10 Best Reign Flavors – Every Flavor Ranked

Energy drinks’ global popularity is a testament to their stimulating flavor and revitalizing effect. If you’re looking for a popular energy drink, go no further than Reign.

You may easily choose a Reign energy drink that suits your personal preferences and tastes among the many available varieties. More than 16 Reign flavors, plus some Reign Inferno tastes, are available now.

I’m curious, which Reign taste do you think is the greatest. The greatest Reign flavor has a delicious and energizing flavor. In addition, the sweetness level should be just right so that it complements rather than overpowers the beverage’s natural flavor. In theory, it provides sufficient oomph for you to breeze through your day’s activities.

If you can’t make up your mind about which Reign flavor to choose, we’ve ranked them all so you don’t have to. Don’t forget that the order may change depending on your tastes. Check out the rest of this article to learn more.

Why is everyone talking about Reign, and what is it exactly?

The sugar-free energy drink Reign Total Body Fuel is now widely accessible in the United States. In 2019, this beverage was initially released by Monster Beverage.

Since then, it’s been a favorite among people who enjoy drinking energy drinks.

The following factors have contributed to Reign Total Body Fuel’s widespread availability and subsequent success in the marketplace:

Different and Interesting Flavors

One of the many reasons Reign has become so famous is due to the extraordinary variety of flavors it offers. Currently, consumers can choose from 16 distinct flavors. You can choose from a variety of flavors, from the standard orange to the exotic Jalapeo Strawberry.

Like no other energy drink on the market, these tastes are both unique and delicious.


There are many beverage options, including sodas, that are high in sugar. Of course, ingesting too much sugar is bad for your health.

It’s for this reason that a growing number of consumers are making the transition to Reign energy drinks. There is no sugar in any of these beverages.

Reduced calorie

Although Reign advertises their energy beverages as being calorie-free, this is only partially accurate.

The caloric content of a Reign energy drink is roughly 10, which is significantly lower than that of many other fatty drinks on the market today. Possibly this is due to the fact that there is no sugar in Reign energy drinks.


While there are cheaper energy drinks available, Reign is more expensive. However, it is still simple to purchase a carton at a low cost.

People often opt to buy Reign energy drinks in quantity to save money and ensure they have enough on hand for the week.

What to Think About Before Picking a Reign Flavor

As we’ve already established, you can choose from more than 16 unique Reign varieties right now. In this situation, it’s impossible to know which flavor to choose.

Well, that’s not hard to figure out if you consider the following:

Produce, Stuffing, or Stuffings

Each and every Reign flavor features a distinct fruity flavor. So, it’s simple to choose the product that best suits your taste in fruity flavors.

If you’re looking for something that combines the flavors of orange and mango, for instance, you may try Orange Dreamsicle or Mang-O-Matic. Don’t order Strawberry Sublime if you’re not a fan of strawberries.


Alcoholic beverages produced by the Reign brand contain no sugar syrup. Although it’s possible that certain flavors are sweeter than others.

Thus, those with a sweet tooth should go for tastes like Strawberry Sublime or Mang-O-Matic. If you prefer a sour flavor, on the other hand, try out variants like Lemon HDZ or Sour Apple.

Necessary Quantities of Energy

Finally, Reign is an energy drink brand that comes in two flavors: Total Body Fuel and Inferno.

Those looking to cut back on calories can benefit from the ‘thermogenic’ chemicals found in the Inferno range of Reign energy drinks.

With these considerations in mind, I present to you a ranking of the top 12 reign flavors.

10 Best Reign Flavors

Orange Dreamsicle

Orange Dreamsicle

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On a hot summer day or night, nothing beats a tasty orange popsicle to cool you down. But the calories and sugar content can make you think twice.

No need to weep, though; Orange Dreamsicle Reign will have you forgetting all about your popsicle cravings in no time.

We think the Orange Dreamsicle is the pinnacle of Reign flavors. It has a base of orange flavor and a touch of vanilla for a nice balance.

This is why it’s the ideal flavor for those warm summer nights spent outside with loved ones.

The best part is that there isn’t any added sugar or calories to this drink, despite the fact that it tastes much like orange popsicles. Even more so, it’s an excellent source of additional energy.

If you don’t enjoy foods that are very sweet or icy, you might want to pass on this flavor.

Razzle Berry

Razzle Berry

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Do you recall how fantastic raspberry Jolly Ranchers were to eat? It’s time to switch to Razzle Berry Reign.

Additionally, the Razzle Berry has a raspberry flavor if you’re not a lover of orange. The gorgeous blue hue and distinctive flavor of this flavor set it apart.

The sourness of the drink is enhanced by the raspberry flavor. So, if you’re looking for a taste that’s neither too sweet nor too sour, Razzle Berry is the way to go!

Now, it would appear that Razzle Berry has additional sugar, but there actually isn’t any. One of the best tasting energy drinks available today is yours, and it contains zero sugar.

Melon Mania 

Melon Mania

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If there’s one fruit that universally conjures images of warm-weather fun, it’s melons, along with juicy oranges.

If you’re a fan of melons and anything melon-related, you’re sure to like Melon Mania!

Melon juice is the primary flavor in Melon Mania, making it an extremely energizing and stimulating drink.

Again, there is a very distinct sweetness to this flavor, so it’s not like there’s no sugar at all.

The only real gripe consumers have had with this beverage is that it’s extremely sweet. If you prefer your energy drinks without quite so much sugar, you probably want to pass on this one. It might even smell and taste a little bit medicinal.

Lilikoi Lychee 

Lilikoi Lychee

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Lilikoi Lychee is one of the fruits whose flavors are most enhanced by Reign.

Beverages in the United States rarely feature this flavor, as it is more common in Asia. And thus, if you get the opportunity to try it, you should!

The intriguing combination of Lilikoi (or passionfruit) and lychee is what makes Lilikoi Lychee so special. It’s an exotic fruit flavor that captures the authentic sweetness and lightness of real lychee.

The aftertaste contains a hint of Lilikoi, which adds to the overall pleasantness.

If you have never had lychee or Lilikoi before, this novel flavor may not agree with your taste buds. There’s a chance it’ll have a little chemical flavor, too.

Lemon HDZ

Lemon HDZ

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If you’re the type of person who, “When life offers you lemons, you make lemonade!”, you’re going to adore the Lemon HDZ Reign taste.

The taste of Lemon HDZ is a bit sweet, a bit sour, and a bit tangy. You can tell that this drink combines more than one flavor because of the variety of tastes it offers.

The energizing flavor of lemon is also something you should experience at least once.

Remember that if you’re looking for anything with a very sour flavor, this beverage probably isn’t for you. The sour flavor of Lemon HDZ is subtle and hard to pinpoint.

There are certain people whose tastebuds just can’t handle the slightly metallic and harsh flavor of Lemon HDZ.



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If you’re in the mood for a tropical beverage, the Mang-O-Matic Reign flavor is for you. If you’re a real fan of mango, you’ll really enjoy the mango flavor in this.

There isn’t a pronounced carbonated flavor that might spoil things. Also, if you’re not a fan of too sweet energy drinks, you won’t be disappointed with the level of sweetness here.

However, if you’re expecting a truly mango flavor, you may be disappointed.

The artificial flavor that sucralose adds makes it hard to drink. Additionally, many do not enjoy the harsh aftertaste that comes with this flavored beverage.

Red Dragon

Red Dragon

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Let’s try something new and try out the Reign Inferno flavors instead of the regular ones. Red Dragon’s bold and invigorating flavor is sure to make an impression.

Red Dragon tastes like a fruit punch with a hint of dragon fruit. Now, this is one of the most exotic and distinctive tastes around.

If you’re seeking for a flavor that combines the best of fruit punch and soda, go no further than this one!

Again, if you’re not a fan of sugary drinks, this can be a bit too sweet for you.

Strawberry Sublime

Strawberry Sublime

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Strawberry Sublime isn’t simply a strawberry cocktail. It has a lovely flavor thanks to the addition of guava and lime.

Despite the obvious presence of strawberries, its flavor is not overly sweet. The tanginess of the guava and the tartness of the lime cut through the sweetness and made this a tasty treat.

The strawberry flavor isn’t particularly authentic, thus this isn’t the best flavor. The flavor instead leans toward the tropical.

In general, it’s not bad, so long as you’re not expecting a true strawberry taste.

Carnival Candy

Carnival Candy

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Cotton candy’s simple flavor is all it takes to bring us back to those wonderful fair and carnival days. Similarly, the Carnival Candy flavor pays homage to bygone times.

The cotton candy flavor is prominent in the Carnival Candy flavor, which is just sweet enough. The light flavor is pleasant and easy on the palate.

Even still, the Carnival Candy would have been more appetizing if it had a more pronounced cotton candy flavor.

Instead, once you take a sip, you’ll realize it’s just a sweet soda. Also, because the flavor is so subtle, the carbonation may surprise you by seeming very robust.

Jalapeño Strawberry

Jalapeño Strawberry

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Although Jalapeo Strawberry may not sound like a flavor combination that would work, Reign Energy Drink nails it.

This beverage is earthy, with a strong strawberry flavor. This beverage isn’t overly sweet, yet it’s still pleasant to the taste buds.

There’s a possibility that the last few drops of your drink will have a sour, jalapeo-like flavor.

We gave it a low score since it lacks the refreshing spiciness we’d hope for from a Jalapeo Strawberry beverage. In comparison to other Reign varieties, this one falls short.

The flavors listed above aren’t the only ones available; Reign also has a wide variety of other tastes, some of which are less well-known but no less tasty. True Blu, Cherry Limeade, and Watermelon Warlord are just a few of them.

A Few Words in Conclusion

The robust tastes and zero-sugar policy that give Reign energy drinks their edge over the competition. The high level of caffeine also ensures that you’ll be attentive and awake all day long.

In that case, go with whichever flavor profile strikes your fancy. Orange Dreamsicle, Razzle Berry, Melon Mania, and Lilikoi Lychee would be our top choices if we were to recommend one.

All the flavors are unique in their own ways, and maybe you’ll find one that you enjoy even more than we do.

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