What I am Loving About Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone

Who doesn’t love a sizzling hot pizza, freshly baked from the oven? And if you are one of those few who likes to cook these delicacies at home as well, then the article is for you. best pizza stones, unlike other metal bakeware, are pretty powerful and can withstand extreme heat and thermal pressure.

Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone is one of the best picks for any homeowner who’s looking for a standard, practical and affordable pizza stone. The 15-inch framework is made of the same firebrick material as what you’d find in any professional pizzeria. The stone is about 5/8th of an inch in thickness and weighs a little above 10 pounds which is ideal for cooking large-sized pizza crusts evenly. 

The Pizzacraft pizza stone is perfect for baking pizzas as well as bread, and pastries. The cordierite ceramic stone is quite porous and absorbs most of the moisture. The crust is super thin, flaky, and crispy. Also, the framework needs no seasoning and maintenance. 

Pizzacraft 15" Square ThermaBond Baking/Pizza Stone

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Top 5 Features of Pizzacraft square pizza stone  

#1. Large Pizza Stone

The bakeware measures about 15×15 inches. The flat square shape of the board is perfect for baking large family-sized pizzas, frozen pizza crusts, and homemade dough alike. You need not season and condition the stone before using it. Equal heat dispersion also minimizes hot spots, thus preventing the crust from getting too crispy at some corners. Made from a premium quality firebrick material, the pizza stone bakes the thinnest, crispiest, and flakiest of pizza bases in a matter of minutes. You can also use it for re-heating frozen pizzas on those lazy Sunday evenings.

#2. ThermalBond Technology

One of the key features of the Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone is its Thermal heating technology that enhances the durability of the framework. The device is designed to withstand extreme temperature drops, you can pop the stone on the grill directly from the refrigerator and it doesn’t crack at all! As the pizza stone boasts of an immense resistance to thermal shock. For best results, preheat the pizza stone to about 500-degrees for 10 minutes before you put the pizza base in. 

#3. Thick Stone

The pizza stone is pretty thick, almost 5/8th of an inch. This makes the stone pretty durable and easy to handle. You just have to place the pizza base in the oven and close the lid and wait. The pizza crust will be perfectly cooked in a matter of minutes, with no gooey or soggy center to spoil the taste. The stone thickness also boosts the thermal resistance of the stone and reduces shock breakage. The flat top surface also allows you to cut the pizza slices directly on the stone 

#4. Very Versatile

The length of the pizza stone makes the device pretty versatile. You can cook pizzas from all shapes and sizes, bake bread, calzones, cookies, pastries, and pretty much everything! The ThermalBond technology makes it easy to bake everything that doesn’t have much oil. The porous cordierite clay absorbs much of the moisture and gives the crust a crunchy and smoky texture. You also don’t have to season or condition it before baking, simply preheat the stone and pop it in the oven or grill. 

#5. Cordierite Clay

The Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone features a cordierite ceramic clay construction, that’s durable, stable, and pretty solid. The clay isn’t susceptible to thermal shock and can withstand a wide range of temperature drops without cracking. The porous texture of the surface also absorbs the moisture and gives your pizza and pies a nice, flaky texture.

Why should you use Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone?

Still, looking for reasons as to why the Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone is good for your homemade baking experiments? Mentioned below are some perks offered by the pizza stone: 

Baking Efficiency

Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone is one of the best in the market known for baking premium quality pizza bases that taste as good as the ones you’d find in the pizzerias. The large pizza stone measure about 15 inches and is made of cordierite stone for baking thin, crispy, and flaky pizzas. Add to that, it blends a nice, smoky flavor into the baked goods, especially if you are using a charcoal grill.

Good for all kinds of Baking Experiments 

The pizza stone is pretty stable and durable. You can cook and reheat frozen bread, pizza base, and other baking items easily. The 15-inch diameter of the stone makes it ideal for supporting all kinds of baking experiments. You can cook practically everything from pizzas, bread, cookies, pastries, calzones, pies, and basically anything that isn’t too fatty. 

Flat and Practical Structure 

Pizzacraft measures about 15 inches and features a flat-topped and square framework that is practically suited to support all your baking activities. The central heating core concentrates the heat right at the center of the pizza, making sure the center portion is well-cooked. After all, when you are trying to bake a cheese burst pizza to perfection, it’s very important the middle portion receives enough heat to melt the cheese

Very Stable and Durable 

The pizza stone is 5/8th of an inch thick and can be used as a heat sink. You don’t have to season or prepare the surface before placing the pizza. Also, the heavy-weight design is pretty stable and doesn’t wobble much when you slide or cut the pizzas on the stone. 

Requires Less Time and Energy 

This pizza stone features an advanced thermal bond technology that was formulated to reduce thermal shocks and enhance the heat resistance of the device. To minimize the cooking time, preheat the stone for 25 minutes at 500 degrees F. Although you might be tempted to preheat it for an hour due to its thickness, you should refrain from it. Doing so might cause hotspots, leaving your pizza dry and burnt at some portion.

Product Benefits of Pizzacraft square pizza stone

  • Large surface area (15 inches)
  • Thermal shock resistant and durable 
  • Thick and heavy-weight design
  • Handles significant temperature shifts well.
  • Doesn’t need to be prepped, seasoned, or conditioned  
  • Easy on maintenance and cleaning 


  • The stone is not good for cooking fatty food. 
  • Produces a subtle chemical smell
  • Smokes a lot 

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions 

How should I use the pizza stone for best results?

For best results, preheat the stone to over 500-degrees C and put it in the middle or lowest of the oven rack. Sprinkle some cornmeal before you place the pizza base to prevent it from sticking to the grill. 

What is the best way to clean the pizza stone?

Scrape off the excess food with a steel spatula and wash it with water. Use a standard wire brush to scrub the grime away, don’t use soap. Air-dry the stone when done washing.

What is the highest temp this stone can withstand?

This beast can easily withstand 550 to 1000 degrees F without any issues. Always preheat the stone before making pizzas.

Can I cook things other than pizza here?

Of course! The large pizza stone can be used to cook everything from bread, pastries, cookies, and pizzas. 

Is it compatible with BBQ grills?

Yes, you can use the stone in grills, ovens, and wood furnaces as well. 


Pizzacraft Square Pizza Stone is a smart, reliable baking solution that can be used in an oven, kilns, BBQ grill, or furnace. The only gripe I have about this stone is the hint of chemical smell it blends in the food. But on the positive side, the odor will most likely fade after the first few uses. So, if you are looking for versatile bakeware to flaunt your baking skills to your family and guests, your search might just end here.