The Best White Chocolate For Every Purpose

White chocolate is visually distinct from milk and dark chocolate, and its sweet and creamy flavor is just as unique. Nonetheless, this in no way diminishes its deliciousness when compared to other chocolates.

Cocoa butter, sugar, milk solids, vanilla, and lecithin are the main ingredients of white chocolate. Numerous varieties of white chocolate exist, each with its own set of desirable properties and appropriate applications.

Where can I find the finest white chocolate? What makes the best white chocolate is dependent on the intended purpose. Baking bars and chocolate chips are ideal ingredients for baking. If you want to melt chocolate, chocolate wafers work well, and truffles are usually a nice treat.

Here are the best white chocolates to choose from and the best method to use them to enjoy them, whether you’re making cookies or searching for an after-dinner treat.

Best Type Of White Chocolate For Baking

White chocolate baking bars and white chocolate chips are ideal for use in baking.

In the oven, white chocolate chips and bars hold up well because they were created specifically for this purpose. They’re cheaper too, especially compared to utilizing high-end white chocolate bars.

In cases when the recipe doesn’t already account for the higher sugar content of white chocolate, you should do so.

Sweet, semisweet, unsweetened, bittersweet, and other classifications exist for baking chocolate, as do specific cocoa percentages. You’ll have complete control over the final sweetness, making this a fantastic baking ingredient.

10 Best White Chocolate For Every Purpose

Guittard, Semisweet Baking Bar, 2 Ounce, 3 Count

Guittard, Semisweet Baking Bar, 2 Ounce, 3 Count

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A chocolate that is both pleasant and has just enough of a bite to give a little of intrigue is the hero of chocolate chip cookies, the champion of buttercream, and the secret to a fantastic ganache. These two types of chocolate, semisweet and bittersweet, are so similar that you may use them interchangeably in most recipes.

You’ll find “dark chocolate” labeling on products as low as 55% cacao, but properly speaking, semisweet chocolate is around 60% cacao, bittersweet is around 70% cacao, and black (see below) is anything more than that. Fortunately, whether you use semisweet or bittersweet chocolate, the effect on a baked dish is the same: it adds a perfectly balanced flavor without overwhelming the other ingredients. Providing some of the astringency of dark without going whole hog, the 60–70% range is the sweet spot for most recipes and most personal tastes.

Claire Saffitz says in the Dessert Person book that she “must bake using chocolate that is no more than 68% cacao, since anything greater is too bitter for my taste.” She recommends Guittard, which produces a semisweet described as having “cherry top notes” and “a tangy, fruity flavor profile.” Pastry chef Melissa Weller recommends Valrhona, and specifically the brand’s Manjari chocolate, in her book A Good Bake because it is her favorite bittersweet bar.

Valrhona, Chocolate Dark Manjari 64 Bar, 2.46 Ounce

Valrhona, Chocolate Dark Manjari 64 Bar, 2.46 Ounce

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The key to a great ganache, the savior of chocolate chip cookies, and the champion of buttercream is a chocolate that is both delightful and has just enough of a bite to lend a little of curiosity. Generally speaking, semisweet and bittersweet chocolate can be used in place of one another.

Even while you can get items labeled “dark chocolate” with as little as 55% cacao, the correct terminology is semisweet chocolate with approximately 60% cacao, bittersweet chocolate with around 70% cacao, and black (see below) with anything more. The good news is that baked goods benefit equally from the addition of chocolate, whether you use semisweet or bittersweet varieties. The range of 60–70% is ideal for most recipes and most people’s tastes, as it provides some of the astringency of dark without going whole hog.

According to Claire Saffitz’s Dessert Person book, “must bake using chocolate that is no more than 68% cacao, since anything larger is too bitter for my taste.” A semisweet from Guittard is recommended; it has “cherry top notes” and “a tangy, fruity flavor character,” as she puts it. In her book A Good Bake, pastry chef Melissa Weller says that Valrhona’s Manjari chocolate is her go-to bittersweet bar.

Valrhona French Gourmet Chocolate Bars “Guanaja” Dark Chocolate

Valrhona French Gourmet Chocolate Bars "Guanaja" Dark Chocolate

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Dark chocolate, so named for its intensely bitter taste and dark color, has a cacao content of at least 70%. Though it can be divisive when used in excess, nothing beats this potent ingredient when used to balance off the sweetness of pastries and baked products.

Fans of dark chocolate will be pleased to know that these bitter bars may be substituted whenever bittersweet or semisweet chocolate is called for; they will only have a more potent end result. If you want to accentuate and play off the variations between the many varieties of chocolate, you can use the high percentage product in combination with a lower semisweet or even milk chocolate in places where you’ll taste the individual varieties (like incorporated into a cookie dough). A dark baking bar can be used to create delicious treats like these rich two-bite truffles, chocolate mousse, and indulgent pots de crème.

Valrhona’s 80% bars are mentioned by name in the book Baking at the 20th Century Cafe, written by pastry chef Michelle Polzine. She comments, “I have used Valrhona chocolate for decades, and I find it dependable, reliable, and delicious.” Also recommended by Kelly Fields of The Good Book of Southern Baking is the Valrhona dark chocolate, Guanaja 70%. She describes the flavor as “beautifully bitter and nuanced with flowery undertones” and “long-lasting.” Scharffen Berger also produces a “extra dark” bar that is 82% cocoa and has a spicy, peppery flavor with a touch of dried figs.

Valrhona Milk Chocolate JIVARA 40% Cacao Tasting Bar

Valrhona Milk Chocolate JIVARA 40% Cacao Tasting Bar

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Even though I know it’s not a “cool” thing to say, milk chocolate is my jam. When a dish looks like it can handle the sugar, or when I’m mixing in bigger pieces of chocolate throughout a batter, I prefer using chocolate that is so sweet and delicious that you’d eat a bunch straight.

Milk chocolate is the sweetest type of chocolate because it includes the most sugar and milk solids. Recipes that don’t add a lot of other sugar or ones in which the other ingredients take a backseat are good candidates for this, as are those aimed at children (birthday cakes, chocolate sauces) (muffins, scones). It’s the ideal chocolate for s’mores and works well as a drizzle or dip for basic cookies and cream puffs.

For general use, both Weller and Fields recommend Valrhona’s Jivara, a 40% cacao milk chocolate. Creamy and rich, with subtle malt undertones, as described by Fields. If you’re looking for something even lighter, Callebaut, a brand well regarded among chefs, offers a bar with a percentage of cocoa solids of 33.6%. It has a creamy flavor with hints of caramel.

Baker’s Premium White Chocolate Baking Bar (4 oz Boxes, Pack of 12)

Baker's Premium White Chocolate Baking Bar (4 oz Boxes, Pack of 12)

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Baker’s premium white chocolate baking bar is widely regarded as one of the best white baking chocolates on the market.

If you prefer using white chocolate in your baking, this bar of white chocolate is a must-have.

White chocolate that has been sweetened adds a luxurious flavor and texture to baked goods. Its versatility extends beyond just baked foods to include desserts and toppings.

This smooth and creamy confection sets up nicely in the oven thanks to the addition of milk and cocoa butter. Our white chocolate no-bake cookies would also benefit from this ingredient.

The Baker’s Premium White Chocolate Baking Bar allows you to experience and preserve the exquisite flavor of premium white chocolate.

Valrhona Premium French Blonde Chocolate DULCEY Cacao Tasting Bars

Valrhona Premium French Blonde Chocolate DULCEY 35% Cacao Tasting Bars

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Unique to Valrhona, dulcey is a caramelized white chocolate that has a roasty flavor and a “blond” appearance. The 32% cacao content gives it a rich, velvety texture and a flavor that is unlike any other. Described by Fields as having “undertones of baked shortbread,” this “phenomenal chocolate,” to which he adds, “there is no actual equivalent,” is truly unique. Adding a rich, almost toffee-like character, it can be used anywhere white chocolate is.

Chocolove Ruby Cacao bar (2 BARS)

Chocolove Ruby Cacao bar (2 BARS)

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Naturally “millennial pink,” Callebaut’s Ruby Chocolate caused a stir online when it was released to the public in 2017. Ruby chocolate is crafted from a reddish-colored Brazilian cocoa bean variety; its flavor is notably acidic, which, along with the color, calls to mind berries.

Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks

Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks

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White chocolate chunks from Callebaut are great for making any kind of baked good.

Even after baking, their silky, sweet taste remains, making them superior to other store-bought chocolate chunks in terms of flavor.

To achieve their smooth and rich texture, the chocolate chunks contain 24.5% cocoa butter.

White chocolate bits retain their rich flavor and are easy to detect in baked items.

Whether you’re making cookies or brownies, this high-quality white chocolate will become your go-to.

The Callebaut White Chocolate Chunks come in three different sizes to accommodate your baking needs: one pound, three pounds, and four pounds.

Lindt Classic Recipe Bar – Caramel & Sea Salt – 4.4 oz – 12 ct

Lindt Classic Recipe Bar - Caramel & Sea Salt - 4.4 oz - 12 ct

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White Chocolate is a great option among the several flavors available in the Lindt Classic Recipe Bar.

You can’t go wrong with Lindt white chocolate; it’s the epitome of luxuriousness.

They are well worth the price due to their otherworldly quality and smooth, opulent feel.

If you bite into a Lindt White Chocolate bar, you’ll experience the chocolatiers’ expert knowledge and enthusiasm.

The vanilla flavoring in the white chocolate bar is very noticeable, but it is the perfect amount to give the bar the balanced white chocolate flavor you’re looking for.

Merckens Coating Melting Wafers White 2 pounds melting chocolate

Sarah's Candy Factory Melting White Chocolate Wafers

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White chocolate melting wafers from Merckens are a safe bet.

They’re designed to be melted and can withstand high temperatures for a long time if heated properly.

You’ll have plenty of white chocolate wafers to use in a variety of culinary projects with this ten-pound package.

Made specifically for use in confectionery production, they pose little difficulty even for novice users.

They work wonderfully for making chocolate covered treats including turtles, clusters, bark, fudge, and molded candy.

White chocolate, when melted and subsequently set, has a solid shell and a shining, smooth finish. The white chocolate flavor is spot-on, and they’re easy to work with to boot!

Do you think of white chocolate as real chocolate?

Cocoa butter, milk solids, sugar, vanilla, and lecithin are the main ingredients of white chocolate. Because it lacks cocoa solids, the question of whether or not white chocolate can be considered chocolate is a contentious one.

Cocoa beans are extracted from their pods and used to produce chocolate. They’re cracked open after being fermented, dried, roasted, and finally cracked.

Chocolate liquor is a paste made by grinding cocoa beans. Cocoa solids, responsible for the chocolate flavor, and cocoa butter, responsible for the chocolate’s rich texture, are extracted from this chocolate liquor.

Although cocoa butter is used to create white chocolate, the cocoa solids responsible for giving milk and dark chocolate their color and flavor are absent.

White chocolate is sometimes defended by the argument that it must be identical to milk chocolate because it is both manufactured from the same cocoa bean.

White chocolate is noticeably different in appearance, taste, and texture from regular chocolate.

Candies and baking chocolates are not real chocolate since they contain additional palm oil to facilitate melting and reforming.

Related Questions

Is white chocolate healthy?

You should know that white sugar has a high sugar content and can have negative effects on your health if consumed regularly.

Is white chocolate healthier than milk chocolate?

The nutritional value of milk chocolate and white chocolate are similar, however white chocolate typically has more calories.

Both of these foods contain calcium, fat, and protein, but there are many superior choices for your daily diet.

What kind of chocolate is best for you?

Consuming dark chocolate, especially chocolate with a high cocoa content, is the healthiest option.

Many minerals and antioxidants can improve your health, and dark chocolate is a great source of both. You should check that the dark chocolate you buy has true cocoa and is not filled with sugar.

The Best White Chocolate

What you plan to do with the white chocolate will determine which kind is best.

For the greatest results when baking cookies and brownies, use a baking bar or baking chips. Candy melts are ideal for use as a coating material or for creating chocolate molds.

White chocolate from Lindt, for example, is a delicious indulgence if you’re in the mood to spoil yourself. When your sweet tooth strikes, white chocolate might be the perfect remedy because it is smooth, velvety, and deliciously sugary.

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