Stx International stx-3000-mf Megaforce Review

A meat grinder is, most probably, one of the important kitchen appliances in our day-to-day life. Previously, people used to grind meat manually like by chopping with a knife or any other tools. That was very hard and tedious work for sure. One needs to give so much effort and time to chop the meat as you like to make your favorite meat dishes.

But nowadays with the advancement of technology meat grinding has also become easier too. Talking about that great invention of meat grinder today I am going to introduce you to an awesome meat grinder that will definitely make your work easier. It is the STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder. Actually, Stx international company did a good job by making a fantastic meat grinder.  

This amazing meat grinder will make your tedious work fun and interesting. Now there is no need to spend the whole day grinding meat with hands. All you need is just an STX meat grinder and the meat will be grinded as you want within one-fourth of the time. Whether you are a new chef or a professional, this stx international stx-3000-mf Megaforce review will provide you with everything you need, just packed in the box. The relevant features of this grinder are stated below.

STX Megaforce 3000 Powerful Air Cooled 5-In-1 Heavy Duty Electric Meat Grinder

Key Things to Consider When Buying Stx international stx-3000-mf Megaforce

Made of food graded cast aluminum

This meat grinder is made of 100 % polished cast aluminum. It has a shining body with smooth finishing and so you don’t get hurt by any parts. Besides, the aluminium is food graded cast aluminum, so you don’t need to worry about any health hazards.

Interior parts of stainless steel

STX grinder has some durable and tough interior parts. Megaforce 3000 meat grinder parts are described below:

  • => It has 3 tempered steel plates which give greater toughness to the steel plates so that it does not break easily or is not damaged. Moreover, it is less brittle compared to other steel plates
  • => It has a beaner plate that can be used for stuffing sausages.
  • => It has 3 stainless steel cutting blades. So you don’t need to worry about its rusting and damage.
  • => Has a set of plastic tubes of 3 sizes for sausage stuffing.
  • => It has a kubbe attachment.

So, from the features, this meat grinder contains all your required expectations along with good specifications, so you can do your work with much ease and comfort.

Other very useful features

One of its attractive and very useful features is that this STX grinder has an air induction cooling system which helps the grinder to grind the meat perfectly and efficiently. This induction helps in passing cool air into the machine and letting the hot air pass out which accelerates the process of grinding. This cooling system also increases the effectiveness of grinding as well as its service life. The cooling system is locked up with a 3000-watt motor. It delivers 800-1200 watts of meat grinding power during normal use.

One interesting and effective feature of STX is that it has a 3-speed control system. By using this speed control you can reset the machine if anything gets stuck or it stops working. Even you can stop the machine if you see any problem or have done anything by mistake. It can be set to highest grinding speed or low-speed grinding also.

Along with all these important features, it has one revolutionary feature which is, it has a circuit breaker that can shut down the motor when any damage in the motor or overheating is going to happen. Thus, it ensures your safety as well as the safety of the machine.

Megaforce 3000 series meat grinder features and specifications

  • Made of polished food graded cast aluminum
  • Great design, stunning outlook
  • Three tempered steel plates, one beaner plate, three stainless steel cutting plates, a set of plastic tubes of three sizes, one kubbe attachment
  • Air induction patented cowl cooling system
  • Motor wattage of 3000 watts
  • Three-speed control system
  • Circuit breaker
  • High-quality accessory
  • Finely grinds the meat as you want by using the blades
  • Has a wide meat pan for temporary storing of meat
  • Easy to set up and to use
  • Grinds the meat in coarse, medium, or fine grinds
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • Powerful enough to grind  large chunks at a time
  • Works faster than any other process of grinding meat
  • Saves both time and energy

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Some points to keep in mind

Cleaning is a must for every piece of equipment used for making food or related to food. When it comes to the best meat grinder, it is somewhat difficult to clean the grinder as it contains small parts and blades. Besides, as it is an electrical device, special care should be taken while cleaning the grinder. The STX meat grinder cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher as it can damage the delicate electric parts or can hamper its function. You need to separate the parts that are separable and need to wash those parts which come in contact with the meat. You can put the blades in a dishwasher, but not the whole assembled machine.

My point of view as a customer

Megaforce 3000 series meat grinder is an ultimate alternative for hand grinders as it eases your work, saves time by fast working as well as finely grinds your meat as you wish. The feature which I liked the most about this grinder is that it has an air induction cooling system that keeps the grinder cool when the load is more and air pressure is more inside the grinder. Another good thing about this product is that it has blades of different shapes and sizes all in one pack.

It also has tempered steel plates that are much longer-lasting than any other metal. Another thing is that the beaner plate is very useful for stuffing sausages. So you can not only make minced meat but also make sausages. You can also cut the meat into different shapes and pieces as you like.

It makes your grinding faster and produces the perfect grind without any hassle. Moreover to the STX international meat grinder provides 3 years of warranty along with 100% repairment, fixation, and replacement. 

Like any other product, this product also has some negative sides that need to be improved. For example, while grinding it makes a noise that becomes annoying sometimes. Sometimes meat gets stuck when it is finely grinded. As a result, it becomes difficult to clean that area or plate.

If the excess load is given, then it tends to clog up and switch off. So you need to clean it by opening the parts again and again. This work sometimes becomes very tiring. Besides, it does not grind bones with the meat so you need to separate the meat and then can grind it.

In spite of some cons, it will always exceed your expectations along with that will give some extra services that will save your precious time and energy too. The exciting part is that it has an attractive price that will easily fit in your budget and make your life easier. I hope that somehow this stx international stx-3000 meat grinder review would help you to find your best meat grinder.