The 20 Best Mixing Bowls: Easy Cooking and Baking

Although a sturdy set of mixing bowls is not the most glamorous appliance in the kitchen, it is essential for any serious cook. When making salads, salting Brussels sprouts for a quick fry, or combining banana bread ingredients, every cook finds their preferred bowl.

With its insulated construction, sturdy mixing base, and long lifespan, the Oxo Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set is our top pick. The Nordic Ware 4-Piece Prep N Serve Mixing Bowl Set is an affordable option that performed well in our tests and has the added convenience of being microwave safe.

It’s important to use the right mixing bowl for the job, and that can vary from dish to dish. Mixing cold ceviche in one bowl and hot béarnaise sauce in another is as easy as switching from one to the other. Some bowls can be used both in the microwave to reheat food and as a serving bowl for entertaining guests. We put many mixing bowls through their paces in a real-world household kitchen so you wouldn’t have to. The quality of each was assessed in terms of its construction, functionality, portability, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness.

Find the ideal mixing bowl for your next baking or cooking endeavor right here!

What to Consider When Buying a Mixing Bowl Set

You might be shocked to learn that there’s more to selecting the ideal mixing bowls than simply clicking “Buy Now” on the first bowl you see. If you give some thought to these considerations, you should be able to find the perfect set for your needs.


How experienced are you in the kitchen? Do you need to replace all of your current kitchen appliances or are you just starting out? Using a microwave more often than not necessitates a set of bowls that can withstand the rigors of both the dishwasher and the microwave; you may also want to go for a smaller set. A bigger set might be the way to go if you frequently prepare elaborate dishes or regularly host large gatherings of people. The mixing bowl you end up buying may depend on how you cook and who you prepare for.


Do you have a small apartment where everything has to be neatly tucked away, or do you have a large house with a kitchen that can accommodate a bowl set with other accessories? Do you have to share your kitchen with other people, making a full set of mixing bowls impractical? Prior to making a purchase, consider a suitable storage solution for your set. It’s not uncommon to find sets that are several hundred elements in size or more.


Some mixing bowls have fitting lids, which are convenient for transporting dishes if you’ve been asked to bring a side dish to a holiday meal or picnic but take up more room in the kitchen otherwise. Some models include graters or other attachments that rest atop the bowl, doing double duty and saving you space in the kitchen. Some are basic in design but would look fantastic displayed on open shelves. Your specific cooking requirements are the determining factor.


While it’s true that none of the above mixing bowl sets are prohibitively expensive, you should still take your budget and expected frequency of use into account. Is it better to spend a little more on a high-quality item that you know you’ll use often, or on a cheaper item that won’t last?


Does your lifestyle necessitate numerous relocations? Perhaps stainless steel might work better than glass as a mixing bowl material. Do any of your kids enjoy cooking with you? Think about getting a set of bowls with rubber feet to prevent them from sliding about the table.


You may find mixing bowls in a wide variety of colors, from simple white to vibrant rainbow hues, and even in matching sets so you can coordinate with the rest of your cookware. The most common materials for items with vivid hues are plastic and porcelain, however colored glass is occasionally stocked as well.


Mixing bowls from reputable brands typically come with a manufacturer’s warranty that can last anywhere from two years to forever. These guarantees extend to both manufacturing flaws and accidental damage sustained during regular use of your bowl (like a Pyrex bowl breaking while in the oven). The warranties often do not cover regular wear and tear, and any indication that you’ve used the bowl in a way not specified by the manufacturer will likely void your guarantee.

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Mixing Bowl Shape

The shape of the ideal mixing bowl is a matter of debate, with experts arguing that it must conform to the specifics of the ingredients being blended. Finding what works best for you may require some trial and error, but here are some suggestions.
Shorter and wide: 

The smaller depth of the bowl makes it simpler to reach in and mix or whip whatever you’re working on, therefore this design is favored by most savory-focused cooks. The typical proportion for a bowl of this form is that its height is about half as wide as its base. Consequently, a bowl that is 10 inches in diameter should have 5-inch-tall sides (within an inch or so). This sort of dish is very convenient for salting french fries, dipping wings in sauce, and tossing salads.

Taller sides:

Bowls with more pronounced sides might be useful in the kitchen as well. Pastry chefs typically use these bowls because they prevent splashing while mixing cookie doughs and cake batters. The taller sides of these bowls are designed to replicate the deeper bowls of stand mixers, making them ideal for use with longer hand equipment like immersion blenders and hand mixers.

Flat bottom:

Bowls with a flat base are better for mixing because they don’t wobble as much. A flat-bottomed bowl is slightly more stable than a rounded-bottom bowl, which is useful for mixing something that requires both hands or blending a liquid that you don’t want to spill all over the place.

Round bottom:

A circular bottom is preferable for people who want to easily flip or spin a bowl while mixing. Whisking and scraping the bowl are both made easier by the bowl’s continuous shape. For a more impressive appearance, use a perfectly shaped bowl as a mold for dishes that need to be set or baked before being flipped out.

Appliance Compatibility

Dishwasher Safe:

Having mixing bowls that are dishwasher safe is a huge time saver, especially if you need to get rid of oily dressings that have caked on the bowl or sanitize bowls that have held raw meat. Even the cheapest bowls these days are likely to be dishwasher safe and will have warning labels if they aren’t already obvious.

Microwave Safe:

Some chefs place a premium on microwave safety, so it’s crucial to know if your bowls meet that requirement. Microwaves are convenient for many people, including busy college students and others who have a limited amount of kitchen space. As a result, microwave-safe bowls should be clearly marked as such. Bowls made of plastic, glass, or ceramic should usually be fine, but you should verify this before making a purchase.

Whirlpool warns against microwaving any metals, including stainless steel, iron, and copper, in any kind of container or equipment. Although some may argue that aluminum foil may be safely heated in a microwave, both Whirlpool and Samsung warn that it may cause “arcing” of electromagnetic currents, which can cause sparks and even a fire. Therefore, a dish made of a separate and reliable microwave-friendly material is recommended for safe and efficient microwaving.


Stovetop: In a pinch, professional chefs would sometimes cook butter or sauce in a stainless steel bowl over an open flame. Even while using a double boiler or flashing food over an open flame is not something that happens frequently in the average home kitchen, having a bowl that can do both can come in handy.

Cooking in stainless steel dishes is safe since they can withstand high temperatures. Glass or ceramic bowls can be used on top of a double boiler as well, but they don’t conduct heat as well as metal and may continue to cook your contents even after you take them off the heat.


In the oven, you can use any bowl that can go from the burner to the table. Make sure your mixing bowl is placed on a sturdy surface (such a sheet tray) and preheated according to the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results.

Types of Mixing Bowls

Stainless Steel

When it comes to mixing bowls, stainless steel is your best bet because you can use it for practically every technique besides microwaving. Stainless steel bowls are the industry standard and can be found in a wide range of sizes and forms, making them ideal for commercial kitchens. They won’t react with your food and won’t soak up any strong flavors or colors from your ingredients because they are non-reactive and non-porous. Stainless steel bowls are easy to carry regardless of your strength because they remain very light even when they are very large.

However, aluminum bowls are available, but they are not nearly as durable as stainless steel ones, nor are they cheap enough to warrant switching. The softer metal can change the color and flavor of dishes when combined with acidic components and vigorous mixing.

It’s a matter of taste, but some people think stainless steel mixing bowls are ugly and shouldn’t be used for serving. Stainless steel bowls are versatile and can be used both in the kitchen and at the dining table, making them a great choice for anyone whose aesthetic leans toward the ultra-clean and modern, or for those who enjoy mixing and matching different styles.


Even if you decide to acquire a whole set of stainless steel bowls, it’s worth it to have a few plastic bowls on hand for microwaving odds and ends. Most plastic bowls won’t hold up to heat on the stove, but they do OK in the microwave and are as light as (or lighter than) their stainless steel counterparts.

There is a broad variety of plastic bowls to choose from, and they all serve double duty as both serving bowls and storage bowls. Plastic is inert, but it can absorb strong flavors and dyes over time, and it can be scratched by sharp implements.


Glass bowls can be used for both hot and cold dishes because they are typically composed of tempered or strengthened glass (like borosilicate glass). Glass bowls are almost as versatile as metal bowls, and several are designed to use in both the microwave and oven. Those who want a see-through dish can also use them for serving.

One drawback is that glass bowls are often only available in smaller sizes in comparison to metal or plastic bowls due to their weight. When dropped, glass bowls often shatter or split, and chips are not uncommon.

Other Mixing Bowls


You might picture a kitchen with shiny copper on every surface, like the one in “Ratatouille,” when you think of a traditional French kitchen. Copper bowls and pans are among the priciest options for kitchenware, but they also aren’t practical for frequent usage. Because copper is a reactive soft metal, it will change the color of your food and the bowl as well as the flavor of anything you mix in it if you use it with acidic items.

Copper bowls are best for beating egg whites, which is the most common application for them. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to splurge just a bit, I recommend picking up one or two medium-sized copper bowls and using them exclusively for serving and decorative purposes.


Bowls made of ceramic or earthenware can be found in many different sizes and forms, and they often have a decorative touch thanks to their firing process and the addition of paint or glaze. On the downside, they are often too cumbersome for daily usage, and it is unclear whether or not they can be safely heated in an oven, washed in a dishwasher, or put in a microwave. If you’re getting ready to host (even if it’s just yourself), grab a bowl like this.

Wood mixing bowls:

Wooden bowls look great for serving bread or salad at the dinner table, but that’s about all they’re good for. Wooden bowls are not as heavy as glass or ceramic bowls, however they shouldn’t be used with liquids because they are porous and have seams and cracks. They also can’t be put through the microwave or dishwasher because of the heat (which strips the wood of any finishes while water clogs or completely dries it out).

20 Best Mixing Bowl Sets You Can Buy

Best Overall Mixing Bowls: DeeCoo 5 Piece Ceramic Mixing Bowl Set

DeeCoo 5 Pcs Ceramic Mixing Serving Bowls Set, White Serving Bowls, Serving Dishes, Large Mixing Bowls, Microwave Safe, Ideal for Cereals, Dessert, Soup, Ice Cream

Buy Now on Amazon

Beautiful and practical best describe this collection of five white ceramic mixing bowls. These bowls, whose capacities increase from 12 ounces to 64 ounces, are equally at home on display shelves or at the table. These bowls are made of lead-free, non-toxic, professional-grade porcelain that may be used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The beveled edge and tough ceramic make this a reliable and safe tool. Bowls may be stored conveniently by nested.

Reviews on Amazon praised the bowls’ resilience, cleanliness, sturdiness, and thickness. Among the comments made by buyers was “We find these to be practical sizes for everyday use. They are sturdy while still being lightweight; they shine beautifully; and cleaning them is a breeze. You may use them as serving dishes for anything from fruits to pasta to salad to rice and more. They have also been microwave-heated… I considered getting my folks a second set as a gift. Absolutely content with this!”

Best Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls: OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Buy Now on Amazon

The use of a stainless steel mixing bowl in conjunction with a hand mixer is highly recommended. They can take the force of a spinning beater and the non-skid bases keep the bowls in place while you whip up a batch of cookies or a batch of brownie batter. If you need to refrigerate the bowls, as you might at the start of the biscuit-making process or when preparing cookies, stainless steel may be your best bet. You can also use the bowls to marinate meat and vegetables without worrying about the food absorbing any of the flavors or colors from the marinade.

The bowls in this set range in capacity from 1.5 to 3 to 5 quarts. The three-quart bowl is just the right size for using a whisk or hand mixer to whip up a batch of dough, while the five-quart bowl has plenty of area for making massive quantities of popcorn or salad.

In excess of 500 reviewers have given these OXO stainless steel mixing bowls a 4.9-star rating, indicating widespread customer satisfaction. A person penned, “It’s been almost ten years since I bought mine, and they still look like new (with heavy use). They are fantastic, and I would suggest them to everyone.”

Best Budget-Friendly Mixing Bowls: Sagler Stainless Steel Bowls Set of Six

Buy Now on Amazon

This collection of six stainless steel mixing bowls is perfect for any kitchen and comes at a great price. Their flat bases offer stability when cooking or serving, and they are available in stackable 34, 2, 35, 5, 6, and 8-quart sizes. Stainless steel can withstand extreme temperatures, is resistant to corrosion and rust, and can be cleaned quickly and easily without wearing out.

According to one Amazon reviewer: “When I realized I had too many enormous plastic bowls and was sick of fretting that one would break, I decided to make the investment in these glass-like bowls. These new ones are great because they come in a range of sizes that are just right for me, and they are lightweight without sacrificing durability. The flat bases make them convenient to clean.”

Best Melamine Mixing Bowls: The Pioneer Woman Country Garden 10-Piece Nesting Mixing Bowl Set

The Pioneer Woman Country Garden Nesting Mixing Bowl Set, 10-Piece, Multiple Patterns

Buy Now on Amazon

These lightweight melamine plastic nesting mixing bowls feature colorful floral and retro graphic designs across a set of 10. Users have commented favorably on how quickly they dry after being washed by hand and how nice they appear displayed on open shelf. They are pretty enough to use as serving pieces and kitchen aids like bowls for mixing dough or preparing salads, and hence make excellent presents. The only real drawback is that you can’t use the microwave or dishwasher with them.

“They’re not bulky and can withstand a lot of use. They serve their intended purpose admirably and are stylishly embellished as a bonus “”, gushes one devoted follower. “It’s wonderful to not have to lug about a stoneware bowl filled with potato salad. It’s portable, perfect for sharing, and looks great on any table thanks to the cover. In fact, the lid means that these may be transported safely in a picnic basket, and that something can lie above the bowl should the need arise. The ability to nest saves space when not in use. The nicest part is the robust, non-slip grip on the bottom of each bowl. Even when completely full, these are manageable in the fridge’s weight constraints. Because of how well received the first set was, I went out and bought two more as presents. I haven’t felt this ecstatic about anything so elementary in a long time!”

Best Glass Mixing Bowls: Duralex 100010 Lys Stackable 10-Piece Set

Duralex LYS Mixing Bowl Set, 10 Piece, clear

Buy Now on Amazon

Duralex has been producing tempered glass in the center of France since 1939. (in fact, the brand invented the tempering process, which makes glassware twice as durable and chip-resistant as regular glass). These bowls can resist temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, may be used in the dishwasher, freezer, and microwave, and have a collared rim that makes stacking them easier.

“Perfect! Superb for use in the kitchen. When I decided to create a food blog, I knew I needed a uniform manner to present my ingredients, so I made the investment. There was no other set that came in a wide enough range of sizes, so I had to settle for this one “, as one Amazon customer put it. “I find the smaller bowls to be indispensable for storing and dispensing dry ingredients like spices, baking powder, salt, etc. The bowls are attractive, sturdy, and simple to clean.”

Best Decorative Mixing Bowls: Bloomingville Set of 3 Round Stoneware Bowls

Bloomingville Set of 3 Round Stoneware Bowls

Buy Now on Amazon

The modern aesthetic of these stoneware bowls makes them suitable for displaying vases of blooms. Instead, they serve as the ideal container for making pasta salad, serving it to guests, storing it in the fridge with its bamboo top, and then washing it in the dishwasher. They are available in a variety of colors and are crafted in Denmark with the latest trends in Nordic design in mind.

The opinion of one Amazon customer reads as follows: “This is a fantastic set, in our opinion. The seal on the bamboo lids may be removed for convenient cleaning. They can be compactly stacked when not in use and can look good while serving guests. They come with my strongest endorsement!” One more argues “Absolutely stunning. I love them a lot! A pleasant surprise was the addition of a rubber seal to the lids. This dish set is beautiful, and I plan to expand my collection to include the other sizes.”

Best Silicone-Bottomed Bowls: Regiller Set of 5 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

Regiller Set of 5 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set

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These bowls’ interior is polished and their exterior is brushed for contrast; they are made of stainless steel, which is dent- and rust-proof and extremely robust. The bowls have a deep basin to prevent splashing and come in capacities ranging from 1.5 to 7 quarts with measurement labels on the inside. With their flat, silicone bases in a rainbow of colors, they stack up nicely for convenient storage.

“They no longer had the grip on the bottom to keep my bowls in place, so I bought a new set. I love these bowls so much I could burst. These are perfect and just as described; they are a staple in my kitchen “”, claims one customer on Amazon. “The range of sizes is fantastic, and they serve as top-notch mixing bowls. If you want to season or coat your meats with batter, use the largest basin, which is plenty big. Inside, even the smallest bowls are marked with measurements. They’re stable and won’t slip because of the grip material on the bottoms. While lighter than my previous set, they are by no means flimsy. The quality is superb, and they’re also quite simple to clean. They can be put in the dishwasher, which is great for me because I despise doing dishes by hand.”

Best Mixing Bowls for Kids: Vremi 13-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Vremi 13-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Buy Now on Amazon

People who have purchased this set of nesting mixing bowls have nothing but praise for it. Everything from a mesh strainer and a colander to a 4-liter mixing bowl and four nested measuring cups that stack nicely together are included in this colorful set. They are perfect for RVs and beginning cooks because they are made of BPA-free, long-lasting plastic and can be used for both wet and dry materials. They may be cleaned in the dishwasher for further convenience.

According to one five-star reviewer, “I can’t think of any drawbacks at this time. The bowl’s nonslip rubber feet prevent spills. With his aid, my 4-year-old can stir, and the bowl doesn’t move around. Excellent color-coding for speedy choosing; the same idea was used to the spoons. It’s significantly simpler to store because you can stack and nest it. My ancient colander finally met its demise. If you’re using a glass measuring cup, you’ll need a lot of smaller glasses to measure out all the ingredients. It’s also safe for the dishwasher.”

Best Mixing Bowls With Attachments: Wildone Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls

Wildone Stainless Steel Nesting Bowls

Buy Now on Amazon

These five bowls are made of thick gauge stainless steel, and their sizes range from less than 1 quart to 5 quarts. There are three graters that rest above the bowls, and the bowls themselves include a silicone non-slip base, measurement indications in quarters and liters, a fitting lid, and a non-slip handle. They’re useful and convenient because you can put them through the dishwasher, fridge, and freezer without worrying about damaging them.

“All my life, I’ve desired a nice pair of stainless steel mixing bowls, and I finally got them! They don’t scratch countertops or require a third hand to grasp, and they’re lightweight and easy to clean (the bowls can go in the dishwasher). You can also keep food in them with tight lids “one shopper comments “The larger bowl’s built-in holder for one of three graters is a nice touch. In addition, the bowls are marked on the interior to indicate the volume of the contents. These lovely dishes are perfect for any kitchen.”

Best Environmentally Friendly Mixing Bowls: Bamboozle Nesting Bowls 7-Piece Set

Bamboozle Nesting Bowls 7-Piece Set

Buy Now on Amazon

The seven bowls in this set are manufactured from bamboo fiber that is both renewable and eco-friendly. These bowls can withstand being washed in the dishwasher multiple times, are resistant to moisture, don’t contain any harmful chemicals, are BPA-free, and will decompose in the landfill.

“A little over half of the seven I bought had already been put to use. They’re so adaptable that “”, one consumer remarked. “In person, they are stunning. And they’re more sturdy than you’d imagine, as bamboo is a very robust material. Unlike the melamine or plastic bowls I used to frequently replace, this one will endure a long time without breaking. These should last me a very long time! A money well spent. I’m done throwing money away on brittle alternatives. The hues are stunning, too. They can all be worn together. They’re lovely together, but they’re equally lovely on their own. They’re a breeze to clean up after use. I really can’t speak highly enough of these.”

Best Mixing Bowls with Lids: Umite Chef Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids 6-Piece Set

Umite Chef Mixing Bowls with Airtight Lids 6-Piece

Buy Now on Amazon

This six-piece set of mixing bowls with colored airtight lids will take your baking and storage to the next level. Each bowl has an airtight lid made of flexible, BPA-free plastic. Moreover, they serve as a fantastic replacement for conventional food storage containers. The set features six bowls that are 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5, and 7 quarts deep and are made of stainless steel.

One customer remarked, “These bowls work great for all the activities we do in cooking, baking, and prepping.” “My kids can quickly and easily choose the right bowl to go with its matching lid because to the clever color-coding. We love the practicality of the lids. Having fewer containers to keep track of is great for both the kitchen’s aesthetics and the environment, since it helps cut down on the number of disposable plastic containers we go through.”

Best Plastic Mixing Bowls: OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Buy Now on Amazon

Not only do Amazon customers adore these OXO Good Grips plastic mixing bowls, but you can also rely on them for all the most fundamental culinary tasks. The 1.5-, 3-, and 5-quart bowls in this set all include non-skid bottoms to keep them in place as you mix, as well as spouts to make pouring a breeze. They are also available in white or a blue, yellow, and green color scheme and nest for easy storage.

The mixing bowls are the best ones the consumer has ever used, he or she comments. “They’re a breeze to clean up after use. Having the bowl stay still while I mix is a huge plus. I can use one hand to stir batter or other ingredients and the bowl won’t budge.”

Pyrex 1085308 Smart Essentials 6-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Pyrex 1085308 Smart Essentials 6-Piece Mixing Bowl Set

Buy on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • The Pyrex Bake is clear and robust.
  • Provides efficient heat transfer for steady, even baking
  • Made with glass that isn’t porous and won’t absorb odors, stain, or warp.
  • The lid is top-rack dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

Consider purchasing the Pyrex Smart Essentials bowl set if you appreciate the adaptability of glass bowls. These bowls have a nonporous glass construction and are odor- and stain-free. Use of the glass in a warmed oven, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher is optimal.

This set includes bowls in four distinct sizes: one quart, one and a half quart, two and a half quart, and four quarts. Each bowl includes a distinctively colored, BPA-free plastic lid. You may quickly clean these by putting them on the top rack of the dishwasher. This set is the heaviest of all the mixing bowls we have reviewed. All of the containers together weigh roughly 10.6 pounds.

When accidently dropped, the cover protects the bowl and prevents it from breaking. These bowls are microwave safe and come in a variety of useful sizes. The bowls are of the highest caliber and can be microwaved right after being removed from the freezer.


  • Simple to clean
  • Both oven and microwave safe
  • A 2-year warranty is provided.
  • The matching lids make the set appear good.
  • The bowls can also be used to store food.
  • With a two-year warranty


  • The lids are challenging to attach.
  • The set’s biggest bowl is rather substantial.
  • The bowls’ weight may make them difficult to hold and clean.

Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Mixing Bowls with Lids

Cuisinart CTG-00-SMB Mixing Bowls with Lids

Buy on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Crafted from premium stainless steel
  • Freezer-safe and dishwasher-safe
  • Come with storage covers that are tightly fitting.
  • Three distinct sizes are offered to accommodate all kitchen needs.
  • Can easily be nested for storage

When it comes to kitchenware, Cuisinart is a well-known brand. The Cuisinart stainless steel bowls are very unbreakable and have a long lifespan. The bowls in this CTG-00-SMG set come in 1.5, 3 and 5 quart sizes. Any cooking task needs the use of a bowl of some description. This set includes lids so they may be used for a variety of things, like preserving leftovers in the fridge or freezer. These bowls are made of stainless steel, which has a long lifespan.

On stovetops, these can be used as a double boiler, but not in a microwave. The led-equipped Cuisinart mixing bowls are ideal for melting butter and chocolate in a pot. The set has a cozy rim and tall edges that provide a firm grip. Each bowl is heavy enough to keep you from moving it while holding it. These bowls do not absorb odors or tarnish because they are constructed of stainless steel.

One 1 12 quart bowl, one 3 quart bowl, and one 5 quart bowl with lids are included in the set. These bowls are dishwasher safe, making them convenient for both use and cleanup.


  • These bowls can be used to store leftovers in the refrigerator.
  • Free of odor and stains
  • Providing comfort and traction are thick rims.
  • Includes a skid-resistant base
  • Freezer burns are avoided by airtight sealing.


  • Dishwasher washing leaves blotches of water on the containers.

Vollrath 47935 5-quart economy mixing bowl

Vollrath 47935 5-quart economy mixing bowl

Buy on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Has a shiny mirror finish.
  • A set of mixing bowls in the sizes you require can be created.
  • Lightweight bowls make it much easier toss the contents.
  • Comes with a beaded edge
  • Stability is assured by a flat bottom.

We advise you to take into consideration the Vollrath 47935 mixing bowls if you enjoy using wide and short mixing bowls. Because each bowl is supplied separately, you can put together your own customized set that meets your needs.

The Vollrath 47935 bowls are composed of stainless steel with a beautiful mirror surface. The edges are beaded and have a wide lip. The bowls are inexpensive, shallow, broad, and dishwasher safe. We have seen that customers consistently compliment these bowls’ durability.


  • Broad and superficial design
  • Affordable in comparison to other models with the same qualities
  • Utilizable and clean
  • To save space, the bowls can easily be stacked.


  • If you don’t take care while mixing, the batter can spill everywhere.

Fox Run 7328 Large Mixing Bowl

Fox Run 7328 Large Mixing Bowl

Buy on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Curved internal surface facilitates mixing and cleaning.
  • Durable, affordable bowls
  • 4.25 quarts are an ideal size for making large batches of batter.
  • Gradual sizes are offered.
  • Are dishwashers secure?

Consider Fox Run 7328 Large Mixing Bowl if you want to handpick each bowl to build a set rather than shopping for a full set. Each stainless steel bowl that Fox Run sells is affordably priced. By concentrating on the sizes you desire, you can develop your collection.

One of the lightest bowls on the market right now is the Fox Run 7328 mixing bowl. Thus, while whisking, these have a tendency to slip a little. They are perfect for blending due to their deep form. These bowls are excellent for scraping and pouring because to their lightweight profile.

When nested, these bowls take up the least amount of room in the cabinet. Fox Run 7328 mixing bowls make it simple to whisk vinaigrettes, prepare bread, and fold batters. It’s perfect for scrambling eggs too because of the curved inner design.

The fact that this sturdy container does not dent even when dropped accidently is something we like. Veggies, grains, and oats can all be cooked in the bowls in addition to steaming them.


  • Durable stainless steel is used to create
  • Is it dingproof?
  • Because it can be stacked, it saves space.
  • Lightweight, making it perfect for moving stuff


  • With repeated usage, metallic spray paint chips away.

Duralex 100010 Lys Stackable 10-piece bowl set

Duralex 100010 Lys Stackable 10-piece bowl set

Buy on Amazon

Highlighted Features

  • Include 10 nesting bowls of various sizes.
  • More durable than typical glass in terms of chipping and breaking
  • These bowls are resistant to a sudden temperature change.
  • Because it is nonporous, the glass utilized does not absorb any flavors, colors, or liquids.
  • Dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave safe

The Duralex 100010 Lys Stackable 10-piece bowl set is a must-buy if you’re searching for inexpensive mixing bowls that can also be used as serving ware. One of the best glass mixing bowl sets on the market is this collection.

Throughout combining and whisking, this set stays in place. There is some splashing with these bowls because they are wide and short. Some users might not like the lack of a rim. Each bowl in the Duralex 100010 Lys Stackable 10-piece Bowl Set is engraved with a lines design on the outside, which makes it special. When you have visitors over for dinner, these bowls make a lovely centerpiece.

For more than 80 years, Duralex has been known for providing both tabletop items and tempered glasses. The business has been manufacturing toughened glassware that may be used for a variety of tasks. The Duralex glass bowls are stackable and resistant to impact and chipping.

The 10-piece Duralex 100010 Lys Stackable bowl set is suitable for daily usage due to its durability.


  • For years, these bowls keep their initial appearance.
  • Made-with-a-collar-on-the-rim bowls
  • Are stackable, making them perfect for small kitchens.
  • Are resistant to impact and chipping
  • Suitable for both hot and cold drinks
  • Both dishwasher and microwave safe


  • Splashing was prevalent while using

Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl Set including lids

Pyrex Smart Essentials Mixing Bowl Set including lids

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Highlighted Features

  • The glass is impermeable.
  • Using this glassware for baking allows you to see the progress because it is clear.
  • No stains or flavors are absorbed by bowls.
  • To save space, the bowls can be stacked.
  • The bowls stay stationary as you whisk.

Smart Essential Pyrex A mixing bowl’s resilience is well known. Additionally transparent, they make it simple to keep track of how the baking is going. These glass bowls guarantee even and steady baking. Chefs typically favor glass bowls because they are sturdy and microwave safe. These can also be utilized right from the kitchen on the table.

The wide rim of the design counteracts the weighty material. It makes it simple to grasp when scraping the batter. Smart Essential Pyrex Matching lids are included with mixing bowls. Despite the lids’ imperfect airtightness, these containers are great for storing food. There are four mixing bowls and four lids in the Pyrex 8-piece set.

Glass used to create Pyrex bowls is nonporous, stain- and odor-free. Use of this glass in a preheated oven, refrigerator, freezer, or dishwasher is safe. There are four sizes of bowls: one quart, one and a half quart, two quart, and four quart. A BPA-free plastic lid for each bowl is included, and it may be put on the top rack of the dishwasher.

The lids are strong and do not break when dropped, as we have observed. The bowls are a little heavy, though. These dishes are microwave safe and come in useful sizes. These bowls can be used in the microwave or the oven just after being removed from the refrigerator and are simple to clean.


  • Backed by a 2-year glassware warranty
  • Simple to clean
  • Are the microwave, freezer, and oven safe?
  • Dishwasher cleaning is also an option
  • The guarantee on accessories and coverings is one year.


  • The largest bowl appears to be rather massive, and the lids are quite heavy.

Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cup Set

Anchor Hocking 4-Piece Mixing Bowls and Measuring Cup Set

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Highlighted Features

  • A five-year warranty is offered on Anchor glass mixing bowls.
  • The glass is tempered to provide the greatest level of durability.
  • Glass is a better alternative to plastic.
  • Does not contaminate food with chemicals, distort, or taint it
  • Are the microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher safe?

A. H. Anchor A 1.5-quart glass mixing bowl, a 2.5-quart glass mixing bowl, a 4-quart glass mixing bowl, and an 8-ounce glass measuring cup make up this 4-piece mixing bowl and measuring cup set. These bowls are made of glass, which is safe for use in the microwave, freezer, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

This collection of kitchen necessities is the ideal present for wedding and housewarming parties. A five-year warranty is included with each Anchor glass mixing bowl. Anchor mixing bowls are extremely well-liked because of their excellent toughness and classic style.

The measuring cup that is provided makes sure that the appropriate amount is used when preparing, mixing, and serving. Tempered glass mixing bowls from Anchor are made to be as durable as possible.

With ounce, quart, cup, and milliliter clearly marked, the measures are simple to read. The measuring cup’s handle is made to be simple to hold while pouring, measuring, and mixing. The spout has been skillfully created for simple, mess-free pouring.


  • Not able to absorb scents
  • Is ideal for preserving food in the refrigerator or freezer.
  • Deep dishes make mixing easier.
  • The rim provides a firm grip.
  • Easy storage is ensured by nesting capabilities.


  • Cannot sustain abrupt changes in temperature

Mixing Bowls with Lids Set – Nesting Bowls with Graters, Handle

Mixing Bowls with Lids Set - Nesting Bowls with Graters, Handle

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What We Like

  • Versatile
  • long-lasting stainless steel
  • Base and handle are non-slip.
  • Safe for the freezer and refrigerato

The amount of equipment you need to complete your upcoming project should be reduced thanks to this set of mixing bowls made of rubber and stainless steel. Any one of the three attachments can be placed into the easily replaceable inserts found inside each lid. There are shredder, grater, and slicer attachments. Additionally, for quick mixing without a liquid measuring cup, each bowl includes liquid measurements printed on the interior of the bowl; nevertheless, during testing, we discovered that the marks were frequently challenging to read. For pouring batters and sauces, the bowl’s narrow spout on the side without handles was useful.

The slicing and grating inserts were good but not outstanding in our tester’s opinion. They are useful in tiny kitchens with limited storage, although finicky cooks would probably prefer blades that are sharper. The metal inserts were considerably more snug-fitting than the middle plastic ones, which were possibly too simple to remove.

Rubber bases on the non-porous, brushed stainless steel bowls avoid slippage while mixing components with more weight. Additionally, rubber handles are provided for a non-slip grip and a little bit of insulation from hotter ingredients. Although the handles were comfortable to hold when using the bowls, nesting was a little challenging.

There are three different bowl sizes—a 1 1/2-quart, 3-quart, and 5-quart bowl—each with a matching lid. They are secure for use in the oven that has been preheated, refrigerator, and freezer.

Best Mixing Bowls Brands

Oxo Good Grips

A few decades ago, OXO entered the market and quickly became the go-to brand for kitchen organizers and equipment. Its instruments are well-liked by both amateur cooks and seasoned chefs because to their ergonomic construction and durability. Although OXO equipment is a bit more expensive than some others, it will serve you well for many years and is therefore a good investment.


Finedine is a rapidly growing brand that is becoming known for its extensive selection of kitchen tools, food storage solutions, and barware. All cooks can afford to stock up on the high-quality gear found in Finedine’s kitchen basics range.


For many years now, Pyrex dishes have been standard issue in American kitchens. Many people’s first piece of dishware in their kitchen is a Pyrex casserole dish because the brand is widely available and inexpensive. Those cheap bowls and plates you bought for your last potluck are built to last a lifetime—assuming you can get them back.

Nordic Ware

Products created by Nordic Ware in Minnesota are well-known for their rugged dependability and affordable price. While their molded cake pans remain popular, Nordic Ware has expanded into other areas of the kitchen and baking industry. Nordic Ware is known for making affordable, yet elegant and useful equipment.


Although Cuisinart is best known as a manufacturer of tiny appliances, it also produces a reliable array of culinary and baking implements to complement your existing kitchen appliances. All of Cuisinart’s cookware shares the same distinctive brushed stainless steel aesthetic made famous by the company’s home appliances.

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