Getting a Cake from Point A to Point B without a Carrier

Don’t you hate it when a freshly baked cake with exquisite frosting gets ruined in transport? I had the same problem with a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. I only had a cake stand, so I put the cake on it, wrapped it loosely, and hoped for the best. Mistake made. My cake collapsed when I hit the first red light. The cake was unsalvageable, with frosting everywhere. Even though I had foil between the cake and the car floor, I couldn’t get the remaining cream cheese icing. heartbreaking? Yes. How wasteful! Not ideally.

The following are some of the most important things I’ve taken away from this catastrophe: Remember to use a cake stand to hold and protect cakes when transporting them in your car. Your guests will appreciate the effort you put into making a home-baked cake, even if half of it ends up on the passenger side floor mat and the final product is a sham (it still tasted good). Here are a few clever tips for transporting delicate frosted baked items from point A to point B safely. How to Transport a Cake If You Don’t Have a Carrier?

DIY Cake Carrier: Top tips to transport cake from one place to another

You’ll need a plate first, so get one

Your cake should be placed on the largest, flattest plate you can find before continuing. This increases the stability of the cake as a whole.

Find a container of some sort.

Find a present box from a department store or even an old Amazon shipping box that will fit your plate’s circle by digging into your holiday closet. Place the plate cake in the box with care. Paper towels, kitchen towels or tissue paper can be used to keep the dish from shifting in the box.

Put the toothpicks away, please.

As a result, you should avoid wrapping your cake in plastic because it will likely remove a harsh layer of icing when you remove the sticky material. Using toothpicks is the answer. Aluminum foil and a few toothpicks can help preserve your cake’s frosting and keep it free of dust and debris while it’s being transported. Tent your cake with aluminum foil and stick roughly five to six toothpicks around its perimeter.

Your yoga mat is ready to go.

Your box and your car’s floor or trunk bed must have some type of traction. A yoga mat will serve as a no-slip barrier to keep your box from rolling around. Other options include non-stick shelf liner (commonly used to line kitchen cabinets).

Alternately, you might get a cake transporter.

The designated cake transporter may be a better option for a low-stress celebration. A cheap plastic cake carrier/caddy can be found in the kitchen area of a dollar store. With a couple of days’ notice and enough baked goods to warrant the purchase of something durable, an Amazon cake carrier might be an option. To transport your cake, of course, the best method is to have someone in your passenger seat—the ideal cake carrier—holding it.

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