Best Perforated Pizza Peels

Pizza is one of the most popular foods worldwide. Although it is originally from Italy, people across the world have accepted it as their own. Now restaurants in every corner of the globe have pizza on their menu.

If you’re a big pizza lover or have baked pizza at least once in your life, you must’ve come across pizza peels which helps make the art of pizza baking easier & more fun. A pizza peel is like a shovel with which you retrieve the baked pizza out of the oven.

There are so many varieties of pizza peels in the market. But perforated pizza peels have some advantages over non-perforated ones. Let us help you choose the right one for your liking.

What is a pizza peel? 

A pizza peel is a cooking tool used to move pizza in and out of the oven. It is a round or rectangular-shaped tool with a blade to hold the pizza dough and a handle to carry the whole thing. There are two basic types of pizza peels-

  • Perforated pizza peels
  • Non-perforated pizza peels (also known as wooden peels)

What is a perforated pizza peel?

First of all, what does “perforate” mean? Perforate simply means to “pierce” something “with a hole or holes.” A perforated pizza peel is a metal peel with holes in its surface, which helps get rid of the excess flour from the pizza, preventing the dough from burning in the oven.

It also contains the pizza dough from sticking to the peel. Due to the holes in its carrying surface, the regular airflow makes it hard for the pizza dough to stick to the peel.

What is a non-perforated pizza peel?

Non-perforated pizza peels are solid, traditional pizza peels are mainly made of wood. Pizza dough is less likely to stick to the wooden peels than it does to the metal peels.

Wooden pizza peels are heavier than metal peels. A medium-sized wooden peel weighs around 1.7 pounds, whereas metal peels don’t weigh more than 1.5 pounds.

So, Perforated vs. non-perforated pizza peels- which one is better?

From the above discussion, we get an overall idea of the difference between perforated vs. non-perforated pizza peels. So, let’s make our final call. Which one is better?

As we see, perforated pizza peels are the modern solution to a traditional non-perforated pizza peel. Here’s why they are better-

There is only one distinction between a perforated pizza peel and a solid one: the microscopic holes in the perforated peel. Because of the perforation, your pizza will be less likely to stick to it than it would to a solid peel.

Perforated Vs Non-Perforated Pizza Peel

The majority of classic pizza peels are flat, sturdy, and wooden. Because pizza dough is less likely to attach to wood than to other materials, such as metal, this is the most common reason why wood is used in pizza ovens.

Underneath the dough, wooden surfaces let air pass through due to the surface’s roughness. If you can’t get away with making wood as thin as metal, these peels have a drawback: they’re not very functional or durable.

Since wooden pizza peels are thick, transferring your pizza to them is difficult without the aid of other instruments. That’s hardly a good thing when you’re dealing with a hot oven, is it?

In a perfect scenario, you want a super-thin pizza peel that you can slide under your pizza with ease, wooden peels don’t give ease and, although they offer anti-sticking, the thickness is their downside. As a result, metal is the preferred material.

Perforations in the peel allow air to circulate beneath the dough, preventing it from sticking, and they’re thin enough to glide underneath your pizza, which is why they’re used for cheese.

Top 4 Reasons Perforated Pizza Peel is Not a Waste of Money

#1. Separates the extra flour from the dough

A perforated pizza peel’s best feature is that it has holes in its surface, enabling it to separate the extra flour from the dough.

It is important because excessive flour burns in the oven and makes the pizza crust looks burnt & discolored. It also changes the taste. The stove gets filled with smoke when you put excessive flour in your food. So that’s an important reason why perforated pizza peels are the best.

#2. Less sticking due to unrestricted airflow

The holes mean there are fewer surfaces for the pizza to stick to the peel. Also, the holes enable unrestricted airflow between the pizza dough and the cover, which leads to less sticky situations.

Also, the size of the holes is essential. If the holes are too big, the dough can start sinking through them. So you need to find a peel with moderate-sized spots so that the pizza dough doesn’t fall off.

#3. Less weight & easier to remove from the oven

A perforated pizza peel is thin, which makes it weigh less than a wooden peel. A wooden peel’s surface is thick & sometimes it gets difficult to remove the cooked pizza from the oven due to the weight. So a perforated pizza peel is easier to withdraw from the oven. 

#4. Crispier crust 

Perforated pizza peels create crispier crusts as they don’t let the moisture get in the dough while baking. The unrestricted airflow between the dough and the perforations helps the pizza crusts to stay delicious & crispy.

7 Best Perforated Pizza Peels: Crucial To Your Home Made Pizza

A good metal peel ensures a faster pace during work than a wooden peel, resulting in higher productivity. Perforated pizza peels allow extra flour to be separated from the dough so that ovens stay clean, no smoke is given off, and the pizza crusts remain crispy and don’t get burned. Here are the seven best-perforated pizza peels found in the market.

Ooni 12″ perforated Pizza Peel

Ooni 12" perforated Pizza Peel


  • Blade Length: 12″
  • Handle Length: 26″
  • Overall Length: 38″
  • Blade Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Glass-reinforced nylon
  • Weight: 1.54 Pounds (585g)

The best feature of this product is that it’s as lightweight as it gets. It weighs 585 grams only. The handle is made of glass-reinforced nylon & the blade is made of anodized Aluminum. The super-sleek, hard anodized coating increases corrosion resistance and a hyper-smooth surface to ensure a seamless experience when launching and retrieving pizzas. 

It is 12 inches in width & the shape is rectangular, but unlike other rectangular peels, you can spin it. It is also available in 14 inches. This peel has great reviews from its users for being beautiful, lightweight & high quality. This one is a game-changer.

It makes pizza baking so much easier. It has a good grip, and it’s flexible enough to ensure perfect control during the baking. It is easy to launch the pizza into the oven. The holes make it possible for any extra flour to come off and it lets the dough breathe a bit. The holes are good for cooling off the pizza after cooking is complete. 

And then it’s also very easy to clean too. Hand-wash it & don’t put it in the dishwasher. You can store it anywhere in the kitchen. It is suggested not to leave the peel exposed to high temperatures for an extended period of time. That’s all you need to know about the cleaning and storage of this peel.


  • – Ooni 12″ perforated pizza peel is the best there is. It is a high quality pizza peel with very good customer reviews.
  • – It is very easy to handle & makes the perfect pizza
  • – It is very easy to launch & spin
  • – It is easy to clean & store


  • – It is a bit pricey, but the quality makes up for the price

Gi 14″ Aluminum Perforated Turning Pizza Peel

Gi 14" Aluminum Perforated Turning Pizza Peel


  • Blade Width: 14″
  • Handle Length: 47″
  • Overall Length: 63″
  • Blade Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds

Gi 14″ Aluminum Perforated Turning Pizza Peel is made in Italy and is one of the best-perforated pizza peels in the market. It is rectangular, and the blade is 14 inches wide. The blade is made of anodized Aluminum & the handle is Aluminum too. The anodized Aluminum makes it very lightweight & durable. It can be used frequently in a high heat oven & the 59 inches long handle keeps your hand away from the oven. 

The blade is improved to support the most intense heat and increase the frequent use that comes in a busy restaurant. The circular perforations or holes allow for the flour to release from the bottom of the dough, reducing the chances of burnt crusts. It can also be used as a scraper to remove the sticky dough from the oven. 

The aluminum handle is lightweight and powerful, and therefore the oval shape helps keep the peel steady in your hands. Also, the handle features a hole at the top for easy wall hanging and storage. The classic rectangular shape of the peel offers an outsized area to simply support pizzas as they’re being moved, and therefore the handle makes it an excellent grip point to lift pizzas. The handle is intended to function as a natural extension of the pizza maker’s arm, offering strong, steady, and great solutions for the pizza maker.


  • – It is made of light and sturdy anodized Aluminum
  • – 59″ lightweight handle keeps hands away from the hot oven
  • – The unique blade is designed to help resist the scorching heat
  • – Head-handle joint is secured by three large, overlapping rivets for guaranteed stability
  • – The holes in the peel assists in the release of excessive flour from the dough


  • – It is the priciest pizza peel in the market but also worth it. 

Komista Perforated 12″ Aluminum Pizza Peel

Komista Perforated 12" Aluminum Pizza Peel


  • Blade Width: 12″
  • Handle Length: 14″
  • Overall Length: 22″
  • Blade Material: Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Aluminum

Krista Perforated 12″ Aluminum Pizza Peel is best for those who are on a budget or those who are amateur pizza makers as the price is very affordable. It is made from light and durable anodized Aluminum. It can easily slide under the pizza & the holes reduce excess flour providing low abrasion. The Aluminum makes it very lightweight & the handle keeps hands away from the hot oven. The blade-handle joint is attached by three big rivets to guarantee balance. It is guaranteed to make you happy or else the company promises a full refund.

This peel has a neutral anodizing coat on the blade to protect it from natural oxidation.

The blade is strengthened by the rivets to resist the scorching heat and the frequent use in a busy restaurant. The perforations allow for the flour to release from the bottom of the dough, which reduces the chance for the crust to burn. It also reduces abrasion while moving pizzas which makes the process smooth and incident-free. You can also use it as a scraper to remove pizza dough from your countertop. The front of the blade is milled which makes it a great grip point to lift the pizzas.

It is 12 inches, so it is best for smaller pizzas. The shorter black handle makes it best for use in smaller ovens. One other feature of this pizza peel is the small hole in the top of the handle. This makes it easy to hang on the kitchen wall and ensures better storage of the peel.


  • The low price does not mean bad quality. The size is small, so it’s better to use for smaller pizzas.

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum 9″ Turning Pizza Peel

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum 9-Inch Turning Pizza Peel 


  • Blade Width: 9″
  • Handle Length: 47 inch
  • Blade Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material: All Natural Pine Wood
  • Weight: 1.68 pounds

This pizza peel is perfect for those who want to spin their pizzas in the oven. The round shape helps spin the pizza while baking. This is for those whose ovens have problems producing heat evenly. It is produced from Aluminum so it is lightweight, which makes spinning easier.

The shape makes it a neater and smoother process of spinning the pizza. This is great for those who have ovens that don’t produce heat evenly. It is also made up of Aluminum, so your arms won’t get tired from the consistent spinning of your pizzas.

This pizza peel comes with a gorgeous wooden adjustable handle that permits you to require the handle from 28 inches to 47 inches. This adaptability makes this pizza peel work well with many sorts of ovens. Chef Pomodoro’s Hard Aluminum Turning Pizza Peel with Detachable Wooden Handle was made for cooking the best pizzas whenever needed. Designed with function and practicality in mind, the blade is made from hard commercial-grade aluminum for durability and withstanding scorching hot temperatures. The long detachable handle allows you to simply control and rotate pizzas in scorching hot ovens without getting burned.

Hand washes in warm, soapy water. Use a soft sponge to scrape dirt off of it. Dry immediately. Do not soak or use abrasive scrubbers. Don’t use the dishwasher while washing it. After finishing cleaning you can detach its handle for better storage.


  • This peel is designed to make rotating your pizza easy in the scorching hot oven. Thus its main strength is easy handling. 
  • This peel prevents the pizza dough from burning as you can rotate the pizza in the hot oven from time to time & know when it’s fully done. 
  • The long natural wooden handle can be detached in two parts. It can extend all the way to 47 inches. The length keeps your hands from burning. It does double duty by also making it easy to disassemble and store after use.
  • The peel can resist extremely high temperatures because of the anodized aluminum blade.


  • The biggest downfall to the Chef Pomodoro pizza peel is that it’s 9 inches in length. While it makes it easy to spin pizzas, because the blade is so small, there’s no room for error which means you need to be extremely careful with the size of the pizza you want to make with it.

L.K.E Perforated Pizza Peel

L.K.E Perforated Pizza Peel


  • Blade Width: 11.6″
  • Handle Length: 15.3″
  • Overall Length: 31.5″
  • Blade Material: Hard Anodized Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Natural Wood

The next pizza peel on our list is L.K.E Perforated Pizza Peel. The best feature of this product is its gorgeous light wood handle. This is for those who care about the aesthetics of the product as it is very pleasant to the eye. The L.K.E peel is very pleasing to see with a beautiful light wood handle that will look great in any kitchen. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, the L.K.E pizza is Aluminum and lightweight, and it is also capable of spinning pizzas, which isn’t the case for all rectangular peels. 

This peel needs less flour when transferring the pizza from the kitchen counter to the pizza oven. And without excessive flour, it leaves little or no chance for burnt crusts which leads to a bitter taste.

Also, it keeps the oven clean as the flour is minimized. The hard anodized coating increases corrosion resistance and a hyper-smooth surface to make sure a seamless experience. This pizza peel is perfect for easily sliding, turning, and retrieving pizzas.

It requires very little effort to get the pizza in & out of the oven in perfect condition. The excessive flour can be dusted off easily out of the peel. It is easily storable as it has a hole at the end of the handle. The light wood handle looks good in the kitchen. In addition, it is long-lasting and available at a very good price.


  • No excessive flour is needed
  • Very lightweight
  • Beautiful wooden handle
  • Can be used to spin the pizza in the oven
  • Great kitchen tool. It can be the perfect gift for your near & dear ones as it is budget-friendly.


  • Not suitable for commercial use, better use for indoor & outdoor parties. 

Komista Turning Round Pizza Peel

Komista Turning Round Pizza Peel


  • Blade Width: 9″
  • Handle Length: 47″
  • Overall Length: 57″
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Weight- 2.55 pounds

Krista Turning Round Pizza Peel is the best choice if you’re on a budget. It is made out of long-lasting low nickel content stainless steel. The best feature of this peel is that it is a turning pizza peel which means you can rotate the pizza within the oven and ensure an even baking on all sides.

It is 12 inches, so it’s best for smaller pizzas. The short black handle is best for use in smaller pizza ovens. Stainless steel is heavier than Aluminum, so it is heavier than other peels because normally they weigh between 1 and 1 ½ pounds, but this peel weighs 2.55 pounds. This may not sound like a huge difference, but when you are constantly turning pizzas, it can exhaust your hands.

This pizza peel takes cooking pizza to perfection as it is a professional-level turning pizza peel. This round pizza peel is very easy to rotate in the hot oven, which makes it possible to bake the whole thing evenly. Its long handle design and perforated peel are ultra-durable and easy to use.

It also assists in reducing abrasion when moving pizzas, leaving movements in and out of the oven smooth and incident-free. The round shape has mechanics around the blade, which makes it easier to slide under a pizza.

The chrome steel blade and handle reduce heat transmission while providing durability and cleanliness. It can be used frequently in very high-heat or deep pizza ovens. The lightweight 47″ handle keeps hands distant from the hot oven, the handle has a small hole in the top so you can easily hang it in your kitchen.


  • Made from light and long-lasting chrome steel
  • It’s easy to slide under the pizza. The holes reduce flour excess
  • Lightweight handle keeps hands far away from the blazing oven


  • It is heavier than the other pizza peels but a better choice if you want a more durable peel

Homevibes 12″ Perforated Pizza Peel

Homevibes 12" Perforated Pizza Peel


  • Blade Width: 12″
  • Blade Length: 14″
  • Handle Length: 10″
  • Overall Length: 24″
  • Blade Material: Aluminum
  • Handle Material: Oak Wood
  • Weight- 2.55 pounds

Homevibes 12″ Perforated Pizza Peel is designed keeping in mind the consumer’s needs. The best feature of this product is the foldable handle which makes it easier to store. This peel is specially made for baking homemade bread. The aluminum metal is from commercial grade aluminum for heavy-duty and resisting high temperatures.

The 11-inch handle can be folded inwardly, which makes it easy to store in any kitchen. The handle adds to the beautiful decor of your kitchen. The handle is strong enough to prevent bending & makes it easier to move the pizza to and from the oven.

The price of this peel is lower compared to the others, so it is a great option for those who are on a budget. The handle is 18 inches which makes it better for larger ovens. Homevibes is made of Aluminum which is extremely light and easy to handle. According to the company, this peel is expected to last 6-8 times longer than a wooden peel which makes it a wise investment. This peel is a must-have if you’re a pizza enthusiast. Made of commercial-grade Aluminum and all-natural oak wood, the Homevibes pizza peel is the perfect tool and companion in baking pizzas


  • Commercial-grade Aluminum blade & all-natural oak wood handle
  • Foldable handle with an easy storage capacity
  • More long-lasting than a wood peel
  • Protects your hands from burning as the wood handle keeps them away from the hot oven


  • The handle could be longer but it’s perfectly usable

How to use & store a perforated pizza peel?

Perforated pizza peels are used the same way as non-perforated pizza peels. The difference is in the outcome. While making a pizza, try taking as much flour as you can off of the pizza dough.

The peel itself helps get the extra flour off. Then put it in the oven as fast as you can because making the pizza dough rest on the peel longer than it should results in it sinking through the holes.

After the baking is complete, carefully remove the peel from the oven and place it on your counter. Then cut the slices with a pizza cutter & your pizza is ready to serve.

Storing a pizza peel is quite easier if it has a hole in the handle. You can just hang it on your kitchen wall. And if it doesn’t have a hole then place it with your other kitchenware on the shelf or over your kitchen cabinet. Some peels have foldable handles. They are easier to store. 

Before You Buy a Perforated Pizza Peel, Consider These Factors:

A pizza peel that has holes carved into it isn’t the same as another. As a result, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of various variables before making the decision that’s right for you.

When shopping for a perforated pizza peel, bear the following considerations in mind:


When making a pizza peel, you can choose from a variety of materials. Perforated pizza peels, on the other hand, are typically composed of aluminum or steel.

Wooden pizza peel

Because wooden pizza peels are both heavy and thick, as well as difficult to keep clean, we opted for a perforated pizza peel.

Keeping them clean and dry is a full-time job. They’re far more difficult to sanitize because of this.

As a result, either aluminum or steel are our top recommendations.


Aluminum is the sturdiest of the two, making it easier to work with. When it comes to aluminum pizza peels, this is the most important benefit. In addition, they have a very long lifespan.

They are easy to clean and provide a crispy and tasty crust.

Even though lighter, aluminum is less robust than steel, and while it can last a lifetime, it can also morph or take on strange shapes.


Steel is the heavier of the two materials, which may or may not be a good thing for you. However, because of its weight, it is the most durable alternative.

Easy to clean, they also guarantee a crispy, crunchy crust.

Its major flaw is that, in comparison to the other materials, it has the fewest non-stick qualities.

Size and shape

As a second consideration, it is important to think about the size and shape of the perforated dough sheet. All of this is up to you and how you want to use the peel.

They are available in both square and round forms. It’s recommended to use squared pizza peels to make larger pizzas. Because they are so huge, they make it harder to move smaller pizzas around.

Smaller pizzas, especially those that will be rotated while cooking, benefit most from circular peels.

Consider how you intend to cook your pizza before selecting your peel. As a result of an uneven oven, it’s possible that you’ll require a round-shaped pizza peel.

It’s ideal to use the squared peel if you have an evenly-heated pizza oven and cook for a large group of people, as large pizzas don’t require a lot of rotation.

Length of Handle

When purchasing a perforated pizza peel, the handle length is the final feature to bear in mind.

Longer-handled pizza peels are ideal if your pizza oven is rather deep.

If you have a small or shallow pizza oven, you may want to use a shorter pizza peel.

Consider the size of your oven when deciding on the handle length for your pizza peel handle.

Perforated Pizza Peel FAQs

How do I prevent the dough from sticking to my perforated pizza peel?

Small perforations in the peel allow for easy food release without the need for additional cornmeal or flour. As an alternative, put flour or cornmeal on top of your perforated pizza peel for better nonstick performance.

What is the best way to use a perforated pizza peel?

This baking tool can be used in a variety of ways. Determine what works well and comfortably for you before deciding on a new routine.

Why are some pizza peel perforated?

Helps remove air pockets and steam from the pizza as it is transferred from a peel to a baking pan. This prevents the pizza from becoming soggy and ensures that it cooks evenly across the crust..

Can I use my perforated pizza to slice pizza?

It all comes down to content. A cutting board made from a wooden peel is a common sight. Due to the small holes of the blade, perforated pizza peels will not work well.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. All the necessary details on perforated pizza peels. If you consider buying the best pizza peel I suggest you choose a perforated one. Because of its non-stickiness and lightweight behavior, your choice would not go in vain. Happy baking!!!