Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack – A Comprehensive Review

We all have a soft spot for pizza in our hearts. And that only ignites our love for a good pizza stone as well. For folks who love the thin crust, choosing the right pizza stone is of utmost importance. The better the stone, the superior your pizza crust turns out. This Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack does just that for you.

A pizza stone is a must-have for anybody who relishes over-baked goodness. Knowing how to use a pizza stone is a no-brainer and almost everybody can do it perfectly. It takes only a few uses to master the art.

It is true that there are several differences between a pizza stone and a pizza pan. For instance, you need to preheat a pizza stone before getting started.  But a stone-like Good Cook has its own merits like a freeform shape and definitely a delicious taste. Check out my in-depth Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack review to make an informed decision.

What You Don’t Know About Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone?

Better Crusts

Although Americans are more obsessed with the toppings, a true-blue Italian will tell you that pizza is more about the crust. A pizza stone gives you perfect crusts if properly used. Even though you will need to preheat the oven for a considerable period of time before making your pizzas, all that time and effort is worth it once your pizza is ready. 

Crispy Crust Pizza with Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone

Crispy Crust Pizza

It is very important that your crust cooks properly and quickly to avoid soft spots. On a pizza stone, the crust starts cooking as soon as you have put the crust on it. It is for this very reason that ovens are required to be preheated. 

The Good Cook Pizza Stone provides crispier crusts that are adequately baked. You can even cook thick crusts or fully loaded pizzas with absolute ease on this pizza stone.

Multiple uses

This Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack review is incomplete without mentioning the equipment’s versatility. It is possible to bake other items and even cook meat on a pizza stone without burning or ruining your stone. The Good Cook Pizza Stone can also be used for baking biscuits, rolls or bread. However, this stone is best suited for preparing pizzas.

Besides this, even though a stone needs to be heated first, it still bakes your pizza faster than a regular pizza pan. At the same time, it makes sure that the crust has been baked perfectly to bring out the crunchy texture.

No hot spots

Pizza stones are large, flat stones with sturdy and irregular surfaces. This Good Cook Pizza Stone has a 14.75-inch diameter. But that is not a barrier for this stone.  Even though it is large, the heat is uniformly distributed across the entire surface of the pizza stone. Thus, it leaves no hot spots on the cooking surface. You can enjoy a yummy meal with no part left half-cooked or spongy.

Variety of Shape

Pizza Stones come in two basic shapes. You can choose between the rectangular and the circular shape as per your choice. However, the choice of shape solely depends on your cooking needs. For instance, the rectangular pizza stone works perfectly for a roll-out dough. Whereas, other kinds of pizza dough and even cookies can be aptly cooked on a round-shaped stone.

This Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack is round in shape and is perfect for all kinds of pizza and cookie dough except for roll-out doughs. But never mind, most Americans use round doughs for pizzas anyway.  It is even good for other baked items like bread and cookies which are round in shape too.


Unlike on a pizza pan, food does not stick on the surface of a pizza stone. As already mentioned, a pizza stone has a rough and irregular surface. This is what cooks the food better without any sticky situations. Also, because of the same reason, it is easy to clean a pizza stone. You simply need to wipe off the leftovers with a sponge and water.

The Good Cook Pizza Stone is exactly the same. Thus, it will give you a better and crispier crust. You do not need to scrub it. Again for the same reason, it is easy to transfer the food from the stone on a plate.

Why Should You Use Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone With Rack? 

Equal Heat Distribution

This Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone with Rack has a large diameter and a sturdy build. This makes the pizza stone quite large. Irrespective of this, there is no effect on the food being cooked. The heat dispersion is uniform across the cooking surface. There are no hot spots anywhere on the stone as I already mentioned. Thus, the food gets cooked evenly and no part of the food is half-cooked.

The Food Tastes Better

The fact that people use a pizza stone is because they want a perfect crust. If compared to a pizza pan, a pizza stone provides a crunchier and tastier crust. Whether it is a thin crust that you are cooking or a fully loaded Chicago-style pizza, anything tastes better when cooked on this pizza stone. The Good Cook 14.75 inch Pizza Stone with rack has an irregular base that only adds to the deliciousness of the food.

Hassle-free Maintenance

Firstly, this Good Cook pizza stone comes with a rack which is very useful. It is definitely not a wise option to directly hold a pizza stone when it is hot. The rack accounts for easier handling of the pizza stone. Then, the stone has a rugged surface. This helps to cook the food better. It also makes cleaning the stone easy-peasy. 

Why Should You Use Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone With Rack? 

Non-Stick Surface

Along with a rough and durable build, the stone surface is non-sticky as well. This means no food gets stuck on the surface. Imagine the mess when your cookie doughs and pizza doughs get stuck to the surface! Cleaning the remnants becomes super tough. But with this pizza stone, you can easily wash the stone using a sponge and water. You will not need to scrub it, again and again, to remove the leftovers, unlike a pan. 

Fast Cooking Time

Even though you need to pre-heat the Good Cook pizza stone way before you start cooking your pizza, it is only for a mouthwatering result. Pre-heating the oven drastically reduces the cooking time and also enhances the texture of the food. As soon as the dough is rolled out on the stone, it cooks quickly with a great finish, unlike a pizza pan that takes a while to properly cook the pizza.

Product Benefits of Good Cook Pizza Stone

  • Non-Sticky
  • No hot spots
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight for a pizza stone
  • Worth its price
  • Rack makes it easier to handle
  • Can bake multiple dishes
  • Distributes the heat evenly
  • Provides crispier crusts
  • No scrubbing required
  • Bakes food faster than a pizza pan

Negatives of Good Cook 14.75 Inch Pizza Stone

  • Needs to be pre-heated
  • It is usually heavy and bulky
  • Can break if dropped

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the thickness of the Good Cook Pizza Stone?

The stone promises to be 2 inches thick. However, it is only around ½ to ¼ inches thick.

Do you need to season this stone?

This pizza stone probably comes already seasoned. So, you do not need to season the stone. The taste builds on it and the stone creates its own, distinct flavor with time.

At what temperature should the oven be pre-heated?

Even though you can preheat the oven to 600 degrees, it is suggested that you heat it around 425 degrees. If you are cooking a pizza, 600 degrees might be too hot for the crust.

Can it be cleaned using a dishwasher?

You should never dishwash a pizza stone or even wash it with soap. Once you are done cooking on it, cool it before cleaning. Then scrape off the leftovers with a sponge and some water and you are good to go.

Is the rack detachable?

Yes, the stone is kept on the rack and can be carried with or without the rack.


The Good cook 14.75-inch pizza stone with rack is a very useful purchase, using which you can cook not only pizza but various other baked goodness as well. The design of the stone is pretty straightforward. Even if you are a newbie, you would get used to it in a while. With no side effects on health, it gives you well-cooked healthy home food within minutes. And most of all, it requires the least maintenance! If you are keen on getting your hands on the best pizza stone without breaking a bank, it is a perfect buy for both its price and features.