Elite Platinum Stainless Steel 12 Cup Percolator Reviews

Elite Platinum Stainless Steel 12 Cup Percolator Reviews

Bored of drip coffee makers weak strength coffee? Want to have a strong cup of coffee made by the retro style that your forefathers used to make? 

Elite Platinum Stainless Steel 12 Cup Percolator Reviews: Get Instant Refresh

Probably you are in a dilemma that a percolator can be a luxurious item and also might not be affordable. But there is a piece of good news for all the percolated coffee lovers. 

The elite platinum electric coffee percolator is the coffee maker you have been searching to replace your weak flavorless coffee with a strong flavorful cup of coffee. It makes coffee by the classical age-old percolating process and makes your day with just the right cup of coffee. 

This elite platinum stainless steel 12 cup percolator review will give you all the details about this amazing percolator so that you know your choice and have a clear conception of this product.

Elite Platinum Stainless Steel 12 Cup Percolator

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The features of this Elite platinum coffee maker are as follows:

Brews up 12 cups of coffee real fast

An elite platinum coffee percolator can efficiently brew up to 12 cups of coffee real fast with the same taste and flavor. This percolator can be of great use in small coffee shops or in your office. 

Besides, those who need to make a huge amount of coffee for family members or friends can find this percolator very useful. It uses the old percolating process of brewing coffee by continuously cycling the warmed-up water through the coffee grounds. 

Instead of a stove mechanism, it uses electricity to warm up the water. Water can be warmed up faster using electricity and thus it makes a huge amount of coffee quickly of the same strength and warmth.

Elegant outlook

I would just tell you to look at this percolator. Don’t you feel amazed at how nice an appearance it has?  

After seeing this percolator, I was really amazed. It has an elegant look and at the same time bears a retro look that reminds you of your childhood. This elegant outlook comes from the stainless steel buildup. 

It has a shiny smooth texture that definitely increases its beauty. It will also enhance the beauty of your kitchen when you keep it in your decorated kitchen or lawn or in the office kitchen counter.

Stainless steel body also makes it easier to clean the percolator. The percolator parts can be separated and washed in the dishwasher while the main body can be wiped clean. So there is no need to give any extra effort to that.

Helps in easy serving

This percolator bottom can be detached from the pot as it can be swiveled in 360 degrees. The cord unit can be detached from the pot and can be transferred from counter to table or any other room. This detachable bottom also acts as a storage compartment for the detachable power cord.

Moreover, it has a handle made of heat-resistant material that allows one to take it anywhere they like to serve the coffee. The handle is strong and stable to support the whole pot while serving hot coffee.

It also comes with a drip-free spout that prevents the spilling of coffee on the countertop or on your table cloth. So you can easily pour your coffee where ever you want.

Automatic activation of the warm mode

After brewing the coffee Elite platinum coffee maker percolator automatically activates warm mode. It is equipped with an automatic power heating element that keeps your coffee warm until it is poured. 

It also keeps the coffee warm for a long time and does not overheat the grounds which may result in a bitter taste of the coffee. It has a fixed time after which it stops the percolating process and switches to warm mode.

Gives perfect strength to your coffee

Elite platinum stainless steel 12 cup percolator brews your coffee by squeezing out the necessary oils inside the coffee grounds which add extra flavor and aroma to your coffee. 

It doesn’t over-extract the coffee grounds which might end up giving a bitter taste to the coffee. It perfectly extracts the essential elements inside the beans and thus gives you a great cup of aromatic coffee.

Elite platinum electric coffee percolator internal features and necessity

One of the unique features of this percolator that separates it from others is that it has two indicator lights whereas other percolators have only one indicator light. 

One light is for indicating the power and the other is for indicating that the coffee is ready for drinking. This makes it easier to understand the percolating process.

It also has a stainless steel filter basket that helps in keeping the coffee grounds inside the pot and diminishes the use of filter paper. As it is made of stainless steel and so it is easy to clean and also serves for a long time as it doesn’t get rust.

Inside the filter basket, there is a measurement mark that helps one while putting the required amount of coffee beans inside the pot. So no need to use any other measuring cups. It also has a transparent top knob to observe the whole percolating process.

Some safety features

The Elite platinum stainless steel 12 cup percolator is equipped with a boil-dry safety feature that helps to ensure that this pot doesn’t keep heating up the unit when there is no water inside the pot. 

If this feature wasn’t there, the perk pot will continue to heat up and will ultimately damage the power section or even cause it to burst or fire break. Thus it saves its user from harm and damage to the product.

There is also a non-slip feature that ensures that the pot doesn’t slip on the countertop and cause an accident.

Features and specifications

  • Stylish design, great outlook
  • Smooth stainless steel body that helps in easy cleaning and last long
  • Brews up to 12 cups of coffee in less time
  • Uses electricity to make coffee in the percolating process
  • Makes a rich, strong, flavorful cup of coffee
  • Drip-free spout for easy serving along with safety
  • Heat resistant handle ensure easy serving
  • Has dry boil feature to ensure safety
  • Has transparent knob for observing the percolating process
  • The detachable base makes it easier to store the power cord and transferring pot here and there
  • Cool bottom prevents accidents and ensures safe serving
  • Two indicator lights for indicating coffee making progress
  • Stainless steel filter basket
  • Automatically turns to keeps the warm mode

Some of the lacking features according to my point of view

It makes a hissing sound while percolating the coffee. This sounds sometimes might turn out to be annoying and irritating.

The transparent knob is made of plastic which sometimes touches the coffee and personally, I don’t like that as plastics are dangerous for health.

I had some confusion with the indicator light. The green light generally means coffee is ready to drink but in this pot, it indicates the pot is engaged in percolating process. 

While the red light indicates that the coffee is ready to be served. I find this really confusing sometimes.

It also has some auto shut-off issues which are sometimes annoying.

Final Verdict

The platinum coffee percolator certainly has some issues but it has some of the most amazing features that made me overlook its cons. It combines some of the most unique features that every customer wants in a percolator. It blends the old percolating coffee style with the modern techniques that make it easier to make coffee with as well as to serve. So I would definitely recommend this percolator for those who love percolated coffee.

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