Heritage 15 Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone Review

The Heritage 15-inch black ceramic pizza stone is tailor-made for home cooks who are just as particular about food as Gordon Ramsay. Well, almost. Just a glance at this best pizza stone will give you the feels. It’s lightweight and is compatible with both ovens and grills.

You need not be a Masterchef to use this heritage black ceramic pizza stone. Even amateurs can bake mouthwatering pizzas, rolls, cakes, and cookies on this stone, with no bone-breaking effort.

As far as pizzas are concerned, you can cook just about any type of pizza with its help. But if you are a true pizza fan, you should really try out preparing authentic Italian pizza on it. Its wide surface and even heat distribution let you bake the crust to perfection. 

One of the main reasons why I’d prefer this heritage pizza stone over a pizza pan is that it preheats faster. Moreover, it is hassle-free to clean up and appears sturdy enough to last for a long time.

If you still have doubts about it, check out the in-depth Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone review below. 

Top 5 Features of Heritage 15 Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone

Faster surface heating

If you have used a pizza stone before, you will know that you need to preheat it before cooking. But the issue is that a stone takes up a lot of time to preheat which drains all the excitement of having a pizza for lunch.

However, this problem is non-existent in the case of this particular stone. The Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone preheats two times faster than any other pizza stone and keeps all your excitement intact.

heritage pizza stone is easy to clean and stays clean as well.

Stays clean

Usually, utensils get burnt if heated for too long. But that is not the case with this pizza stone. Even if your pizza crust is burnt and sticks to the surface, you have nothing to worry about.

The Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone does not get oily or greasy from a burnt crust. Neither does it stain in case some food does stick to it.

Simply leave it to cool and then wash it with the help of a sponge and some water and your pizza stone will be as good as new. 

Doesn’t produce excess smoke

You might fear that your container has a good chance of emitting smokes if cooked for even a few extra minutes.

But the product in question does not burn up or smoke even if you leave your pizza in the oven for some time longer than it was supposed to be.

The makers of Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone have made sure that your pizzas taste great even then. The only smell that it produces is of the mouthwatering pizza.

Heritage 15 Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is durable

As pizza stones are made up of various kinds of stones, there is always a fear that they might crack once heated. In fact, there have also been instances of pizzas getting ruined over cracked pizza stones.

The Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone, however, is made up of strong material and is very durable. It does not crack when heated and has great chance of lasting you a lifetime.

All you need to be careful about is not to drop it on yourself. For if that happens, the stone surely will not break, but your ankle will. Also, use a pizza peel to easily place the pizza or bread on and off the stone.

Heritage pizza stone cooks amazing pizzas

Lastly, we come to the actual purpose of this pizza stone. Yes, it does cook amazing pizzas. Who would have thought that you can even earn a pizza with so little time and effort!

The pizzas don’t come out soggy or overcooked if you keep the temp in check. Apart from pizzas, you can also prepare cookies, bread, pastries, and rolls on it like a pro.

Moreover, black ceramic pizza stone needs the least preheating time but does not compromise the quality of the result. 

Heritage black pizza stone makes amazing home pizza

Why should you use Heritage 15-inch black ceramic pizza stone?

Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone reduces cooking time

We already know that despite being a pizza stone, the Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone requires very little time to preheat. It cooks your pizza faster that way.

You will no more need to wait for long hours to complete cooking a pizza. In fact, you will be able to cook more pizzas at the same time for a large group of hungry people.

Thoroughly bakes the dishes

A pizza stone is any day better than a pizza pan as it leaves no pizza half-cooked. Pizza stones are designed in such a way so as to remove hot spots if any. Heat is uniformly distributed throughout the base of a pizza stone, resulting in a thin, wafery crust.

I’d recommend using a pizza peel as it makes sliding off the pizza easier. It’s no easy feat to make pizzas that are just perfect, not soggy, not too crispy, just perfect. With the right temp and cooking time, this pizza stone lets you achieve that right in your home kitchen.

Heritage Ceramic Pizza Stone maintenance is a breeze

The Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone does not require you to treat it like a delicate artifact. It is very easy to maintain this pizza stone.

Even if your crust has burnt, it does not stick on the surface or leave it greasy. So, you do not need to get worried about washing this stone for hours, every time you make a pizza.

A sponge and some water will immediately do the trick. I’d suggest you to abstain from using soap on it.

No smokes build up

We always tend to get worried every time we leave something on for more than the required time. However, even if you leave the oven on for a few extra minutes, you don’t need to worry.

The Heritage 15 inch black ceramic pizza stone makes sure that it does not emit smoke. Instead, your pizza tastes as great as ever and leaves no bad odor but only a delicious smell.

Heritage 15 Inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is Durable

The pizza stone is built from premium quality ceramic. There will not be any instances of it cracking when heated unless you are extremely careless. 

Make pizza party unique and crispy with this heritage ceramic black pizza stone.

Product Benefits of heritage black ceramic pizza stone

  • Requires very less preheating time
  • Does not emit any bad odor
  • Does not smoke
  • As good as new after every wash
  • Does not get stained from burnt crusts
  • Durable
  • Non-sticky
  • No hot spots
  • Easy to maintain
  • Will not crack easily


  • Does not have a rack to hold when it is hot
  • Still, needs to be preheated
  • Needs to be handled carefully due to its heavy build

Heritage black ceramic pizza stone instructions

  • Place the heritage black pizza stone in the oven when it is in room temperature.
  • Never/ever put this black pizza stone on the hot oven; if you do then the stone might cause cracking
  • Doesn’t emit any bad odor when the stone is heated up
  • Use a dishwasher to clean it.

Frequently Answered Questions

Can this stone handle 450 degrees of temperature?

Yes, it handles 450 degrees of temperature perfectly well. However, you should put it in a cold oven and then heat it up to avoid any chances of it breaking.

Can it be used on a grill?

It works perfectly fine on a gas grill. But if you want the best taste, go with a charcoal grill.

Does the stone have hazard materials like Lead?

This stone is completely food-safe as it does not contain lead or even cadmium for that matter.

Is it dishwasher safe?

You can use it in a dishwasher, but don’t use soap to clean it.

Can it cook frozen pizza?

Yes, it can, but you may have to bake it for a slightly longer time as homemade pizzas.


The build quality, features, and performance- everything about this product is just about perfect. And besides everything, it has no adverse effect on your health. With a little skill and attention to the temperature, you can bake delicious, thin-crust pizzas, pies, and pastries like a restaurant chef, no kidding! About the downsides, there are hardly any. Hope my Heritage 15-inch black ceramic pizza stone review helps you understand the product better. Toodles!