Presto 02811 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Reviews

You cannot imagine how a stainless steel luxurious container can make the perfect cup of coffee enough to make your morning blissful. With just a press of a switch, your much-needed morning coffee or evening delight is ready within a minute.

A blink of a signal light will tell you that your perfect cup of coffee is ready to be served. While you are thinking, what this magic machine is. I tell you that it’s the presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel, Coffee Maker. It not only makes the perfect cup of coffee but also its elegant style gives you a touch of luxury in your own kitchen. 

Presto 02811 12 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Reviews

Makes 2-12 cups of coffee at the same time as making 1 cup of coffee

Usually to make more cups of coffee, one needs more time and effort. Whereas, using this coffee maker one can easily make 2-12 cups of coffee within the time of making one cup of coffee. You don’t need to pay any extra electricity bill as it uses the same current for making 12 cups as it takes to make 1 cup.

So it is both a money-saving and time-saving coffee maker. Just a press of a button and within a very short time your coffee is ready for your family and guests.

Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Maker

Smooth textured luxurious stainless steel construction makes it easy for cleaning and long-lasting beauty

Its body is made of shining rust-free and stain-free steel which gives a luxurious look and texture as well as helps in easy cleaning. You need to use soft kitchen dishes cleanser to clean it. 

There is absolutely no need to use an abrasive cleanser as it does not store dirt or grease. You can also use lukewarm water to make it germ-free and dirt-free. 

Besides its silver stainless steel body gives it a luxurious look that enhances the beauty of your kitchen too. The perk spout and filter basket can be cleaned with a brush or pipe cleaner.

Keeps the coffee at a constant temperature 

After pouring out the amount of needed coffee the rest can be kept inside it for some time at the same temperature. Presto coffee maker keeps the coffee at constant temperature for some time. So you can enjoy your coffee for quite a long time same as the first cup.


This coffee maker weighs only 3.4 lbs. which is easier to carry anywhere on the go. Its dimension is 9.7×13.1×6.2 which easily fits in your belongings. Moreover, it can be plugged into any socket so that you don’t need to worry about its service. The power cord is removable for easy to carry and makes the storage simple and can be connected again at the time of need.

Inner features of presto

presto coffee maker’s inside is as luxurious as the outside. Its filter basket, as well as perk tube, is made of stainless steel like that of its body which makes it more durable and easily cleanable. An indicator light, which works on a sensor, signals you when the coffee is ready to be served.

Features and specifications of Presto 12 cup coffee maker

  • Makes rich, great-tasting, and elegant coffee just like you want.
  • Makes 2- 12 cups of coffee within the time limit of one cup and keeps it piping hot for a long time.
  • Its traditional design and easy pour spout make it easier to serve the coffee.
  • Stainless steel body makes it look luxurious as well as easy for cleaning and lasting beauty.
  • Indicator light signals you when the coffee is ready to be served.
  • filter basket and perk tube also made of stainless durable steel.
  • Modern and elegantly textured design.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Uses only 120 volts current and 60 Hz.
  • Consumes electricity to make 1 or 12 cups of coffee as same as that of one cup
  • Easy cleaning and long-lasting.

Why Choose Presto 02811 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee maker?

You might think why you should buy Presto coffee makers when there are other coffee makers in the market on the same budget. We would recommend the Presto coffee maker because of the unique features it has in it. It uses less electricity and makes more cups of coffee than any other coffee maker. 

Its weight is less and easy for carrying because its plug is removable. The technology used in it is better than other coffee makers because it can keep the coffee hot for a longer period of time and so you can drink at any time you want.  

My perspective as a customer presto coffee maker

Presto 02811 Stainless Steel Coffee Maker has always been my personal favorite choice when it comes to brewing coffee in a percolator. The perking sound of a percolator makes every coffee lover nostalgic along with the taste that refreshes your body and soul. 

This percolator has some of the amazing features that every customer wants in his/her percolator. It is made of stainless steel and contains no plastic part which is one of its attractive features. 

Besides, it can make 12 cups of coffee in a very short time than any other percolator. It has an indicator light to signal you along with that has a detachable power cord so that you can store it in compact places. 

Another beneficial feature is that it has a filtered basket and perk tube which are also made of stainless steel.

But like other imperfections of products it has some imperfections too. As it has a short power cord that makes it harder to move far away from the PowerPoint. Besides its nuts and screws are made of aluminum that can easily get rusted and can break down the whole percolator machine. 

One of the bad features I disliked about it is that after like some year it starts to make weak coffee. For some other users, it was after some months that it started giving poor coffee, though it makes the best coffee at the beginning. I personally found it challenging to clean up the ground inside it as rubbing the interior is prohibited. These were some of the difficulties I faced personally.

Final Verdicts

Though I faced some problems with this percolator, in spite of that it will always remain my favorite percolator for my perfect strength coffee. So I will definitely recommend it to those who love a strong cup of coffee which also tastes great.