Best Olive Pitter in 2023: Quality Cherry Pitter Reviews 

If you’re an olive lover, you know that the pit can get in the way of enjoying the delicious fruit. That’s where an olive pitter comes in. This handy kitchen gadget makes it quick and easy to remove the pit from olives, saving you time and frustration. Whether you’re making a salad, pizza, or just snacking on some olives, an olive pitter is a must-have for any olive fan.

What is an Olive Pitter?

What is an Olive Pitter? Best Olive Pitter
Olive Pitter

In the kitchen, an olive pitter is a tool used for the specific purpose of pitting olives. This set of tools may also be used for cherries, making it a valuable and flexible addition to the kitchen. Even if you only cook one cherry pie and a few olive dishes a year, the olive pitter can save you a lot of time and effort. Olive pitters can be purchased at many kitchen supply stores, as well as online.

To put it another way, an olive pitter is just a more elaborate version of a hole punch. It has a basin for holding the olive and a squeeze handle for using it. An olive is punched out of the bowl by a little punch that is forced out by squeezing the handle. The pit is left behind, leaving the olive’s fruit behind. The olive can be dropped into a bowl or serving plate when the punch is released.

Olive pitting is a tedious task. The pits can be persistently attached to the body, which necessitates a lot of cutting and prying to free them. The olives and the pitter’s hands are frequently twisted as a result of the pitting process. A commercial kitchen needs an olive pitter because it prevents the cook’s hands from coming into contact with the food while the process is being cleaned and sped up.

Best Olive Pitter: A Review of the Top 10 Olive Pitters

We’re stumped. Olive pitters come in a wide variety of ergonomic shapes and sizes. Finding a needle in a haystack can be time-consuming. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best options for you.

Best Overall: OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter

OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter, Red

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A faulty tool makes removing a fruit pit a painstaking process. You’ll be covered in a thick, blood-like substance. That’s why our user-friendly product includes a shielding feature to avoid the situation.

This olive pitter’s sturdy construction has earned us a lot of praise. Zinc casting, on the other hand, is a more powerful alloy than most other metal alloys. In order to do so, you’ll need to build up your strength in order to perform more quickly.

We can assure you of a comfortable grip that relieves stress from your wrist. The large-sized olive may provide a challenge for your existing product. For a simple and convenient approach, avoiding these kinds of circumstances is critical.

Nonetheless, the substantial holder takes care of your concerns. We’ve found that removing the plastic cover makes cleaning a breeze. Because it seals tightly, you can keep your tool safe and sound. The arced transfix of this oxo olive pitter is ergonomically designed for fast removal.

Cherry Stoner “Kernex” from Westmark

Cherry Stoner "Kernex" from Westmark

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If so, you’ll be able to savor the fruits of your labors for months to come! The seeds are difficult to remove from cherries because they are so little. Because of this, a robust product is required for quick and easy uprooting.

The aluminum construction is, in fact, quite durable and resistant to rust. In addition, the tool’s powdered surface allows for a more leisurely cleaning process. Furthermore, this product’s design is so easy to deconstruct that you may easily clean the parts that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

This alternative has dishwasher-safe labeling, which caught our eye. Your worries about the long-term effects of hot water exposure can now be put to rest. This olive pitting machine’s uncompromising durability is its foundation. As a last bonus, the lightweight design is a huge help when it comes time to perform.

At the very least, this 1.6-ounce tiny kitchen utensil ensures that you will not slip when using it. We were able to remove the pit without causing any harm to the fruit’s flesh. So now we know that you can do it, as well.

Progressive Cherry Pitter’s Prepworks

Progressive Cherry Pitter's Prepworks

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Isn’t it nice to have an olive pitter that blends in with the rest of your kitchen? If so, then this is the only option left for you. You can see the pit-removal procedure taking place inside the product thanks to the product’s elegant and transparent design.

However, this cherry olive pitter’s unique feature sets it apart from the competition. This feature, in fact, has the potential to compel you to make a hasty purchase. As it turns out, an olive or cherry pitter has six holes for simultaneously removing the seeds.

The majority of the construction is made of plastic, but the sharp zinc spikes quickly remove the fruit’s stone.. The fruit is penetrated by each of the tips with sufficient force. The fruit stands atop a platform that is slip-resistant.

The seeds will come out perfectly if you use a steady pitter. With the detachable and sealed base assembly, you can easily collect the olive core without worrying about the juice splattering all over your counter or dining room table.

The ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter Stoner.

The ProTensils Premium Cherry Pitter Stoner.

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An olive pit remover must be able to do a variety of tasks. Why do you still own that product if you can’t get the seeds out of small and large fruits? It’s possible to remove pits of various shapes and sizes with this model. Discrimination on the basis of physical appearance is clearly illegal.

The ergonomic handle is by far the best addition to any of these models when it comes to this option. We were able to remove the pits with one hand alone. Because of this, the pick speaks volumes.

As a result, removing the pits from olive or cherry requires special care. If you don’t want your cherries to get damaged, you need to be extra careful. The zinc alloy’s industrial strength is integrated into the tool, ensuring maximum toughness in terms of durability.

The building material’s anti-corrosive qualities prevent rust from forming. Furthermore, dishwashing isn’t always the best cleaning method for certain objects. However, the surface of this particular kitchen equipment is free of stains or flaws.

Westmark Olive Pitter

Westmark  Olive Pitter

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The advantage of simplicity is undeniable. In addition to people, this attribute is also relevant to equipment, such as this olive pitter. With a knife, you can extract seeds. Isn’t this just a waste of time and money? To put it another way, if you want to get the most bang for your buck, you’ll want this item.

This lightweight option’s distinctiveness in construction materials soared through the sky. Aluminum, on the other hand, is an incredibly affordable and long-lasting material option. This heavy-duty olive pitter is not only resistant to corrosion but is also abrasion-resistant.

Even if you exert maximum pressure on your instrument, the product does not move, and the pit remains. Additionally, it has a direct negative effect on productivity.

As a result, the addition of a spring in the framework gives sufficient elasticity and flexibility while pitting olives. One critical component, the safety of dishwashing, is something we can promise you of. With this option, cleaning is simple and straightforward.

PCTC Cherries Pit Cherry pitter tool , Olives Cherry pitter Seed Stone Remover

Cherries Pit Cherry pitter tool , Olives Cherry pitter Seed Stone Remover

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This versatile fruit has numerous uses. These are two foods that you can’t go wrong with. In your fridge, we’re sure, you’ll find a bottle of jam or olive oil or maybe a cherry pie. Our kitchens need a high-quality pitter for this reason.

You can’t go wrong with this particular selection, which offers a wide range of benefits. High-quality kitchen tools are the only way to avoid messy results. This product’s ergonomic shape prevents fruit fragments and liquids from splattering in all directions.

It’s easy to remove the olive seed using just one hand and a gentle press down on the mechanical olive pitter. As a result of this one element, productivity is increased and wrist strain or weariness is eliminated.

Do you have the same fear of ingesting fruit stones that we do? Cherry pit choking is not uncommon. Such trifling concerns are taken care of by this long-lasting and robust tool. Additional strength and comfort are provided by the lightweight frame and ABS handle.

Olive Pitter Portable Core Remover

Olive Pitter Portable Core Remover

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There is no doubt that the olive seeds can be removed from nearly every pitter. But we can guarantee that this alternative will lead to a better conclusion. The spoon-like form that makes it easy to scoop olives with one hand was the first thing we noticed.

Furthermore, the best-rated olive pitter is one that won’t ruin your kitchen in the process. And the design of this pitter makes that possible. Other notable features include the use of ABS and food-safe silicone in the production of this quality kitchen utensil.

As a result, the olive pitter does not have to worry about durability. Using this approach allows you to dump the pit directly into the trash bin, leaving only the good part remaining. Using this feature while pitting cherries will keep your counter clean and intact.

It’s also completely fatigue-free to operate with this choice. The small and compact form emphasizes the ease of movement. – In fact, the pitter can be locked safely for easy storage.

Easy-to-Use Cherry Pitter and Olive Pitter Kitchen Tool

Easy-to-Use Cherry Pitter and Olive Pitter Kitchen Tool

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Isn’t it frustrating when you try to extract the core of an olive but end up pulverizing the fruit? When it comes to any Olive pitter tool, this is the most critical aspect, but many manufacturers fail to consider the repercussions.

In fact, the ergonomic form of this long-lasting device allows you to spend your free time doing other things rather than cleaning. It’s easy to position the olives because of the holder’s framework. Following that, you’ll get to see how easy it is to do pitting.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to remove the olive core with this pitter’s lightweight design. This option’s one-handed operation is particularly convenient.

Children should not eat seeds or mushy cherries because they can be harmful to them. As a result, this high-quality equipment fits both your needs and provides an additional benefit of simple cleaning. In addition, the longer length makes scooping easier and reduces juice splashing. The pit is then emptied directly into the storage container.

A Cherry Pitter Tool Made by YEVIOR

A Cherry Pitter Tool Made by YEVIOR

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Small olive-like fruit’s core, dates, grips, and thorn apple are all in high demand for pitters. You can’t say no to the several top-notch features that make up this particular product, which makes sure of that.

The components of a composition are what give it its high quality and sturdiness. Due to the presence of food-grade silicone and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene handle materials, you may purchase this olive core remover without any worries at all.

As a result, the commercial olive pitter’s sheer weight allowed us to transport it easily. The ability to maintain a sense of ease when handling is critical, to say the least. This variant has an anti-skid handle for easy extraction of olive stones. The counter is protected from moist splashes thanks to the extended length of the covering.

To avoid hand fatigue, extract the seeds one by one with gentle squeezes. In addition, the bottom of the pitter has a small locking mechanism that can be used to secure the device while it is not in use.

Cherry and Olive Corer, deluxe Norpro

Cherry and Olive Corer, deluxe Norpro

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Want a kitchen utensil that matches your tasteful decor? Look no further. That’s what you’re selling. The European scissor-like design of this one speaks loudly for it.

The rings on the handle make it possible to grasp the tool securely and comfortably. As a result, removing olive cores will be a far more pleasant experience. A structure’s sturdiness is unquestionably dependent on its construction blocks. Therefore, the well-built and strong plastic arrangement is integrated by the producers.

Even more important is the manner of cleaning, and unlike some other possibilities, this olive pitter isn’t damaged when washed. The degeneration of kitchen tools can be frustrating because they are not dishwasher safe.

Hand tiredness is not an issue because you can quickly remove the pits with gentle force. Similarly, the object’s 2.4-ounce weight and compact size make transporting it a breeze. If you’re a frequent traveler, don’t leave home without this handy gadget.

Buying Olive Pitter? Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

Olive Pitter

There are a plethora of options for pit stoners. When it comes to choosing a suitable solution, the pain is genuine. Nothing in life is certain. In order to do so, you must be extremely cautious and familiar with the most vital elements. Let’s begin with the most essential guide. Materials for Construction

No doubt, you’re not seeking something flimsy. An olive pitter may have snapped during its first use for you. The building material is something you’ll want to keep an eye on.

We’re all aware that plastic olive pitters are a common occurrence. Although plastic is inexpensive, we all know it isn’t long-lasting. When it comes to budget-friendly purchases, you can’t go wrong with this one.

However, there are many alternative solutions accessible. Metal alloys are used in the construction material manufactured by innumerable companies. The incorporation of this feature enhances the kitchen tool’s industrial strength and keeps it from collapsing.

Various Olive Pitter Types

There are two major types of olive pitters that you can choose from. Both have their own advantages. As a result, the choice ultimately rests with you.

A Countertop Tool

This particular olive pitter can be placed on your kitchen counter so that you can use it as you choose. You can achieve your desired result by merely exerting effort on the handle. The most crucial feature of this sort of pitter is that it has a design that makes it possible to remove numerous pits at once.


On the other hand, a large number of handheld devices can be used with one hand. A stapler-like shape is prevalent in most of them. These are, in fact, the most common forms.


There are a number of options that can be dismantled and cleaned in a matter of minutes. Olive pitters that deconstruct as quickly as they assemble are a must.

Dishwasher protection is another consideration. It is our responsibility to see to it that the pitter we own is capable of a simple washing procedure.


Is the Olive Pitter Invented?

The olive pitter was invented in the 1920s by Paul D. Cook. From the ancient olive pitter to the current apple core remover, it’s safe to claim that this item is a gift to all of humanity.

Olive Pitter: What’s the Point?

An olive pitter can be used in a variety of ways. Furthermore, the incentives are quite effective and efficient, if I may say so. If you’re pitting an olive, you can use the mixture of salty and briny flavors that come out of the olive pits in cooking.

Additionally, if you want to manufacture your own olive oil, you’ll need a pitter. Olive pitters can also be used to extract the seeds from cherries and other tiny fruits. If you’re planning on making jam or cherry pie, invest in a high-quality kitchen appliance.

What is the purpose of an olive pitter?

The capabilities of your gadget will vary based on the type you choose. A handheld olive pitter is an example of this: Simply grip the stapler-like handle with one hand and press firmly down on it in order to remove the pit.

To prevent spills, most handheld instruments come with a plastic cap that you may put on top of them. Pit waste can be collected in a bowl, and then dumped directly into the container.

In the case of a tabletop olive pitter, you can set many cherries on your kitchen counter depending on the allotted space. Pressing the top section down will collect all the pits on the base at once. All tasks can be completed quickly and easily thanks to this phenomenon. To learn more, please visit this page.

I have small hands and struggle with large tools. What’s the best olive pitter for me?

When selecting an olive pitter, it’s best to go for a design that enables you to remove the pit by pressing down with the heel or palm of your hand, rather than relying on a plunging or squeezing mechanism. This type of pitter takes the strain off your hands and only requires a gentle push.

How messy is the pitting process?

Expect some oil splatter and cleanup when using an olive pitter due to the extraction process. However, some pitters have designs that reduce mess and collect the pits in a separate container. It’s advised to wear an apron to protect clothes from oil stains.

I’ve heard that olive pitters can double as cherry pitters. Is that true?

Many olive pitters can also pit cherries, even smaller ones, without having to remove the stems. Single plunger-style pitters are often the best option for cherry pitting.


An olive pitter is a valuable kitchen tool for anyone who loves olives. It quickly and easily removes the pit, making it easier to enjoy the fruit without any hassle. With a variety of styles and sizes available, there’s an olive pitter out there for everyone. So if you’re tired of struggling with pitted olives, invest in an olive pitter and start enjoying your olives to the fullest.

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