Make Sausage with a Meat Grinder

How to Make Sausage with a Meat Grinder

Sausage making is not a tough job if you own a meat grinder. One can make sausages like those seen in the market with much ease along with great texture. But if you are reading this article, then you probably don’t know how to make sausage and have tried a lot of times to make some. Well, this article is to help you do your sausage-making job in just a few steps and also provide some of the points that should be kept in mind with your own meat grinder.

Sausages have always been a favorite food for those who love meat and fast food. While eating food containing sausages, you might think that this thing can only be made by professionals with some secret recipes and some unique expensive machinery. But it is not like that at all. You can also make the same tasting sausages along with the texture with the right guidance and some tips and technique. So let’s dive into the real topic of today’s article which is to show you how to make sausages using a meat grinder. So below are the steps to be followed to make sausages with a meat grinder.

Tips on making sausage meat with a meat grinder

Choose the best meat grinder

First of all, you need to choose the perfect meat grinder that has all the equipment ready for making sausages. Here is the tricky part, before buying a meat grinder you need to know the specialities that a grinder needs to have like powerful blades, sausage attachment, plastic tube for sausage stuffing, etc. So if you find one that has all these features, then buy one and get ready to make some delicious sausages.  

Choosing the best meat grinder is crucial for making sausages

Important things to consider while choosing meat

Best sausages come from juicy meat that contains 20% fat to 80% meat. The meat needs to be medium fatty or else the sausage will not have the desired texture and will dry out. While making sausages with chicken meat, extra oil or fat is generally used for better results.

Preparations for making sausage

For getting the perfect texture of the sausages, you need to freeze the meat as well as the grinder parts. The fat and the meat juices can be preserved without smearing when it is frozen moderately. One needs to make sure that the meat is not over frozen or the grinder will be in trouble. While making sausages the left-out meat needs to be kept on ice to keep them away from getting warm.

List of spices and seasonings

Spices are one of the most important factors that make a sausage taste great. Use of the perfect amount of spices is necessary to enhance the taste of your sausage. Besides, the use of different kinds of spices gives different flavors to your sausage. The number of spices can vary according to one’s needs.

The spices needed for sausage making are respectively:

  • Pickling salt
  • Garlic
  • Pepper
  • Sage fennel
  • Nutmeg
  • Thyme
  • Paprika
  • Ground black pepper
  • Oregano
  • Coriander
  • Caraway weeds
  • Ginger

Liquid such as water, wine, fruit juice, cream, etc. is used which acts as a binding agent for making sausages. The liquid is one of the most important things that give the smooth texture of the sausage. It is necessary to add binding agents to the mixture or else the meat will not stick together and ultimately it will not have the perfect shape you desired.

Grinding the meat

This is the most important step for making sausages. Meat needs to be grinded properly with the same texture. Fine sharp blades should be used for grinding. Connective tissue and gristle should be cut away from the meat so that there is no jam inside the grinder. While grinding, you need to make sure that the right blades with sharpness are used, or else the meat will get stuck inside. For letting the meat be put inside the grinder, augur can be used so that no injury occurs. If you use a heavy powered meat grinder then the grinding process will be fast enough and can produce a good amount of grinded meat in a very short time.

Grinding the meat with a meat grinder

Mixing the ingredients

In this part of the procedure, all the ingredients need to be mixed properly. The spices, meat, and liquid are mixed and the ready seasoned meat is then kept in the freezer for better texture. When making sausages with chicken meat, use some oil like olive oil or soybean to add fat to the meat as chicken meat doesn’t contain that much fat as compared to beef or lamb.

Preparations for stuffing the sausage

After grinding the meat the grinder needs to be washed properly. After that, the casing is immersed in hot water for 20 to 30 minutes. While using the casing you need to wash them in cold water. Then sausage stuffer is attached to the machine and the casing is fitted into the tube. The end of the casing is knotted tightly so that no air can get entrapped inside the sausage. Then the grinded meat is pushed inside the synthetic or intestinal casing slowly and steadily. They are twisted at the desired length and the lengths of each pack is kept more or less equal. After the whole casing is stuffed, the whole sausage is kept on a smooth clean surface.

The next step is to keep in mind that the sausage threads need to be dried out. For that, they are kept in the rack for drying for about 20 to 30 minutes. The clothes drying rack can be used if you don’t have specific racks for making sausages. The drying process is important to make sure that the grinder meat has bound together and won’t get separated when fried.

You can shape the sausage in any way you want. There are different ways of giving shapes to your sausages as per your choice. So add some creativity of your own and see the reflection of your creativity that you had given to your food after it is made.


These are the steps for making simple and easy homemade sausages with your very own meat grinder. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you and you can enjoy freshly made sausages and give yourself the compliment while serving them to others as well. Cheers!

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