Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone Review: Check this Pizza Stone Now

Do you prefer having homemade pizzas rather than getting them ordered from a local pop-up? With a baking stone or pizza stone, preparing thin-crust pizzas is easier. However, most users complain that the pizza cooked at home never tastes the same as what you’d get in a pizzeria. 

This is where the Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone which is one of the best pizza stones comes into the picture. The stone is made from the same firebrick material used in the professional kilns and furnaces of the best pizza houses around the globe. It successfully recreates the smoky, chewy, and crispy pizza crust you’d get using a wooden oven. 

The pizza stone is designed in such a way that it distributes heat equally over the pizza base and cooks it evenly. The material can tolerate extreme thermal shocks, even when you move the stone directly from the fridge to the oven. 

Top 5 features of Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone:

#1. High-end Firebrick Material

The old stone oven pizza stone is made from premium quality firebrick material, the kind that is used in brick pizza ovens of established pizzerias. This not only enhances the flavor and overall texture of the pizza crust but also reduces the energy and time taken.

You can now get fresh and steaming hot homemade pizzas that taste the same as the ones made from wooden ovens and kilns. The crust is crisp, flaky, light, and extremely delicious. Also, because the pizza stone uses firebricks, it adds a nice, smoky flavor to the pizza. 

#2. Durable Clay

The durable, lead-free clay used in the pizza stone can withstand even the most extreme of thermal pressure and is hence, is very durable. It doesn’t crack even if you transfer the stone from the burning hot oven to the fridge.

This also allows you to use the stone as a cutting board and directly slice up the crust when it is sizzling hot on the grill. There are also 8 stone feet set underneath the stone to add greater stability to the structure. 

#3. Wide Pizza Stone Diameter

The Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone measures about 16-inch in diameter and can be used to bake large family-size pizzas as well as pies easily. Moreover, as the baking stone is to be pre-set and preheated to a certain temperature, it prepares the pizzas in a matter of minutes.

You can cook frozen pizzas, homemade dough, or even store-cut crusts on the stone. The porous texture of the stone also absorbs the excess moisture and keeps the pizza base dry and flaky. 

#4. Flat and Even Stone

One of the best things about the old stone oven pizza stone is that it features an even and flat surface. This is extremely necessary for evenly distributing the heat to all parts of the base and ensures that the pizza is cooked thoroughly.

The flat shape of the stone also allows you to cut and serve the pizza slice directly from the grill. You can easily use the pizza stone for your outdoor BBQ and picnics. 

#5. Heat Core Centres

Another interesting feature about the Old Stone Pizza Stone is its central heating core that focuses the heat to the middle of the stone. The heater core has the maximum temperature for cooking the pizza base to a crisp, light, and chewy texture.

This technology reduces the risk of soggy, gooey, and uncooked centers without using a lot of power. 

Why should you use Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone?

Still, looking for reasons as to why the old stone oven pizza stone is good for your kitchen? Here are some reasons why: 

A burst of flavors in the pizza

As the Old Stone Pizza Stone is made from the traditional firebricks and wooden materials used in standard kilns and furnaces, it bakes pizzas that taste exactly like the ones you eat in pizzerias. The pizza crust is crispy, thin, and has a smoky flavor.

Not just pizzas, you can also cook a proper barbecue lunch or dinner for a large group of guests with its help as well.

Takes less time to cook

The pizza stone features a flat surface and is heated by a specially engineered central heating core that spreads the heat evenly throughout the pizza base, especially at the center. If you preheat the stone, which you should, it takes even less time to cook the crust. 

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone is energy efficient

The firebrick construction, central heat core, and flat surface not only enhance the taste of the pizza but also prove to be quite energy-efficient. Even the clay is designed to withstand excessive thermal shock and can be used for all kinds of baking purposes.

But as an experienced baker, I’d suggest you abstain from baking cookies on this stone as it is very thick and bulky.

Good for all pizzas shapes 

The old stone oven pizza stone is a versatile device. You can not only cook pizzas but also bake bread, pies, and other items that don’t contain oil. The porous and flat surface of the stone is pretty wide (about 16-inches) and is more than enough to bake a large pizza in 8-10 minutes. 

Is stable and user-friendly 

The device not only features a flat table-top surface but is also supported by eight legs that stand underneath the stone for greater stability. The stone is also pretty durable and easy to maintenance. Scrape the leftover crust off the stone with a spatula when the cooking is done. Then use a sponge and some cold water to wipe off the surface.

Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone Review

Product Benefits of old stone oven pizza stone: 

  • Firebrick cash cooks delicious, thin and flaky pizza crusts 
  • Heat core center design 
  • Flat-surface for greater stability
  • Excellent heat retention.  
  • Is great for cooking bread, pizzas of all shapes and sizes 
  • The porous stone absorbs the oil and moisture 
  • Very easy to clean 


  • Is not ideal for cookies, steaks and basically anything oily
  • Super heavy 

FAQs: Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone

Can I cut the pizza directly on the stone?

Yes, the Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone features a flat surface that allows you to cut and eat the pizza directly from the stone 

Does the stone need to be seasoned? 

Not really. All you have to do is wash it properly, it can be easily dried once you heat it to about 500-degrees C and leave it to harden up 

How can I clean the stone properly?

The Round Pizza Stone is easy to clean. You can scrub the spots with a wire brush using seltzer water. 

Can I use the stone on a grill?

Yes, the pizza stone can be used on a charcoal or BBQ system grill 

Can I make a large family sized pizza on it?

Sure you can! The 16-inch diameter of the pizza stove allows you to bake large family-sized pizzas in minutes. 


The Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone with its premium quality and powerful construction makes one hell of a baking device that can be used to bake perfect pizzas and bread. If you are a baker or a pizza lover, then this is one device you should definitely get. The best thing about this stone is its traditional design. The parent material of the stone not only enhances the cooking efficiency but also doubles as a flavoring agent.