What Is PFOA-Free Cookware? The Facts You Must Know to Make Healthy Decision

The term “PFOA-Free” is commonly used when referring to nonstick cookware.

Why should you worry about PFOA-free cookware?

PFOA-free cookware is critical, and I go into great depth about its benefits in my post.

What Is PFOA-Free Cookware?

“perfluorooctanoic acid” is the abbreviation for PFOA. Teflon is most often linked with this compound, despite the fact that it is not really found in the material. Around, not inside. PFOA is burned off in the process of making Teflon and other water-resistant products.

In addition, PFOA is used to make stain-resistant carpets, water-repellent clothing, and paper/cardboard packaging. It is also used in ski wax, fire-fighting foam, sealants, and floor wax. When compounds like fluorotelomers decompose, PFOAs can be formed.

So why should we be concerned if it isn’t made of Teflon? So far, PFOA has only achieved prominence in recent years as a result of its unexpected finding in literally everything. Our drinking water and our bodies are contaminated with it. Due to its resistance to water and the earth (which is why it’s so valuable), it can travel for miles and eventually reach the ocean’s surface, where it floats.

The production of Teflon has contributed to the contamination of the world, even though the American Cancer Society is assured that “non-stick cookware is not a substantial cause of PFOA exposure.” Even before Teflon, PFOAs have been found in a wide range of products, including detergents, cosmetics, and even food packaging.

What Is PFOA-Free Cookware

Dangers of PFOA: PFOA health effects on your body

It’s now or never. PFOAs are already in our bodies. The concentrations in our blood serum range from 2 to 8 ppb. A “lifetime health advisory” was issued by the EPA in 2016, stating that excessive exposure could lead to:

  • Cancers of the testicles and kidneys
  • Obstacles to the healthy development of the fetus, low birth weight, early puberty, and weakened immunity in breastfed children
  • Damage to the liver
  • It is a disorder of the thyroid gland
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Changes in cholesterol levels
  • Pregnancy alters one’s blood pressure.

Toxicological exposure to PFOA can come through food, water, air, dust, and food packaging. They don’t know which one of those is the most dangerous. “Non-stick cookware” is not included in the list. “Undetectable (1.5) to 4.3 parts per billion” PFOA levels were found in non-stick cookware in a recent study.

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