Best Potato Storage Container to Keep Potatoes Fresh

Potatoes are one of the world’s most popular foods and can be used in a broad variety of ways. Fresh potatoes can be used in a wide variety of recipes, from mashed potatoes to sweet potato fries. However, they soon go bad if improperly preserved.

Luckily, you can buy the best potato storage container to help keep your potatoes fresh all year long. With several models on the market, you might easily get confused about where to start when searching for the appropriate container for your purposes.

To help get you started, we’ve put together a list of what we believe are some of the most popular alternatives of potato storage containers on the market today. In the next post, I’ll go over each of these and explain what makes them better than the rest.

Things To Check Before Buying Potato Storage Container

Keep your potatoes fresh and your kitchen organized with the help of a potato storage container. These boxes are tiny, stackable, and portable. Below, we’ve detailed some of the most important factors to keep in mind while shopping for a potato storage container. Here are some things to consider to pick the best one for you:


You can keep potatoes in a number of different ways. Choosing the right container might be challenging due to the wide variety of options available. If, for instance, you anticipate using the storage only on rare occasions, a plastic bag can be all that’s necessary because it folds up little and isn’t in the way until you need it again.


Consider how many potatoes you’ll be storing to determine the size of the container you’ll need. You’ll want to use a larger container if you have more than 5 pounds of potatoes (around 10 medium-sized potatoes).


Aware of the available square footage is also important. This is essential if you want to use the space in your fridge or pantry for many potato storage containers. Depending on the size of your fridge, some of the boxes may be fairly cumbersome to store. If your kitchen pantry or cupboard is on the tight side, a little container is your best bet.


Plastic and metal are the two most used materials for potato storage containers. As there are advantages and disadvantages to each variety, the decision is ultimately a question of taste. Metal containers are the best option for long-term storage because they are durable and resistant to corrosion from common household chemicals. Plastic storage containers are more popular since they require less upkeep.

Top 10 Best Potato Storage Container 

Choose food storage containers that will help keep potatoes dry and fresh while they are being stored at home. Here is a rundown of the greatest potato storage containers available right now, in order from best to worst.

Home Acre Designs Potato Kitchen Farmhouse Containers

Home Acre Designs Potato Kitchen Farmhouse Containers

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Enjoy your potato preparation and serving to the fullest with the help of the Home Acre Designs Rustic Farmhouse Containers. They’re exquisite, and their design is effortless in its elegance.

Having these potato jars as part of your kitchen decor is a great way to add a touch of class to your food presentation. The cream-colored tops have a delicate iron pattern. They don’t require a lot of room in the kitchen, and they’re simple to put away.

Each set comes with three canisters, which is sufficient for a single or couple. There are vent holes in the canisters’ bases, allowing fresh air to circulate and reducing the likelihood of food spoilage.

You’ll be relieved to know that you can also store your bulk potatoes in these bins. To accommodate a huge quantity of potatoes, the tops of these bowls are notably flared and curved. You may store around 9 pounds of potatoes in the Large bin. The Small can hold roughly 5 pounds, while the Medium can hold about 7 pounds.

Powder-coated carbon steel is used in the construction of all the sturdy storage containers to ensure they are durable, sturdy, and impervious to moisture. Putting in and taking out potatoes of varying sizes is a breeze because to the huge container’s generous opening. The top-mounted carry handle makes it easy to transport your potatoes without risk of damage.

These lovely jars bring farm-fresh goodness right into your house, and their simple black and white style means they’ll match with any existing kitchen decor. If you’re looking for tin containers with a farmhouse aesthetic for your kitchen or pantry, look no further.

G.a HOMEFAVOR Set of 2 Antique Cream Vintage Potato Onion Kitchen Storage Canisters Jars Pots

G.a HOMEFAVOR Vintage Potato Kitchen Storage Containers

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The G.a. HOMEFAVOR Potato Kitchen Storage Cabinet from the 1950s Containers are useful for more than just putting potatoes in the fridge. This style’s white cream color is perfect for bringing a touch of nostalgia to your kitchen while still looking modern.

We appreciate that these containers’ steel sheets have been treated to make them suitable for use with food. This ensures that they are durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of daily use in the kitchen.

The container is leak-proof, and it also has a matching cover with two broad handles for easy transport. Two sizes are offered, small and large, to accommodate various amounts of stuff. As an added bonus, they include a spacious closet that can accommodate all of your belongings.

These G.a versions, unlike other canisters on the market, contain air holes in the lid and body for optimal freshness, allowing you to store potatoes for a longer period of time without them going stale.

If you need a sturdy potato bin with plenty of room, this is the one to choose. If you know someone who enjoys baking or who enjoys decorating their home with classical antiques, this set would make a wonderful gift.

Snips Potato Storage Container

Snips Potato Storage Container

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No longer will improper storage cause your potatoes to sprout and become green. To help you keep your potatoes fresh for an extended period of time, Snip has created this storage container.

The ideal way to store your potatoes is in this container, which has been carefully crafted with it in mind. Because of the panel’s ability to flip up, you can quickly and easily get to the potatoes you need for supper. This means that you can get to your potatoes quickly and easily, even if the lid is all the way closed.

The compact size of this potato storage container (10.04 inches by 7.87 inches by 6.89 inches) makes it simple to stow away or transport as needed. To top it all off, Snips can protect and store up to four pounds of your favorite potatoes, perfect for preparing mashed potatoes or fries.

This storage unit has clever ventilation slits. As a result, it effectively eliminates any extra moisture. The delicate tubers may be kept fresh for a long time thanks to the vents, which allow an adequate amount of air to readily pass over them.

It’s also worth noting that the plastic used for these potato containers is quite robust. So, if something were to leak inside, you could just wipe it up with a damp cloth and some light detergent.

No longer need to use aluminum foil or newspaper folds to keep your potatoes fresh. Invest on this Snips Potato Container right now!

G.a HOMEFAVOR Set of 3 Antique Cream Vintage Potato Onion Kitchen Storage Canisters Jars Pots

 G.a HOMEFAVOR Potato Kitchen Storage Canisters

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The G.a. potato storage set will help you keep your potatoes neat and tidy while also setting a stylish example. This collection of kitchen canisters, designed in a retro style, is both a lovely and practical present for the homeowner in your life.

The container’s rounded tin design adds an air of casual elegance and flair to any kitchen, whether it’s modern or retro in style. These attractive tins will keep your potatoes dry and organized on your counter top or in your pantry.

These potato bins are composed of sturdy powder-coated sheet steel, making them more durable and less prone to rust than their plastic counterparts seen in most kitchens. Air can circulate thanks to the container’s ventilation holes, keeping your potatoes tasty and fresh.

They include a matching locking top, so you can store your liquids safely without worrying about leaks. The big opening in the lid of each container makes it simple to remove the desired quantity of potatoes with minimal effort.

You can store enough potatoes for several days’ worth of dinners and more thanks to the set’s three containers (one large and two smaller). If you’re looking for a unique and useful present for a wedding, housewarming, or birthday, consider this retro-style potato keeper.

Esschert Design Potato Metal Storage Tin

Esschert Design Potato Metal Storage Tin

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Do you get sick of seeing potato sprouts in your cupboard because of improper storage? If that’s the case, you’ll want to grab this potato metal storage tin by Esschert Design.

Metal Potato Bin by Esschert Design Beautiful and portable, tin has it all. At the same time, it aids in keeping your vegetables crisp and fresh. Large enough to store all of your potatoes in one convenient location, the tin is a convenient and practical purchase.

It has a metal cover that latches onto the main unit. Furthermore, this lid has a locking mechanism so that it may be kept securely closed while not in use. To further enhance their usefulness and portability, all of our tops feature handy carrying handles.

If you’re looking for long-lasting kitchen tools, you’ll be happy to know that these tins will stand the test of time. The containers, in particular, feature a hand-polished, galvanized metal construction that is both long-lasting and attractive.

The cans can keep their gleaming appearance for a long time to come. Each set includes three separate containers, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of room for your potatoes. Twenty pounds of potatoes won’t budge them; they’re that robust.

The ventilation system is also noteworthy in these cans. You can store your potatoes without worrying about mildew growing inside thanks to the bottom vents on all three containers.

As a reminder, this storage tin offers the same great features as all Esschert products, plus a timeless aesthetic courtesy of its antique-inspired ornamentation.
speed up the process.

Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin Container

Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin Container

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If you want to keep your potatoes from the garden neat and tidy, the Tupperware Modular Potato Storage Bin is an absolute must-have. The stylish design will complement any kitchen decor while successfully preserving the crispness of your potatoes. Because of its lightweight construction, it may be stacked neatly in a kitchen cupboard or pantry.

You can cook more potato dishes throughout the year with less effort and waste by storing your potatoes in this bin container.

This container’s ventilation system plays a significant role in preventing mold and mildew growth by circulating air throughout the interior. These slits also promote rapid drainage, keeping the potatoes wet throughout the cooking process.

The polypropylene material used to make the container is long lasting. This ensures that even a huge potato can be held securely.

You can save time after using the container for storage because it can go through the dishwasher. It is leak-proof, has top handles, and is see-through so you can see what’s within without ever lifting the lid.

The front access panel may be flipped up, which is another convenient feature. Potatoes can be seen and retrieved with ease. Due to its spacious interior, you may keep as many potatoes as you like in there.

Tupperware’s Modular Potato Container is ideal for keeping potatoes fresh and secure as you host a dinner party or cook up your next dish. Knowing that you and your visitors or family won’t be without that fantastic potato recipe is a huge relief.

Vintage Potato Kitchen Storage Bins

Vintage Potato Kitchen Storage Bins

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These colorful bins are the perfect addition to any kitchen, adding a touch of homey country style to your cabinets and shelves. Each of these alphabetized potato bins features delightful vintage-style artwork. Home decor is elevated by the chic white cream tint.

Fun and practical, like using a potato sack to transport food, these Vintage Potato Kitchen Storage Bins are a great addition to any kitchen. They are manufactured from high-quality, powder-coated steel, so they last a very long time and are very sturdy.

Each bin has a carry handle and a lid to keep pests out and potatoes fresh.

Remember that this container set in a retro design includes up to four tins of varied sizes. This means that you may keep more than just potatoes in your kitchen with this set; other farm goods can be stored safely and securely as well. The potato bin can store enough potatoes for a moderately sized family.

The fact that these storage containers have ventilation holes is also worth noting. They easily admit oxygen, which keeps your potatoes fresh for a long time.

Xbopetda Kitchen Storage Potato Container

Xbopetda Kitchen Storage Potato Container

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If you’re looking for a way to keep your potatoes fresh in the pantry, this pair of canisters from Xbopetda is an excellent option. These stylish and practical storage options can help you maintain a more neat, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen. Incredibly charming, they’re crafted in a timeless vintage manner.

The powder-coated sheet steel used to make these Potato Containers makes them solid and weighty. They endure a long time and will always keep your potatoes safe.

These old crates are airtight, so your potatoes will stay fresh for a long time. They have perforations so that air may flow through the box and keep its contents from going stale. The cover is designed with a seal that keeps moisture out, further preserving your potatoes.

These preservative containers are slim and won’t take up much room in your cupboards or drawers. As a result of its transparent construction, it is simple to check the contents of each container.

Three different sized potato storage containers with lids are available for your kitchen’s needs. All of these tops have convenient carrying handles so you can transport them with ease.

Cuisine Elite Potatoes Kitchen Storage Bins

Cuisine Elite Potatoes Kitchen Storage Bins

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The Cuisine Elite Large Potatoes Kitchen Storage Containers are another product that made our list of the top potato storage containers. These bright and straightforward potato storage containers will look right at home in any contemporary kitchen.

This container is ideal for anyone who regularly visits farmers markets or who has to transport large quantities of fresh food to their establishment. Each of the two included containers has a weight capacity of 11 pounds. That’s a total of 22 pounds, so you can load up on all your favorite agricultural goods, including your favorite vegetables.

Due to the ample ventilation holes, your potatoes will remain fresh for weeks after being stored in them, as opposed to the days they would last in a plastic bag. Better still, you can store practically any kind of produce in this container because it can withstand the microwave, freezer, and dishwashing.

This high temperature storage container is made out of fine powder-coated steel sheet, which gives it a far more robust appearance and feel than cheaper alternatives, as well as greater corrosion resistance and long life.

Covers are included with both sets of containers. So, everything is inside is protected from bugs and deterioration. These containers’ lids feature D-shaped, strong handles that facilitate transport.

You can save money by not purchasing additional storage containers because the container can be used to store more than just potatoes. If you’re looking for a storage container that won’t break the bank but will provide you with ease, style, safety, and longevity, then order this one right away.

Xbopetda Potato Storage Box with a Bamboo Lid

Xbopetda Potato Storage Box with a Bamboo Lid

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The Xbopetda Potato Storage Box comes in at number five on our list of the best potato storage containers. Keep your potatoes and onions fresh and organized with this set of decorative storage boxes.

Both potatoes and onions can be stored in their respective, well labeled bins, making this a complete set. The potato bin is spacious enough to hold up to five pounds of potatoes in your home’s kitchen. The onion crate can easily accommodate a three-pound bag of onions, and there’s even plenty to spare.

These top-rated bins have holes in the bottom to let air circulate, keeping your potatoes and other produce fresh for longer. Additionally, the bamboo tops shield your potatoes from sunburn.

The hinged design of the lids makes it simple to gain access to the stored vegetables. As an added bonus, this metal canister looks a lot more chic thanks to the wooden pattern.

Keep in mind that the powder coating on top of the high-quality sheet metal used to make these containers adds even more durability. You may rest easy knowing your potatoes are safe inside because they are rather substantial and sturdy. Choose food storage containers that will help keep potatoes dry and fresh while they are being stored at home. Here is a rundown of the greatest potato storage containers available right now, in order from best to worst.

Can You Store Potatoes In A Wooden Box?

Keep in mind that not all wooden boxes are created equal if you’re planning on storing potatoes in them. As long as there is adequate ventilation, a wooden box should be acceptable. Because mold and mildew thrive in damp environments, knowing this is crucial.

The main problem with storing potatoes in a wooden box for an extended period of time is that many of these containers contain preservatives like wax. Wooden boxes are ideal for preventing moisture buildup (if well aired) and for keeping out rodents, bears, and other predators, but they are not very good at keeping things cool in the summer.

Keeping temps stable all year round is easiest with an enclosed metal bin, which is the ideal option if you live in a hot environment.

How should potatoes be stored?

When it comes to storing potatoes, many individuals have no idea what they’re doing. The best way to keep your tubers safe from rot, vermin, and mold is to learn the correct method of storing them, as there are many myths and misconceptions around this topic.

Potatoes, like most root vegetables, benefit from being stored at low humidity and cool temperatures (around 50° F). That’s why you shouldn’t ever leave them out on the counter. They will germinate in the warm kitchen. Instead, keep potatoes in a cool (between 45 and 55 degrees) and dry place.

Since pantries are often dark, cool, and dry, they make for excellent storage spaces. When potatoes are exposed to light, they turn green, and when the temperature fluctuates, they become overly soft.

Avoid putting potatoes in the fridge. Don’t believe the hype that putting them in the fridge would preserve their quality for weeks. If you expose them to unusually cold temperatures, the starch they contain will be converted to sugar, altering the flavor and possibly making them unsafe for human consumption.

Specifically, potatoes should not be kept near tomatoes or other foods that give out ethylene gas. Incorporating ethylene into the mix will hasten their spoilage. Keep potatoes in paper bags instead than plastic ones if your cupboard is crowded. While keeping out light, ethylene, and humidity swings, paper bags do allow for some ventilation.

Additionally, storing them near onions, which release aromas that might speed up sprouting in potatoes, is a bad idea.

How Long Do Potatoes Keep?

Most potatoes can be kept fresh for up to three months if they are stored in the right conditions. Maintaining your potatoes between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit helps extend their shelf life.

After deciding on a suitable method of storage, it’s important to follow good storage procedures, such as keeping the food away from light, heat, and moisture to prevent spoiling.

FAQs: Potato Containers

Below are some answers to some of the most often asked questions regarding potato storage containers, which should help you get started.

Q: Is it a good idea to store potatoes in air-tight containers?

When potatoes are stored in airtight containers, the moisture cannot evaporate and the potatoes sprout early. It’s ideal to store potatoes for an extended period of time in a cold, dark room with good ventilation.

Q: Why buy a lead and BPA-free potato container?

The answer is yes, you should buy a new potato container that is free of lead and bisphenol A (BPA). First, so that it stays fresh for a longer period of time. Second, to protect your loved ones from potential exposure to harmful chemicals and pollutants.

Q: What is the ideal temperature to store a potato container to keep potatoes fresh for several months?

Answer: between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the sweet spot for storing a bag of potatoes. Potatoes sprout at temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas mold can form at temps below 40 degrees. When kept cool, most potatoes can be stored for up to three months.

Q: Can I wash my potato storage container with soap and water?

Certainly, that is the case. You shouldn’t, however, use just any dish soap on your food container. Cleaning with dish soap can eat away at plastic containers due to the high pH. Wash them by hand in warm water with a gentle soap or detergent.


Try to find airtight plastic containers that are safe for storing food in the open air. Darker containers are preferable so that your potatoes are protected from the sun. If you want to keep your stored items dry, it’s best to use airtight containers with lids.

If you want to keep your potatoes fresh and delicious for as long as possible, look through our selection of the best potato storage container types above to choose the most reliable storage solution.

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