10 Best Tamale Steamers for The Perfect Tamale Night

Having the appropriate tools and supplies for the job is essential while making tamales. Like many traditional cuisines, this one includes a number of processes and calls for many hands to help. Tamalada, the process of creating tamales, is typically something enjoyed by family and friends as a social pastime. But no amount of friends and family can compensate for a lack of the best tamale steamer pot for the job. You should review the top tamale steamer pots available to choose which one best meets your needs because the typical steamer is not made for the special cooking conditions that tamales require.

Best Pick

Our top pick is the Oster Sangerfield Stainless Steel Cookware because it has a large cooking capacity that lets you prepare numerous tamales at once, a clear lid that makes it simple to monitor them and produce more flavorful, juicy tamales, and a sturdy stainless steel construction that increases its durability and longevity.

Budget Pick

The Mockins Steamer Pot Set is our budget pick because it has a well-built design that makes it simpler to use and maintain, a rust-resistant and high-quality construction that makes it durable and keeps it looking new, and it acts as a great steamer that aids in swiftly preparing tamales.

10 Best Tamale Steamers

Oster Sangerfield Stainless Steel Cookware

Oster Sangerfield Stainless Steel Cookware

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Highlighted Features

  • A 3-quart saucepan with a glass lid and a steamer insert are included with the steamer set.
  • All pieces are composed of sturdy stainless steel.
  • Serves as a Dutch oven as well

With the stockpot you need for regular cooking, the steamer insert you want to make delicious tamales, and much more, the Oster Steamer Set is a useful appliance for any kitchen. The kit comes with everything you need to get started creating fantastic tamales right away, and the clear glass cover lets you see how they’re coming along.

With this steamer, you can remove your meal and leave the hot pot on the burner until it cools without worrying that your tamales may accidently absorb water or become overcooked. The steamer insert is also simple to remove. Additionally, if you happen to have any leftover tamales, you can use this to steam them again or reheat them the next day.

What we liked: The glass lid is composed of strong materials, so it won’t likely break if exposed to extreme heat.

What we didn’t like: This item can’t be put in the dishwasher, and the handles aren’t heat-resistant.

Nevlers 3 Piece Premium Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Steamer Pot Set

Nevlers 3 Piece Premium Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Steamer Pot Set

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Highlighted Features

  • Grips with heat resistance
  • Compatible with ceramic, glass, induction, electric, portable, gas, and other types of stovetops
  • The saucepot has marks for its capacity.

You can prepare the greatest tamales without stress if you use the Mockins Steamer Pot Set. The three-piece set includes a saucepot with a 3 quart capacity, a 2 quart steamer insert, and a tightly fitting vented glass top. Food is kept moist and stays more juicy and tasty thanks to the lid. This set will make it simple for you to steam a variety of veggies.

Due to its heavy-duty 18/8 stainless steel construction, the steamer insert and saucepot are not likely to corrode anytime soon. The set’s ability to function properly for a long time is partly a result of its stainless steel construction. In addition, this set is renowned for evenly spreading heat across its cooking surface area since the steamer insert features an aluminum base that does a great job of effectively retaining heat.

What we liked: You can steam a large number of tamales, veggies, or other foods at once. This allows you to concentrate on other crucial duties while saving time and effort.

What we didn’t like: Because of its weight of 5.04 pounds, moving this object may be a little challenging.

Farberware Classic Series Saucepot with Steamer Insert

Farberware Classic Series Saucepot with Steamer Insert

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Highlighted Features

  • Business Insider named it the “Best Stovetop Steamer for 2020.”
  • fabricated from sturdy stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe

If you’re seeking for a simple way to make tamales, you might require the Farberware Classic Series Saucepot with Steamer Insert. With a 3 quart size, you can easily make enough tamales for 2-4 people using this product. This item can also be used to steam vegetables, lobster, or soup.

Between the layers of stainless steel on the saucepot and the steamer insert is an aluminum core. This enables them to swiftly and effectively retain heat. Additionally, it aids in distributing heat uniformly around the cooking area. You can cook your food more quickly because there aren’t going to be any hot or cold patches there. Furthermore, you may also use this item in the oven. Just make sure it doesn’t become hotter than 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

What we liked: There is enough room for a substantial amount of water to be added between the base and the steamer insert. You won’t need to periodically add water because this keeps the water from drying out.

What we didn’t like: Because the saucepot’s handles are not heat-resistant, you must use potholders when using them. The handles also have a fragile feel to them.

IMUSA USA Aluminum Tamale and Steamer Steamer Po 12-Quart, Silver

IMUSA USA Aluminum Tamale and Steamer Steamer Po 12-Quart, Silver

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Highlighted Features

  • Easy tamale steaming is made possible with a replaceable steamer insert.
  • 12-, 20-, and 32-quart capacities are available.
  • made of long-lasting aluminum for use over a long period of time

The 12-quart IMUSA Mexicana-24 Aluminum Tamale and Steamer pro pot features an aluminum top and removable steamer insert for the best possible steaming. This pot gives you more flexibility than other options because it can also be used as a standard stockpot without the steamer attachment. The shallow steamer tray’s innovative design makes it perfect for steaming fish and other foods.

This sturdy saucepan, made of heavy-duty metal, has enough room to cook tamales in small batches. This can be the best pot for you if you don’t require a large stockpot. Leading housewares brand IMUSA creates a range of speciality goods, including cookware and appliances with ethnic influences. One of their many well-liked cooking items is this steamer pot, which is appropriate for people looking for a more effective way to prepare tamales.

What we loved: You can cook in a number of ways with this set because it is safe to use in the oven.

What we didn’t like: When exposed to high temperatures, the pot is liable to deform. Additionally, consumers have mentioned that after a few uses, it starts to rust.

IMUSA USA Steamer with Glass Lid 20-Quart, Silver

IMUSA USA Steamer with Glass Lid 20-Quart, Silver

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Highlighted Features

  • Made of heat-resistant, long-lasting aluminum that heats uniformly.
  • Has a glass cover with an integrated steam vent.
  • Handles are touchably cool.

The 20-quart capacity of the IMUSA steamer with a glass lid makes it an excellent mid-size tamale steamer. Its size and lack of bulk make it ideal for cooking several tamales at once. With appropriate care, this heavy-duty metal steamer pot will last for many years. It may also steam delicately-cooked foods like corn on the cob, fish, and other foods.

The same qualities of this tamale steamer pot are also offered in smaller and bigger sizes, ensuring that everyone may find the steaming solution they require. You can create excellent soups, sauces, beans, pasta, and more when you’re not steaming tamales. It works well for steaming and cooking in large batches for both regular use and special occasions. Additionally, it comes from IMUSA, a pioneer in ethnic cooking, kitchenware, and home furnishings.

What we liked: Throughout the cooking process, the handles and the knob stay cool. This product can also be used on glass stovetops.

What we didn’t like: The hot water has a tendency to spray everywhere when you remove the top. When utilizing it, special caution must be taken.

Granite Ware Tamale Pot with Steamer Insert, 15.5-Quart

Granite Ware Tamale Pot with Steamer Insert, 15.5-Quart

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Highlighted Features

  • made of resilient, chip-resistant granite
  • With a removable insert for steaming, ideal for tamales.
  • 15.5-quart volume

If you don’t mind cooking fewer tamales at once, the Granite Ware Tamale Pot with Steamer Insert is perfect for producing big batches of tamales. The distinctive glass-like surface sticks out since it is easy to clean and won’t react with food. Porcelain is applied to the exterior to promote superior heat conduction and a long-lasting finish.

The use of this tamale pot with a glass stovetop is not advised, but it produces consistently excellent results with any other type of range. Simply wash it in warm, soapy water to clean it, and you’re ready to store it away until you prepare your next batch. Of course, you can also use the pot to steam other meals like veggies, or you can remove the insert and use it as a stockpot to cook other things like soups.

What we liked: The product is relatively lightweight, making transportation between locations simple. You can prepare 20–30 tamales in a single batch thanks to the enormous capacity. It is therefore ideal for gatherings.

What we didn’t like: Due to its size, the item may be challenging to store if you have a little space.

GasOne ST-32 Stock & Steamer Rack

GasOne ST-32 Stock & Steamer Rack

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Highlighted Features

  • has stronger outside walls for longevity and uniform heating
  • has a cover and a steamer rack that is removable.
  • 8-gallon (32-quart) capacity

The GasOne ST-32 offers everything you need and more for those looking for a serious stockpot and tamale steamer. It has a sturdy design made of thicker stainless steel that will provide years of use, and it is a commercial-grade item that can be used in any environment. Additionally, it has a modern stainless-steel appearance that complements the design of any kitchen or cooking area.

From seafood to tamales and everything in between, this sizable pot and steamer may be utilized for a variety of steaming purposes. You can use it as a standard stockpot to make stocks, soups, broths, and other dishes without the steamer rack.

What we liked: It’s fantastic for quickly cooking a huge quantity of food because to its large capacity.

What we didn’t like: Because the item weighs 12.7 pounds, you might need help lifting it off the cooktop. Additionally, the narrow bottom is probably going to rust rapidly.



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Highlighted Features

  • The steamer set comes with a glass lid and a detachable steamer insert.
  • Constructed with dependable and long-lasting aluminum materials
  • The knob and handles are ruby red in hue.

With the IMUSA USA MEXICANA-732 Steamer, you may elegantly prepare a few dozen tamales. You no longer need to prepare tamales in separate batches thanks to its big 32 quart capacity. The steamer rack separates the food from the water, keeping it from getting too wet. Because the steamer rack is removable, you can also cook various foods like soup, pasta, stews, shellfish, lobsters, oatmeal, and many other things.

The steamer’s aluminum construction helps it to effectively hold and transfer heat. When exposed to a high temperature, the cooking area heats up quickly and does not warp. Because the glass lid features steam vents, your food will retain its flavor and moisture. Throughout the cooking process, the handles and the knob do not heat up. When using this steamer to prepare tamales, you are no longer required to use oven mitts or potholders.

What we liked: The handles have a nice touch and are rather robust, making it easy to wrap your fingers around them.

What we didn’t like: When placed on a stovetop, the steamer might take up more than one burner due to its size. In addition, the object weighs 7.33 pounds.

Smart Cook 20 Qt Tamale Steamer

Smart Cook 20 Qt Tamale Steamer

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Highlighted Features

  • The saucepot includes a rack and a steamer insert.
  • Grips with heat resistance
  • Lightweight and portable

For those who wish to steam tamales like a skilled cook, the Smart Cook 20 Qt Tamale Steamer is ideal. You may add a lot of water because of the high capacity so that it doesn’t dry up while you’re cooking. You can add seafood, veggies, lobsters, crabs, and a lot more to the steamer insert’s huge surface area. To prepare soups, stews, or chili, simply remove the insert.

When lifting or moving this heavy pot, the riveted handles are well constructed and offer a secure hold. The lid is precisely sized and aids in keeping moisture inside the pot. Since the steamer’s aluminum structure allows it to resist high temperatures, you can use it to prepare a wide range of cuisines. It is simple to store because the object is not overly large.

What we liked: Because it weighs only 3.49 pounds, moving the item around is simple.

What we didn’t like: Because the lid is opaque, you must lift it to check on the status of your food. Longer cook times occur as a result of the heat escaping in this way.

Smart Cook 32 Qt Tamale Steamer

Smart Cook 32 Qt Tamale Steamer

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Highlighted Features

  • A huge 32-quart capacity is provided by the Vaporera Stock Pot.
  • Includes a cover and a steam rack.
  • Able to cook eight liters of liquid

The 32-qt. Tamale Steamer Vaporera Stock Pot is made for people who want to cook tamales in smaller quantities and save time. The tamales can be held in this enormous pot’s convenient steamer rack, which will ensure that they are cooked to perfection. The riveted handles guarantee simple handling and secure cooking while remaining cool to the touch.

The glass lid on this tamale steamer pot allows you to keep the heat inside for ideal steaming while also keeping an eye on your food. Whether you prepare tamales sometimes or regularly, the pot, which is made of sturdy metal, will last you for many years. It also serves a variety of other cooking and steaming requirements, making it a fantastic multi-use purchase. This pot is a fantastic option if you’re looking for something bigger and more functional.

What we liked: The steamer rack is detachable, allowing you to cook additional foods including soup, stew, and curry.

What we didn’t like: Since the lid is opaque, you must occasionally lift it to check on the status of your food.

How to Pick the Best Tame Steamer for Always Perfect Tamales

There are a variety of tamale steamers and pots available on the market right now, but not all of them are created equal. These steamers are available in a wide range of sizes, materials, features, and accessories. There are a few factors that will matter more than the others if you want to ensure that you have the greatest steamer for the task. To learn how to reduce your alternatives, continue reading below.

Size Matters

The size of the pot is one of the most crucial factors to consider when picking a tamale steamer. You don’t want to prolong this labor-intensive process beyond what is absolutely necessary. A smaller steamer can be appropriate if you’re only making a few tamales for your family to savor. However, if you need to feed a large group of people, you should opt for a steamer with the highest capacity.

Of course, you can’t just focus on the steamer’s capacity. You should also think about its size. Taller steamers are perfect since they provide you the option to steam vertically and finish the tamale-making process much more rapidly than you could with your current equipment. This enables you to cook up more tamales in a smaller space.

For single-family use, the majority of individuals typically pick an 8- to 12-quart steamer. One of the enormous 32-quart steamers, which can contain a lot of tamales and other food, may be loved by certain people who host parties or make big quantities of tamales to share with friends and family.

As a point of comparison, a 10-quart steamer can prepare approximately 30 tamales, but a 28-quart steamer may prepare up to 100 tamales in a single batch. This is crucial information to remember if you’re aiming to cook less but produce more.

What Materials are Best?

For a more durable finish, tamale steamers are often made of aluminum or stainless steel. Additionally, compared to some pots and steamers on the market, the steamers are compatible with a wider variety of stovetops and ranges. Due to its heating properties, aluminum is the favored material, but stainless steel is starting to overtake it on the market since it is more robust while still offering a great, elegant appearance.

Of course, the electric tamale steamer is a brand-new choice on the market right now. With its own power supply and independent temperature settings, this appliance has the appearance and functionality of a crockpot or pressure cooker and can provide the same amount of steaming power as a conventional stovetop steamer. There is only one electric steamer on this list, but it is unquestionably a choice to take into account if you want something easy to use.

If not, you should usually stick to using aluminum or stainless steel for steaming tamales. These materials are significantly more durable than other materials and are excellent at transferring heat. They also provide even cooking.

Put a Lid on It!

The lid is crucial, although most people are unaware of it. The tamale steamer is only as good as the lid that is placed on top of it. These pots often have a flat or slightly domed lid with a sizable, sturdy handle. In order to retain the heat within, lids must be tight but not impenetrably so that steam can escape. Typically, lids come in three different materials: stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. Glass lids are recommended since they let you monitor the progress of your tamales as they cook.

Although choosing a lid is largely a matter of taste, you must have one in order for the steaming process to be as efficient as it should be.

Other Factors to Consider

Purchasing a high-quality steamer for your subsequent batch of tamales involves considerably more. Always be sure that the steamer you purchase is made exclusively for steaming tamales, and only choose recognized manufacturers from which to do so. After all, not all steamer pots are designed for the same purposes, and depending on their setup and size, they may cook differently.

The fact that many steamer pots feature detachable steam trays increases their adaptability because, in many situations, you may remove the tray and use the pot as a standard pot. These steamers can offer a lot of culinary options for your kitchen area in addition to producing excellent tamales.

Making sure the handles are strong and welded or riveted on is another important consideration. They should also continue to feel chilly to the touch. There is too much going on in the world for you to be dealing with tense situations and other things you can steer clear of. Wherever you can, choose Cool Touch products and features to increase user safety and convenience.

Checking the steamer’s adaptability should be the last feature on your list. Besides tamales, what else can this pot cook? Since you probably won’t be preparing tamales frequently, it will be much preferable to invest in a pot that can do more than just steam. No matter what type of cooking you have in mind, get a pot with a removable steamer tray so that you may make the most of its use.

The Advantages of a Good Tamale Steamer

You must have a tamale steamer in order to produce tamales; it won’t only make the process simpler. The tamale is a traditional meal with roots in Central America and Mexico that is now adored all over the world due to its wide range of filling options and distinctive flavors. What makes a tamale is the fact that the contents are wrapped in corn husks and then cooked to perfection. The ingredients and filling aren’t really that significant.

Tamales can be prepared in a variety of ways, such as by grilling or baking, but traditionally they are steamed, and those that cook genuinely will tell you that there is no other option. All of Latin America enjoys this distinctive food, which goes by several names and slang phrases like “bollo” or “tamal.” Even the Mayan and Aztec cultures cooked tamales, however they did so using various warming and preparation techniques.

Although not all steamers offer the same advantages, let’s look at some of the more popular advantages in the list below.


Once more, tamales are an extremely labor-intensive dish that most people lack the resources to prepare on a regular basis. Therefore, it will be a lot better choice for your kitchen to have a pot or steamer that can be used for items other than tamales. Many steamers on the market come with replaceable inserts, allowing you to use the pot just like a regular pot if you so choose.

The majority of these steamers can also steam vegetables, fish, and other foods, which makes them extremely flexible. Although not all of them may promote it, it is a possibility.

Perfect Tamale Steaming

You are no longer have to rely on chance or pray that your tamales turn out well. You will have the equipment to cook great tamales every time if you have a dedicated steamer pot. These cookware items are made exclusively for tamales, so even though they may also be used to prepare other foods, they will produce delicious tamales every time. The lids will also give the best possible tamales a safe steam environment.

Even though steaming tamales isn’t particularly complex, uniformity is still important. Even if you’ve been making these for years, you probably already know how challenging it can be to make tamales consistently and get them to cook correctly. Timing and cooking concerns won’t ever be an issue with the various steamers that are made specifically for preparing tamales.

Comprehensive Cooking Source

You are providing yourself a dedicated area to prepare dinner and do something to help you feel a little more productive when you get a tamale steaming pot. You may be confident that you will always have the supplies you need to complete the task if you have a pot designed exclusively for tamales. You won’t be utilizing a haphazard pot or a steamer that isn’t made to cater to the specific requirements of tamales.

Finding the greatest tamale steamer will be simpler than ever for you to find thanks to the rising demand for these kinds of pots and equipment. When you want to try your hand at cooking something new, you can either concentrate on making your tamales perfectly or just enjoy a slightly more authentic experience.


You’ll be able to produce tamales much more quickly and finish cooking them much more quickly when you utilize a tamale steamer. You will need to cook fewer batches of tamales because these steamers are made to handle a large number of them; as a result, you won’t need to spend as much time cooking tamales as you might have in the past.

Efficiency has merit even though producing tamales is more of a competition than a race. More important than how quickly they cook is how properly they are cooked.

FAQs on tamale steamers

Do I have to cook tamales in a special steamer or pot?

There is no requirement that you purchase a tamale steamer pot to produce these delectable delicacies. However, it will significantly simplify the task. Make sure to consider all of your possibilities and learn about what steamers have to offer. In this manner, you will be able to see firsthand how much time and bother you can save.

How many tamales can I cook at once?

For each steamer available, there will be a distinct demand or capacity. While bigger commercial-grade pots and steamers may be able to handle up to 100 tamales in a single batch, other smaller ones may only be able to cook 20 or 30 at a time. Purchasing a larger steamer will put you on the path to rapid and easy cooking, which is still the majority of the labor, if you want to complete the cooking in one go.


Purchasing the best tamale steamer for your needs will significantly reduce the stress associated with a dish that is already highly time- and labor-consuming. These steamers have a lot of features and advantages, and many of them can be used for other types of cooking in addition to making tamales. Make sure to investigate every product on the market right now and discover what it has to offer. After that, you’ll know much better what you need.

You may use the helpful buying guide to check off all the boxes and ensure that you acquire the best steamer for the task, whether it’s one of the products on the above list or something completely different. Take use of this to expedite the process of preparing tamales, whether you’re making 20 or 200.

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