9 Best Rooibos Teas

It has been proven that drinking herbal teas offers its consumers a host of health benefits. One of the best-tasting and healthiest drinks on the market is Rooibos tea.
With its unusual reddish-brown color and delicious yet acidic flavor, Rooibos tea has become a popular caffeine-free beverage.
So what components go into making the best rooibos tea? In order to provide a high-quality flavor and guarantee that the greatest amount of health benefits may be attained once brewed, the best rooibos tea will be non-GMO, organic, and sustainably harvested.
We are aware that choosing a high-quality rooibos tea might be challenging.
Discover what rooibos tea is, where it comes from, how many health benefits it has, and which rooibos teas are available by reading on.

Rooibos Tea: What Is It?

Rooibos tea, a herbal tea, is also popularly referred to as “red bush” because of its characteristic red and brown coloring.
It is made in South Africa from a plant called Aspalathus linearis that grows there.
It is said to be a great replacement for teas like green or black that contain caffeine because it is caffeine-free.
The flavor of Rooibos is unique; it is strong, sweet, fruity, and has hints of malt with a sour finish.
The two types of rooibos tea are red and green. The variations between these two types of tea are due to the extraction and fermentation processes.

To make red rooibos, Aspalathus linearis plant leaves are picked, fermented, and then allowed to dry in the sun. Red rooibos tea has a smoother flavor than green rooibos tea as a result of the fermentation.
For the green rooibos, the Aspalathus linearis leaves are still cut, but they aren’t first fermented; instead, they are just put out to dry in the sun.
Due to the lack of fermentation, the green variety of rooibos tastes more malty, earthy, and grassy than the red variety.
The green type is less fermented than the red variety, which results in a little change in flavor and a retention of more antioxidants in the leaves, making it somewhat more nutrient-dense.
like other teas like black tea

The History Of Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea was initially discovered in the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa more than 300 years ago.
When Khoi locals, also known as local peasants, gave a cup to visiting botanists in 1772, it was first discovered.
Since then, rooibos tea has gained recognition and is now a highly sought-after export worldwide.
Currently, rooibos tea is imported by more than 30 countries, including the US, Malaysia, China, and Poland.

The Advantages Of Rooibos Tea For Health

Rooibos tea, like other herbal teas, has a variety of health advantages that make it a beverage worth including in your diet.

Doesn’t Include Caffeine

Although it’s safe to take caffeine in moderation, rooibos tea’s absence of caffeine is still a huge advantage.

Because of this, rooibos can be consumed at any time without worrying about how it will effect your sleep (no jitters from the caffeine in this cup!).

It is also a decent substitute for green and black tea, and switching to rooibos may be beneficial for people who want to cut back on their intake of caffeine.

Rich In Antioxidants

The quantity of antioxidants included in rooibos tea is its most significant advantage.

In rooibos tea, the antioxidants are known as polyphenols, which is another name for micronutrients.

The anti-inflammatory, heart, brain, digestion, and weight-loss benefits of rooibos tea’s antioxidants are well documented.


It is well recognized that the specific antioxidants in rooibos tea, called polyphenols, may help to reduce inflammation in the body.

They are abundant in rooibos tea, which may reduce inflammation.

Heart Health

Certain antioxidants found in rooibos tea are thought to support heart health.

Rooibos tea includes flavanol, a substance known for being anti-inflammatory and having a favorable impact on blood lipids and cholesterol.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), another enzyme found in it, supports normal blood pressure.

The presence of flavanol and ACE in rooibos tea may benefit your heart health.

May Benefit People With Diabetes

Studies suggest that rooibos tea may also be advantageous for diabetes.
An antioxidant called aspalathin, which can be found in Rooibos tea, is said to have anti-diabetic benefits.
Atherosclerosis and blood vessel inflammation can both be prevented with aspalathin.
Other studies have linked aspalathin to the ability to control blood sugar.
Because of the benefits of aspalathin, people with diabetes may benefit from rooibos tea.

Loss of weight

Leptin, a hormone that helps your body know when you are full, and cortisol, a stress hormone, have both been shown to be decreased by rooibos tea.

People who have reduced cortisol are less likely to experience stress, which reduces their risk of participating in harmful coping mechanisms like stress eating.

Furthermore, rooibos tea’s capacity to raise leptin may aid in weight loss because it tells your brain when you’ve had enough to eat.

9 Best Rooibos Teas

Cederberg Tea Company Red Rooibos 

Cederberg Tea Company Red Rooibos

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Cederberg Tea Company sells the red kind of Rooibos tea.
This suggests that it will be dark reddish brown in color and have a flavor that is sweet, smooth, and delectable.
This red rooibos tea has received honors. It finished second in the rooibos tea category in the 2019 Global Tea Championship.
This red rooibos tea is certified Kosher, GMO-free, organic, and responsibly grown. Additionally, the teabags are naturally oxygenated to make them whiter. As a result, the tea bags are now completely recyclable.
Tea of the highest caliber is cultivated in South Africa on a tiny farm the size of a boutique.
Due to the thorough and accurate batching of this tea, it is only available in 100w size packs.

Rooibos Rocks Premium Rooibos Tea

Rooibos Rocks-Natural Rooibos

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Because this rooibos tea is offered in two sizes—a 100 pack and a 200 pack—buying in bulk is straightforward.
Natural Rooibos Rocks Rooibos is non-GMO, organic, and responsibly harvested, all of which are important factors.
Tea is the only ingredient; no artificial coloring or flavors are utilized.
Rooibos Rocks is available in tag-free teabags, making it safer to consume than tea that has a string and tag. Additionally, the absence of tags guarantees that the fruity, sweet flavor will not be masked.
These tea bags are also wrapped within the container in order to preserve flavor and freshness.
Natural Rooibos Rocks Due to its strong flavor, one tea bag will make one cup of Rooibos.
The Rooibos quality is excellent for

Kiss Me Organics Raw Organic Vitamin Rooibos Tea

Dandelion Root Tea Detox Tea - Raw Organic Vitamin Rich Digestive

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Kiss Me Organic Rooibos Tea’s sweet, fruity flavor and red and brown hue are both a result of the red variety of Rooibos that was used to make it.
The container contains 80 teabags of beautiful red rooibos tea.
Organic, non-GMO, and sustainably harvested are all characteristics of Kiss Me Organic Rooibos.
Tea is the only ingredient; no artificial coloring or flavors are utilized.
This tea’s packaging is free of strings or tags, ensuring that its fruity, sweet flavor will not be overpowered while being consumed.
These tea bags are contained within the box to preserve their flavor and freshness. They can also be recycled.
It tastes great either on its own or when paired with milk, honey, and/or sugar, according to Kiss Me Organic Rooibos Tea.

Rooibos Rocks Premium Green Rooibos Tea Bags

Rooibos Rocks Premium Green Rooibos Tea Bags - 40 USDA Organic Naturally Caffeine

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Green Rocks Are in Rooibos Since Rooibos is a green tea, it won’t be red in color but rather an earthy shade of green and brown.
This tea tastes more earthy and has a tarter aftertaste than the red variety due to the lack of fermentation.
One size box with 40 teabags is the only one offered.
Green Rocks Are in Rooibos Rooibos is non-GMO, organic, and responsibly harvested, all of which are important factors.
It contains solely tea and no artificial coloring nor flavoring.
Because it is green rooibos, it contains more antioxidants than a cup of red rooibos.

My Red Tea-Organic Rooibos

My Red Tea-Organic Rooibos

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The container contains 80 teabags of beautiful red rooibos tea.
My red tea is organic, GMO-free, and responsibly harvested.
The tea bags are also unbleached, which makes them safer to drink.
Tea is the only ingredient; no artificial coloring or flavors are utilized.
A nonprofit organization called My Red Tea gives 10% of its earnings to South African farming communities.

Tick Tock Organic Green Rooibos Tea 

Tick Tock Organic Green Rooibos Tea

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Tick Tock Organic Green Rooibos will have a brown and green colour because it is a green variety. It has a pleasant, earthy flavor.
There is a single size box with 40 tea bags. You may also buy four boxes of 40 teabags in bulk.
Because it is green rooibos, it contains more antioxidants than a cup of red rooibos.
Tick Tock Organics sells organic, non-GMO, and sustainably sourced teas.
The flavor endures thanks to the tea bags’ tag-free, plant-based, and biodegradable structure.
Because it is a green tea, it should not be appreciated with milk like the red can; rather, it should be enjoyed on its own or with honey.

FGO Organic Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

FGO Organic Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

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FGO Organic Loose Tea has a sweet, fruity flavor and a reddish-brown appearance thanks to the red type of Rooibos that is utilized in it.
This tea is loose leaf and not in a tea bag; it comes in a 1-pound bag.
FGO is a raw South African product that has been responsibly, organically, and non-GMOly harvested.
It contains solely tea and no artificial coloring nor flavoring.
Since there are no teabags, you can customize the level of flavor in your tea to suit your tastes.
FGO Organic Rooibos Loose Tea can be savored on its own or when combined with honey, milk, and/or sugar.

U.S Wellness Naturals Rooibos

U.S Wellness Naturals Rooibos

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Red is the color of U.S. Wellness Naturals’ logo. This suggests that it will be dark reddish brown in color and have a flavor that is sweet, smooth, and delectable.
It is a loose leaf tea that is sold by the pound.
The container is built with an oxygen diffusion barrier to keep your tea fresher for longer, as tea can live for years on a shelf.
U.S. Wellness Naturals offers products that are organic, non-GMO, and farmed sustainably.
This tea goes well with milk, sugar, or honey. On its own, it is also enjoyable.

Organic Tea Co. Blood Orange Vanilla Rooibos Tea 

Organic Positively Tea Company Blood Orange Vanilla Rooibos Tea

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The Organic Positively Tea Company combines rooibos with other organic ingredients to provide a unique cup of tea.
This tea has overtones of orange, hibiscus, and apple as well as sweet floral, citrus, and vanilla flavors.
Instead of being your standard cup of rooibos tea, this one has a variety of flavors that may be more enticing to you.
Since rooibos tea continues to be the major component, you may still savor the various flavors while benefiting from its health benefits.
The Organic Positively Tea Company sells loose leaf tea by the pound.
This is a wonderful option for individuals seeking the health benefits of rooibos tea with a cozier and more recognized flavor.
This tea can be consumed plain or with milk, honey, or

Related Issues

After discussing a couple of our favorite rooibos teas, let’s look at some more questions you might have about the beverage.

What temperature should be used to boil rooibos tea?

The ideal brewing temperature for rooibos tea is 200–212°F, similar to black or green tea.

How many tea bags should I use for a traditional 8 oz cup?

Your preference for tea strength will decide this. Use 1 tea bag and let it steep for 5 minutes for a milder flavor. Use 2 teabags and steep for 5 minutes for a stronger flavor.

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