It’s Coffee Time: Have A Look into Capresso 12 Cup Coffee Maker Reviews

Coffee percolating is a kind of art. And when it comes to making the perfect cup of coffee, a good quality coffee percolator is a must. Without that, no matter how much you try, the coffee-making process may go in vain. So today, Capresso 12 Cup Coffee Maker reviews will let you know why this best coffee percolator is an amazing machine that does the coffee percolating job perfectly and efficiently where you end up being an artist. 

This is a classic type of percolating machine that gives you the feel of percolating coffee in the old style, yet has modern technologies in it. It has some great features and some special qualities that place it in the top chart of your percolator list. 

So let’s not waste our time and directly enter into the main review of the product which includes its features and specification.

Capresso 12 Cup Coffee Maker Reveiws and Buying Guide

The contemporary design of classic stainless steel percolator

Capresso Perk Coffee Percolator has the classic retro style outlook along with stainless steel body. This stainless steel percolator has the age-old percolator outlook that will make you feel nostalgic, making you remember your childhood days where your grandma or mom used to make coffee with a steel pot percolator. The stainless steel body protects the percolator for a long time as it shields it from rusting on the percolator body and makes it durable at the same time.

Besides, the stainless steel body is easy to clean which makes it more user-friendly. It doesn’t need much effort to clean the percolator and also doesn’t need any use of harsh chemicals or detergents. You can clean it with some mild detergents normally.

Brews 4 to 12 cups in less than a minute per cup

It has a maximum capacity to brew up to 12 cups of coffee in less than a minute. The quick brewing process makes the coffee-making process faster than any other percolator. 

It makes a huge amount of coffee for a greater number of people within a very short time that is one cup per minute. So it saves both your time and energy. 

The continuous brewing process extracts out the necessary oils from the coffee grounds and thus gives a nice taste and beautiful aroma.

Automated switch warm mode

After the percolating process is done and your coffee is ready, then the percolator automatically switches to warm mode. 

This specific feature helps to keep your coffee brewing hot for a long time after being ready to be served. So if you serve your coffee after some time of brewing, you will get the same warmth and enjoy the same hot coffee as you want.

External user-friendly features

For serving convenience, this percolator has special features like the presence of heat resistant base that is made up of ergonomic material that keeps it safe for keeping it on tabletop or bedside table which protects it from getting bruised. It also has a heat-resistant handle that makes it easier to pour out coffee and serve it easily.

It also comes with a ready light indicator that indicates to the user that the brewing process is done and the coffee is ready to be served. This feature is very much important to be in a customer’s choice as it helps in serving the coffee hot as well as making sure that the coffee is not over-brewed. 

capresso 12 cup coffee maker reviews

It also has a stainless coffee basket that helps in keeping the coffee ground not by directly putting it at the base. This also prevents your coffee from getting bitter or over-extracted.

Capresso coffee maker has a transparent view-through glass lid that gives a chance to the customer to observe the whole perking and brewing process of the coffee and to get the real essence of making coffee in a percolator in the old style. It gives another level of pleasure while watching the brewing process through lead as it let us walk through the memory lane of our old days.

It also has a detachable power cord that helps in an easy serving of coffee and also for easy storage and comfortable movement.

Some amazing internal features

This percolator has an inbuilt internal water level indicator which helps to measure the amount of water needed for making the desired amount of coffee. This indicator prevents the addition of water. Besides, it also has coffee markings too which makes it more user-friendly.

Features and specifications of Capresso 12 Cup Perk Coffee Maker

  • Makes flavorful great tasting coffee
  • The contemporary design of classic stainless steel percolator
  • Weighs only 2.5 lbs.
  • Brews coffee real quick
  • Makes 4-12 cup of coffee one cup a minute
  • Easy cleaning and durable
  • Easy pour spout makes it easier to serve the coffee
  • Shuts off automatically
  • Heat resistant base and handle for easy serving without any accident
  • Detachable power cord for storage and easy serving
  • Automatic switch warm mode
  • Stainless steel coffee basket
  • Inbuilt water and coffee level indicator
  • Indicator light for signaling coffee is ready to be served
  • Transparent lid for observing the percolating process
  • Locking lid for additional safety

Some of the lacking features according to my point of view

  • The transparent knob is made of plastic which sometimes touches the coffee and personally, I don’t like that as plastic is dangerous for health.
  • It lacks an automatic switch-off feature which is a drawback of this percolator
  • It has a short-sized cord which sometimes makes it difficult to carry farther away from the socket.
  • It doesn’t brew at an optimal temperature for producing good-tasting coffee.

Final Verdict

Capresso 405.05 12 Cup Perk Coffee Maker can be the perfect solution for your kitchen. It brews great coffee and also a large amount of coffee in no time to save your time. Its friendly serving features make it more attractive to the customers. Moreover, it maintains the temperature level so that once the coffee is made hot it is also served hot. Other features also draw customer attention towards this product. So I would suggest this percolator for a great coffee-making experience for you.