kitchen basics 3 in 1 meat grinder review

Kitchen Basics 3 In 1 Meat Grinder Reviews

Meat grinders are an important kitchen accessory for those who love meat dishes or sausages. They use them on a daily basis only for meat grinding jobs or sausage stuffing jobs. It is a normal job for meat grinders. But what if it can do more than that? What if it can accomplish 3 tasks with efficiency and save your money?

Yes, there is a meat grinder which can do 3 tasks with complete efficiency and make your life easier. This kitchen basics 3 in 1 meat grinder can grind meat as well as can also grind or mince vegetables along with that it can stuff sausage and make pasta too. Great isn’t it? This grinder can definitely make your life easier and at the same time can save a lot of money.

Today I will be talking about all the features of this 3 in 1 manual meat grinder of kitchen basics. I will describe all the special features along with their shortcomings. 

Multitasks that can be accomplished by this product for food preparation are:

  • Meat grinding
  • Vegetable mincing or cutting
  • Sausage stuffing
  • Two types of pasta making
  • Grinding spices

Kitchen Basics 3 In 1 Meat Grinder Reviews and Buying Guides: 

Stylish design, elegant outlook

The kitchen basics meat grinder’s body is made up of food graded plastic and its outlook is white which gives it a stunning look. The white body and base add extra beauty to the grinder that not only gives your kitchen elegance and luxury but also makes you feel good while working with this grinder. The transparent tray adds a stunning design to the grinder.

Grinds meat, vegetables, nuts, and what not!!

This meat grinder is an all-in-one solution for your kitchen. It grinds meat like ordinary meat grinders in the market. But along with that it grinds or minces your vegetables so that you can use them for different uses.

Besides, it grinds nuts or crashes them so that you can add them as toppings or use it in any other way. Moreover, it can be used for sausage stuffing, which is an important task for meat grinders. In addition to that, this meat grinder does an amazing job that is, it can be used for making two types of pasta.

One is the rigatoni another is the spaghetti. Just insert the pasta dough and just turn the crank of the grinder and within seconds, you will see the beautiful perfect-shaped pasta coming out. You can also grind ginger, garlic, beans, etc. other than this job it also stuffs sausages very easily and effortlessly. So you can accomplish various types of grinding jobs and pasta making or sausage stuffing jobs with this only one grinder. 

Kitchen Basics 3 In 1 Meat Grinder Reviews and Buying Guides

Sharp blades, fine mincing plate

This meat grinder is equipped with Japanese sharp stainless steel blades that are suitable for cutting meat, vegetables, crushing nuts, or making pasta. It also has a fine mincing and coursing plate suitable for all types of grinding. The sharp blades can grind your meat the way you want them whether fine, coarse, or medium. 

Light-weighted easily portable

In spite of having three working functions this kitchen basics meat grinder weighs only 2.12 pounds. Its components are lightly weighted make it easier to carry from here and there and give you the privilege to do your grinding job wherever you want. Besides, you can take it on camping or on tours to make your favorite dishes whenever and wherever you want. It’s best for campers or travellers who don’t want any compromise with their food no matter where they go.

Some special features

This grinder has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to turn and easy to unclog the grinder when it gets stuck. Besides the reverse function can be easily done by the handle. The auger supplied helps in pushing the meat or vegetables inside the grinder for cutting. 

Features and specifications

The mentionable features and specifications of this meat/vegetable/spice grinder are as follows:

  • Stylish white body with transparent tray 
  • Multi-Tasker: grinds meat, mince vegetables, grinds spices, stuff sausages, makes pasta of two types.
  • Can make two types of pasta: rigatoni and spaghetti. 
  • Sharp stainless steel blades for fine cutting and grinding.
  • Contains 3 sausage tubes, 2 plates, I sharp blade
  • Lightweight, easily portable, easy to use
  • Grind everything quickly and effortlessly within minutes.
  • Weighs only 2.12 pounds
  • Parts are easy to assemble as well as efficient for use for various purposes. 
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Easy for cleaning both by hands or in the dishwasher
  • Carries limited lifetime guarantee

Assembling parts and working function

The meat grinder contains the following parts: handle, knob, shaft sleeve, shaft, macaroni knife cover, base, container, front cover, food box, wrench, sausage knife cover, rough-cut mincing plate, fine cut mincing plate, etc.

For grinding or mincing you need to assemble the parts as required. The instruction is given in the manual. For starting the grinding process, you just need to rotate the handle as it works manually. The auger can be used for pushing the ingredients.

Taking care of the product

Cleaning is necessary after each use of the grinder. For that, the parts need to be separated, and then it can be washed both my hands and in the dishwasher. The parts are dishwasher safe so you don’t need to worry about any damage. You can use medium-strength washing liquid for more cleaning and disinfection. 

Kitchen Basics 3 In 1 Meat Grinder

Besides this some extra care should be taken for long time service like the handle shouldn’t be turning too much or else it may break down. The mincer should not be overloaded or else ingredients will clog in the head and disrupt the grinding function. Besides, the grinder should not be used continuously for more than 15 minutes otherwise it may break down or for applying so much pressure the durability might get reduced.

Negative features of this grinder

In spite of being a multi Tasker grinder, this product is not suitable for commercial use. As the grinder is not that strong it cannot take much pressure at a time. So it needs breaks after15 minutes. The suction cups provided are not strong enough to hold the grinder for long. Sometimes it loosens up and disrupts the grinding process.

Final verdict

Kitchen basics meat grinder is among the highly efficient multitasking quality meat grinders that not only do the grinding job but also do some extra jobs too. It is light weighted and easily portable which makes it more user-friendly. So I would definitely recommend this kitchen basics grinder for the perfect grinding solution for your kitchen.

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