How Do I Choose the Best Crab Steamer?

If you live near the coast or can get live crabs, you can make a delicious dish by steaming them. There are many ways to cook crab, but a memorable meal can be made by simply steaming a fresh crab with a few seasonings. There are many different styles and sizes of crab steamers. When buying one of these steamers, the buyer should think about whether he will be cooking inside or outside, how often he will be cooking crab, and how flexible the pot needs to be. You can buy a steamer at a number of stores, including kitchen supply stores and online shops.

Fishermen catch stone crabs so they can take off their claws, which are a good source of meat, and then let them go.

Fishermen catch stone crabs so they can take off their claws, which are a good source of meat, and then let them go.

Usually, a crab steamer has three main parts. The outside or bottom of the pot sits on the heat source and holds the liquid that is steaming. During cooking, the crabs are held in place by the upper pot or basket, which is suspended above the boiling water. The last piece is a heavy lid that keeps the crabs and steam inside the pot.

Many cooks use a large aluminum or enamel stockpot to cook indoors on a gas or electric stovetop. These pots can be used for a lot of different things. They come in different sizes, and most of them have enough room to cook enough crabs for a small family. Buyers should look for stockpots that come with a few different sizes of steamer baskets so they can easily make different serving sizes. Because of their size, these pots can be hard to clean and store, so the buyer should make sure there is room in the kitchen before buying one. This kind of pot can also be used to make large amounts of pasta, stock, soup, and seafood that has been boiled.

It can be fun to use a crab steamer outside, but the cook may also need to buy an outdoor propane cooker stand. Most of the time, these cookers connect to a propane tank and can bring large pots of liquid to a boil. Most of the time, this setup lets the cook use a bigger crab steamer and make enough food for a party or a get-together with family. Buyers might want to choose the pot they want and then find a cooker stand that will fit the crab steamer easily. This mix can be used to cook crab on the beach in the summer and a Thanksgiving turkey in a deep fryer.