Best Pie Carrier- Making Pie Transport Easy & Fast

Home bakers are proud of their lovely pies. Unless, of course, you’re going to serve it as a dessert at a friend or family member’s house. Imagining that the crust you’ve worked so hard to create could crumble during transit is nerve-wracking. With pie carriers or containers, you will have flexible and easy carrying.

What are pie carriers?

A pie carrier is exactly what its name implies: it’s designed to keep pies safe and sound. A flat bottom and a domed lid are the most common, but there isn’t a single design that works for all types of pies, even those with a lot of meringue on top. But that’s about the extent of the similarities between the two stories. It’s critical to consider the design of the handles, closing mechanisms, and storage capacity before making a purchase decision.

Top 10 Best Pie Carrier Reviews

As there are lots of pie cake carrier out there, for your we have just enlisted top 10 pie carriers to make your cake or pie carrying easy and flexible. lets have a look.

Picnic at Ascot Original Pie and Cake Carrier

Picnic at Ascot Original Pie and Cake Carrier 12" Diameter- Designed & Quality Approved in the USA

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Over the past 25 years, Ascot has been making pie carriers in the United States with unparalleled success. When it comes to loading and unloading pies, the high-quality zipper lid is a welcome addition. This polyester pie carrier can also be used to transport cupcakes, muffins, pastries, and casseroles.

While it’s made of 600-denier polyester-coated tough canvas, it yet manages to seem slick and strong. The addition of a top handle makes this bag even more user-friendly. Carry-on things like this can be useful for partygoers who frequently bring hot pies to people’s homes.

Southern Homewares- 3-in-1 Plastic Cake Holder

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When compared to other pie carriers, this one not only transports food but also keeps it fresh for an extended period of time. As a result, pie lovers on the run will appreciate the plastic pie carrier’s dual use as a meal carrier and storage container.

To accommodate every dessert, the case has three different containers, one for each of the dessert’s three sizes. With this pie carrier, you’ll never have to worry about transporting your baked goods again. The product’s robust plastic construction ensures that it will survive for many years to come. It’s a no-brainer for those who need both food storage and pie transport. If you’re a pie-obsessed person, acquire one of these products for your kitchen right away.

Zilpoo Plastic Round Food Storage Containers

Zilpoo Plastic Round Food Storage Containers

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This carrier will make food storage and pie transporting a breeze. Pies up to 10-inches in diameter can be carried by the 2-pack tier system. Doughnuts, cream pies, bagels and cookies are all easy to bring along as well.

BPA-free materials mean there is no risk of food degradation from its plastic construction. Microwave ovens and dishwashers are also safe to use with this product. The shape and size are ideal for transporting it to a party with your picnic basket.

This Zilpoo pie carrier is the best of the best when it comes to functionality and cost-effectiveness. If you’re a pie fan on a budget, this is the place to go.

G & S Metal Pastry Bakeware Carrier

G & S Metal Pastry Bakeware Carrier

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The ProBake Teflon Xtra NonStick is a godsend for pie enthusiasts. Simply bake your pie in the bottom lid and transfer it to the strong pie carrier basket on the same tray. It’s that straightforward and intuitive!

Angel blue, kelly green, exquisite pink, crimson red, spring green, and white are all available as color options for the carrier. Thus, you can indulge in the funky side of your taste while still transporting your baked goodies in this carrier.

Ample space, combined with homogeneous construction, ensures that your baking is free of hotspots as well. For all the baking fanatics out there who simply want to preserve the texture of their newly made pie, this pie carrier maybe your best friend. The integrated cover doubles as a baking pan, making it an ideal choice!

Agyvvt 10 Inch Portable Pie Carrier

Agyvvt 10 Inch Portable Pie Carrier

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When you buy this wonderful product from Agyvvt, you’ll be doing your part to help the environment. With this innovative 3-in-1 pie carrier, you may use it for every occasion or event. In this container, you can do a lot more than just transport desserts and pastries.

Collapsible handles with clamps keep the lid firmly in place so that the food you store stays fresh for a long period. You’ll be able to use it to its full potential on any supermarket or bake sale run.

It’s a great travel companion because of its small size. If you put the pie carrier in a safe area in your car, you won’t have to worry about it while you’re driving. When you own this pie carrier, you won’t have to be concerned about its influence on the environment again. The food-grade PP material makes it both environmentally friendly and useful.

Progressive International Collapsible Party Carrier

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This pie carrier, in contrast to others, does not emphasize user-friendliness and practical extras over anything else. Only one thing does the minimalistic pie carrier do – carry a pie. That’s not the only thing it excels at!

Achieving perfection in the art of transporting baked pies is a tall order, but Progressive International has done it. In this dual pie carrier, two pies or two dozen deviled eggs can be transported concurrently thanks to the trays’ reversible design.

The non-slip rings make it ideal for traveling. To make things even better, the trays fold into a small pocket, making the carrier ideal for travel.

This pie container is best suited to a minimalistic approach. Just a dedicated product for specific use — like transporting a pie. Make a statement at your next potluck by bringing the greatest foldable pie carrier to share with your friends.

Agyvvt 8 Inch Portable Round Cake Carrier

Agyvvt 8 Inch Portable Round Cake Carrier

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This pie carrier was designed with both aesthetics and usefulness in mind.

The numerous pie carrier is a must-have for people who wish to show off their baked products and cakes thanks to its clear plastic top and artistically designed accents. You may also use it to transport your pies in a secure and appropriate manner.

You won’t leave a trace of your presence on the environment because the materials utilized in its construction are fully recyclable. To top it all off, the dome’s robust locks and stable base make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for practicality.

Additionally, the lid is shock- and damage-resistant, ensuring that your pie’s integrity is not compromised during transportation. This pie carrier is one of the greatest in design, so say welcome to beautiful food display and beauty. Those who wish to take their food on the go and show it off will like the clear top cover. Bake sales and pool parties with food can use it.

OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid

OXO Good Grips Glass Pie Plate with Lid

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Elegance and utility don’t always go together. While that may be true in theory, this pie transporter has thrown it out the window. Take comfort in knowing that all of your pie-transporting needs will be met if you purchase one of these OXO items.

Pie lovers will like this carrier’s wide rims and temperature-graded borosilicate glass. When reheating your pie, you don’t have to bother about moving it to a platter.

It’s as simple as taking out the best pie carrier from the fridge, heating it up, and eating from the dish! An additional feature that facilitates vapor flow is a moisture vent built into the BPA-free lid. This pie container is ideal if you’re worried about having to reheat your pie on a regular basis. Transform from one temperature to another without affecting the pie’s quality or the carrier.

Agyvvt Portable Round Cake Carrier

Agyvvt Portable Round Cake Carrier

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Agyvvt appears to have struck gold with this culinary tool, which it has designed and manufactured for many years. The pie carrier dominates the market due of its low cost. It’s hard to beat. This pie container has all of the desirable characteristics you’d anticipate. It’s a good deal, plain and simple.

Starting with the versatile design and the transparent cover, this pie carrier has it all: durable locking clips to the handle on top, and a solid carrying handle. The product is built to last because to its food-grade components and durable structure. If you’re a fan of snagging a bargain, this pie carrier is for you. It doesn’t get any better than this in terms of value for money. All of your pie-carrying requirements will be met by the necessary features.

Sweet Creations Pie Carrier

Sweet Creations Pie Carrier

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When it comes to quality and price, Sweet Creations is serious business. In the same way, they’ve created a unique way to transport pie. Despite its low price and high profit margin, the product appears to be feature-rich. As an example, a dome-shaped cover with an air vent helps keep your pie fresh longer.

Cookies and cupcakes can be be stored in the container to keep them safe while traveling. When you’re on the go with your pie in one hand, the built-in handle comes in handy. No BPA is used in its production, so you don’t have to worry about that. With this pie carrier, you can say goodbye to the subpar quality that comes with low-cost options. In order to ensure that your pie carrier will last for many years to come, purchase this item and add it to your kitchen collection right away.

Things To Consider Before Buying Pie Carrier

While there are many lovely options when it comes to choosing the best pie container, the process of compiling that curated list has not been easy. We put each of the products in our inventory through rigorous testing, and the following are the attributes that stuck out the most to us.

Dimensions and Size

These delectable treats come in many shapes and sizes, as any pie lover would attest. However, the most popular shape is a spherical one with a diameter of 9 to 10 inches.

As a result, the best pie carrier should have an inner edge that fits a standard-sized pie comfortably. Otherwise, your favorite dessert may be damaged or shattered while being transported.

Another important factor to consider is the carrier’s height or depth. Although pies come in a variety of depths, a good per carrier should have at least a 2-inch capacity.

Factor & Shape

Moving on to form factors, this is critical if you want to take advantage of as many capabilities as possible from your pie carrier. However, conventional designs are better for pie carriers, and unusual ones should be avoided.

For simple mobility, look for a style with a broad rim or a solid handle. A rippling edge might be pleasing to the eye. Flat rims, on the other hand, are ideal for keeping the pie crust intact.

Quality of Construction and Materials

Pie carriers are available in a number of materials, including glass, metal, and ceramic. Some of the variations can even be baked in the oven. As a result, consider carefully about the type of material you’re going to use.

If you plan to bake your pie within the carrier, it’s best to get a non-stick one. However, keep in mind that Teflon fades quickly and leaves scratch scars, making it unsuitable for long-term use.

Metal pie carriers are strong and long-lasting, however they are a little heavy. So keep it in mind when thinking about portability. They’re also not normally dishwasher-safe.

Plastic pie containers are a decent compromise between the two. They’re inexpensive, easy to clean, and come with a lot of useful functions. Just be sure it’s made of food-safe materials and isn’t harmful to the environment.

What is a Pie Carrier?

A pie carrier is, simply defined, a customized carrying container for pies. It includes practical features like broad rims and top-mounted carrying handles that make it ideal for storing and transporting pies.

The pie carrier can also be used to transport other sweets such as casseroles, cupcakes, and pastries. Some varieties have particular traits that allow them to carry eggs as well.

What Is The Purpose Of A Pie Carrier?

Pie carriers are essentially a barrier between you and your spoiled pie. We all know that homemade pies degrade quickly and are easily damaged by bacteria. When it’s left out in the open, this is especially true.

As a result, pie carriers can be an excellent solution for preventing spoiling. The simple design of these useful products makes it simple to maintain the freshness of the pie and keep it crisp for a longer period of time. In addition, the inside of the pie will be tender while retaining a healthy moisture ratio.

Another important reason to use a pie container is that it makes transporting the pie much easier. Avoid damaging the pie and creating a mess in your car by transporting it in a pie container.