Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic

Cuisinart PRC 12 Cup Electric Percolator Reviews

Coffee is the name of love for many of us who needs an energizer to start the day with freshness. Some of us are so addicted to it that we cannot even imagine a day without coffee. 

To make a great cup of coffee we need much effort. But in our busy days, it is impossible to give that much effort to the perfect cup of coffee. So we think of an alternative that can make that perfect coffee without any extra hassle. 

The alternative process that I am writing about today is the Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator. It makes up to 12 cups of coffee within a few minutes for you and your family members.

It brews your coffee perfectly so that it has the right strength and taste along with a fresh aroma. It has many other features those are as follows-

Cuisinart-PRC-12-Classic-Stainless-Steel-Percolator reviews

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Cuisinart Percolator Reviews: Top 4 Features and Benefits to Reap From it

1. Classic design, stunning outlook

Cuisinart coffee percolator has a slender, long stainless steel body that gives it a classic look. A smooth stainless steel body makes it look stunning and also increases its durability so you need not buy any other percolator for years. 

Cuisinart cordless percolator has a lid, handle, spout and all are made of stainless steel. When I consider the Cuisinart percolator parts, Besides the knob is made of plastic and the transparency is very useful for the observation of the percolating process so that you know when your coffee of perfect strength is ready. 

Its long tapered spout makes it easier to pour without any spillage. Its heat-resistant bottom and handle add an extra classic percolator look which will remind you of your childhood percolators. Using the Cuisinart percolator is not tough.

 Cuisinart percolator instructions will definitely help you to use it. And it is easy to clean the pot because of its smooth texture. NOT no need to use any harsh or abrasive cleaner.

2. Makes 4-12 cup of coffee within minutes

Cuisinart electric percolator has a slender body that has the capacity to hold water for the highest 12 cups of coffee. It makes a huge amount of coffee for a greater number of people within a very short time one cup per minute. So it saves both your time and energy. 

You can make coffee for your guest or family members in just a few minutes. Making 12 cups at the rate of one minute per cup can also save electricity too. Cuisinart 12 cup percolator could be your next choice if you want to serve many people at the same time.

3. Some external user convenient feature

It has a ready indicator light at the bottom that lights up when your coffee is ready to be served. So you no need to observe the whole process of brewing through the lid. 

Just plug it and switch it on and your aromatic cup of coffee will be ready within a few minutes. It has a heat-resistant stylish handle that makes it easier to lift up and serve the coffee without any burn or scares. 

Besides, it has a stay-cool bottom that is made of plastic which can prevent any harm and can be very convenient to carry in other places. You can serve the coffee using the pot. No need to transfer the coffee into another container or pot.

It has a transparent knob made of plastic that is very useful for observing the brewing process. It also has a drip-free spout, which prevents spoiling your favorite tablecloth or bed sheet from staining. 

It also has a stainless coffee basket that helps in keeping the coffee ground not by directly putting it at the base.

4. User-friendly internal features

This percolator has one amazing internal feature that is, it includes a measurement indicator that works for ensuring that you put the right amount of water in the proportion of the right amount of coffee grounds. 

So you don’t need to worry about the amount of water to be poured or how much coffee grind should be given for the perfect cup of coffee.

Features and specifications

  • Makes flavorful great tasting coffee
  • Stylish design perfect for your modern kitchen settings
  • Weighs only 3.66 lbs.
  • Drip-free, long, slender spout that makes it easier to serve
  • Smooth stainless steel body that gives a classic look
  • Smooth finishing and design makes it easier for cleaning
  • Makes 4-12 cup of coffee within minutes
  • Detachable cord for easy carrying and storage
  • Easy pour spout makes it easier to serve
  •  A transparent plastic knob that reveals the progress of brewing
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Stay-cool bottom for easy serving
  • Stainless steel coffee basket
  • Indicator light for signaling coffee is ready to be served
  •  Convenient for making 4-12 cup coffee
  • Built-in North American standard

Me as a consumer: 

If you like the old percolating process that your grandma used to make coffee for your required coffee strength, then Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator is just the right choice. It makes the perk sound while brewing the coffee. 

You can see the parking process through the transparent knob lid. This is the feature I liked about it the most. This percolator perfectly brings out the necessary oils inside the coffee grounds. 

Besides this feature another thing that attracted me is the indicator light that lights up when the coffee is ready to be served.

Like other percolators, this coffee maker has some problems too. Like the plastic lid at the top is very brittle as we all know plastic is not durable for a long time, and without the lid, you cannot make the coffee in the pot as coffee will spill during the percolating process. 

Besides plastic is not good for health also. Another negative point is that it does not have any keep warm mode like another percolator. So if you don’t drink the coffee instantly then it may become cold and tasteless. 

Though the product description says that the basket is made of stainless steel, but I think that is made of aluminum. The heating element is not that durable too. Some product’s heating elements started to fail after one year of use. 

Final Remarks:

In spite of some of these problems, this percolator works fine for me. As I was tired of the drip coffee makers and was searching for a great old-style percolator so this product works great. It makes coffee of my desired strength and has some good friendly features too. 

I hope that you liked the Cuisinart coffee percolator reviews that is one of the best electric coffee makers on our list. I would suggest it for other customers too, but some problems might come out. No product is fault-free. And you can get it at a reasonable price too.

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