11 Best Tofu Presses To Make Cooking Easier

Tofu has the ability to absorb and transform flavors, yet its preparation can be challenging due to its tastelessness on its own. Use the best tofu presses if you want to mould this smooth, firm substance into something appetizing with the appropriate form and texture.

In Asian cuisine, tofu is used in both sweet and savory preparations. The white and creamy food item increases the flavor of your meal and is also a terrific source of protein, calcium, and iron.

To get the most flavor out of your tofu, though, you’ll want to press it well. More water than is desirable will make it taste watery and unpleasant. Therefore, bring home one of the best tofu presses recommended in this post to experience the perfect tofu every time.

The 11 Best Tofu Presses

Best USDA-Certified: EZ Tofu Press

EZ Tofu Press


Would you describe yourself as a workaholic who also enjoys staying at home with her family? Do you need a fast method to cook some tasty tofu? If you’re too busy to cook, this EZ tofu press might be the solution. You may use it to drain and press tofu and handmade paneer in about 15 minutes. Marks for centering help you get everything where it needs to be before pushing. Although it is plastic, the top plate has a stainless steel grommet to prevent any plastic from leaching into your tofu or paneer. The absence of springs and elastic bands means that this press will not break or wear out like its counterparts. You may learn more about the product with the help of this video review.


  • Fullest Pressing Speed
  • enhanced taste absorption
  • An improvement in flavor and texture
  • Excellent for a wide range of tofu slab dimensions.
  • Chemical-free and approved by the USDA, BPA-free plastic
  • The only cleaning required is some hot soapy water.


  • There may be a tiny wobble in the knobs.

Best Portable: Tofuture Tofu Press

Tofuture Tofu Press


In search of a sleek, small, and easily transportable tofu press? It’s possible that this one by Tofuture is the best option! This white-green plastic press doesn’t contain any harmful materials and can be washed in the dishwasher. It has different compartments for different purposes, such as holding tofu, applying pressure, and collecting the resulting water. Hooks are available for adjusting the length of silicone bands to accommodate tofu blocks of varying thickness. This beautifully crafted tofu press makes pressing tofu a breeze, and it fits neatly inside the fridge for easy storage. Watch this video for additional information about this item.


  • Compact
  • Non-BPA plastics
  • Tofu cooker on the go
  • Aesthetically pleasing style and layout
  • Improved capacity for perceiving and appreciating flavors


  • It’s possible that the plastic clips are flimsy.

Best Environment-Friendly: Mangocore Tofu Press With Tofu Cloth

Mangocore Tofu Press With Tofu Cloth


Who doesn’t like a free bonus when they make a purchase? Mangocore has produced a set that comprises a tofu press and a tofu cloth. This tofu press is long-lasting and safe for the planet because it’s made from plastic that’s been approved for use in the food industry. Pressing tofu in this mold improves its texture and flavor and increases its ability to absorb flavors, plus it is easy to use and doesn’t have an off-putting odor. It is a slab of steamed tofu, shaped like a box and served on a flat plate. The cotton tofu cloth included with this press works to remove extra moisture from tofu.


  • Durable
  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Uncomplicated method


  • The top can be a little too easily broken.

Best For Marinating: TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press

TofuXpress Gourmet Tofu Press


It turns out that this tofu press, which has a design that is both novel and attractive, is one of the best on the market. It’s convenient because it’s portable and can be stored in a fridge. Excess water is easily gathered at the top lid by placing pressure on the spring-loaded plastic slabs, facilitating cleanup. This tofu press has several practical use beyond making tofu. Depending on the specific qualities of each variety of tofu, there are many kinds of tofu presses available. Pressing soft foods like cheese, rice, and yogurt is possible with this DIY tofu press. If you want to know how to use a tofu press, you should watch this video.


  • A more palatable flavor
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.
  • Super-Stiff Tofu
  • Slim and compact
  • Rectangular slabs with internal springs
  • Acceptable for use with sensitive foods


  • Moderately pricy

Best 6-Sided Lattice Panels: That Tofu Thing Tofu Press

that tofu thing - Tofu Press


Are you in the mood for some tofu that tastes like it came straight from a restaurant? Fortunately, your search is over because over there, near that tofu thing, you can get a tofu press, which is the only thing you need The tofu’s texture, flavor, and capacity to absorb seasonings are all enhanced by being pressed in this specially crafted tofu press. The rapidity with which it can move and the attractiveness of its latticework on all six sides are its best features. In just 15 minutes, the tofu will be extremely firm thanks to the panels that drain the water. There is just one screw in this tofu maker, making it one of a kind. Holding the tofu with one hand while pressing with the other makes it possible to feel the tofu block turning to the right.


  • Long-Lasting
  • fast exertion
  • Ingredient-safe components
  • Creative and fashionable style
  • Consisting of a Bi-Oriented Structure


  • It’s possible that the press is set too high.

Best BPA-Free: Glue Theory Simple Drip Tofu Press

Simple Drip Tofu Press


Do you enjoy making tofu with presses but despise having to clean the water that is released? Then perhaps you should consider purchasing this tofu press from Glue Theory. More firm and meatier tofu is produced using this tofu maker, and the texture and flavor are guaranteed to be superior. It’s made of BPA-free stainless steel, so you can use it without worry. We especially like how the bottom plate may be removed to catch drips instead of making us search for paper towels. Because of its adaptability and cutting-edge design, this plate-style press is widely regarded as one of the top tofu brands on the market.


  • Distinctive style
  • Drop pan that can be removed
  • This tofu recipe works with a wide range of block sizes.
  • Drainage holes with a precise construction.


  • Turnstiles could be a little on the snug side.

Best Craftsmanship: Tofu Kit Tofu Maker

Tofu Kit Tofu Maker


Planning to make tofu from scratch? Like Japanese food? This tofu press by Tofu Kit is a convenient all-in-one option. The aroma and quality of the tofu made by this company are legendary. Never underestimate the power of the fragrant hinoki (Japanese cypress). A wooden tofu press has the added benefit of being non-toxic. Included in the purchase of this tofu press are a nigari package (a type of Japanese sushi ingredient), a press cloth, and directions for preparation. Using this press, you may get from “product” to “plate” in a truly unique and unforgettable way.


  • Slim and compact
  • Super-Stiff Tofu
  • Experimenting with new flavors on the fly
  • This tofu recipe works with a wide range of block sizes.


  • There’s a chance the top lid is too tiny.

Best Corrosion-Free: Grow Your Pantry Tofu Press

Grow Your Pantry Tofu Press


Do you have a craving for some delicious tofu? Then, in just 15 minutes of pressing time, you can get extra-firm tofu with a superb texture and lip-smacking taste thanks to this bamboo wooden tofu press by Grow Your Pantry. One of the best tofu presses, thanks to its specialized design that has slotted holes to drain excess water and a plate to collect it without a mess. This plate-style press’s entire frame is crafted from bamboo wood, making it both sturdy and durable. This helps to keep the item from corroding or breaking. It includes a user handbook, a tofu recipe book, and a freebie of unknown origin.


  • Eco-friendly
  • fast exertion
  • Strong and long-lasting.
  • With a convenient carrying case
  • Inconstant upkeep is not a problem
  • Hardware finger-tightening devices made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel


  • The springs might be a little too firm.

Best With Spring Press: Wecation Tofu Press

Wecation Tofu Press


Is a tofu press what you need to get rid of the wetness in the tofu and get to the deliciousness underneath? Get the Wecation tofu press, which features a spring press and a water collection container, and use it at home. This press can squeeze anywhere from 16 to 26 ounces of tofu with its screw and locked cover, and its see-through container lets you gauge the tofu’s density and any condensation that may have formed.


  • The silicone grip is slip-proof.
  • Metal coil spring that is built to be submerged in water
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.
  • A guarantee that lasts for three years


  • Not necessarily simple to put together.

Best Large-Sized: Country Trading Co. Simple Wooden Tofu Press

Tofu Press and Cheese Press for Making Feta, Halloumi, Mexican, Curds, Goats Cheese, Paneer and Vegan Nut Queso


Want a one-stop solution to preventing your food from getting soggy? Do you enjoy Japanese cuisine? Here it is, then! Country Trading Co. makes this high-quality wooden tofu press for gourmet tofu. Double-block tofu can be pressed in 30-60 minutes, depending on the pressure setting, resulting in extra-firm tofu with improved texture and sharpness. You can make sushi, musubi, and other Japanese delicacies with the included cheesecloth and square molds. This tofu press makes it easy to prepare vegan cheese, press tofu for sushi, and roll up sushi.


  • Eco-friendly
  • A more capacious storage area
  • Capable of simultaneously pressing several blocks
  • Produces halloumi, feta, paneer, and other cheeses through pressing


  • Potentially cumbersome
  • The foundation could be a little wobbly.

Best Quick-Pressing: Raw Rutes Tofu Press

Raw Rutes Tofu Press


This tofu press made of stainless steel is non-toxic and safe for the environment. This tofu press has such a massive weight that it presses out all the water, leaving you with tofu that is particularly firm and flavorful. It’s impossible for this tofu press to crack, corrode, or become brittle because it doesn’t use any springs, plastic pieces, or bands. Both the Sumo, with its red knob and laser-cut design, and the Ninja, with its black knob and glossy edges, are equally basic and stylish home-made tofu presses.


  • Affordable
  • Maintaining its pristine condition is a breeze.
  • more rapid exertion
  • Perfect for preparing both paneer and cheese


  • Expensive
  • Possible incompatibility with a small range of tofu block sizes.

It can be difficult to decide which tofu press is best. You should weigh a few essential things before making a call.

How To Choose The Best Tofu Press

Choose Your Style

Tofu presses can be either plate-style or box-style.

Plate style press:

Two metal or plastic plates form the working surface of these presses. To remove the water from the tofu block, you must squeeze it between the plates by turning 2 to 4 knobs. Tofu blocks have a tendency to shrink, therefore it’s important to make adjustments to the controls at the right times. This can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes to complete, depending on the size of the blocks.

Box style press:

A metal or plastic box or container with a top plate and a spring mechanism makes up one of these presses. Simply insert the tofu block into the box and secure the top plate as directed. After that is done, the block inside the box is subjected to pressure from the plates, which drives out any remaining moisture. This press is simple to operate, however it might not work with larger blocks of tofu.

Ease Of Use

Whether or not a tofu press is simple to operate is an important factor to think about before making a purchase. Box presses are more user-friendly than plate presses because they produce results more quickly. You can use a plate style press, but it requires fiddling with knobs.

Safety And Maintenance

Tofu presses made of wood or food-grade stainless steel are generally considered to be high quality and easy to maintain. Plastics should be avoided if they contain bisphenol A (BPA). Plate-style presses have knobs made of metal or plastic, although their screws and springs are almost always steel. If you’re in the market for a tofu press, make sure you give longevity and durability some thought as well. An effective tofu maker should not be bulky.

Ensures Better Texture And Taste

Tender, well-textured tofu transforms tasteless tofu into something delicious and fascinating. When tofus is completely devoid of extra moisture, it has incredible flavor-grabbing capabilities. So, a good tofu press is all you need to get all those things!

Unique Features

After you’ve completed the aforementioned checks, you should start keeping an eye out for special characteristics that can sway you to buy a certain tofu press. Attractive aesthetics, lattice panels for water drainage, an original design, a warranty, a guarantee, and extras like recipe books and cheesecloth are all examples of what may fall into this category.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use a tofu press?

It’s all up to your personal taste in fashion. If your press uses plates to provide pressure, you’ll need to adjust the knobs to accommodate the size of your tofu blocks. The tofu block is simply placed in the box-style press, and the pressing process is automatic.

What are the benefits of a tofu press?

Many positive outcomes are associated with using a tofu press, including firmer, more flavorful, and meatier tofu since excess moisture is squeezed out and the tofu’s texture is improved. In addition to saving time, a tofu press eliminates the need for laborious hand-pressing with a stack of heavy books, paper towels, and other implements.

Does a tofu press make a difference?

Manually pressing the tofu may only evaporate some of the moisture from the surface. However, if you use a tofu press, you can remove the internal moisture and create a rich, creamy texture.

How long do I press tofu?

The optimal time for pressing tofu is between 15 and 30 minutes. In any case, if you want extra-firm tofu, pressing it for an additional hour shouldn’t hurt.

How do I press tofu without a press?

Cut the tofu in half lengthwise and stack some paper towels on top of one half. Cover it with a few more paper towels and place another slab on top, aligning the edges. Now we’ll apply some pressure by placing a pan on top of it. Put it aside for 15-30 minutes.

How do I know when the tofu is fully pressed?

After 15-30 minutes, the tofu will have lost some of its bulk and the water will have drained into the tray below. When it reaches this point, your tofu has been squeezed to perfection.

In addition to being a staple ingredient in Asian cooking, tofu is also a healthy option due to its high protein and iron content. If you have one of the top tofu presses, making tofu at home is a breeze. In our list, you’ll find both plate and box presses, both of which are sturdy and useful tools. To select the most appropriate press for your needs, you must first identify those needs. Consider the warranty, extras, and ease of maintenance, as well as the material used to construct the product.