10 Best Root Beer Brands

Can there be a more divisive soda than root beer? People tend to either adore or despise root beer, depending on whom you ask. This assessment of the top brands of root beer is written for you, the fans.

Some of these brands you may be acquainted with, but there are likely some that you haven’t tried yet. Read on to learn about several root beer brands you may not be familiar with, along with our reasoning for included them on this list.

Most Appropriate Selection

In terms of flavor, Zevia Soda’s Ginger Root Beer stands out from the competition as the finest of the root beers we tried. It’s a hybrid soda beverage that combines two wonderful drinks (root beer and ginger beer) to create something low in calories and sugar yet high in flavor.

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For a healthier and more cost-effective option, pick up some Diet A&W Root Beer. This root beer, made by one of the industry’s most well-known brands, offers customers a less-sweet alternative to their usual root beer and ice cream floats.

10 Best Root Beer Brands

IBC Root Beer

IBC Root Beer

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Since it first appeared on the market in 1919, IBC Root Beer has been a favorite among root beer connoisseurs. This brand was once close to the top of the list, but recent years have seen a little decline in its ranking. The problem is that as time goes on, this soft drink keeps getting sweeter and sweeter. Although it remains one of the top five root beer brands today, we must agree that it isn’t as as awesome as it once was.

The delightful fusion of vanilla and licorice flavor is IBC Root Beer’s finest feature. Although the vanilla and licorice flavors are somewhat muted by the sweetness, they are nevertheless potent enough to make you smile widely.

IBC Root Beer is something you should try soon if you haven’t already. If the sweetness of this root beer keeps rising, the more nuanced flavors may eventually be overwhelmed, ruining the beverage. However, things are still going well right now, but few people are certain how long that will stay.

Sioux City Root Beer

Sioux City Root Beer

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Sioux City Root Beer is the first soft drink on this list that we wholeheartedly endorse. Its flavor is deep and rich, and there is enough cane sugar in it to keep the celebration going. This is a premium root beer that is worth trying, albeit the aftertaste could be better.

So, if you enjoy Sioux City Root Beer, you’ll love Sioux City Sarsaparilla even more. It doesn’t taste anything like conventional root beer, despite the fact that this beverage’s marketing calls it the “granddaddy” of all others. Sioux City Sarsaparilla actually tastes more like a blend of 40% root beer and 60% cream soda. Although that may sound odd, your taste buds will concur that it is delicious.

Even though sarsaparilla drinks have a long history in the Americas dating back centuries, the FDA restricted their use in 1960 due to the fact that real sarsaparilla includes potentially cancer-causing chemicals. Fortunately, there are now considerably safer substitutes that maintain flavor without the threat of toxicity. Get a bottle of Sioux City Sarsaparilla if you want to sample the best sarsaparilla-flavored soft drink currently available.

Zevia Soda, Ginger Root Beer

Zevia Soda, Ginger Root Beer

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An offspring of the divisive beverage ginger beer, ginger root beer aims to please both sides. The Zevia Soda, Ginger Root Beer is the best root beer on our list, but that doesn’t mean it’s without controversy.

If you like ginger beer and root beer, you’ll love the way the flavors in this Zevia Ginger Root Beer explode when you combine them. The overall impression is of a beverage with the flavor of root beer but with robust undertones of ginger.

Not only does this drink please the palate, but its calorie-free status makes it a popular pick. People love drinking it since it has no added sugar yet tastes great because it is naturally sweetened. Stevia leaf extract, citric acid, and natural flavors join the carbonated water as the key components. There are no artificial sweetener additions.

Each can of Zevia Ginger Root Beer has the standard 12 fl oz (or 355 ml) of ginger root beer, and there are 24 cans in a pack. This ginger root beer is perfect for those who avoid sodas during the day for fear of not being able to sleep at night because of the caffeine in them, as well as for those who want healthier ingredients and a lower calorie count.

What we liked is that it is one of the best hybrid sodas we’ve tried in a long time, and is ideal for those who enjoy both root beer and ginger beer. It’s a great summertime drink because the flavor is both familiar and distinct.

What we didn’t like: the most significant drawback to this fantastic root beer drink is that Zevia is generally recognized as being a bit more pricey than competing brands. As with the rest of their products, a 24-pack of their Ginger Root Beer will set you back significantly more than the same size bottle from a more standard brand.

Diet A&W Root Beer, 12 fl oz (pack of 12)

Diet A&W Root Beer, 12 fl oz (pack of 12)

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Fans of the iconic soda drink know this brand as one of the most popular manufacturers of root beer. The root beer served at A&W restaurants may be more well-known than the fast food itself. However, many don’t realize that their Diet Root Beer might actually be superior to the original.

There are many folks who prefer A&W’s zero-calorie, reduced-sugar Diet Root Beer to the original. Further, the use of aged vanilla softens the drink’s creamy bite compared to the unaged variety. In its regular version, it has all of the rich, creamy A&W root beer flavor you love, but with a lot less sugar.

Included in this case of Diet Root Beer are 12 cans, each holding the industry-standard 12 ounces of beverage (355 milliliters). Because it contains no calories and no caffeine, it can be enjoyed at any time of the day without feeling guilty.

That this Diet Root Beer can be used to make refreshing root beer floats in the summer is another reason it is so popular. Root beer, in this example diet root beer, is mixed with vanilla ice cream to make a “float.” Some believe that since vanilla ice cream already adds sweetness, a float made with diet root beer turns out less sweet.

What we liked: both the original A&W Root Beer and this Diet Root Beer are delicious, but we prefer the latter because it has less sugar and no calories, so we don’t feel bad about drinking it at 10 a.m. or 10 p.m.

Disliked feature: although being significantly healthier than A&W’s normal Root Beer, the Diet Root Beer is priced substantially higher than the original.

Stewart’s Root Beer

Stewart's Root Beer

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Many root beer drinkers swear by Stewart’s Root Beer, another great root beer brand. The complex root beer formula is made by hand using a blend of over 20 different extracts from roots, fruits, and herbs.

This top-secret recipe produces a root beer that is both rich and crisp in its carbonation, with a flavor reminiscent of creamy vanilla. Rapidly gaining popularity across North America, Stewart’s Micro Soda Root Beer has established itself as a leading brand in its category.

An entire case of this Stewart’s Root Beer has 12 bottles, each of which holds 12 ounces of the refreshing beverage (355 millimeters). Although many like the root beer’s exceptionally refined taste, some are put off by the fact that it contains a preservative. Nonetheless, it also contains some better for you ingredients like natural tastes.

This Stewart’s Root Beer, like any quality root beer, makes a great float base. It lacks the sharpness of other root beer brands, which can be overpowering in a float. It has the ideal sweetness, smoothness, and flavor to complement your vanilla ice cream in a root beer float.

The root beer’s smooth and creamy texture was the brand’s strongest selling point. All the luscious root beer creaminess that drinkers everywhere crave is here in every swig.

One thing that we did not particularly enjoy was learning that this particular brand of root beer contains a preservative. We didn’t think this root beer beverage needed a preservative to maintain its flavor, especially considering that many other root beer brands don’t have one either.

Bundaberg Soda Root Beer

Bundaberg Soda Root Beer

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Bundaberg is a root beer manufacturer that you might not be familiar with, but it’s not your fault if you haven’t. That’s because Bundaberg Soda Root Beer hails from Australia, which is located all the way under.

You might not expect Australia to be a popular destination for root beer drinkers, but you might be pleasantly surprised. The popularity of Bundaberg is growing in North America as it already has a sizable following in Australia.

Due to its distinctive brewing method, Bundaberg Root Beer is already a fantastic substitute for the popular brands in North America. Because Bundaberg thinks this is the greatest way to extract the most root beer taste, their root beer is brewed for three days.

The flavor of this root beer, which comes in a set of four bottles each containing 375 milliliters (12.7 fluid ounces) of root beer, has not been criticized. In addition to being a gluten-free choice and not containing any GMO ingredients, Bundaberg Root Beer is more widely available.

What we liked: This root beer has a fantastic flavor, and we were thrilled to learn that it contains less sugar than other brands. Despite having less sugar, it still has a lot of delicious root beer flavor.

What we didn’t like: Bundaberg Root Beer is highly pricey and may not be a sustainable decision to keep repurchasing it; it may just be a decent choice to purchase once in order to experience it. This is because it is officially an imported root beer product.

Mug Root Beer

Mug Root Beer

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Mug Root Beer is one of the most well-known root beer brands available today. There’s probably a decent possibility that you’ll find Mug Root Beer on the shelves when you go supermarket shopping, and for good cause too.

This root beer brand is among the best because it has the ideal balance of the creamy, thick foam and the fizzy bite that distinguishes many of the better root beers. A sip or a can of this root beer is all it takes to provide a cool beverage on a hot summer day.

You will receive 12 cans of Mug Root Beer in this bundle, each containing the required 355 milliliters of root beer. Given that it is simply a big box with the 12 cans stacked one on top of the other, the packaging is presumably identical to what you would see in grocery stores.

Mug Root Beer is a well-known root beer brand due to its recognizable and sweet flavor. Its syrupy flavor can make it taste almost exactly like candy to many people. The fact that there aren’t any harsh or lingering effects from the carbonation after a taste may appeal to many more root beer drinkers than the small number.

Mug’s Root Beer does not contain caffeine, but each can has 160 calories, which is a lot when compared to other brands that have no calories. But if you don’t consume this root beer too frequently, burning through 160 calories ought to be no problem.

What we liked: We enjoy this root beer’s richer flavor. It undoubtedly lacks the bite of other root beer brands, but it is the ideal root beer brand to serve at a BBQ because it is a crowd-pleaser.

What we didn’t like: Given our dependence on root beer, 160 calories per can seem excessively high, especially given that we often consume 2-3 cans of root beer each day. While the sweetness of this Mug Root Beer is something we certainly appreciate, a little more carbonation would improve the root beer beverage as a whole.

Barq’s Root Beer

Barq's Root Beer

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Barq’s Root Beer is a different massively successful root beer brand. These three make up the top three root beer brands in North America today, along with Mug Root Beer and A&W’s Root Beer. In terms of taste and overall quality, Barq’s Root Beer differs significantly from the other two—in a good way, of course.

Since their famous television commercial debuted some 25 years ago, Barq’s Root Beer has been a constant in the root beer industry. In that advertisement, it was stated that “Barq’s has bite,” and ever since, this root beer beverage has been known for having bite.

By “bite,” people refer to the beverage’s level of carbonation or fizz. Although Barq’s Root Beer has a lot of bite, it also has outstanding flavor. Although less sweet than Mug and A&W, it has a very strong root beer flavor that works extremely well with the level of carbonation in this beverage.

Barq’s Root Beer tends to be preferred above other well-known brands by consumers who prefer more bite in their sodas. Be aware that not everyone will enjoy this stronger level of biting.

24 cans of Barq’s Root Beer, each containing 355 milliliters, are included in this box. Unfortunately, Barq’s Root Beer has 160 calories per can, exactly the same as Mug’s Root Beer.

What we liked: If you want sodas with a greater level of carbonation, this one is for you. We especially enjoy Barq’s Root Beer since it has a bite to it, making it much harder to gulp on a hot summer day. Instead, you’re almost compelled to savor it more by drinking it slowly. Therefore, for us, this root beer is ideal for sipping while lounging by our pool.

What we didn’t like: The fact that this root beer is artificially flavored and that fact is advertised as such on the can itself, as well as the fact that each can contains a whopping 160 calories, are both things we didn’t care for. For those who may closely monitor their daily caloric intake, this may be prohibitive.

Sprecher Root Beer Can 12 oz (Pack of 6)

Sprecher Root Beer Can 12 oz (Pack of 6)

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You’ve probably never heard of Sprecher Root Beer, a brand of root beer. In fact, it’s possible that few anyone outside of Wisconsin, where it is made, have ever heard of this obscure root beer brand. But despite its lack of recognition, Sprecher Root Beer is still an excellent root beer beverage.

Sprecher comfortably takes the prize for the best box design. The can’s artwork depicts a bird holding a Sprecher’s bottle in one hand and a mug of root beer in the other. The most original of all the ones we’ve seen, without a doubt. Sprecher Root Beer is sold in packages of six 12-ounce cans apiece, totaling the normal package size.

We should discuss its flavor since it is somewhat distinctive. It is renowned for having a particularly smooth, creamy, and sweet flavor. This root beer doesn’t have a lot of bite if that’s what you’re looking for, but it does have just enough to make you aware that it’s there. However, this root beer is undoubtedly smoother than most, with a faint flavor of honey and vanilla.

This root beer’s production process most likely contributed to the aftertaste of honey. This root beer is produced by Sprecher with Wisconsin honey. They make the honey in their on-site brewery and then extract it from the combs themselves. When a little honey and vanilla are added, a magically distinct root beer flavor with a lingering honey and vanilla aftertaste results.

What we liked: Despite the fact that this brand may be obscure or unheard of, it is unquestionably one of the best-tasting root beers we have ever tried. It’s not excessively sweet, tastes strongly of root beer, and has a subtly sweet aftertaste.

What we didn’t like: Sadly, buying this root beer brand is very expensive because it is such an unknown brand; it might be better to sample it once rather than buying it often.

Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer 1 Liter 3pack

Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer 1 Liter 3pack

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Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer, marketed as “America’s Premium Root Beer,” has been a well-known root beer brand for almost a century. Although the brand’s popularity over the previous few decades has slowed down a little, they have managed to establish themselves as a premium root beer over that period.

Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer has always been known for its recognizable branding, which features the colors blue, red, and yellow. Although their root beer beverage is pretty uninteresting and basic in appearance, you wouldn’t believe this is much of a luxury root beer brand by its design.

Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer has a satisfying bite to it in addition to a fantastic root beer flavor. Although it can taste rather sticky and is on the sweeter side, the extra sweetness undoubtedly enhances the root beer’s overall flavor.

This root beer comes in a different bottle from Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer, which is well recognized for its glass, beer-like bottles. Three one-liter bottles of this one are available. Additionally, the bottles are plastic rather than glass.

This Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer has 120 calories per serving, or 240 milliliters, which is a disproportionately high number when compared to the 120 calories in a typical 12-ounce bottle. Despite this, this root beer has no caffeine and is a favorite among many since it reminds them so much of their youth.

What we liked: This root beer brand has a high level of nostalgia. We used to consume this virtually daily when we were younger, thus drinking it really took us back to those times. It still tastes like root beer, which is delicious and well-known.

What we didn’t like: This root beer was a classic, but we didn’t like for the one-liter bottles. One liter of root beer is just too much to consume in one sitting, and the root beer will get flat if you don’t finish the remainder of it rather quickly.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Root Beer Brands


The calorie content of root beer might be significant to many people in today’s society as more and more people are checking their weight and particularly their calorie intake. Some root beer manufacturers offer zero-calorie root beer options, which might be a great option for folks watching their calorie intake.

There are some root beer brands, though, whose caloric content for a standard can of root beer can be as high as 120–180.

Package Size

Root beer is no exception to the rule that drinks can have varied sizes. While the majority of root beer brands come in the standard aluminum cans, which measure 12 fluid ounces or 355 millimeters, some also do.

Each plastic bottle of the Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer holds a liter of root beer. Bundaberg, an iconic Australian root beer, sells its root beer in 375 millimeter or 12.7 fluid ounce bottles.


Root beer is a divisive beverage since people either adore or detest its flavor. People who adore its flavor frequently adore its distinctive flavor. If you didn’t know, sassafras extract, which is essentially obtained from a deciduous tree, is the source of root beer. Despite how strange this is, it creates a taste that is highly distinctive and, when coupled with other flavors, results in a creamy, rich, and tasty beverage.

Every brand of root beer is distinct from the others and uses a distinctive combination of ingredients to create its own brand of root beer. Different manufacturers add different amounts of natural or artificial sugar to the beverage and have been perfecting their formulas for decades to create a root beer drink that is loved by many people.


The bite of root beer is one of its many well-known characteristics. The amount of carbonation in the root beer beverage itself might be referred to as the bite. No matter what anyone claims, every root beer beverage contains a certain amount of bite. Given that it is a soda or other carbonated beverage, it must.

Varied types of root beer might have different levels of bite or carbonation. A&W and Barq’s Root Beer serve as a very good illustration of this. A&W Root Beer is renowned for being creamy, rich, frothy, and sweet with significantly less bite than other root beers. You probably wouldn’t have any trouble drinking an ice-cold A&W Root Beer if you tried.

However, same cannot be stated about Barq’s Root Beer. The root beer from Barq’s is known for having a lot of bite or carbonation. It takes pride in being spicier than other root beer brands. As a result, if you tried to gulp an ice-cold Barq’s Root Beer, you would undoubtedly have to take breaks because there is simply too much carbonation to do so.

Final Thoughts

Root beer is a remarkably underrated soda drink that merits greater attention. We’ve exposed you to the top brands of root beer available right now in this review of the greatest ones.

There is always a top-notch root beer brand to pick from, whether you prefer robust and effervescent root beer or one that is creamy and smooth.

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