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You want a consistent slicer with an affordable price, right? And yes you have tried knives for cutting meet but you did not get expected result as you need the best meat slicer to make thin slice of meat.

A good meat slicer should be able to have your own preference instead of relying on store-bought cuts. Meat can be sliced to the desired thickness with these devices, which are available in both manual and electric versions.

Important things to think about before buying the best meat slicer

It’s important to know a few things before you buy the best meat slicer out there. Here are five things to think about before you buy your first meat slicer:

blade’s size

Meat slicer blades come in two main types: a serrated edge blade and a smooth-edge blade. They each have a different use.

With lean meat and vegetables on your plate, you might want to use a blade that has a smooth edge. A serrated blade can help you cut both dense meats and bread quickly.

Meat slicer blades should be between 7″ and 9″ in length, especially if you plan to use them in your kitchen. When you use this type of meat slicer, you can get the best cuts on your meat. It also makes sure that you are safe.


The stronger your meat slicer is, the better it will be at cutting food. To run everything, it must have a strong engine. Look for meat slicers that get hot quickly and need to be turned off between slices to let the machine cool down.

In this case, you might not have to worry about your meat slicer overheating. If you only plan to use it a few times each week, this might not bother you. However, if you cook meat and vegetables every day, then you need the meat slicer to be strong enough to last for a long time.

High-powered meat slicers are also great for people who don’t have time to thaw their meat before cooking. With more power and speed, you can even cut frozen meat and cheese in a flash.


Having a meat slicer at home should be the main reason you should have one. You should look for a meat slicer that is very easy to use. Even your preteen could use it.

Meat slicers should have a powerful motor that allows them to move food very quickly. When you push food through a slicer with your hands, it should be strong enough to do the job itself.

A good meat slicer should also be easy to use and light. People with small kitchens might put their meat slicer in a cabinet, not on the counter. In this case, the appliance should be light enough to move around the kitchen.


When you buy kitchen appliances, you need to set your own price range. As long as you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can find some good meat slicers for less than $100. There are also some that cost up to $500.

Commercial meat slicers can cost more than $1000, but if you only use the slicer for everyday cooking, these extras are not worth it.

Remember that you should think of your meat slicer as an investment. The more you pay, the more powerful the motor will be, which will save you a lot of time in the kitchen. The more you pay, the more features you get, like being able to slice a wide range of foods and even having more control over the type of cut you want.


It should work well for a few years after you buy a meat slicer. If you think of kitchen appliances as an investment, then you can save money by buying a more expensive model that lasts for a long time before needing repairs or upgrades. Most meat slicers that cost a lot also come with a lot of extras, like an illuminated light switch or knobs that let you change the thickness of your slices.


There are safety features or guards on the best meat slicers that we have looked at. This makes cutting yourself less of a risk. People who use meat slicers need to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves.

Check to see if the knife comes with a blade guard. Cut-resistant gloves can also be a good idea if you want to take charge of your own safety.

You also want a big, easy-to-find on/off button so that you can quickly turn off your meat slicer in case of an accident.

Easy of use

This is the last type of food slicer: automatic or manual. There are two main types of slicers: It’s easier to use automatic meat slicers because they cut meat that you feed into the machine without you having to move the blade for each slice.

Automatic slicers are also better at cutting up a lot of meat quickly. If you plan to slice meat every day for a long time, you should get an automatic slicer.

Slicers that are automated often come with a manual setting that lets you cut things more carefully.

Most of the time, automatic slicers are a little easier to use for big jobs. When you use a meat slicer, it’s easy to figure out how to use and doesn’t take a lot of time to start.

A meat slicer’s cleaning leg or kickstand can also be important to think about. This is another thing to think about. Clean the meat slicer a little faster with these.

Check the meat tray size, too. Cut more meat quickly with bigger trays. Smaller trays will make you feed more meat into the tray more often.


However, a pricey meat slicer doesn’t always mean it’s going to last. Stainless steel tends to last longer than plastic. You should always think about the materials of the machine before you buy it. Before you buy the best meat slicer in 2022, don’t forget to read the reviews as well.

Best Meat Slicer: 10 affordable meat slicer for home kitchen

Chefs Choice 6150000 Food Slicer – Best Overall

As a meat slicer and a food slicer in one, this gadget is deserving of the top rank on our list. Steel and cast aluminum are used for the external construction of the Chef’s Choice 6150000 Food Slicer, two materials known for their long-term durability.

If you don’t want to add more bowls to your machine when slicing food, then you may rely on the Chef’s Choice 6150000 Food Slicer to have enough capacity to capture your sliced food items.

The Chef’s Choice 6150000 Food Slicer is equipped with a robust motor with a 120W capacity, assuring a smooth operation every time you use it. If you are going to use a meat slicer every day, then this machine is a wonderful choice due to the easy detaching and cleaning process.


Easy cleaning

Safety function allows you to lock the blade when machine is not in use

Medium blade size that helps you slice a range of different meats and other items

A modern style that will look fantastic on any kitchen counter top.

You only need one machine to slice all of your food.

BESWOOD250 Premium Chromium-Plated Carbon Steel 10-Inch Food Slicer – Runner Up

If you are on the market for an extraordinarily powerful meat slicer, then you can acquire the BESWOOD250 Food Slicer. A powerful 240W electric motor powers this device, making it ideal for speedily slicing meat and other foods.

The blade on the BESWOOD250 Food Slicer is made of corrosion-resistant chromium-plated carbon steel. Even if you use the machine for several months, the blade will retain its sharpness and effectiveness.

The lighted on/off button on the BESWOOD250 Food Slicer is a standout feature. When the machine is turned on, this safety measure ensures that everyone in your house is aware that a highly powerful meat cutter is now being used.

Since the BESWOOD250 Food Slicer has approvals from the FDA and ETL, it is safe to claim that this machine is one of your top selections in the market.


A sleek exterior is complemented with a tough exterior material.

Comes with two unique stones to sharpen your blade whenever required

V-belt lowers noise while slicing

Unique safety precautions placed on the machine

High engine power allows the equipment to work rapidly

Long blade allows you to slice things other than meat as well

Best Meat Slicer for Home Use: Electric Meat Mincer, Grinder with 3 Grinding Stages

If you are seeking for a commercial-level meat slicing that you can use at home, then this equipment is perfect for you. A 2000W electric motor powers the engine, making it exceptionally powerful for commercial use. This power allows you to use the three distinct grinding stages at home and ensures a safe and easy meat slicing process.

In terms of safety, this kitchen gadget contains slicing blades that are totally enclosed with covering. If you are one who likes to experiment with their meat, then the 3-stage slicing option that help you choose between coarse, medium, and extra-fine pieces.

You may also use this machine to slice wheat grass, fish, and vegetables like peppers and carrots in addition to meat. With the stroke of a button, you can quickly and easily slice through practically anything in your kitchen.


Because of the large storage capacity, you won’t have to stop cooking to empty the reservoir.

Faster than ever before thanks to the incredibly powerful motor engine!

The ability to select from a variety of slicing methods

Equipped with a 12-month warranty

Safety provided with enclosed blades on the machine

It’s light, weighing in at no more than 2.4 pounds.

Can be cleaned with a dishwasher

F2C Pro Commercial/Home Kitchen Electric Food Slicer

Any meat slicer will work well with a blade size of 7.5″. Most people buy the F2C Pro Electric Food Slicer because it is a cheap option.

This food slicer is ideal for those who are new to meat slicers and require a motor with a capacity of only 150W. Even in large kitchens, the F2C Pro Electric Food Slicer is a popular choice because of its many useful functions.

The F2C Pro Electric Food Slicer’s best feature is its ability to slice meat into pieces as thin as 1/32 of their original thickness.

The 7” blade is straightforward to operate and has a non-slip rubber construction which allows newbies an easy way to begin. Additionally, the F2C Pro Electric Food Slicer is a breeze to operate due to the lack of additional technical functions that could be confusing.


Easy cleaning and rust-free exterior

A low-power motor cuts down on the amount of electricity used.

Large container for slicing meat and storing it

Can cut a variety of foods into thin slices

Affordable enough for beginners to purchase

Chefman Die-Cast Food Slicer Ideal for Cheese, Bread, Meat And Veggies

As the name says, this Chefman Food Slicer can help you slice more than just meat. You can use it to cut cheese, bread, and even vegetables into very thin pieces. The Chefman Food Slicer has a 7.5” blade which the perfect size for everyday use.

With a serrated stainless-steel blade, you may enjoy the changeable thickness feature that allows you to experiment with your food slices. With a 180W motor, this machine is the right combination between powerful and energy efficient.

Since the Chefman Die-Cast Food Slicer is compact in size, it weighs very less and is easy to carry around the kitchen. Die-cast aluminum may be cleaned with a washcloth and lukewarm water if that’s an issue for you.

The best aspect of the Chefman Die-Cast Food Slicer is that if you run into any problems with the appliance, then you can rely on the 12-month guarantee straight from the producing business.


Weigh less than 10 pounds

Easy-to-clean blade that may be removed for cleaning

Stability is ensured by the machine’s non-slip foot.

Can help you cut a complete meal’s worth of food items simultaneously

Elite Platinum EMT-503B Meat & Food Slicer with Adjustable Thickness

It doesn’t get any better than the 7.5″ blade and the ability to change the thickness of the cutting edge. It’s easy to get the stainless-steel blade out of the base of the Elite Platinum EMT-503B. This means that you can always get clean and smooth cuts when you use it. A lot of safety features make this kitchen appliance safe for families with curious little toddlers as well.

When you use the Elite Platinum EMT-505B Meat Slicer, you can cut a wide range of foods in the kitchen with ease. You can also cut cheese or bread with the Elite Platinum EMT-503B when you are done with your meat.

It’s hard to believe that this machine is so versatile, especially since it’s cheap. The machine is made of rust-proof aluminum, which means that your meat slicer will last for many years before you need to buy a new one.


Retractable blade with a length of 7.5 inches.

Large space that lets you cut a lot of food at once.

Slice thickness can be changed with a knob.

An easy way to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who buy things have the right to ask a lot of questions about the things they want to buy. For meat slicers, here are some important FAQs that can help you with common questions.

Isn’t meat slicer worth it?

Meat slicers for your home can be a good deal. If you eat meat a lot and buy pre-sliced meats from the grocery store, you’re probably spending more money on pre-cut meat than you think.

To avoid paying for things you don’t need, you can buy your own meat slicer. The fact that you will be buying bulk meats, cheese, and bread means that you are likely to save money on food as well.

How many watts should a meat slicer have?

Every meat slicer will have a different motor power. For commercial meat slicers, the wattage will be as high as possible in order to cut quickly. There are times when you might have to turn off the appliance for some time before you can use the machine again. A high wattage can also lead to the machine overheating very quickly.

At least a meat slicer with 100-watt motor power should be used at home. While most of the meat slicers we’ve talked about on this list have more powerful motors than 100-watts, that’s the minimum amount of power that your appliance needs to work.

If you want to save money on electricity, then a meat slicer with a 100 to 120-watt motor is a good choice. You can use this medium-powered appliance to slice all of your food, and it will also save you money on electricity in the kitchen.

Can a meat slicer help with meal prep?

It can be your best friend in the kitchen if you have a busy schedule and like to plan your meals in advance. A meat slicer can help you do this. Meal prep means that you have to cut a lot of meat and vegetables on your day off.

Start cutting these food items by hand, and it might take you all day to finish. A meat and food slicer would be better, though. You can finish the job in an hour.

When you plan your meal, you also have to freeze and dry a lot of food. If you have ever tried to cut frozen food, you know that it often ends with cuts on your fingers and a half-eaten meal on the counter.

To avoid this mess, buy a meat slicer that is powerful enough to cut frozen food quickly. Just take some frozen meat out of the freezer, throw it into the meat slicer, and it will be sliced right away.

How often should you keep your meat slicer blade sharp?

This depends on what kind of blade you have. There are different suggestions about how often you should sharpen the blade.

However, if you use the meat slicer a lot, you can easily sharpen the blade once every two weeks to keep it in good shape. If you only use the appliance a few times a year, you may not need to sharpen the blade for a while.

Can you use a meat slicer to cut cheese?

You should buy a meat slicer because it can be used for so many things. Meat slicers can cut anything you can cut with a regular knife, so you can also cut things with them. if you like your cheese slices very thin, then a meat slicer with a thickness setting knob is at your service.

When you use a meat slicer, you can play around with different thicknesses of cheese, so don’t be afraid. The meat slicer machine can also cut up lettuce and bread to make your food more healthy.

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