Best Wooden Pizza Peel Reviews

What Is a Pizza Peel Used For?

When transferring pizzas to the oven, a pizza peel is used to prevent the toppings and sauces from pouring out. It’s also convenient for taking out baked pizzas. The long handle on these instruments is designed to keep pizza makers safe from harm as they work. However, pizza peels are useful with any type of pizza oven and are often only associated with brick ovens because of their common association.

Notable things to consider before buying the best wooden pizza peel

Surface- Even or uneven:

When considering buying a pizza peel made of wood, the first thing to consider is its smoothness. Is it smooth enough to make an excellent testing pie or not? Inspect very closely before buying. 

Wood is being used as a perfect material for pizza peel. It can withstand high temperatures, and it is hard enough to maneuver small to large-sized pizza. 

Handle-Long or short: 

If you want to make optimal control, then you must have pizza peel with a good grip. If the handle is too short, it will scorch your hand; if it is too long, it would be tough to move. 

Blade Size:

The blade size is important, though it depends on your pizza size. If you want a large pizza, then you should take a large blade. If you want small pizza, then definitely you should choose a small blade peel. 

Top 8 Best Wooden Pizza Peel Reviews

TOSCANA – a Picnic Time Brand Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

TOSCANA - Pizza Peel- the best wooden pizza peel

First on our list comes from the TOSCANA brand, which is made of beautiful acacia wood. The design is simple and good-looking. Its multi-colored wood grain makes it stand out from the other wooden pizza peel. In my review process, I have not found any wooden pizza peel texture like this. 

Though this pizza is well made, the price is not high. So you could definitely take this if you want something exceptional in color and texture. 

This Toscana pizza peel is made of renowned acacia wood, making it sturdy and durable enough to last long. You could expect to use it for generations if something awkward doesn’t happen. 

This pizza paddle is not overly thin or overly thick. It is a perfect size peel to lift your pizza. Its tapered edge makes the whole pizza-making process a lot easier and more comfortable. It is easy to slide under the pizza and maneuver it to the oven or off the stove. 

When we consider the handle of this peel, we found that the peel’s handle is also tapered edge which gives an ergonomic experience. Easy grips ensure the flexible movement of your peel. 

You will notice that it has a hole at the end of the handle. Why is that? You guessed it right. To hang the peel in the wall. It will be easy to store and thus save your kitchen spaces as well. You can also let it dry after cleaning. 


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Easy to lift pizza 
  • Easy cleaning


  • Fairly rough surface

Pizza Royale Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

Pizza Royale Natural Bamboo Pizza Peel

This time we are presenting to you a bamboo-made pizza peel. Though it is made with bamboo, you will have an excellent pizza-making experience with this pizza peel because of its slick design. It is well made and easy to use because of its lightweight design.

When we considered the dimension of this pizza peel, we found that it comes with 19.6 Inches x 12 Inches. It is a perfect space to withstand any sizable pizza for your needs. It is an ideal pizza crafter for beginners, intermediate, or veterans for its beautiful design. 

Another notable feature of this pizza peel is its handle. It has an ergonomic, easy-grip handle which will definitely grab your attention. It is sturdy but not heavy. You will have fun when making pizza with this tool.

There is a hole in the handle that makes it easy to hang on the wall. It is very helpful if you are concerned about the storage or space of your kitchen.

Some people might consider that it might crack or warp as it is made of bamboo. In reality, it will not split, warp or crack. Pizza Royale brands ensure that their customer gets best pizza-making experience with this peel. 

This pizza-making peel is easy to clean. That means you just wash it with your own hands. Using warm water while cleaning will make your cleaning process a lot easier. After washing, let it dry naturally. 

In a nutshell, it is a perfect pizza-making tool for your special occasions or pizza nights. This will surely impress your friends and family as well. 


  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy-grip to handle
  • Easy cleaning
  • Uses for Versatile work

New Star Foodservice Wooden Pizza Peel


Next on our list is from New Star food service. This durable, sturdy & lightweight pizza peel could be the main reason for your next yummy pizza. It is made of basswood, which makes it strong enough to withstand your pizza dough easily.

As it is lightweight, you get it to place in the oven easily. Lightweight peels are easy to move, and you will get better pizza-making experiences from this peel.

Another important feature is its smoothness. This basswood-made peel is smooth enough to slide your pizza in the pizza stone. So you don’t have any kind of hassle, and you will not need any kind of shaking in placing the pizza in the stone. 

Even fine textures ensure that you won’t get your pizza peel cracked. It is less prone to cracking. 

This wood pizza peel features a tapered half-inch blade. This tapered blade allows you to easily slide under your pizza and lift pizza from a distance. When you consider a wood-made pizza peel, always consider these functions. Otherwise, your pizza sliding experience will be a mess. 

New star foodservice comes with different shapes and sizes of a pizza peel. You can choose what suits your desire. From home pizza oven to outdoor pizza large pizza oven, you will indeed find the best pizza peel from this brand.

Another essential matter is its cleaning easiness. Though it is not dishwasher-free, you can easily clean this pizza peel with your hands only. Simple and easy to clean. 

Besides handling pizza, you can also work with cakes, bread, cupcakes, muffins using this pizza peel. You can easily lift out these items out of your oven by keeping your hands away from the heat source. 


  • Sturdy, lightweight, and durable peel
  • Simple and easy to clean
  • Smooth textures
  • Multi-purposes wooden peel

Winco 24-Inch Wooden Pizza Peel 

Winco 24-Inch Wooden Pizza Peel

On our top pick, we kept Winco wooden pizza peel. This is large enough to keep the sizable pizza in your peel. Grab it and make a great pizza party. 

This has a good short-sized handle that is easy to maneuver and hold large size pizza. This peel is easy to slide large size pizza in and out of the oven. 

Like our other picks, this pizza peel also has a hole in the edge of the handle, which is easy to hang on the wall. Thus it saves space for your kitchen. It is also helpful for drying your pizza peel after cleaning.  

This china-made wood pizza peel could be a big game-changer for your next pizza party.

You can rub a little semolina or any kind of flour on the peel to get a great sliding experience. If you shake the peel a little bit after adding toppings, it will help to behave non-stickiness. Don’t spend any unnecessary time after adding toppings. Just place it in the oven quickly; otherwise, the sauce may seep in. 


  • Slick and durable design
  • Handle large size pizza

G.A. Home Favor Natural Wood Pizza Peel

G.A. Home Favor Natural Wood Pizza Peel

G.a HOMEFAVOR comes with a great pizza peel which is large enough to handle family-size pizza. Just slide under the pizza and retrieve it like that simple to use. 

Generally, it comes with a set of two pizza peels. As it is a multi-purpose served peel, you can always serve your pizza, placing or removing it from the oven. And use the other as a cutting board. You can even use it as a serving block as well. Amazing! Right?

This natural wood-made pizza peel is not going to split, warp or crack. The quality of this peel is good enough to withstand pizza on its smooth surface. This peel is wooden and sanitary, which keeps your friends and family healthy and safe. 

Are you a professional baker? Then this peel will give you professional experiences. If you are a novice in making pizza, then don’t get worried. This pizza peel will be a good fit for you as it is lightweight and simple to use. You will feel confident within the minutes you get it. 

With a little bit of pizza-making experience, this G.A home favor pizza peel will definitely meet and exceed your expectations. You will get a perfect pizza at your table in minutes. 

If Are you concerned about how to care for your peel when using it multiple times? This pizza peel is easy to clean. Just wash the peel with warm soapy weather. When washing, scrap off access pizza ingredients or dough using a soft sponge. Then clean thoroughly with clean water. It is recommended to dry naturally. Just hang on the wall or anything. Then use it again if you want to. 


  • Easy-grip handle
  • Sizable pizza paddle
  • Easy to clean and reuse


  • Not a good cutting board

Hecef Wooden Pizza Peel

Hecef Wooden Pizza Peel

Made of acacia wood, this Hecef pizza peel is a great tool for its design. It comes with a slicer or pizza cutter. So you don’t bother to buy another pizza cutting tool. The pizza cutter handle is good enough that it cut pizza smoothly and fastly. 

It also comes with a hanging hole that helps you to store your peel conveniently.

The cleaning of this pizza peel is easy. Just use warm soapy water, scrub the surface to remove excess flour or dough, rinse it with clean water. That’s it. You get cleaned pizza peel. Remember to let it dry naturally. Peel’s hanging hole might be a good fit for this purpose.

The primary purpose of any pizza peel is to use it to slide and lift your pizza right? This pizza peel comes with 1.3 inches taper edge that makes it easy to slide under the pizza and lift it effortlessly. 

Another important aspect of this pizza peel is made of acacia wood. For which you get a sturdy and durable peel in your kitchen right away. Because of this good wood, you get a lifelong lasting peel in your home kitchen. 

This decent pizza peel offers multiple-use as well. You can use it for slicing bread, muffins, etc. even you can use it serving board as well. What a versatile genius. Isn’t it? 


  • Easy to Clean
  • Made of Acacia wood
  • Multipurpose peel

Update International Premium 24″ Wooden Pizza Peel

Update International Premium 24" Wooden Pizza Peel

Update international comes with different size pizza peels for your needs. It has 22, 24, 36, 42 lengths of a pizza peel. From novice to professional, from home to outdoor oven, these pizza peel is going to give you premium pizza-making experiences. 

Unlike our other pick, this pizza peel is constructed with durable premium rubberwood. This rubberwood gives this peel a gorgeous look. This is strong enough to withstand any kind of cracking. 

It has a smooth surface so that you get a quality pizza in your home. The design of this peel is great. This has a long shape which makes the pizza stand out from other pizza peels. 

It has a tapered edge which will definitely be useful for easy lifting of your pizza. The blade size is large enough to serve a large family. 

The product is lightweight. It is only 1 pound; you will notice very few peels like this weight in our reviews. 


  • Durable rubberwood
  • Different lengths 
  • Tapered edge to lift


  • Little rough, Need to use sand

ESSEENNT Natural Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

ESSEENNT Natural Acacia Wood Pizza Peel

Our next pick is also made of an acacia wood pizza peel. It is made of gorgeous acacia wood with a natural matt smooth finish. This is a perfect pizza-making tool for your kitchen with its sturdy construction. This best wooden pizza peel is also a good fit for multipurpose use. 

It can be used to transfer the cake, bread, or pastry from your oven or grill. 

It is a perfect tool for your kitchen pizza. Just swoop up, transfer pizza very easily. Besides working with pizza, you are free to use it on any kind of bread or sushi. This is a perfect tool to save your precious time and energy. 

You will experience a non-stick surface. It will not harass you when cleaning the pizza peel. Though wood pizza peels are not dishwasher safe, you can easily clean it with warm soapy water. Your hand is enough to clean it quickly. After cleaning, just let it dry naturally. 


  • Natural wood finish
  • Easily cleaning
  • Multipurpose use
  • Sturdy design


  • A little bit thick and heavy


Do I really need a pizza peel?

Like you, a lot of people show the curiosity of having a pizza peel or not? In short, I would say, Yes, You do need a pizza peel. It is not enough to have a top-rated pizza stone in your kitchen, but you also need a quality pizza peel to get a crispy crust pizza. 

A pizza peel ensures that your pizza gets heat evenly.

What is the best way to clean a wooden pizza peel?

In most cases, you will see that pizza peel made of wood is not recommended to be dishwasher safe. But that doesn’t mean it is tough to clean your baking peel. 

Most pizza peels are easy to clean with some warm soapy water. Just mix some soap water and wash it with your hands. Then rinse it with clean water. Then just dry it naturally. 

Are wooden pizza peels non-stick?

Considering the metal pizza peel, the wood pizza peel is more non-stick. Just use some flour or cornmeal on the peel and stretch throughout the peel. It will help to behave non-stick. 


If you want a great pizza, make sure to use the right tools. A wooden peel is what chefs and pizza makers alike use for their favorite food crafting task! You can find these utensils at your local grocery store or hardware store, but they may be harder than finding them online because there are many available options today. There you have all the necessary knowledge and choices to pick the best pizza peel for making a great pizza at the next party or wherever you want. Just don’t forget to maintain a peel after every use. It will help your peel to last long. So, Happy baking!!!