10 Best Pasta Pots

Pasta is a favorite of just about everyone. Italy’s greatest contribution to the world is undoubtedly pasta. Its rich texture and satisfying cheesy taste stay in our mouths for a very long time. But it is crucial that these meals be cooked in a sturdy and secure vessel.

A pasta pot can make boiling water and cooking pasta much simpler. Pasta pots often feature a heavy bottom, sturdy design, and a tight-fitting top. Strainers and colanders are commonplace included extras. The best pasta pots will get the job done in less time and make it simpler to empty the contents into a serving bowl. Most pasta pans are also quite large, so you can make a substantial meal all at once. This makes it an excellent choice for entertaining a large group of people or simply accommodating a big family.

Top Pick

The Bialetti 07265 Pasta Pot is our top selection because of its quality non-stick aluminum coating, heat-resistant handles, and elongated oval shape, which makes it ideal for cooking spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelle, and other varieties of pasta. With the lid securely fastened, you may drain the pasta water through the tiny holes without much trouble. A major shift in the status quo has occurred with this one.

Budget Pick

The Gotham Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot is our budget selection because of its light weight, which makes it simple to transport, its large capacity (five quarts) that allows you to cook a lot of food at once, and its transparent lid (which serves as a strainer). With a simple turn and twist, the lid may be secured. This pasta pot is built to last and will do its job for many years to come. Outstanding quality and cost-effectiveness are what you get from it.

10 Best Pasta Pots

Bialetti 07265 Pasta Pot

Bialetti 07265 Pasta Pot

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For nearly a century, the Italian company Bialetti has provided the general public with cutting-edge goods. The variety of hues in this particular pot by them is very striking.

It can be found in seven different colors, including black, red, red pepper, orange, pink, coastal blue, and black raspberry purple. Whichever one best suits your own sense of style in the kitchen, you can choose it.

Being composed of aluminum, it allows for rapid and equal heating throughout the entire vessel. The interior has a non-stick surface that is safe from PFOA. The twist-and-lock lid can be used as a strainer to discard the scalding liquid in place of a separate sieve. In addition to its straining benefits, this lid features a handy pour spout.

The oval form of the pot, inspired by an Italian design, makes it possible for even the longest noodle sticks to be inserted without breaking. This makes it a fantastic choice for preparing noodles of all shapes and sizes, including lasagna, spaghetti, and fettuccine.

Moreover, the ergonomic design features heat-resistant grips. The bakelite handles will not get hot like the body of the pot, allowing you to have a firm grasp on the pot while you use it.

However, in comparison to other products of its day, the 5-quart capacity is very small. It can’t be used with metal cutlery. You should switch to using utensils made of nylon, wood, or silicone.

What we loved is that the pasta water won’t spill out of the pot because the top has little holes in it. Because to the efficient ventilation, air particles are not trapped.

However, this pasta pot is not compatible with induction stoves, which was a major drawback for us. Furthermore, the lid locks in too tightly, which has been a source of frustration for several customers.

Gotham Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot

Gotham Steel Multipurpose Pasta Pot

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Gotham Steel’s pasta pot can be used for more than just spaghetti, making it a versatile cooking tool. It is expertly crafted from premium aluminum and features a ceramic and titanium nonstick coating. You can count on this pasta pot to last you a long time. You won’t have to go out and get a replacement anytime soon because it’s guaranteed for life.

The generous capacity of 5 quarts means you can easily cook at least 1.5 pounds of pasta. As a result, it’s ideal for feeding a big number of people pasta.

The large, circular base distributes heat more efficiently, allowing food to cook more quickly. You may make popcorn, curries, and a wide variety of other tasty dishes with this pasta pot. Eggs and veggies can be boiled in it as well.

The cover for this pasta pot is the main feature. The lid can be used as a strainer because of the tiny holes in it. Locks on the pasta pot make it easy to secure the strainer when the pasta is done cooking. No more dropping spaghetti down the drain since the holes are the perfect size. And the see-through cover lets you check on your meal without removing it from the heat.

Pasta won’t cause the loop handles to get hot. This makes it less of a chore to transport the pasta pot to the sink, where the water can be drained off. Wearing heat-resistant gloves or potholders is unnecessary when transporting the pasta pot. Additionally, it is light in weight.

The pasta pot is dishwasher safe, so it’s easy to clean after each use. This item can also be easily hand washed. Just get some hot soapy water and a gentle sponge, and you’re good to go. If you don’t want the non-stick coating to get scratched up, it’s advisable to avoid using abrasive dish detergents and cleaning tools.

What we loved is that you can use this pasta pot in an oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, there are no PTFE, PFOA, or PFOS in the coating that prevents food from sticking.

The non-oven-safe cover was the only thing we didn’t like. It could crack under the intense heat.

Farberware Classic Covered Straining Stockpot

Farberware Classic Covered Straining Stockpot

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Farberware, a manufacturer of kitchen tools for more than a century, has entered this beautiful and classic pasta pot into our competition for the finest. This pot, like all of their other wares, combines classic aesthetics with cutting-edge engineering.

Glazed in silver, its exterior will add a touch of class to your kitchen. The majority of its frame is made out of stainless steel, ensuring its durability and longevity. The polished steel outside and the large aluminum core of this pan provide even cooking temperatures. It’s easy to keep the product in good condition and clean after usage because of the finish.

These pot’s phenolic handles make it much easier to carry it directly from the stove or burner to your kitchen counter. These phenolic handles are constructed such that they do not get hot even when the rest of the pot is in use.

Pasta pans typically come with strainers for effortless draining. To save dirtying another dish, this one comes pre-installed in the bell-shaped colander lid, which features a variety of hole sizes. Additionally, the rims of the pan are rolled thickly for easier and more secure handling. To do this, first make sure the lid is securely in place by twisting it, and then discard the liquid that doesn’t fit.

It’s cheap and dishwasher safe, making it convenient. It can be used in ovens up to 350 F (180 C), so long as the temperature never rises over that.

Having an ample capacity of 8 quarts, this pasta pot was a big plus for us. Two pounds of spaghetti can be cooked with no problem. It’s also easier to maintain consistent heat throughout the cooking surface because to the base’s substantial thickness.

The non-heat-resistant handles of this pasta pot were the main drawback we found. To safely transfer it from the stove to the kitchen counter or table, use heat-resistant gloves or potholders.

Cook N Home Pasta Cooker Steamer Multipots

Cook N Home Pasta Cooker Steamer Multipots

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Cook N Home, based in California, made this silver cookware set. Stockpot, pasta insert, steamer insert, and glass lid are the four components that make up a single set. For durability, all of these parts are crafted from stainless steel and given a high polish.

A disc of aluminum, encased in steel, is used to distribute heat uniformly throughout the building. The stockpot can hold 8 quarts of liquid, allowing you to quickly and easily cook for a large group. The riveted stainless steel handles are also designed for a secure hold. The tempered glass lid is vented to allow steam to escape, so you can see how your food is cooking without opening the lid.

Each of the two inserts contributes to the overall efficiency with which the dishes can be prepared. The capacity of the deep steamer insert is sufficient for cooking a substantial meal. The pasta insert is shaped like a pot so that a large quantity of pasta can be prepared at once.

The likes of sauce, spaghetti, stocks, hard-boiled eggs, and steamed veggies can all be made with their help. Caution is advised, though, because the water in the strainer might rise to the top of the pan if left unattended.

This pan has a flat, conductive bottom that makes it suitable for use on an induction stove. It’s compatible with gas, ceramic, glass, and halogen cooktops, as well as electric. Put it in the dishwasher to save some power.

We appreciated not having to drain our boiled pasta in a separate colander. To drain the pasta and discard the cooking water, just raise the central pot. In addition to saving time, this also eliminates the need to do more dishwashing.

The lack of a secure lid locking mechanism was the most significant issue we encountered. Even more so, it tends to break apart when subjected to intense heat. Moreover, it is a tiresome operation to remove the factory wrapping from the pasta pot.

Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Pasta/Steamer Set

Cuisinart 77-412 Chef's Classic Pasta/Steamer Set

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This pasta pot set is a best-seller from Cuisinart’s extensive catalog of cookware. Cuisinart has been making reliable cookware for almost 40 years, and this model is right in line with the company’s established norms.

The 18/10 stainless steel used throughout this set ensures that it will hold up well over time without rusting or corroding. In addition, the mirror-like smoothness of the surface will add a touch of class and sophistication to your kitchen’s cooking utensils.

There are also two metallic color options: silver and champagne. The champagne colour is a welcome addition to our palette and can give your collection an air of understated glitz.

The primary pot is a massive 12 quarts in size. Its diameter is 11 inches, and it stands 9 inches tall. In its own right, it can store and efficiently process enough spaghetti for around 20 people. Therefore, it is useful for those who regularly need to cook for a large number of people.

The encased aluminum foundation beneath the stainless steel allows for rapid heating and even distribution of that heat. The rims have been shaped to allow pouring without splattering. The handles, which are solid cast and riveted, are comfortable to hold and facilitate safe lifting and balancing of the pot during use.

A steamer basket and a lid that snugly fits the pot are also included in this set. When using the insert, you won’t need a strainer to remove the cooked pasta. The steamer basket, however, can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including cooking fish, broths, and more. They can be put in the dishwasher for cleaning and used in the oven at temperatures up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit for cooking.

Liked that it worked with both traditional and induction hobs. The pasta pot’s collapsible handles make it convenient for storage. Its footprint is minimal.

Disliked feature: pasta insert quickly rusts after repeated use. In addition, the black residue in the strainer’s openings is quite hard to clean. Many customers complained that no matter how many times they washed the strainer, the black residue remained.

Excelsteel 4 Piece Multi-Cookware Set

Excelsteel 4 Piece Multi-Cookware Set

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Excelsteel’s four-piece cookware set features a main pot, steamer basket, pasta basket, and tempered glass cover with a vent for releasing steam while it cooks. You can count on the longevity of every one of these pieces because they are crafted from 18/10 stainless steel. The dish’s encased bottom also facilitates even heating throughout.

In order to facilitate the preparation of meals for a sizable gathering, the main pot has a capacity of 12 quarts. Using the two strainers or baskets, you may speed up the preparation of large meals.

These baskets will come in handy if you need to prepare the meal in several batches. Simply remove the finished batch from the strainer, transfer the contents to a bowl or plate, and then add the next batch to the pot.

Instead of constantly draining and re-filling the pot, you may just switch the water from one batch to the next. Time is saved, and your guests won’t be kept waiting about for too long.

In addition, you can rest assured that your wonderful meal is safe from any mishaps thanks to the transparent lid. You’ll have access to the essentials for cooking great pasta dishes, stocks, and steamed vegetables. It’s not necessary to use the dishwasher on the pieces of this reasonably priced set because of how simple they are to clean.

The pasta pot’s large base allows for rapid and even heating, which is something we really appreciated. As an added bonus, the looped design of these potholders makes them easy to grip with wet or cold fingers.

The stainless steel coating may chip after a few usage, which was a major drawback. Furthermore, the colander’s big pores may prevent you from straining thin pasta because it will just fall through.

Cooks Standard Pasta Steamer Multipot

Cooks Standard Pasta Steamer Multipot

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A top product by Cooks Standard, this pasta cooker is a must-have. A stockpot, a pasta insert, a steamer insert, and a cover make up the four-piece set. Since all four pieces are constructed of premium stainless steel, they will not rust. Furthermore, its superior build quality ensures that it will last for a long time without showing any signs of wear and tear.

The stockpot is huge, holding 12 quarts of liquid. Pasta may be cooked in a huge quantity in a short amount of time. Additionally, the depth of the stockpot means that you won’t have to worry about any broken pasta. The pasta attachment facilitates draining the pasta’s cooking water. As a result, the insert should not get clogged up with cooked pasta.

An aluminum disc securely fastens the stockpot’s base, and the material is otherwise a high-quality 18-10 stainless steel. This makes it efficient at both retaining and redistributing heat over the cooking surface. Further, this stockpot is compatible with a wide range of cooktop materials and technologies, including gas, glass, electric, induction, ceramic, and even halogen.

Even the steamer insert has a lot of room. Many different kinds of veggies can be steamed at the same time. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, and a wide variety of other vegetables can all be steamed with little effort. On top of that, when you remove the steam insert, hot water won’t go flying everywhere.

The top is also composed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The lid can be used while cooking meals in a pot on the stove. As a result of the lid’s tight seal, the food will remain juicy for longer. Maintaining a steady temperature inside the stockpot is another benefit.

The fact that it can be put in the dishwasher and cleaned without any extra work was a major plus. It can also be used in an oven with temperatures lower than 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

We did not like that there were no openings or vents in the lid, thus boiling water may potentially leak out if the stove were left on for too long. Not only that, but you’ll have to lift the top every so often to peek inside and make sure your food is still good because it isn’t see-through. Because of the heat loss, your food will take longer to cook.

Rachael Ray Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Pasta Pot, Stockpot

Rachael Ray Brights Hard Anodized Nonstick Pasta Pot / Stockpot / Stock Pot - 8 Quart, Gray
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This ravishing pasta pot in agave blue is part of the limited-edition Rachael Ray Cucina collection and would be a wonderful addition to any cook’s kitchen. You may serve the spaghetti right out of this beautiful saucepan. Any desk would benefit from the glossy blue exterior.

High-quality aluminum construction ensures even heating throughout this pasta pot. Pasta pans with a durable enamel porcelain coating on the outside are less likely to rust. The interior, on the other hand, has a dark brown tone and has a non-stick coating. The non-stick coating, thankfully, is completely free of PFOA and hence completely safe for human consumption.

This pasta pot is not suitable for use on induction cooktops, but it may be used on gas, electric, ceramic, and even glass. More than that, you can even put it in the oven. However, if you cook at temperatures higher than 400 degrees Fahrenheit, the non-stick coating may begin to chip.

The 8-quart capacity of this multipurpose cookware allows you to prepare a lot of meals at once. Additionally, the oval design permits the cooking of unbroken strands of long pasta like spaghetti, linguine, vermicelli, and even capellini.

The rubberized coating on the lid and the two handles makes it easy to carry. As an added bonus, its slip-resistant texture ensures a firm grip, even when your hands are wet.

Our favorite features are the secure cover and the curved edge that makes draining the pasta water much simpler.

The oval shape of the pasta pot prevented it from fitting on our standard round stovetop burners, which was a major drawback. Furthermore, it cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

SKY LIGHT Stock Pot 6 Quart, Nonstick Dutch Oven with Tempered Glass Lid

SKY LIGHT Stock Pot 6 Quart, Nonstick Dutch Oven with Tempered Glass Lid

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The name SKY LIGHT is synonymous with high-quality, multipurpose kitchen appliances. In this case, the stockpot. This stockpot is made of high-quality stainless steel, and its mirror finish makes it seem expensive and sophisticated. This durable pot can hold 3 quarts of water, making it ideal for cooking pasta and other foods for a small household.

German-made stainless steel means you can rest assured this product will last for years to come in your kitchen. The materials have not been treated with any dangerous chemicals or compounds. Consuming food prepared in this stockpot is not likely to cause any allergic reactions or other health problems.

This stockpot is built to last with three sturdy layers of material. It can tolerate extreme temperatures without cracking or melting. It can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, and oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, it can be used with any standard cooking surface, including gas, electric, induction, and ceramic. It is also compatible with halogen cooktops.

The handles are riveted for added strength. The heat-resistant handles make it easy to transport this 4.5-pound stockpot. Put away the heat-resistant mitts and gloves. Further, the see-through cover lets you check on your meal without removing the lid. This has dual benefits: it speeds up cooking while keeping the food’s natural juices and flavor intact.

What we liked about this stockpot is that it has a scale carved on the inside so you can precisely gauge how much water you’ve added. As an added bonus, the rounded border makes it easy to filter pasta water without making a huge mess.

Unfortunately, this stockpot is not suitable for preparing a substantial supper.

Tramontina 80120/200DS Pasta Cooker

Tramontina 80120/200DS Pasta Cooker

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Customers can always count on Tramontina to deliver innovative and useful kitchen tools. With decades of experience, this brand has figured out how to consistently please its clientele. Long-term buyers of this product have also been quite pleased with it. The 6-quart pasta pot, lid, and strainer make up the Tramontina 80120/200DS Pasta Cooker’s three-piece set.

This pasta cooker’s quality 18/10 stainless steel construction ensures it won’t discolor or break when subjected to boiling water. Thanks to its tri-ply design, the base quickly acquires and maintains a high level of heat.

Stainless steel is an excellent heat conductor and contributes to a more uniform temperature over the cooking surface. In a short amount of time, you can prepare your meals.

The pasta pot’s flat base means it can be used with any cooking method, from traditional gas to cutting-edge induction. Additionally, it can be used in the oven for a variety of culinary experiments. However, if you want to use this pot in the oven, you must make sure the temperature doesn’t get higher than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Strain the pasta water quickly and easily while keeping your hands on the sturdy riveted handles thanks to this strainer’s clever locking mechanism. Large and easy to grasp, the handles are a nice touch. The meal will retain more flavorful moisture because the lid seals tightly after use.

Our favorite feature is how simple it is to clean the pasta pot after use. A good rinsing with some warm, soapy water should do the trick for cleaning the pasta pot.

Disliked features include the product’s heft (5.5 pounds) and the fact that filtering pasta water over a sink might be a nuisance for some. The strainer also does not encompass the complete circumference of the pot. When you strain your spaghetti, some of it may escape.

When Choosing a Pasta Cooker, It’s Important to Keep These Things in Mind

Shape And Size

Oval-shaped pasta pans facilitate the cooking of linguine and other long pastas without the need to cut them up first. However, given that most burners are circular, the oval pasta pot might not be the best fit for the stovetop. Inconsistent heat distribution will lengthen the time it takes to prepare meals. A spherical pasta pot is ideal for retaining and distributing heat, so it’s worth considering if your stovetop is on the smaller side.

A pasta pot that can hold at least 10 or 11 liters of water is ideal if you regularly have to prepare pasta for a large number of people. The huge pasta pot will save you time and energy when cooking for a large group because you can cook an entire pound of pasta at once. A 5 or 7 liter pasta bowl would do if you have a small household or don’t eat pasta very often.


Your pasta pot’s durability will be determined by the material it’s made of. A high-quality pasta pot, made of metals like stainless steel or aluminum, is a worthwhile investment. Be sure to research the materials to see if they include any toxic chemicals that could endanger your health. Ensure that your pasta pan’s non-stick coating is free of PFOA, PFAS, PFOS, PFBS, and GenX.


A heavy pasta pot will be less of a burden to transport than a light one. Choose a pasta pot that is not too heavy if you have weak hands. Carrying a pasta pot full of boiling water over to the sink to drain it is a chore if the pot is heavy. It will be even more of a pain to clean by hand.


The handles of pasta pots should be wide enough for a person to easily wrap their fingers around. Consider purchasing a pasta pot with heat-resistant handles if you do not often use heat-proof gloves or potholders. The rubberized or silicone handles, on the other hand, are just as easy to hold. The handles on your pasta pot shouldn’t be too small or too hard to grip.


Faster cooking times are achieved with the use of lids, which keep in the heat and prevent food from drying out. If you plan on using your pasta pot for something other than pasta, a lid will help to keep in moisture and flavor whether boiling eggs, veggies, or shellfish or while creating stews and soups. Make sure the lid is constructed from high-quality materials that will not crack when subjected to high temperatures. A pasta pot with a secure top makes it simple to pour out excess water while cooking.


You can save time and effort by using a pasta pot that comes with a pasta insert, colander, or strainer. Pasta doesn’t need to be drained in the pot, so there’s no need to move it to the sink. If you use a pasta insert or colander, your spaghetti won’t go all over the sink.

Clean Up Quickly

Dishwasher-safe pasta pots are a time and labor saver. Pasta pots can be a pain to wash in the sink due to their size and weight. You’ll be putting a lot of strain on your wrists and expending a lot of energy. Leaving it in the dishwasher will free up some of your time, so you can unwind. But if your pasta pot isn’t dishwasher safe, you may easily clean it by hand with some mild soap and warm water. It is crucial that you dry your pasta pot thoroughly before putting it away. It could rust if you don’t take care of it.

Quick Solutions to Some Common Problems

We put a lot of time and effort into purchasing each set of cookware, but they all seem to have flaws after a while. To help them last longer, try these simple fixes for the most common problems:


Most often, this happens in stainless steel cooking pots. In this situation, its parts frequently take on a rainbow of hues. Specialized, nonabrasive cleansers will remove it without damaging the surface’s original finish. Other methods include using vinegar to cleanse the pan after cooking acidic foods like tomato sauce.

Sticky surface

In general, steel will expand when heated and contract when brought into touch with a cooler object. The pot must be heated, oil added, and then the meal placed within. Applying oil to a hot surface causes the steel to become static, which, in turn, renders the oil non-stick for a short period of time.

Water stains

First, soak the area where the stains are located, then sprinkle some baking soda into a damp sponge and scrub the area well. Scrub the area with the sponge until the stain disappears, then rinse. To prevent these marks from reappearing, you should dry the pots right away after washing.

White spots

The reaction of calcium can leave white patches on the steel’s shiny surface. The best way to get rid of them is to boil a mixture of vinegar and water at a ratio of 1:3. When it has cooled down, give the pot a quick scrub and rinse.


How much water should I put in the pasta pot?

How much pasta you cook at once will determine this. To cook a pound of pasta, you’ll probably need about 4 liters of water. When cooking pasta, it’s recommended to fill the pot no more than three-quarters of the way full of water. Bear in mind that pasta will become dry and hard if too little water is added.

Pasta keeps sticking together. What should I do?

Add a bit of olive oil to the cooking water if the pasta refuses to separate. In addition, you should check the temperature of the water to ensure it is boiling before you add the uncooked pasta.

How do I prevent pasta water from oozing out of the pot?

Because starch dissolves so quickly in boiling pasta water, it often overflows. A little bit of lubricant goes a long way toward reducing the speed at which this happens. When the water for the pasta begins to boil, you can either leave it at that temperature or reduce it. You can also reduce the amount of water by using a larger pasta pot.


With just a little TLC, your shiny, new cookware will retain its luster and beauty for years to come. Put in the time and effort to consider all of the options before settling on a pasta cooker. Then show off your culinary skills to all your friends and family.

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