What is an egg topper?

An egg topper is a little tool for removing the egg’s cap. The tops of soft-boiled eggs are usually chopped off with these to reveal the soft-cooked center, which is usually done by cutting through the egg’s shell. Squeeze the scissor-like handle to cause a series of sharp, knife-like “teeth” to poke through the eggshell after placing the ring around the egg’s thinnest area. It’s considerably faster and easier than gently cracking the egg and peeling back the “lid” with a knife, and it works significantly faster.

Crack Raw Eggs in a Mess-Free Way

Despite its simplicity, the design of this tool saves you from having to scrub egg fragments from the side of your pan or bowl. The border of the shallow cup generates a straight crack, which makes it simple to separate the halves. It also collects any stray eggshell fragments. The final use of this spoon rest is so that you don’t have to worry about drippings on your counter.

Reviewers generally praised the tool’s simplicity and said it performed better than using the edge of a pan or tabletop to break eggs. They claim that makes it easier for them to crack a large number of eggs cleanly.

Crack Hard-Boiled Eggs With a Topper

With a bell attached, an egg topper can be used to top off an egg. To achieve a perfectly circular crack in the bell’s shell, a clacker uses force on the bell’s surface. The shell’s top can be removed in the same manner as a lid. A scissor-style clacker, which hits the egg with a pointed edge and creates a circular opening, is another option.

Egg toppers allow you to utilize the shell as a decorative casing or egg cup for both hard-boiled and soft-boiled eggs. If you’re making egg pudding, you may also use them to boil raw eggs in their shell.

Check the dome or bell of the cracker or clacker to see if it can fit a variety of egg sizes. This information can be found in the reviews. There are some clackers that have a different-sized bell for little to large eggs on either end.

Look for Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

While some egg crackers are constructed of metal, the majority are made of plastic or a combination of the two. The silicone handle on certain egg toppers provides a better grip.

We recommend double-checking that plastic does not flex or fracture easily and that steel does not rust after regular washing when picking materials like these. You can verify this information by reading the product description and customer reviews.

Even though an egg topping can be washed by hand, a dishwasher-safe egg cracker makes cleaning considerably easier. In certain cases, egg toppers and spoons are included in the same package. Dishwasher-safe toppers with a spring mechanism or a blade are the exception; they must be hand-washed.

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