Best Masticating Juicer for Your Kitchen

The best cold press juicers are used by individuals seeking maximum vitamin absorption from their fresh food. Cold press juicers are often called masticating or slow juicers.

Because cold press juicers juice slowly, they are considered the healthiest. Let fruits and veggies break down and release nutrients. Masticating is similar to chewing in that it breaks down food slowly and repeatedly before forcing it through a filter to separate the juice from the pulp.

Many of the best cold press juicers in our recommendations are also in our top juicers guide. You’ll see familiar names like NutriBullet, Breville, and Ninja, as well as niche ones like Hurom. Unlike centrifugal juicers, these machines keep temperatures low throughout the juicing process, reducing froth and preserving fibers.

Best Masticating Juicer: Get Best Juicer for Your Family.

Your constant wish to make your family healthier and happier never ends. What happens if you add some juice to your family members every day and thus you possess a way to fulfill the overall nutrients of the body. That would be great right? Yes, It is. If you are like me then you always try to constitute your children or husband or parents with different types of juices every now and then. Because juices are a great way to get direct and easy absorbing nutrients than any other way. For you, I have reviewed and researched the best masticating juicer and made a guideline so that you understand what do you need to consider when buying. 

Here is an in-depth review I have reviewed Top ten cold press juicers and pointed out their features and benefits for you. Throughout the review, you will get what it needs to know or what metrics are good for your juicing. So no more nitty-gritty. Let’s dive in. 🙂 

What is a masticating juicer and why do you need it in your kitchen? 

Sometimes referred to as a slow juicer or cold press juicer, a masticating juicer is such a kind of juicer that operates under a single auger with a very low speed. Its speed ranges from 80 RPM to 100 RPM which is very mean comparing to other kinds of juicers like centrifugal juicers. Masticating juicer extracts enzymes, nutrients, fibers, and vitamins from your fruits and vegetable very slowly but very efficiently. 

So why do you need a masticating juicer while you have blenders or other juicing stuff? The main reason is the quality of the juice. The cold press juicer produces more quality juice than centrifugal or blender juicers. If you need a healthier body or you want your family members to be healthy then there is no alternative to a cold press juicer aka masticating juicer. 

Three Types of juicers till now in the market:

  1. Vertical juicer
  2. Masticating juicer or slow juicers
  3. Centrifugal juicers

Vertical juicers: 

To be frank, in a vertical juicer you will get both the benefits of horizontal juicers and centrifugal juicers. That means you don’t have to pick one over the other one as you are getting both the benefits.

Masticating juicers: 

What do masticating juicers do especially? It produces the maximum amount of juice from your input. As it is sometimes mentioned as slow juicers. It actually takes a significant amount of time to produce juice. The lower rpm of the motor is also responsible for its slow juicing but quality juicing is a must here. Less foam more nutrients in the juice are the consoling effect here. 

Centrifugal juicers: 

This type of juicer is more affordable than all types of juicers available in the market. This works best with hard-type fruits or veggies like carrot or apple or any other types. This creates a significant amount of foams in its process. So quality is a concern here. 

Top 10 Best Masticating Juicer in the Market 

Omega Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Omega Nutrition Center Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

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Omega did an excellent job when considering masticating juicer. It has a legacy of love. It is considered a low-speed juicer which lets it be stored for up to 72 hours. Pretty cool right? 

One of the key features of this product is a dual-stage processing system that helps to extract the maximum amount of juice from fruits. It is considered slow-speed juicer and it is considered a pro because it helps to masticate juice in a perfect way. 

Needless to say that you can even make baby food, grind the coffee, and more. It is a multi-purpose appliance. It is economical as it produces the maximum amount from ingredients. It is quiet and much more efficient than any other juicer on the market. 

It includes a GE Ultem Auger which is 8x stronger and more durable than most other durable plastic out there in the market. It has integrated a powerful gear reduction system which gives equivalent 2 horsepower strength. 

This is a low-speed type juicier which means that it happens to work very slowly and it processes its work by squeezing the fruits. Thus it ensures good nutrients, color, natural taste, and vitamins as well. What you won’t get in grinding type juicer. 

As it claims that it has a dual-stage juicer then what are the benefits of a dual-stage juicer? Yes, there are some crucial benefits of it. Firstly the fruits and vegs are crushed and then extracted. Secondly, before the ejection pulp is squeezed. So what it mean to you? Yes, it will yield very high quality juicy and very dry pulp which is economical by the way. You will get the greatest amount of juice from the least amount of products. Which is great either way. 

By now you may be thinking that okay this slow-speed juicer may take more time for you. Actually, it means more efficient juicy what you always wanted. Its froth and foam prevent oxidation. You will always get more nutrients, antioxidants, freshness, and obviously better flavored juicy. Cheers!!!

It has 15 years warranty. I think it is more than enough to constitute your mind for its acceptability. Certainly, It is an industry-leading warranty. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Powerful motor integrated for easy juicing
  • Its low speed (80 rpm) ensures quality juicy
  • With 110 volt foaming, clogging or heat up never happen
  • The pulp ejection function is auto which ensures continuous juicing
  • Juicing system dual
  • The juicer screen is available
  • Not BPA-free. 

Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer

Tribest Greenstar GSE-5000 Elite Slow Masticating Juicer

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There must have appealing features for which we have selected it as our runner-up appliance. And that is nothing other than a dual gear system. What does it do? Ok if you still do not get it, it is for extraction. For this, the juicer gets a great degree of extraction. 

There are some elite people who only things about the appliance that they do not care about financial things, what they care is about is what they need. Then tribest GSE-500 is the perfect choice for them. 

The Greenstar masticating juicer has a slow juicing technology that ensures less oxidation for superior quality juicy from your fruits, vegetables, and greens, etc. Through this, great tastes and high yields prevail in every glass of juicy. 

For any appliance, cleaning is a big issue that everyone is stressing about. This juicer is easy to use and clean. It has unique scraper tools to make cleaning easy. It has also included a cleaning brush to make your life a bit easier in cleaning. Detachable parts make their way to clean properly. Actually, the attached cleaning brush works great at cleaning. 7 to 10 minutes in cleaning.

If you are really serious about masticating then Tribest knows how to constitute your need. 

When it comes to its design then we noticed that it gets a sleek design with stainless steel, easy to assemble with fewer parts.

The Omega J8006 also has a 12 years industry-leading warranty but the price is higher than the top pick. 

If money is not a problem and you want an all-in-one solution pack then it is definitely worth the investment. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Assembly and cleaning is easy
  • Slow extracting juicer
  • Stainless steel design ensures more durability
  • Necessary accessories are available 
  • Industry-leading 12 years warranty

Champion Juicer G5-PG710-PN / MAR-220 220V/240V – White

Champion Juicer G5-PG710-PN / MAR-220 220V/240V - White

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You always wanted to serve your family with nutrients like fruits or veggies. Though you regularly buy mangoes, pineapples, blackberry, or some nutrient fruits but serving juice was always a hassle for you. Then Champion Juicer could help you out from your pain of juicing. 

Since juicing is a hard task and if it needs to be done with only one little machine then the work may get harder also. With this Champion Juicer, you get the job done with much efficiency. This has an internal mechanism that lets it chop and squeeze at the same time which is great comparing any other juicer out there. 

When considering champion juicer, it has 100% FDA nylon and stainless steel shaft. It has automatic pulp ejections.

The design is simple and sleek. Designed with great simplicity in mind as there are no nuts, bolts, screws, and clamps. 

Though you need to slice the large fruits into small it has enough larger feeding chambers to reduce the pain of making so smaller pieces. This removes a lot of pain if you are a regular juicer, you would understand it mostly. 

About the champion juicer, one thing that may astonish you is its spinning rate. Compared with other juicers we get that the RPM of a champion is 1,725 RPM which is obviously only good for soft foods. But it takes some hard time with dense foods. 

It has heavy GE electric motors which ensure richer, nutrients and deeper colored juice. 

Also, we notice that it creates some extra noise which may not acceptable in the morning when everyone is sleeping. So consider it when buying it. 

Another thing that we found critical is its warranty. It only gives you 5 years warranty which is very less, compared to the top pick. But 5 years is a lot of time I guess. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Easy operations
  • Heavy-duty work is possible with this
  • Strong and durable stainless steel shaft 
  • Versatile design 
  • Designed with simplicity in mind

Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver

Kuvings NJE-3580U Masticating Slow Juicer, Silver

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The Kuvings Multi-Purpose Slow Juicer should be a great choice for juice lovers if they want variety in juicing. Health-conscious individuals can choose this juicer because it has integrated masticating technology which ensures that the final products have enough nutrients and taste with less oxidation. 

Moreover, this appliance presses and extracts juice instead of shredding which we frequently see in high-speed juicing systems. Kuvings is quiet and it has low-speed operation(80RPM). Its auto feeding technology makes its operation easier which is a convenient feature to have in any traditional juicers. You don’t have to force to feed. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and clean. It is a versatile juicer. It has a multipurpose nozzle which makes it easy to work with pasta, rice, butter, sorbet, and baby food. Cord length is perfect for distance juicing. 

As Kuvings NJE-3580U is a versatile masticating juicer, it has one nozzle for juicing and another 6 different nozzles for the grind, crushing, mincing, and extrude pasta, etc. And these nozzles are pasta nozzle, mince nozzle, rice cake nozzle, etc. 

To prevent clogging it has a forward switched and reverse switch. The forward switch is for extract and the reverse switch is to prevent clogging. 

Handle makes it convenient to use and move the juicer. The storing of this juicer is hassle-free because it has built-in cord management and a dust cover. 

5 years warranty makes this juicer critical because you will get a lot of warranty if you consider omega or tribest. However, 5 years warranty is generous. 

As we have already mentioned that it has a lot of moving parts, so may take some time to clean up everything. 

Features and benefits:

  • Innovative User-Friendly Design
  • This is a quiet and slow juicer
  • Masticating technology included
  • Quick and convenient operation
  • For versatility, it has 7 different nozzles.
  • Assembling and disassembling is super easy
  • Cleaning is easy also

Omega NC800HDS Cold Press Juicer Machine

Omega NC800HDS Cold Press Juicer Machine

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On our list #5 we have added another omega product with automatic pulp ejections. It has dual-stage masticating extraction which lets make maximum juice. A low-speed juicing system ensures rich and nutrient juice and minimizes heat buildup and oxidation. 

#1 omega NC800 and NC900 are identical. The only difference is that NC800 has a larger chute and adjustable end-cap. Customers sometimes prefer NC800 over NC900 just because of its larger chute. Though the price is a bit high the necessity is important here. 

It’s eye-catching silver color. It has 6 nozzles and 2 juicing screens which are very rare in other masticating juicers.

Features and benefits: 

  • Masticating juicer with sleek silver color
  • Slow speed juicing system only 80 RPM
  • Larger feed chute for comfortable prepping
  • Dual-stage masticating extraction
  • Automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing
  • Economic  

Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

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If you want to be impressed by delicious juicy with some pulp then you are going to choose Breville BJS600XL. Its masticating process is superb with silence.

When we see a centrifugal juicer that has a higher speed and gets the juicing process very fast. On the other hand masticating technology comes with very slow juicing technology in mind. For this, it is called a slow juicer as well. 

Instead of shredding like the centrifugal juicer it crushes and squeezes the elements and by this, the nutrients and taste prevail in the final products. 

Breville masticating juicer uses a single auger slow juicing system which helps to maximize the nutrients of the juice. 

This Breville slow juicer included a safe start system that will not let you start your journey of juicing unless you lock all the parts of the juicer. This is very handy for the newbies. You will get even overloading protection. Like the machine will automatically stop when it is overloaded. 

Using and cleaning the machine is also so easy. Just pour 1-2 glasses of water while the motor running. This way you can flush the inside ingredients. By this without disassembling the whole thing you could clean the Breville slow juicer. A cleaning brush is included to clean the pulp from the mesh basket. You can even clean the pulp chute with this brush. It is a great product with homemade fruits. 

Breville has an auto purifying filter basket for easy cleaning and it’s a vertical juicer. Breville works fine with soft fruits and vegetables.

The engine is 240 watts with 10 years warranty. Though the engine is quite powerful it runs very quietly which will give a great experience by not irritating others. 

The reverse motor clears the jam without the manual touch. 

Features and benefits:

  • Ultra-quiet 240-watt motor
  • Direction control
  • Two-step safety start
  • Auto purify filter

Obreko Masticating Slow Juicer

Obreko Masticating Slow Juicer

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If you consider a slow masticating juicer with an economical mindset then I suggest looking for O-Breko. It has 65 RPM with slow squeezing technology. It has a 200-watt motor that drives a double-edged Tritan auger so we get maximum juice. 

It has an extraordinary auto pulp ejection for continuous juicing. Cleaning is super easy, for self-cleaning, you can even pour water through the chute.

It is recommended not to juice for more than 15 minutes at stretch. The warranty time really astonishes me. It has only a 1-year warranty. Other than that it is the best economical choice. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Higher nutrients and best is must
  • Low speed and quiet in using
  • High-quality juice yield
  • Cleaning and assembly are easy
  • One year warranty

Chef’s Star Slow Masticating Juicer Black & Stainless Steel

Chef's Star Slow Masticating Juicer Black & Stainless Steel

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Its operation is quiet and it has an attractive stainless steel housing. 

It has an automatic pulp ejection for continuous juicing. Though we saw that its products are a little bit pulpy. But it extracts maximum juice and nutrients from fresh fruits vegetables, greens, herbs, beans, and wheatgrass. 

It takes a little bit longer time to clean. 

Motor capacity is 150 watts which helps to yield high juice. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Low speed juicing
  • Attracting stainless steel design
  • Pulp ejection is automatic
  • Assemble, use, and clean is easy

VREMI Slow Juicer (Black)- Live Clean & Green with Delicious & Natural Juices

VREMI Slow Juicer (BLACK) – Live Clean & Green with Delicious & Natural Juices

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VERMI has a 2 steps extraction process that lets the squeezing slowly without wasting. It has come in three attractive colors red, green, black. 

It ensures the best nutritional value and flavor. It has been claimed that it will consume less energy and reduces carbon footprint. 

As there is no indication of letting you know if the chamber is on or off, you may face some problems with its locking system. Other than that the juicer is a perfect match for body nourishment. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Two-stage extraction system
  • Economic decision
  • Maximum nutrition
  • Reduce waste

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Low Speed Masticating Juicer (black)

Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Low Speed Masticating Juicer (black)

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It operates on 80 RPM and 110V with automatic pulp ejection. Its low speed helps to squeeze rather than grind. For conducting the jamming it has a reversible function. Compact in size so it takes less space. 

Omega VRT350 is a vertical masticating juicer. A vertical masticating juicer is sometimes referred to as a slow speed juicer or slow juicer. It maintains 80 RPM speed while you may see a lot of juicers have a speed limit of more than 1000 RPM. Higher speed does not always mean good in considering this juicing. Because higher speed creates a lot of oxidation in the juicy which makes the quality of the juicy worse. But as you are using Omega VTR350 you don’t have to worry about the quality of the juice. 

Another benefit of slow-speed juicers is the storage time. A lot of people are very interested to keep their juicy and want to drink it later or the family member is not available at the moment to have it. Yes, you are getting the benefit of storing it for around 72 hours. Which is great in any way. 

Moreover that this has a dual-stage juicing system. What it does is ensures maximum output from minimum investments. From an economical perspective, this could be a great choice. This extracts the maximum amount of juice from your fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, or even it works great with wheatgrass. A dual-stage juicer makes a perfect pulp. 

The low speed also helps to limit froth and foam preventing oxidation. It also helps to store the juice for up to 72 hours. Pretty cool, Huh? 

Remember, If you consider hard veg then chunk it before inserting it into the juicer. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Very low speed masticating juicer ensures the best quality juicy
  • Economical masticating juicer
  • Froth and foam prevent oxidation
  • Serving the drinks is easy because of the over-sized spout
  • Pulp ejection is automatic
  • Three functions ON/OFF/Reverse
  • Jammed products are freed with reverse action
  • The voltage limit is 110V

Things to consider before buying a masticating juicer: 


You ask, What auger is? This is actually like the teeth of your mouth. This works to squeeze the fruits or vegetables. A metal-made auger is good for durability and strength. On the other hand, nylon is also a great choice to have but plastic will be considered a bad choice here. 


No one wants to consider durability. Sturdy housing is a must for your juicer. You need to consider a metal pulp screen, metal auger, etc.


There are products that are made of some contaminated or hazardous ingredients which may cause serious harm to your body. So before buying a juicer you should consider the materials these are made of. Low-grade plastics, and rust metals can cause a bad juicing experience. You should definitely avoid this kind of product. 


Masticating juicers have lower RPM than any other juicers in the market like centrifugal juicers. 

Its lower speed helps to yields to produce the maximum amount of juice from ingredients. 

It also ensures maximum nutrients. 

Customer support

Customer satisfaction is a must for any product. You can not constitute your mind with bad service. Some companies are very serious about it and we have found some are worse. 


Warranty is a great matter when buying masticating juicers because sometimes it is costly. Taking a risk without a higher warranty is not a good decision. Some appliances come with a 1-year warranty while others come with even 15 years warranty. 

Your budget compensation

Yes. probably we have landed on the important criterion. Budget is an important issue when you consider buying an affordable appliance. You may get your perfect product at less cost just because of some research or analysis. 

You always want the best with less money spent right? 

Motor capacity

You need to have high power with low speed. That would be a perfect match for your juicing. As masticating juicer is all about quality and efficient juicing, you do not need a motor that is high in RPM rather you need a motor that is very low in RPM but has great strength for squeezing. The maximum rpm for a slow masticating juicer should not exceed more than 100 RPM. Which is very slow comparing the centrifugal juicer. 

Wide chute

A wide chute gives you more space to put things while a congested space will not let you the flexibility of putting whole vegetables or fruits. You have to slice or cut larger portions into smaller ones. 

A wide chute also helps you to make less tendency to clog and will produce less oxidation as well.


Cleaning is an important part of any appliance to work with. You always want things that need less cleaning right? This is not dissimilar to anyone else. 

When you consider buying masticating juicers please note down that you are going to work with many parts. Sometimes it is easy to clean for its design, sometimes not. So keep in mind that you won’t want to waste the maximum amount of your precious time on cleaning other than juicing. Though it is a part of the whole process.

For most American easy cleaning means a product that is dishwasher friendly. Someone may like to clean it by flowing water into its parts. Different people have different choices but everyone chooses something that needs less effort.

Find a product that is dishwasher safe.

How often you are going to use it?

When we consider reviewing juicers we have noticed that there are people who use it regularly, we have seen occasional users as well.

Depending on your use, you can easily choose from our pick which is good for your needs. 

If you choose heavy-duty juicers then you can easily juice mass amounts but if in any case, you choose a nonheavy duty juicer and then try to cope with the heavy amounts then you are sure to overheat it. 

Pulp ejection container:

When you are about to buy you could consider a pulp ejection container. It helps to make your pulp management easier. Whether you are choosing an external or internal one, having this with your masticating juicers will improve your juicing experience to the next level.

Though someone may feel a more thing to clean we recommend exterior one for your convenience. 

Less oxidation:

You have probably noticed some kind of white foam in your juice when the juice is produced from a slow juicer or any centrifugal juicer. That is what we call Oxidation. Which is kind of irritating to sip the juice, right? It’s natural you can not totally eradicate it or completely remove it. But yes you can surely minimize to an endurance level. When you consider buying a slow juicer you should consider which appliance makes less of it. Naturally masticating juicers make less foam than centrifugal ones. Though we get better results by choosing and analyzing the one that suits our purposes perfectly.

Slow juicers make less oxidation. A high level of oxidation may cause less duration of your juice’s purity. 

What to choose from masticating juicers vs centrifugal juicers?

When you consider juicing, then you might have heard that there are two kinds of differences here. Ok, it may seem the same at first glance. Centrifugal And masticating, but there happens a lot of differences which are a must to know to buy one. Both kinds of juicers have their own advantages and drawbacks as well. So choose wisely what do you need?

When we consider the centrifugal juicer, we have noticed that it can swallow everything it gets. Yes, you have heard it right. A centrifugal juicer can juice from hard to soft fruits and foods while a masticating juicer is the best suited for only soft fruits or vegs. 

Everything we see comes with its own drawback, here we won’t see any difference. Centrifugal juicer creates more oxidation in the form of foam-like substances. Which creates fewer nutrients juice. It also possesses less storage capability. 

On the other hand, when we consider masticating juicers, we get less oxidation here because of their structural design. For this, it creates more nutrients juice and makes your body healthy. 

The key concept that you get from the difference between these two juicers is their production of juice. Which yields more juice from the same ingredients.

When you consider this you will definitely see a great difference. And You will see that masticating juicers production is way better than centrifugal juicers. Centrifugal is designed to make pulp-like ingredients whereas masticating juicers’ slow squeezing makes it more efficient in making the best use of ingredients.

When we consider the price then masticating juicers are more pricey than centrifugal juicers. A masticating juicer could cost you even 500$ and on the other hand, you can best quality centrifugal juicer with a maximum of 150$. 

Masticating juicer is a slow process juicer on the other hand centrifugal juicer is fast. Centrifugal juicers are fast but less efficient in production. 

The benefits of juicing

Ok, so what are the benefits we will get by juicing? In Fact, we could directly eat that food or veggies if we want? why do we need a fuss like buying and preparing for a lot of procedures to make a glass of juice?

Certainly, there must have some critical reasons for what we choose juice overeating them directly, right? 

The reasons are simple, to get the most out of it with less effort. Sometimes it happens that we do not like a particular kind of veggies or fruits but this is very much needed for our body then we can make juice of it with some tasty foods and drink it together. By this, we are able to get most of the nutrients even though we need to love that food. 

Apart from that, for creating a great diet a lot of people choose to drink homemade juice. With a masticating juicer, you can juice fruits and veggies which helps to create a healthier diet. 

Another thing is that, when we juice, we get the nutrient part of that fruit which directly helps our digestion as this is liquid. Our body can easily absorb and we get instant energy from it. 

We have noticed a lot of people choose to masticate juicers to let their weight decrease. With this, they have a wide variety of choices to take from. So they could choose which things to eat, how much to eat. No more not less, just the exact amount.  

How does masticating juicer work?

The workings of a masticating juicer are simple. The main element here is an augur or some people call it gear. It works as a drilling device through which the fruits or veggies go. The main structure of the masticating juicer is its ability to crush objects thoroughly and slowly by turning the augur. Since this is a slow process, much heat is not produced and the tendency of oxidation is rare. This unique crushing experience also produces the maximum amount of juice with many nutrients and enzymes. 

it creates the maximum amount of juice as it extracts liquid completely, so you get very dry pulp which is very much economical when you consider rich or costly fruits or vegetables. 

Final Verdict

By now you have known all the necessary and important thing A juice lover always crave to know. Take your decision and make your family healthy by taking the best masticating juicer in 2022. Happy juicing!!!