Can you chop onions in a food processor?

You do have food processor in your kitchen, Right? But you don’t know is it possible to chop onions in a food process?

Like you, a lot of kitchen enthusiasts want to know if they may use a food processor to chop onions because they are either allergic to the compounds in onions that cause you to cry or because they want the onions chopped into very little pieces.

Tears and sniffles can linger for up to an hour after cutting onions by hand, which is a major drawback. You can acquire smaller pieces of onion, but it can turn into a mushy mess if you try to chop it in a food processor.

When using a food processor to chop onions, keep in mind that you won’t have as much control as when using a knife or a vegetable shredder.

Even while it’s not the most efficient approach, you can get the job done by chopping onions in a food processor. What’s more, you won’t have to wipe away tears as you slice them!

Use the food processor to chop onions into uniformly sized pieces for salads or marinated onion dishes without sacrificing flavor or texture. Use a food processor if you want to slowly carmelize the onions over low heat.

A food processor can be used to mince onions.

What’s The Best Way To Chop Onions In A Food Processor?

Begin with some fresh onions; ideally, they will be large, ripe, and juicy. The best way to keep onion fresh for long time is to have the best onion keeper. Cut them in half lengthwise, remove the skin, and discard any bruised or brown parts.

Using a food processor makes quick work of chopping onions. To prepare, place the onion halves, skin side down, in a food processor and pulse until the onion bits are the size you choose. The more you refine the process, the better the final product will be. Chopping more than one onion at a time in a food processor is inefficient if you require a lot of onions for a dish. The reason for this is that the food processor will continue to reduce the size of the onion pieces towards the bottom of the bowl. If you prefer uniformly sized chunks of onion, simply chop it in the food processor. Having more command over your product is possible with smaller batch sizes.

The takeaway here is that you should only cut half an onion, or one onion at most, at a time. Using a food processor to mince onions? – YES!

In a food processor fitted with stainless steel blades, we minced an onion.
Can You Dice Onions In A Food Processor?

It is easy to use a food processor to chop onions into little pieces by first slicing them horizontally. Replace the shredding blade with the slicing blade for better results. If you’re looking for even smaller bites, the thin slicing disc is your best bet. When dicing an onion, work in small batches of no more than a half an onion at a time.

The Easiest Way to Use a Food Processor to Chop Onions

Step 1

Do some onion peeling

Step 2

Cut the onion in half if it’s particularly huge, or in quarters if it’s still rather large. On the other hand, a little onion should be halved. When cutting an onion in half, you run the risk of irritating your eyes.

Step 3

Put it in the bowl of your food processor and attach the S blade.

Step 4 (dice onions in a food processor)

To chop onions, simply press the pulse button several times. When using a food processor for coarse chopping onions, it is best to simply utilize the pulse button and keep a close eye on the operation. Press the pulse button several times to cut onions into small pieces in a food processor. If your food processor has a tendency to mince the onions to the bottom, you may need to do this in several batches. You can leave onions to be minced in a food processor if you turn it on and walk away. With a food processor, chopping onions is a rapid job that can be done in under five minutes.

Science Explains Why We Cry When We Chop Onions

Onions contain sulfuric chemicals that stimulate tear ducts, making us cry when we get cut or damaged. We rarely become emotional when slicing milder onions like leeks or green onions.

What causes onion tears?

Why does crying happen when chopping onions? Syn-Propanethial S-oxide, a chemical substance, activates the lachrymal glands in the eyes, causing tears to form. The chemical is ubiquitous in dishes containing onions. Sulfenic acids are produced when enzymes in the onion react with amino acids after being sliced.

Using a food processor to mince onions? The answer is yes; it will aid in preventing onion tears.

5 Ways to Reduce Onion Tears

  • Rubber gloves can effectively prevent the syn-Propanethial S-oxide molecule that causes tearing while cutting onions, which is the number one quick tip for reducing tears while chopping onions. Because the gas is in the air, rubber gloves may help, but they won’t solve the problem entirely. The gloves should help restrict the fumes.
  • Second, you can put the onion in the fridge for a while before you chop it. Then remove your head from the vicinity of the blender or the chopping block.
  • As a third tip, you should always wash your onions under cold water while you cut them. Sulfuric chemicals are the cause of your tears, but the water will wash them away.
  •  Onions, when processed in a food processor, also mitigate the harmful effects of 1-propenyl-L- cysteine sulphoxide. These enzymes cause the formation of syn-Propanethial S-oxide, a gaseous sulfur-containing molecule. The vapor spreads out in the open air, but stays contained in a tight space (like a food processor) where it can’t escape.
  • Protect your eyes by donning a pair of glasses before you begin cutting onions. These goggles will protect you from inhaling as much onion fumes.

How to Quickly Chop Onions Without Tears

If you want to swiftly chop an onion, use a food processor. The fumes that cause us to cry won’t reach your eyes as soon if the onion is within the food processor bowl.

Do you need a food processor to grate an onion?

Using the same grating attachment on your food processor that you’ll use to grate cheese, you can quickly and easily mince an onion. If you want your onion to be minced or grated for use in a dish, a Microplane grater is an excellent tool to have on hand. Onion odors might remain on cooking utensils and be detected when you draw them out to use them again. A cheese grater can be used just for grating onions if that’s how often you need to do it.

To obtain the finest results while shredding onions in a food processor, you should:

To shred an onion efficiently, first slice it, then insert the slices in the bowl of a food processor. Onions will not “shred” in the conventional sense because of their high water content. Instead, you can expect some mushy and some whole onion chunks.

If you don’t want to use a food processor, you can use a box grater designed for carrots instead.

Is a blender suitable for chopping onions?

In order to use a blender for chopping onions, peeling them first is required. Onion should be sliced vertically into roughly 1/4-inch thick pieces. Place the onions in a big basin and cover them with ice water for about five minutes to prevent them from browning while you chop them. After the water has been drained off the onion, return it to the blender. Put the onion in the blender and pulse it until the pieces are very fine.

Can Onions Be Cut With A Vegetable Chopper?


Due to their softness, onions necessitate a razor-sharp knife for proper dicing. Water content of onions makes it difficult for modern food processors, vegetable choppers, and blenders to chop them into uniform pieces. Due to the dullness of their blades, they will purée the fruits and vegetables together with the liquid.

Onions can be chopped with a vegetable chopper, but care must be taken to cut them gently and carefully. When using a vegetable chopper, only a few onions at a time is recommended.

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