaster with a long slot?

When you combine a countertop oven and a toaster, you’ll free up crucial counter space, which is excellent if your kitchen appliances are getting out of hand.

You’ll receive results up to 40% faster than if you used a standard toaster, whether you’re cooking pizza slices or toasting bread for breakfast.

This gadget can fit a whole 9-inch pizza inside, so you’ll always have enough for a quick snack or a kid’s lunch.

Artisan bread and bagels fit perfectly in the extra-wide toast slots. Make use of the shade selection to achieve your desired toast color.

The 60-minute timer has an auto shut-off feature built-in, so you can cook with peace of mind.

Because a few users have reported issues with the lower heating element in this device, we recommend conducting your own research.

You get a really multifunctional addition to your kitchen in a reasonably compact form factor with the ability to bake, roast, and broil. What’s not to like about that?

Oster Long Slot Toaster

Oster Long Slot Toaster

Oster makes a number of high-quality appliances that combine attractive design with exceptional functionality. This toaster is also cheaply priced, which is an added bonus.

The stainless steel chassis is designed to resist a lot of abuse while also being easy to clean and wash down.

Choose from seven distinct shade settings, ranging from super-pale to extremely dark, to serve toast to everyone in the family just how they like it.

Automatically adjustable bread guides make filling the toaster a breeze and make it simple to slide in uneven pieces of artisan bread.

Although a few customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the irregularity of toasting outcomes, the majority of user evaluations for this model are extremely positive.

When you’re done with the toaster, remove the crumb tray and place it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

If you’re a stickler for getting your toast the same color every time, one of the more exact models on our list might be for you. If you’re looking for something that will last and has a variety of shade settings, you’ve come to the right place. If you go with the Oster, let us know what you think.

Elite Gourmet Long Slot Toaster

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Long Slot Toaster

The long-slot toaster from Elite Gourmet looks fantastic on the kitchen counter and performs well.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of this kind is that the slots are both long and wide. This toaster should accommodate whatever type of bread you like to have for the morning. Using a pre-sliced loaf, you should be able to fit four slices in.

You can select from six different lightness levels, making it possible to make toast that is as light or as dark as you desire. With a single click of a button, you can customize toast for every member of your family.

Thanks to the simple controls, even your guests will have no problem operating this toaster.

Your bread should be uniformly toasted using the self-centering instructions every time you use the toaster.

Because of its low price, this model has a foldable rack for warming up muffins or croissants for breakfast.

This long-slot toaster has a removable crumb tray that makes cleanup as simple as toasting.

There have been a few reports of problems with the manufacturer’s warranty, despite the build quality being excellent and you receive a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Oster Long Slot Toaster

If you’re looking for something that’s both stylish and functional, you might want to check out Oster’s new toaster.

Not at all! Large slices of artisan bread and thick bagels are no problem for this toaster, which is a major plus. It’s not difficult to get four slices out of a typical pre-sliced loaf. Capacity will be lowered as breads become thicker.

To guarantee that you receive the perfect bagel, there is a dedicated preset for this type of food.

There are a total of seven color options to pick from when preparing toast.

Take advantage of the settings for toasting bread from frozen, and the warm setting. You can cancel the toasting process if you think your bread has been sufficiently browned.

With a toast lift, you may remove your food without having to poke anything inside the toaster.

Remove the crumb tray to avoid a buildup of crumbs that could catch fire and cause harm.

With the self-centering guidelines in this toaster, you won’t have to worry about splotches of pale or scorched bread ruining your toast in the morning like you would with other high-quality toasters.

Although it isn’t the most affordable long-slot toaster, it is unquestionably one of the best.

Elite Gourmet Extra-Wide Toaster

Elite Cuisine ECT-4829 Long Slot Cool Touch Toaster

The Elite Gourmet long-slot toaster follows next in our list of the top long-slot toasters, but what do you get for your money?

Specialty breads, artisan breads, and bagels are no problem with this toaster. The outcome of toasting them in a standard toaster will almost certainly have been unpredictable and disappointing if you’ve tried it before.

The slots are 10 inches long and 1.25 inches broad, allowing you to fit thicker slices of bread into the slots.

The family can choose from six different shades of light to suit their needs.

Although the eject function is beneficial when it works, it is prone to sending slices of bread flying upward and onto the kitchen counter when it doesn’t operate.

The plastic construction of this toaster may take you off despite its low price and good reviews. If you’re searching for a toaster that will last a long time, stainless steel is an excellent choice. However, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for the best long slot toaster, the Elite Gourmet is a great option.

Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide Toaster

Hamilton Beach Extra-Wide Toaster

Hamilton Beach follows up with another superb toaster, this time a squat and compact device that provides everything you need in a long slot toaster and nothing you don’t.

4 functionalities are available despite the small footprint and simplistic design:

One of the most user-friendly toasters on the market lets you quickly access these features with the push of a button.

This toaster is far more durable than you may expect at a low price range with its stainless steel construction. Dishwasher-safe crumbs can be easily washed out of the housing and the crumb tray.

You’ll be able to fit four slices of thick bread in a pair of long and wide slots.

You can easily remove your toast from the device and place it on a plate, thanks to the toast boost lifter.

In order to simplify your kitchen counter and reduce cord clutter, this unit’s power cord rolls up and stores onboard when not in use.

Breville Smart Toaster

Breville BTA830XL Die-Cast Smart Toaster 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster

If you’ve never heard of Breville or their products, this toaster is an excellent example of what they’re all about.

As promised, the Smart Toaster makes your life easier and provides you with mouth-watering toast and bagels whenever you want them.

The sleek, polished aesthetic of stainless steel complements modern kitchens beautifully, and the quality of the construction is excellent. The long slot toaster’s overall dimensions are also small, so it won’t take up much counter space.

Lift and Look lets you see how your toast is progressing, while A Bit More adds an extra burst of heat to get it just the way you like it.

Allows you to make toast for everyone in your family. When you get this down to a science, you’ll be able to eat breakfast on autopilot every day.

Anyone who is pressed for time and wants to reduce the number of trips to the toaster will appreciate the 4-slice capacity.

A great package from Breville is completed by specific settings for bagels and fruit bread, making this machine a serious candidate for the best long slot toaster.

Dash Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Dash Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

How does this extra-wide slot toaster stack up against the rest of Dash’s budget-friendly appliances?

To begin with, there are seven different color options to choose from. You should use the Dash if you have family members who are particular about the color of their morning toast.

Through the see-through viewing window, you can maintain tabs on the happenings.

Toasting your bread isn’t the only thing you can do with this little gadget.

There’s no excuse not to add a dash of color to your kitchen with one of the many colorful color options that are on offer..

There are a variety of options in this product line. This is a simple toaster, however there are a plethora of other models available that offer more features.

Your favorite toasted bread recipes will take on a whole new dimension of flavor thanks to the unit’s simple push-button operation.

The Crumb tray and window can be removed for easy cleaning. Simple cleaning of the toaster’s exterior with a moist cloth is all that’s required.

While the construction is a little rough around the edges, this long-slot toaster is still one of the best you can get.

Waring Extra-Long Toaster

In our list of the greatest long-slot toasters, Waring’s model is the final one to be included.

This toaster will look great on any kitchen counter despite its business branding with its sleek chrome finish and home-oriented design.

Up to four pieces of bread can fit in the two long slots.

If you want your toast to be as dark or as light as you desire, it’s a breeze to adjust the shade settings.

Cleanup is a breeze thanks to a removable crumb tray. For your convenience, this item is dishwasher-safe, but you could simply wipe it down with a soapy cloth.

Your placement options are virtually limitless because to the unit’s generous 6-foot power wire.

This model makes excellent toast, but it lacks a preset specifically for bagels. You may want to check out the other models on our shortlist if you eat a lot of these. When it comes to long slot toasters, the Waring is a great choice if you’re a fan of toast.

Long Slot Toaster Buyer’s Guide

Power Rating

The power rating of a long slot toaster, or any culinary device, is one of the most significant considerations. Toasting time and cost will be determined by the power consumption of the toaster.

Toasters normally finish a cycle in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. To speed up the toasting process, consider investing in a “high-power” long slot toaster with a wattage of at least 1600.

While it will take longer to toast your bread, an appliance with a power rating of 1200 watts or less will save you money on your electricity bill.

Toasting is crucial to some individuals, while others are more concerned about how much electricity they use. Ultimately, this issue will come down to personal preference.

Slot Size

Long slot toaster slot size is critical because it determines the types of bread that can be toasted in it.

Toast slots that are longer and wider allow you to toast a wider variety of breads. You’ll be able to toast larger artisan breads and bagels if you have a long slot.

Even homemade loaves with irregular shapes can be toasted.

A 1.5-inch wide slot in a long slot toaster is typical. On some models, that can rise to 2 inches.

Long slot toasters use more electricity, so keep that in mind. The larger the heating element, the more evenly the heat will be distributed in your toaster’s slots.

However, don’t let that discourage you. It’s possible that the best long slot toasters use so little energy that you won’t even notice the difference.

The Shade setting

The shade settings control the bread’s level of toasting. If you choose a higher shade number, you can expect your bread to be darker when it’s done toasting.

Long slot toasters come with many different shade options. This enables you to customize the way your bread is toasted. It doesn’t matter if it’s a light or a dark toast.

Most long-slot toasters have six or more shade settings. For most people, this number will suffice, but some may prefer more.

Toasters with a long slot can have as many as 12 different shade settings! For those who are picky about their toast, this is the recipe to use.

I don’t pay much attention to the shade settings on my long slot toasters or any of my other kitchen appliances.

My primary concern is whether it will evenly toast, if it will toast without issues, is the toasting process fast, is it space-saving, and are the slots big enough for larger pieces of bread, like artisan bread.

Toaster Size

Another thing to consider before purchasing a long slot toaster is the appliance’s dimensions. Sizes range from small to large. You must choose a toaster size that fits comfortably in the kitchen.

Long slot toasters with a length of 14-16 inches and a width of 8 inches are the most commonly available.

For small kitchens, long-slot toasters that are smaller in size are the best option. They are easy to move and can be stored and retrieved without difficulty.

If you need to toast a large amount of bread, a larger toaster is the best option.

Toaster weight

Your long-slot toaster’s weight will depend on how it was constructed. A stainless steel-and-hard plastic one will be much heavier than a stainless steel-and-soft plastic one.

Your toaster’s size will also affect the weight. Larger toaster appliances tend to be more substantial in weight.

Lifting heavy long-slot toasters to clean your countertop will be easier if the appliance is lighter in weight. They are also more convenient to transport when storing and retrieving.

These appliances typically weigh 6 pounds or less.

Toaster Design

Many folks don’t care how their long slot toaster appears as long as it works properly.

When not in use, they are normally hidden in a corner.

However, few of us give much regard to our toasters’ appearance. This is when your toaster’s design matters.

To choose a toaster that will look good in your kitchen, examine the decor of the room.

It’s hard to go wrong with chrome or stainless steel. Almost any kitchen design can use these.

In terms of ergonomics, the length of the power cord is critical. Most kitchens have outlets above the cabinets.

You will need a toaster with a long enough chord if your kitchen does not have one.

Consider button placement and label legibility. The buttons should be accessible from all angles.

The labels should also be legible so you know what you’re doing.

Because I use my long slot toaster so frequently, I rarely store it. So I like a heavier appliance. When we have guests, I usually put most of the kitchen counter appliances away to make the kitchen look cleaner and less cluttered.

Digital display

The digital screens on some of the best toasters are simple to navigate, so keep an eye out for these if you enjoy technology.


Some long slot toasters are limited to the task of toasting normal bread alone; others are more versatile. If you only ever make toast with sliced bread and don’t consume bagels, there’s nothing wrong with investing in a simple long slot toaster that does its basic job effectively and doesn’t cost a fortune. Other toasters have additional functions such as warming and defrosting and bagel-specific settings. All that matters is that you make a purchase that meets your requirements.


What are the safety precautions when operating a toaster?

When using a toaster in the kitchen, use caution as you would with any other electrical equipment. When it is plugged in near the sink, this is even more so.

Never use a knife or fork to pick out your toast from your toaster; instead, make a habit of frequently cleaning out the crumbs. You should also avoid operating your toaster with damp hands and avoid putting it under a cabinet where heat might build up and pose a fire hazard.

How do I know when my bread is ready if the toaster doesn’t have any built-in beeping system?

If your toaster doesn’t have a buzzer feature, you’ll have to rely on its pop-up function. However, it is prudent to keep an eye on the toaster to avoid overcooking and hence a potential fire. This is definitely recommended for older models.

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