Hamilton beach 12 cup stainless steel percolator Reviews

While you are reading this review you can think that Percolator is a luxurious item and not affordable for everyone. But you will be delighted to know that you can get one which is affordable as well as stylish at the same time. This will make your kitchen look as luxurious as those of restaurants and hotels.

If you consider yourself a great coffee lover and wonder if it can be prepared at home easily, then this Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless Steel 12-Cup Electric Percolator is the right choice for you. 

This awesome electric perk pot is perfect for adults, students, and all the coffee lovers out there. It is the perfect item for making a great cup of coffee which is no doubt affordable and time-saving. The relevant features of the Hamilton electric percolator are stated below.

Hamilton beach 12 cup stainless steel percolator Reviews and Buying Guides

1. Quick brewing percolator

Electric percolator is a type of pot that continuously brews the coffee grounds and gives a pleasant aroma as well as makes the coffee taste so amazing which makes your senses wake up with a fresh start. 

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator quickly brews your coffee within minutes as it continuously cycles the brew as it becomes heated quickly. So you can enjoy your quick brewed coffee in the morning to energize you or at any time for refreshment.

2. Stylish design with a classic look

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator

Hamilton Electric Percolator will give you a glimpse of the retro percolator look of the 20th century in your own kitchen. In fact, this product does not only have a classic look but also has a chrome mirror finish due to its stainless steel body. 

Its stainless steel body gives a luxurious look and enhances the outlook of your kitchen. Besides, this product can make your life easier as it can be easily cleaned with normal dishwashing soap or liquids, no need to use any harsh or abrasive chemicals as it doesn’t store dirt or grease.

3. Makes 12 cups of coffee within minutes

Usually, the old coffee-making techniques take a lot of time, but with this electric percolator coffee maker, up to 12 cups of coffee can be made very fast, one cup a minute. 

So there is no need to waste a lot of time making coffee for a lot of people. Just plug in the percolator and your rich flavored great cup of coffee is ready within minutes. 

This electric coffee percolator saves both time and money as it makes 12 cups of coffee at the same time taken for making one cup without using the percolator.

4. Keeps the coffee hot for a long time

While talking about an electric coffee maker, only a few of them guarantees the same hot coffee after the first cup. But Hamilton Beach electric percolator automatically switches to keep warm temperature after it is done with its brewing. 

It ensures that the temperature of each cup of coffee remains the same as that after its brewing.

5. External user-friendly features

One of its great external features is that it has an indicator light that signals you when the coffee is ready to be served. 

Moreover, its removable cord makes it easier for storage and carrying. In addition to that, it also makes it easier to serve fresh perked coffee right at the table or wherever and whenever you want. 

One of its great features is that it has a drip-free spot which makes sure that there is no sign of drip in the coffee while pouring. 

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator brews great tasting coffee

So you don’t need to worry anymore about the coffee stains on your expensive table cloth or bed sheet. Its drip-free spout is one of its remarkable features.

Talking about its other user-friendly features, it needs to be mentioned that, Hamilton Beach percolator comes with a heat-resistant handle that prevents burning or bruising on your skin. 

Besides, it also has an easy-grip knob on the unit’s lid. In addition to that, the unit also features a unique twist-lock lid that precisely locks the perk pot’s lid in place to prevent any type of spillage during the percolating process or while serving and makes sure that you don’t need to hold the lid anymore.

6. Amazing internal features

This coffee maker comes with one amazing internal feature. It includes a measurement indicator that works to ensure that a brewer knows exactly how much water is being poured into the unit and how many coffee grinds should be placed in the unit’s basket. 

So you don’t need to worry about the amount of water to be poured or how much coffee grind should be given for the perfect cup of coffee. 

It also has a stainless-steel permanent filter basket that minimizes grounds in brewed coffee.

Features and specifications of Hamiltor beach 12 cup percolator

  • Makes rich, great-tasting, and elegant coffee just as you want
  • Stunning design, perfect for kitchen décor
  • Heavy and well constructed (only 6 pounds)
  • Stainless steel body makes it look luxurious as well as easy for cleaning and lasting beauty.
  • Traditional design and easy pour spout make it easier to serve the coffee.
  • Quick brewing percolator
  • Makes 12 cups of coffee within minutes
  • Stainless-steel permanent filter basket for minimization of grounds in brewed coffee
  • A removable cord makes it easier for storage and carrying
  • Indicator light to indicate that the coffee is ready to be served
  • Drip-free spout for easy serving
  • Unique twist-lock lid to prevent spillage
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Consumption of electricity is the same to make 1 or 12 cups of coffee as that of one cup
Hamilton beach 12 cup percolator is designed for elegant coffee service

Why Hamilton Beach 40616 Stainless-Steel 12 Cup Electric Percolator?

You might think why you should buy Hamilton coffee makers when there are other coffee makers in the market on the same budget. We would recommend Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator because of the unique features it has in it. 

It uses less electricity and makes more cups of coffee than any other coffee maker. Its weight is less and easy for carrying because its plug is removable. 

The technology used in it is better than other coffee makers because it can brew the coffee fast and keep it hot for a longer period of time and so you can drink at any time you want. 

Moreover, it has a unique twist-lock lid to prevent spillage and a heat-resistant handle for smooth handling. 

There is also a measurement indicator for the benefit of the consumer. The drip-free spout feature makes it more attractive for customers. 

All these features are included in this percolator when you can hardly find a percolator having all these features in a single one. 

So why not Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator?

Moving forwards

So considering both positive and negative reviews and keeping in mind the quality of the product, as a coffee lover, I would certainly recommend Hamilton Beach electric percolator for the coffee lovers like me to have an elegant cup of coffee experience.