10 Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo To Buy

Everyone is familiar with conventional cooking appliances like microwaves and toaster ovens, as well as more recent innovations like convection ovens and microwave toasters. These gadgets are brand new, so you have nothing to worry about!

So, do they live up to the hype? Do these genuinely improve your kitchen, or are they just a clever marketing gimmick?

We think that if you spend the money on the proper model, an air fryer microwave will be well worth it!

The microwave option can heat food rapidly, and the air fryer mode can brown and crisp things up, so you have the best of both worlds.

The question then becomes, which microwave air fryer combinations are the most effective? The finest models are those that let you prepare exactly the amount of food you need, provide a lot of ease with pre-set functions or adjustable power settings, and produce results that are on par with those of their standalone counterparts.

Today, we’ll discuss what air fryer microwaves are, how they operate, the benefits and drawbacks of using one, and some helpful advice for selecting the best model.

Later, we’ll go through the features that make the best air fryer microwaves stand out from the crowd.

Air Fryers Vs Microwaves – What’s The Difference?

Okay, so please stick with us since there are many benefits to knowing how an air fryer differs from a microwave. To start, it will show you if a combination appliance is worth the money.

Next, learn more about the features so you can recognize quality in an air fryer microwave.

Finally, you’ll learn when to use each function of your air fryer microwave and how they work. Let’s not waste any more time, then.

Even though you’ve likely heard of both air fryers and microwaves, you might be surprised to learn just how few people actually know what sets them apart. The primary distinction is in how the heat is generated.

How They Work

In order to cook food, air fryers use a heating element that is coiled. The coiled element is heated by electric currents, and a built-in fan ensures that the cooking chamber maintains a consistent temperature.

It is a form of convection cooking, like those used in conventional ovens, but on a much smaller size.

Due to the rapid and even heating provided by air fryers, food is cooked thoroughly and uniformly without drying out or scorching.

Browning and caramelizing food without overcooking it is another great use for this technique.

Because of the air fryer’s ability to dehydrate food, it may achieve a crispiness that is otherwise only achievable by deep frying.

However, microwaves utilize electromagnetic radiation in their operations.

However, the microwave truly works by emitting small waves (microwaves) that cause the water molecules within the meal to vibrate. In essence, the vibrations warm up your food through the transfer of energy.

Although microwaves are fast (perhaps the quickest heating gadget on the market), they don’t brown or crisp your food.

This is because they rely on water to assist cook, yet don’t contribute to the loss of moisture during cooking (drying).


Each of these home appliances has a distinctive look and feel. While both the microwave and the air fryer come in a variety of sizes, the former often requires less counter space than the latter.

This may be a contentious assertion, but hear us out.

Due to their boxy form factor, microwaves may be stored on dedicated shelves in many kitchens, freeing up valuable counter space. If you want to store things above the microwave, you may also get a stackable shelf for the counter.

While they can cook a lot of food quickly, air fryers take up a lot of space. Nothing can be stacked on top of an air fryer, and no kitchen is built with a special shelf for them.


The fact that they serve different purposes is another another distinguishing feature. Microwaves are designed for reheating, not for cooking. However, air fryers were designed to cook, not reheat.

An air fryer microwave combo was bound to happen because each appliance makes up for the other’s weaknesses.

Contrary to popular belief, microwaves are not incapable of cooking food to a crisp texture. See what we mean about how microwaves are superior to air fryers for thawing frozen food?

What Are Air Fryer Microwaves?

It’s like a dream come true if a microwave and an air fryer had a kid. This handy device combines the best of both the microwave and the air fryer.

What one machine is lacking, the other makes up for, as we touched on briefly earlier.

Use the microwave function if you need to reheat your meal, and then switch to the air fryer mode if you want to add some color.

These home gadgets, however, are much more remarkable. In addition, many of these devices have default settings.

To put it another way, you can use the microwave’s defrost option for 10 minutes, then switch to the air frying mode for 7 minutes to aid finish cooking and browning the meal.

The microwave or air fryer, for example, might incorporate a sensor that tells it how long and how much electricity it needs to cook a meal. This is calculated by taking into account the mass of the product.

In-built convection ovens are another handy function found on many of these gadgets.

However, we will state that convection cooking and air frying are essentially identical processes that just vary in the quantity of food they can cook.

Unlike an air fryer, a convection oven can be used for convection baking and roasting. Sometimes you can even broil with it.

In a convection oven, the air is heated by the baking element and then circulated by a fan.

Convection roasting (similar to air frying) employs the oven’s fan, the broiler, and sometimes a third element in the oven’s back to generate intensely circulating heat and crisp food on top.

Benefits of Air Fryer Microwaves

An air fryer microwave may help you save a ton of room, making it one of the best features. You get the functionality of two (and occasionally even three or four) appliances in a single compact unit. Both freestanding and built-in models are available.
The air circulation technology in these appliances also makes it possible to prepare food with a lot less fat and a lot more flavor.

They are available in a wide range of sizes, from 0.6 to 2 cubic feet. As a result, you may use it to air fry a wider variety of foods than with a standard air fryer.

Downfalls of Air Fryer Microwaves

The high cost is the major drawback of these devices, especially since most people already have one or the other in their homes. Despite the high price, we think you should get these.
Sometimes (but not always!) one of the two elements in an air fryer microwave won’t work properly. This is often the air fryer, and there is no use in purchasing a type that does not properly crisp food.

Guide To Buying Microwave Air Fryer Combos

There are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a high-quality microwave air fryer combination. What matters most is the function you need it to serve, or the technological features it possesses.


This, of course, is the most crucial part of the gadget. The entire microwave, air fryer, or convection oven is useless if only one of their functions doesn’t work.

Read as many reviews as you can and make sure the appliance has the right heating elements. You can learn a lot about their effectiveness in this manner before committing to the purchase of any one model.

Power Settings And Usage

Most people consider the appliance’s energy efficiency while making a purchase. Some devices may need more power than the average, but most microwave air fryer combos only need about 120 watts.

You can discover some, though, that have an eco-setting that reduces energy consumption while the device is dormant.

The level of power consumption is another variable you can adjust.

Most models have 10 different power levels, allowing you to control the relative warmth produced. Naturally, you’ll consume less power during defrosting.

We advise picking a machine with a power dial or at least a wide range of pre-programmed options.


There is a wide range of sizes available for air fryer microwaves, so this is extremely crucial. Make sure you pick one that works for what you need it for.

Use a 0.6 cubic foot size for servings of either one or two people. However, you should get a bigger appliance if you have a bigger family (or if you need to cook more meals). Two-cubic-foot models are the largest we’ve seen so far.


Durability should be your primary concern when designing anything. Air fryer microwaves typically use stainless steel for construction.

At that point, you can examine the mirror. In most cases, transparent glass that is also scratch-resistant is our top choice. To top it all off, there’s an LED light on the inside so you can see what you’re eating.

In addition, you can choose from a range of colors, designs, and countertop or built-in models.

NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Oven

NUWAVE Bravo Air Fryer Oven

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If you want to cook like an expert, the Bravo XL is your best bet for an air fryer.

What makes this microwave air fryer combo so great:

  • Whether you’re air frying, convection baking, grilling, or using the griddle function, you can count on consistent results thanks to the proprietary digital temperature probe. Superior to the standard oven by a long shot!
  • Its 30-quart size makes it a great choice for large households.
  • Each unit comes with 40 simple recipes and digital controls that are straightforward to use.
  • Air frying, baking, dehydrating, freezing, grilling, broiling, reheating, toasting, and a bunch of other preprogrammed cooking options make up the oven’s 12 built-in cooking modes.
  • Ten distinct toast tones to choose from!
  • There is no need to worry about the longevity of this appliance since it is constructed with superior materials.
  • The nonstick Grill/Griddle Plate included with the Bravo XL allows you to use it year-round, even in colder climates.

Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer

Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer

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In essence, it’s four appliances in one, this model! It’s multipurpose enough to serve as a broiler, convection oven, air fryer, and microwave oven.

The best part is that you may utilize any of these features independently, or in tandem with one another, making this appliance incredibly versatile.

Air fryer mode allows you to cook food at the precise temperature and time that you need to make it crispy and juicy. It’s a healthy alternative to traditional deep frying because no oil is required.

Both baking and roasting can be done in the convection oven. The roasting convection option is ideal for producing nicely browned or caramelized meals, while the baking convection setting is best for recipes that require a lot of rise.

Finally, there is a microwave feature that has a few preset options and can reheat, defrost, cook, and warm food in a matter of minutes.

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Microwave Air Fryer Oven

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Microwave Air Fryer Oven

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If you’re looking for a space-saving microwave oven, go no further than this three-in-one model.

You may use it as a microwave, a convection oven, or even an air fryer to cook meals quickly.

Auto-cook, defrost by weight, and 11 power levels are just some of the convenient features included with this microwave.

The product’s size is the only drawback in our opinion, but it may just be us. Only 0.6 cubic feet in size, it’s ideal for singles or a small couple.

Galanz 3-in-1 Speedwave

Galanz 3-in-1 Speedwave

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I can’t think of a better air fryer microwave for the home.

With a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet, it excels as an air fryer, microwave, and convection oven.

The microwaves’ high heat and speed are combined with the convection oven’s air circulation to ensure uniform cooking and browning in the combi-speed cooking feature.

You may get a fantastic feel for what an air fryer microwave should be like by using the combi-speed setting.

One more great thing about this appliance is that the rotating plate can be used in convection mode while spinning a full 360 degrees. It also has the ability to bake and broil.

Finally, it contains an integrated humidity sensor that prevents over- or undercooked food.

RCA Air Fryer Microwave Combo

RCA Air Fryer Microwave Combo

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The next wonderful appliance for the home.

It has a convection oven option and can bake and roast in addition to air-frying some excellent chicken.

We really like how straightforward this device is to use. From a distance, it could easily be mistaken for a large microwave.

It’s fairly modern in appearance, featuring a touch screen and an indicator light to see how your food is cooking.

It’ll simplify your life with its five one-touch cooking settings. And the intensity can be modified to suit your requirements.

Toshiba Multifunctional Microwave Oven with Healthy Air Fry

Toshiba Multifunctional Microwave Oven with Healthy Air Fry

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This 8-in-1 combination microwave is available in a stainless steel appearance and features convenient preset options. Combination cooking allows you to quickly and efficiently do things like defrost, reheat, and pop corn. You can count on the TOSHIBA ML2-EC10SA(BS) to keep your kitchen smelling as fresh as it looks. Also, for those late-night snack attacks, the Eco+ mute feature is perfect.

Important Characteristics

  • 8-in-1 The microwave, air fryer, bake (convection), broil (grill), and combination oven/stovetop are just a few of the many cooking methods available on a multifunctional microwave.
  • Eliminating unpleasant odors.
  • Combination Air Fryer and Microwave.
  • The turntable’s removable 12.4-inch diameter accommodates a whole roasted chicken, a 12-inch pizza, and an 8-by-4-inch casserole, among other foods.
  • Black stainless steel exteriors and interiors are a classic combination.
  • Large, luminous, digital LED display.
  • The package is 20 inches in width, and 20.5 inches in depth, and 12.8 inches in height.
  • A thousand watts in power.

Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1

Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1

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The Breville Combi Wave is a versatile kitchen gadget that can be used as a microwave oven, air fryer, and toaster oven. You may use the convection oven for baking, the air fryer for healthier frying, and the inverter microwave for speedier cooking. In addition, it has a built-in Element iQ system that regulates heat and time for optimal cooking.

The rapid combi setting allows you to cook meals in record time. So, the Breville Combi Wave 3-in-1 is an excellent option if you want a multifunctional and simple to operate kitchen gadget.

Important Characteristics

  • The Combi Wave 3 in 1 has 19 smart presets, some of which are “Smart Cook,” “Smart Reheat,” and “Smart Defrost.”
  • Utilizing an Inverter to Smooth Power.
  • It has a wattage of 1400.
  • There are 51.8 centimeters of depth, 53.3 centimeters of width, and 53.3 centimeters of height.
  • The volume is 1.1 cubic feet.
  • Technology with an IQ-like smartness; the Element IQ system.

GE 3-in-1 Countertop Microwave Oven

GE 3-in-1 Countertop Microwave Oven

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The stainless steel GE Profile PEB9159SJSS 22 Countertop Convection/Microwave Oven is a high-end appliance that features convection cooking and sensor cooking controls. When it comes to cooking, this oven is perfect for individuals who prefer versatility and control. Cooking with convection is a breeze since it distributes heat evenly, and the sensor controls guarantee that your food will always be cooked to perfection, no matter what time of day it is.

The oven’s many convenient features make it a must-have appliance for every home. Among these are a combination auto cook mode, a timer for defrosting, and an on/off switch for the display. This oven is one of the best sellers for a reason: it has everything a home cook could want.

Important Characteristics

  • Compact Microwave Oven for the Countertop.
  • It has a wattage of one thousand.
  • 1.5 cubic feet in capacity.
  • Easily take out the two oven racks!
  • Size: 53.6 x 50.8 x 30.7 cm

Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) Air Fryer Microwave Combo

Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) Air Fryer Microwave Combo

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This is the best appliance out there because it serves as a microwave, oven, and air fryer all in one. The Toshiba ML-EC42P(BS) is a sleek machine with a wide variety of pre-set options. It can help you get the most out of your cooking with the least amount of effort.

They allow you to enjoy fried foods without the use of oil, meaning you can eat more of them without worrying about your health. In addition, the digital control panel and the bright LED lighting both add to the quality of the experience for the customer. This is the best option with features like a mute button and child lock if you have young children.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Air fry with 10 preset menus, convection with 8, and sensor cooking with 13 options.
  • Convenient 3-in-1 tool with 10 intensity settings
  • Rotating disc with stored positions
  • LED cavity lights have the lowest power requirements, allowing you to save money and the environment.
  • Extras galore, including a child lock, mute button, speed cooking, and more.


  • Easily operated and sanitary
  • Continue on an even keel
  • Can be accommodated in the modest dwelling
  • Swift heating up


  • We need to get better at building by hand.

Technical Details of the Item:

  • The item’s dimensions are 21.8 by 21.5 by 13 inches.
  • Having a hefty 44.8 pound frame
  • 1.5 cubic foot capacity
  • a rating of 1000W of power
  • Controls and Input Methods
  • Cooking Methods Such as Microwaving, Air Frying, and Convection
  • Advantages Unique to This Version
  • Ten pre-set menus (for air frying), eight (for the convection feature), and thirteen (for the other settings) (sensor function) Rotating disc with stored positions
  • Contents Contained Within
  • The Rotisserie, Grill Rack, and Grilling Tray
  • Limited Guarantee for One Year
  • Brand Toshiba

Farberware Black FMO10AHDBKC Air Fryer Microwave Combo

Farberware Black FMO10AHDBKC Air Fryer Microwave Combo

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With its adjustable low-temperature setting, the Farberware Black FMO10AHDBKC is the perfect air fryer dehydrator for making yogurt, slow cooking, keeping food warm, and dehydrating food.

Not only does it have a variety of automatic cooking modes to eliminate guesswork, but it also has a lot of presets. Thus, you can merely toss in the constituents and hit the button.

If you’re craving something crunchy, don’t worry; the exceptional air frying function will provide you with fried foods that are better for you without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Distinguishing Characteristics:

  • Comprise 11 distinct settings, allowing you to quickly select and prepare your preferred meals.
  • Devices for air frying that are safer and healthier
  • Add a grill and a convection oven.
  • Possesses the ability to successfully merge grilling and microwave cooking for optimum results
  • Five-segment temperature regulator for use in slow cooking, dehydrating, maintaining warmth, and yogurt-making.


  • Designed with a ventilation fan to remove any lingering smoke or cooking odors
  • In order to better understand the data presented, a bright LED screen and digital clock have been included.
  • Beautify the look of your kitchen.
  • Perfect for minimalist kitchens


  • The controls could be more complicated than they initially appear, so some additional practice may be required.

Technical Details of the Item:

  • Size: 20.5 by 20.1 by 12.8 inches
  • Quantity: 40.79 lb
  • One cubic foot in capacity
  • The 1000W, 1150W, and 1800W ratings represent the power output of the respective devices.
  • Input Controls for an Interface
  • Major Uses Microwave, grill/combination, air fryer, and slow cooker
  • Advantages Eleven fully-automatic cooking modes
  • Contents Contained Within
  • Griddle and pan made of Teflon
  • Limited Guarantee for One Year
  • Brand Farberware

Tips for Choosing the Best Microwave Air Fryer

Choosing a good air fryer microwave is pretty similar to choosing a regular air fryer or microwave. Here are some things to think about before making up your mind. Here are four distinguishing features to keep in mind.


Air fryer microwaves look like any other microwave and come in a variety of sizes. In order to determine which size is best, you should count your family members.

A 0.6-cubic-foot apartment could be just right for a married couple. Models with at least 1 cubic foot of space are preferable if you plan to accommodate a larger group.


The more popular models are multifunctional, with features like a convection oven. They have a wide variety of pre-set options to give you more flexibility in the kitchen. But keep in mind that the more advanced they are, the higher the price tag.

Power Wattage and Level

Examining the gadget’s expected power consumption is also important. Although most air fryer microwaves have a wattage of around 1000W, you can still come across some with a higher output. It is recommended that you use eco-friendly settings whenever possible.

However, the range of available power in these gadgets is also noteworthy. Typically, they have ten power settings that correspond to varying degrees of heat. You should use a lower power setting when doing tasks like defrosting.

Material and Design

In my opinion, a stainless steel machine will last the longest and be the easiest to maintain. Furthermore, for optimal viewing, a front glass should be both scratch-resistant and of high quality.

How To Use a Microwave Air Fryer Combo

Want to find a way to improve the nutritional value of your meals? If you want to eat less unhealthy versions of your favorite fried foods, then you need a microwave air fryer combo. How to use it is as follows:

First, select the cooking time and temperature on the air fryer and press the “power” button to preheat it.

The food should be placed in the air fryer basket so that it does not touch the sides or the bottom of the basket, and then it should be cooked.

Put the cover back on the air fryer and hit the “start” button. When it’s time to cook, the air fryer will begin preheating and give a signal (usually a beep).

Open the air fryer when the timer sounds to see how the food is doing. If the food isn’t done after the allotted time or temperature has passed, try covering it and letting it cook for a few more minutes.

Five minutes later, when the food is done, take it out of the air fryer basket and serve.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think it’s safe to use both the air fryer and the microwave at the same time?
The correct answer is yes, but you probably shouldn’t do it. While using a microwave to reheat food will soften and reduce crunchiness, using an air fryer will produce a crispier texture. It’s possible that sticking to one method will help you achieve the ideal reheated and crunchy texture. Use both features at once if you’re really in a pinch for time and need to get dinner on the table quickly. Bear in mind that combining methods may not yield quite as crisp of results as sticking with just one.

What can I make in a microwave air fryer?

You can get started with some tasty fried chicken. The chicken’s skin will get nice and crispy in the air fryer microwave, and the meat will stay nice and juicy. French fries, onion rings, and other fried foods can be cooked in the air fryer microwave. The air fryer microwave can also be used to bake sweet treats like cakes, cookies, and pies. Buying and preparing these meals will legitimately help you save both time and money.

Is it true that a microwave with convection cooking is the same as an air fryer?

To begin with, an air fryer is not an equivalent of a convection microwave oven. A convection microwave oven uses microwaves to cook food, while an air fryer uses hot air. Unlike regular microwaves, convection microwaves have a fan to evenly distribute the microwave heat, resulting in more uniformly cooked food. However, in addition to defrosting and reheating, convection microwave ovens can also be used for baking and browning. Therefore, convection microwave ovens are highly adaptable and can be an excellent investment for any home.

Does anyone know how much power an air fryer consumes?

Because they only need a small amount of oil and can cook food quickly, air fryers are more energy efficient than conventional fryers. Air fryers have been shown to reduce energy consumption by as much as 80% compared to conventional fryers. If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and utility costs, an air fryer is a great option.

Final Discourse

There are a wide variety of high-quality microwave air fryer combos on the market today. On the other hand, the models we looked at were clearly the best of the best.

Your purchase of a microwave air fryer combo, regardless of its specific model, will be well worth it. If you have any further suggestions for the best microwave air fryer combos, we’d love to hear from you.

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